Reviews: The Cinema Snob

TGWTG's Best In Terms Of Talent

While also being one of the site's best reviewers (alongside Oancitizen, Linkara and Obscurus Lupa), where Brad's success truly lies in the scope of his work. You saw all the shows on the main page, right? Even though some are defunct, he's constantly posting material, whether it's a full review, a Brad Tries, a movie review vlog or a behind-the-scenes video.

He needs a lot more exposure. Paranoia is awesome, and Ninja The Mission Force proves that if he and Dark Maze Studios keep working together, they might really make it big.

Also, he's got Lloyd, the greatest TGWTG pet.

Probably TWTG's Best Reviewer

I've been cruising TWTG's site for a good year or two now and while there are good reviewers, okay reviewers, and well—-crap reviewers, I decided to recently stumble onto the Cinema Snob's channel due to the good things I had heard about him. He reviews godawful movies from around the 80's and backwards, so it didn't really peak my interest before until I finally said, "Why not?".

And boy, don't I wish I followed him sooner. There's something relatively comfortable with a guy simply sitting on a comfy chair and reviewing with such a deadpam expression that really gets me in a good way. His humor is sophisticated and reasoned, which is a breath of fresh air compared to other reviewers on the site who would rather take the 'I'm pissed as hell' approach. And the off chance that he does something completely goofy and out of character far from detracts (one of which involved him dancing on his porch butt naked)—-instead it takes you by surprise and you laugh even harder. Cinema Snob is simply the cool guy that everyone listens to—-even the jackass that likes to talk a lot will shut his gab while this man speaks. He's that critical superego in your consciousness personified that regards crap movies as it is and without fail. If you're the type who likes to kick back and watch a man sardonically rip into a film without breaking a sweat, this is your guy.

To quote Ferris Bueller's Day Off: He's a righteous dood.

The Cinema Snob- a Richierua Review

The Cinema Snob mainly reviews piss poor movies from the 80’s and mid ninties. The main genre of “movies” he reviews are exploitation and really, really bad pornography. I mean are there really a group of people out there who find turtles sexually arousing? Or for that matter, a woman who appears to be dressed in a shit stained night gown? These people should be on a fucking government register.The reviews vary in style. The older videos are notable for their short length, poor lighting and crappy sound. They are still highly enjoyable due to the quality of the reviewer. The Snob is not unique in having a persona- he is unique because the persona is almost an inverted version of himself in many ways. Whilst other critics generally feature slightly more caustic versions of themselves, and usually only critique movies and games they personally do not like, The Snob takes aim at movies that Brad actually loves- Caligula is a prime example. On the flip side, The Snob also praises movies that Brad himself despises or is disgusted by- eg Salo..Several other shows are regulars on the site. These also vary in quality.Brad tries is a standard “make famous person eat vile things for the viewer’s sadistic enjoyment” kind of deal. I am talking about the chocolate covered insect episode. There is not much to comment on as it is pretty much standard internet fare, so to speak. Now his movies again tend to vary. The production qualities are for the most part mediocre. The acting varies from Brad’s passable to absolutely robotic delivery. The lines are bland and tend to be delivered in rather staccato fashion- stops, starts and hesitations abound. This is however forgivable due to the fact they are not professional actors and so it is good that they can put together any kind of a performance together in the first place. There is also the issue of some of the Snob’s weaknesses. A great number of references he makes in his reviews would only be understood by someone who had or has a great interest in crappy 80’s slasher flicks and low grade pornography. There is also a surprising lack of non site related content. Spoony and Angry Joe both go to E3 every year. There are numerous videos of people bumping into Doug Walker and conversing. Not so much for Brad. There seems to be very little fan-Snob interaction and it would be good to see some.