Western Animation: Down and Dirty Duck

A 1974 animated film. Catching the bandwagon of Ralph Bakshi's Fritz the Cat, it's very influenced by Underground Comics. It was directed by Charles Swenson under the Working Title "Cheap!" (instances of this title made it into the finished film) and produced by Roger Corman, with animation by Murakami-Wolf Production Company.

It tells the story of Willard, a sexually frustated blue-collar worker who is taken on a "raunchy adventure" by a duck, a character evolved from the producers' previous work, the Dental Hygiene Dilemma in Frank Zappa's Two Hundred Motels, which also shares Flo and Eddie (Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman) as stars (the duo voice the two main characters).

Don't confuse this with Bobby London's comic Dirty Duck. It has nothing to do with it. London hates this movie for this reason, as this movie has caused confusion by leading fans of London's comic to believe this movie was an adaptation of his work (which it is not), and also fans of Fritz the Cat to accuse London of ripping off Fritz the Cat.


Alternative Title(s):

Down And Dirty Duck