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06:28:52 PM May 13th 2013
How is there not a single mention of Game Boys? Neither the original film nor the animated series are found anywhere on this site. I also could have sworn I'd seen some mention of it before, but now it's gone?
12:36:45 AM May 14th 2013
No mention shows up on a very quick search of the page history. Go ahead and add it; maybe nobody else has thought to do so yet.
02:13:00 AM Mar 17th 2013
Which episode is the quote on the Tear Jerker page from?
03:05:39 PM Nov 1st 2012
Okay, I fully realize I may be reading too much into his jokes, and rest assured, I love Brad and his work, even though I disagree with him on a lot of stuff, but am I the only one who's kind of offended that he seems to think that if a woman chooses not to get nude for a movie, despite how extreme it may be, that she's a pussy?
03:08:26 PM Nov 1st 2012
If it's a Snob video, then it's very likely just a Mean Character, Nice Actor opinion and not what he really thinks. Like Chick's review of Charlie's Angels, Lindsay doesn't actually believe in "burka or slut: nothing in between".
10:34:57 PM May 3rd 2012
How tall is Brad Jones? If Doug's six foot even, Brad's at least, what, 5'7"?
06:55:20 PM Dec 19th 2012
I believe he said somewhere (On Radiodrome, I believe) that he is 5'4".
03:58:49 AM Jan 15th 2011
This keeps getting deleted:

  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Brad got crap past his own radar! Since he reviews exploitation movies, he has to do a lot of censoring. When he censored one clip of a nude woman, he placed censor-boxes over the woman's breasts but forgot to place one down South.

It doesn't fit the trope to a T but it's still an example of something sneaking through the censors. It's just played with in that it was unitentional. It was something that isn't entirely noticeable at first since the area was at the bottom of the screen. Brad was tired and didn't see it until he put the video up.
08:03:53 AM Oct 19th 2010
What is this about his DVD collection being stolen?
05:08:10 AM Dec 4th 2010
Okay, Brad was getting ready to move into a friend's apartment, he had boxed up most of his DV Ds and send them to the new place when his friend suddenly got evicted. The landlord was a complete sleazebag and sold them to a pawn shop.
11:14:42 AM Sep 17th 2010
He's been in actual movies? IMDB makes it seems more like he shot an indie film in house with some friends.
04:20:15 PM Oct 15th 2010
They've apparently had a limited release in theaters in Illinois.
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