Pantheon: Friendship

Here lies the Pantheon of Friendship, the brightest house in contrast to the house of Mentalism. Here, Monkey D. Luffy and Nanoha Takamachi requested a house to move away from the rest of the other houses. The bonds will never burn out so long as they support each other. Beware if you hurt a friend, they will hunt you down without a stop. If you apologize and sincere about it, they will befriend you. Please note that not all friendships are benevolent.

It should note that despite only Fluttershy having a spot in this house, The Elements of Harmony have lifetime passes to visit this house anytime they want. After all, Friendship is Magic!

That courtesy does not extend to Pinkamena and Fluttermama, who are seen as heresies upon the House. A standing "Befriend with extreme prejudice" APB is in effect as a result. Xenocelestia and Lightning Dawn are not welcome, either.

As of late, the pressure and anger from one of the most prominent members of this house, Gentaro Kisaragi, from having to learn of an alternate world where his ideals of friendship were twisted has now given forth to what most people will refer to as "Project: Alternate Gentaro". The villains side was pleased...emphasis on was pleased as now Alternate Gentaro is now on a raging warpath to take everyone he sees down for the count.

Since Tron's ascension, Clu and Penelope are banned from coming within 1km of this house. This is to protect the former from being rectified back into Rinzler.

Security is also tight here because of the presence of Kairi, a Princess of Heart. Any attempts to kidnap her, use her to recreate the χ-blade, or just harass her out of spite, will result in a ban.

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The Friendship Trio

The Guards of the House of Friendship

Fluttershy, Friend to All Living Things (Saddle Rager, Flutterbat)
  • Leitmotif: "So Many Wonders" and "Music in the Treetops". Also, her Fighting Is Magic Theme.
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess as Saddle Rager)
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark, three pink butterflies
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: being nice to everything alive (but shying away from other ponies), healing animals and speaking to them, taming giant, powerful creatures, being cute and loving cute critters, extreme shyness and sensitivity, being too pure to corrupt, apologizing a lot, winning battles without lifting a hoof against the foe, control of animals, winged creatures scared of heights, cute cowardice... or is it?, danger of snapping (with fearsome results), THE Stare
  • Domains: Animals, Nature, Kindness, Cuteness. Occasionally: Insanity, Obsession
  • Allies:
  • Followers: Bronies
  • Enemies: All who would hurt animals. BEWARE.
  • Opposes: Arakune
  • Being the near-opposite to Elmyra, she was chosen by the Gods to keep the Enemy to All Living Things under control without having to cast her out into the Disgraces or to have her brutally slaughtered, and to heal the animals Elmyra grievously injures. They felt that Fluttershy's occasional snaps can actually come in handy if it comes to fighting fire with fire.
  • So far Fluttershy has had some stern talks with Elmyra, though nothing seems to much effect. Since they usually culminated in "Uhm… I mean… if that's… uh… okay with you", it's no big surprise. She says Elmyra's attempts to befriend critters are worthy of praise, but she needs to hold back her love a little bit. Some Gods snickered at the irony in that.
  • The Gods anxiously wait for the incoming showdown between the Friend and the Enemy to All Living Things, since it will not be long before Fluttershy grasps the full impact of Elmyra on the environment, which will undoubtedly send her off into the deep end. Needless to say, most have their money on Fluttershy.
    • That showdown never got to happen, thanks to a trial that started as the result of Elmyra's most infamous crime, amplified by the havoc she wrecked. It was a trial that got her sent to the disgraces in the most brutal, ironic, and karmic way imaginable.
    • A new big fear regarding Fluttershy has arisen. That being the day she runs into the newly ascended Rena Ryuugu and THE STARE faces off against OMOCHIKAERI mode.
  • She had a bit of an episode the first time she stepped into The Bestiary (without a tour guide, thinking she didn't need one), and the animals there didn't automatically flock to her. After setting traps for the animals, Steve Irwin, the groundskeeper, kept getting into her traps, other traps were foiled and turned against her by Jerry, Sharptooth and Godzilla were taking turns chasing Fluttershy away (large reptiles being one of the only animals she fears), Zubat kept attacking her despite Pikachu's attempts to defend her, and The Rabbit of Caerbannog turned out not to be the cute little bunny he seemed. But after she flipped out and loudly demanded that they all love her, even Godzilla was scared.
    • Because of this, whenever Godzilla gets too out of hand the Pantheon now sends for Fluttershy, the only one who can stop his rampage. She does this by flying into his face while he's destroying buildings and giving him a firm scolding, but reassuring him that he's "not a bad radioactive dinosaur, he just made a bad decision".
  • Sometimes hired by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to act as a babysitter for his 420 kids. They behaved themselves after she used "the Stare" on Beastowser.
  • Has been much more timid when in the House of Beast lately, due to the recent arrival of Princess Celestia (who she is afraid of being a bother to) and Princess Luna (who outright terrifies her, much as Luna would wish otherwise). This has since gone once they were re-assigned to the House of Royalty, though she wouldn't admit it to anyone.
    • And then with Gilda's ascension, she's more wary then before, but not as scared as she might've been for two reasons. One, she's not the scaredy pony she was before (well, not as much, anyway). Two, she has a lot of friends in the Pantheon who would NOT be happy to see her cry.
  • On behalf of Princess Celestia, Fluttershy has successfully formed an unlikely friendship with Discord, who was released from his prison on strict probation. Fluttershy acts as his moral anchor, as without her Discord would likely revert to his old ways. Most of the other gods still do not trust Discord completely, and many still think his reformation is a trick.
    • This made Fluttershy also obtain her own house in the Pantheon of Friendship. Although shy at first, she easily warmed up with everyone in the house. She felt so happy that she burst into song!
  • Johnny Blaze has expressed interest in her Stare due to its apparent similarities with his own Penance Stare ability. Fluttershy, for the most part, has altogether avoided answering his questions, as she is utterly terrified of him.
  • Has mostly given up on her dream of becoming a tree out of disgust after meeting Exdeath.
  • Is very close friends with The Lorax, who will often speak for her when she becomes too timid to voice her thoughts.
  • When she found out that an 'inseparable link' was formed between her and the Incubators, especially Kyubey, Fluttershy decided to pay that little weasel a visit in hope that her glare would put an end to the Incubators' 'information withholding' and general Trolling. The emotionless Kyubey didn't even flinch.
    • That being said, unlike many other Gods, Fluttershy was revulsed and shocked when Akuma Homura enslaved the Incubator race and Mind Rape|d Kyubey, apparently leaving him completely broken. She agrees that he needed a lesson in empathy, but... not like this. Not even someone like him deserves such a fate, she comments.
  • Spends lots of time with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, singing together and cleaning the Pantheon alongside their animal friends.
  • Once got sucked into the world of comic books and took on the role of "Saddle Rager". Those who witnessed her in action were in shock when they saw she had powers similar to The Hulk and is so uncontrollable that even Discord has trouble reigning her in. This is what she said when the villain harmed a firefly.
    Saddle Rager: Are you kidding me?! I mean, I know you're evil and everything but you would hurt a teensy, little, harmless firefly?! REALLY?! When you're just a great, big meanie! There, I said it! What makes think you're so special? Like the rules of common courtesy don't apply to you? Why don't you pick on someone your own size!!
    • Thus causing Fluttershy to get angry when she is in Saddle Rager mode has been deemed the third dumbest thing to do as decreed by the Main House, behind making both Seras Victoria and Asura pissed off. Even the freakin' Hulk, who is the basis of this persona, has become terrified of her in this state.
    • Despite that, she can be beaten even in that state.
Khorne, wanting to show the Pantheon what his recently-ascended Primarch Angron could do, ordered him to go to Equestria and slaughter an entire forest of defenseless animals wile unarmed in order to awaken her rage. She put up a good and brutal fight to the best of her abilities, but was still defeated by Angron, who executed a devestating Neck Snap upon the hulked out pony, making sure that the sound of her broken bones echoed through the land. He would have gone the extra mile by killing her then and there, but before that could happen, Tzeentch teleported him away for reasons known only to him.
  • There was an incident where Fluttershy accidentally got bitten by a vampire and became "Flutterbat", trying to suck blood—or apple juice, it wasn't really clear. It took the House of Beasts, led by Discord, to calm her down. To this day, Fluttershy steers clear of vampires.
  • Got the eyes of both Zangief and Daniel Bryan for how she was able to wrestle a bear into submission. Fluttershy was embarrassed of the praise the two gave her seeing as the only reason that she was fighting the bear was to relieve it of shoulder pain (even though she gave a bear a Neck Snap). That said, she didn't decide to go wrestle Pooh Bear—instead she invited him into her Temple and shared Hunny, causing everyone to coo at the sight.
  • Recently formed a bond with Lambda-11, partly due to their similar quiet personalities (though for different reasons) and partly out of their like of animals. They occasionally go to the Houses of Nature and Beasts to see the wildlife.
  • She has a sort of resentment against Arakune due to the fact that he keeps trying to eat small fuzzy animals. Luckily, she and Discord have managed to prevent him from eating any other animals in the pantheon and have kept Arakune away from the animals. She does, however, leave some food out for him, thinking that if he is fed and full he won't try to eat the animals.

     Monkey D. Luffy 
Monkey D. Luffy, God of Camaraderie (Captain of the Thousand Sunny-go, previously Captain of the Going Merry-go, Straw Hat, Supernova)

     Nanoha Takamachi 
Nanoha Takamachi, Goddess of Friendship (The White Devil)

All-Loving Triumvirate

A Trio of Heroes Who Could Befriend Anyone.

    Megumi Aino/Cure Lovely 
Megumi Aino, Co-Goddess of Heroes Who Love Everyone (Cure Lovely, Cure Roughly)
  • Theme Song: HappinessCharge PreCure! WOW!
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess when using her Innocent form, Greater Goddess in her Forever Lovely form)
  • Symbol: Her Pretty Change Mirror surrounded by laser eye beams.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl Warrior, Supporting Protagonists, Badass Adorables, All-Loving Hero, Beware the Nice Ones, Imagination-Based Superpower, Rose Haired Sweeties, Fighting For Happiness Despite Stepfordism, Love Freaks, Heart Beat-Down, Being Jumped at the Call, Chosen Ones.
  • Domains: Love, Magic, and Happiness.
  • Allies: Every single Pretty Cure in the Pantheon especially Hime Shirayuki/Cure Princess, Flonne, Nanoha Tamakachi, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Heart Aino, Minako Aino/Sailor Venus, Mami Tomoe, Orihime Inoue, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Steven Universe, Mio Sakamoto and every single good person in the houses of Love and Friendship.
  • Odd Friendship With: Sheryl Nome.
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Scott Summers/Cyclops.
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his Mastermind, every single evil person in the House of Love, and everyone in the House of Hatred, except Eren Yeager and Grumpy Smurf.
  • The first of the Happiness Charge Precure team to find her way into the Pantheon. Was warmly welcomed into the House of Narrative by Miyuki Hoshizora until she transferred into a new House due to her old title has no effect anymore during the second half of her series, especially since she, in her Forever Lovely form, removed every trace of hatred within Red.
    • Upon entering her new House however, she learned that there are two persons who hold the same titles as hers, in the form of Yusuke Godai and Steven Universe. Even to her surprise, she made friends with them ever since.
  • Is not related to either Heart Aino, but doesn't mind sharing her name with the goddess of The Power of Love. She isn't related to Minako Aino either, but is currently being mentored by her.
    • There are some Deities that got annoyed because think her love speeches are too nauseating.
  • Due to their similar personalities, she gets along well with Flonne.
  • Despite her looks, if you harm anyone she's close to, expect to get fried with her Eye Beams. She gets compared to Nanoha when executing these attacks.
    • Cyclops is officially proud that her Eye Beams are more similar to his signature Optic Blast. However, Megumi says that he's now a shadow of his former self.
  • Mami Tomoe reminds her of a friend of hers, and they get along rather well.
    • Said friend, Yuko Omori, is a follower of Orihime Inoue in the House of Music. Megumi occasionally visits her and gets along well with Orihime.
  • With her ascension, she helped Sei Iori to reestablish the partnership between the Pretty Cures and the good Gundam Pilots after the Disgrace of Kio Asuno. In fact, Megumi says that her predecessor, Mana Aida/Cure Heart, actually saved the world from the Proto-Selfish while Kio Asuno made a mess that ruined his reputation forever.
  • She happens to be friends with Sheryl Nome due to the Songstress notice how she sounds similar to her friend and follower Ranka Lee.
  • At one point, Megumi was very depressed while walking alone in the pantheon, suddenly Monokuma appears and tries to take advantage of her by crushing her only hope until Hime/Cure Princess, Steven Universe, and Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga, arrives and saves Megumi from Monokuma's breaking speech as she transforms into Cure Lovely. Together, the four of them were manage to defeat Monokuma by using their respective attacks before Monokuma curses them while retreating. After this incident, she thanked Hime, Steven, and Yusuke for saving her and she promise that she will be more honest on her feelings to her friends since she is not alone after all.

    Steven Universe 
Steven Quartz Universe, Co-God of Heroes Who Love Everyone
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Rose Quartz gem that can be seen on his belly inside of a star.
  • Theme Song: The Crystal Gems theme.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, All-Loving Hero, Badass Adorable, Bare Your Midriff, Barrier Warrior, Big Fun, Big Ol' Eyebrows, Deflector Shield, The Ditz, Friend to All Living Things, Half-Human Hybrid, Healing Hands, How Do I Shot Web?, Kid Hero, Love You and Everybody, Nice Guy, Personality Powers, The Power of Love, Stout Strength, Super Spit, Wingding Eyes
  • Allies: Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Megumi Aino/Cure Lovely, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Dexter, Samurai Jack, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Captain Qwark, Dennis Mitchell and Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Spongebob Squarepants, Fluttershy, Naruto Uzumaki, Sora
  • Enemies: He’s a guy who finds it really hard to hate anybody, but there are (to the shock of the gems) exceptions, namely The Lich, Melkor, Eric Cartman, and Monokuma and his Mastermind. Even then, while the first two really do earn his hate, he only finds discomfort around Cartman and Monokuma.
  • Ambiguous relations with: Marge Simpson
  • Opposed by: Disney deities
  • Ascended after the gods saw his powerful love and friendliness, which could soften even the hardest of hearts.
    • Unfortunately, the other Crystal Gems saw it as a hostile kidnapping attempt and managed to find their way to the Pantheon. They ended up fighting many gods before Steven stopped them and told them what happened. Pearl was highly against the idea, Amethyst simply thought it was awesome, but Garnet was just glad to see him okay, and congratulated him on getting here. The other gods are wondering if they should ascend them as well, mostly since they’re his adoptive mothers.
  • Due to his unaggressive, friendly nature, many gods find it hard to hate or even get mad at him (with the exception of villains). Many find themselves hanging out with him without even realizing it.
  • Though he shares his title with Megumi and Kuuga, he doesn't mind.
    • With Megumi, he's already used to hanging out with ActionGirls. He tells her many of the adventures he and the Crystal Gems have been on.
    • Meanwhile, Kuuga in turn tells him many of the stories of his adventures. Steven's always loved hearing about all the amazing different techniques of other gods.
  • His kindness helped Fluttershy warm up to him very quickly. Steven hangs out with her a lot, helping her take care of her animal friends.
  • Captain America came to him about training his combat abilities with his shield when he manages to start summoning it successfully. The Gems have stated that they don’t see a problem with it since none of them are experts with a shield.
  • He gets along with Sora very well. Steven often says that the two hang out eating ice cream and fry bits (he’s been ‘introducing’ them to everybody and the Food House just goes along with it, even setting aside a warm batch for Steven every day).
    • Naruto is a similar case. They usually talk about their mothers. Steven even plays with his kids when he comes to visit. He even started hanging out with his much less sociable friends like Kurama and Sasuke; both of them begrudgingly admitted that his presence was not… ‘unenjoyable’.
  • Like with many Cartoon Network gods, he’s had a run-in with the Lich. Unfortunately for him, he had little experience in fighting and would’ve been killed by him had it not been for the shields his gem produced as a defense mechanism. They held up long enough for help to arrive, but Steven hates the Lich now due to his complete disregard of life, love and many other things.
  • He’s one of the few cartoon gods that don’t hate Spongebob, and went so far as to even become friends with him. As a result, he’s gotten into a lot of verbal fights with Finn, and shunned by the Disney deities.
    • Both Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck find this odd, but they admit that Steven is at least trying to end the feud with him. But they claim that only Roger Rabbit can end this feud for good.
  • Cartman is an interesting case for him. He isn't really riled by his verbal assaults, even when they involve his mother, and he just thinks him to be a kid that doesn't know any better. Despite that, the fact that he emits so much hatred, even for a kid, still discomforts him, and he does his best to avoid the 9 year old.
  • Visits the House of Video Games a lot, as he's a big fan of Sonic; the same goes for Cloud, whom he visits in the Weapons House.
  • Often hangs out with Bart Simpson and Dennis Mitchell for a few (harmless) pranks. One even got Homer's attention, and he approves of Steven's friendship with his son. (Marge doesn't, though.)
  • If anyone ever gets worried about him, the other gods simply remind everyone to Believe in Steven.

    Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga 
Yusuke Godai, Co-God of Heroes Who Love Everyone (Kamen Rider Kuuga)
Kamen Rider Kuuga 

Sora, God of Light, frequents this House because of his large pool of allies, most of whom he cares for very equally.