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Dr. Danerly Scullcrusher presents two most famous cases of a rare condition known as Red-headed-Sci-Fi-Badass-Doctoritis: Drs. Beverly Crusher and Dana Scully
Concept by Maggie aka BeekillerPhile
"Because it is always plagiarism, especially when it isn't."

Sometimes, two works are obviously inspired by each other, or the younger one contains minor Shout Outs to the older one, or they are coincidentally considered Dueling Movies. Or sometimes, the plots just sound familiar for some reason.

And sometimes, it's only the characters who seem like clones from another work. If you're clone hunting, you've come to the right place.

If one character is an obvious Expy or a Captain Ersatz then they don't belong here. Here, we should experiment with finding some less obvious, and probably nonexistent connections, through wordplay, and selective examples of plot points or character traits.

Also, if the similarities have been noticed by a Vocal Minority of at least one fandom, then it counts as a Counterpart Comparison. Here, we're looking for non-judgemental comparisons by enterprising Tropers who see things that are not so obvious.

This page deals where just the characters are similar; the plots do not have to be similar. For cases where the plot is similar, go to Surprisingly Similar Stories.

Compare Paint the Hero Black and the Villain Whitewashing Service. As with both of those pages, please sign your entries.note  Bonus Points if you find out that a hero in one story would be a villain in another, or vice versa.

Spoilers ahead! Mostly unmarked, so read at your own risk.


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    Entries from Other Sites 
  • These two leaders live in a world of moral absolutes and racist undertones and will lead their chosen nations against a veritable tyrant. But first, they need to get their swords fixed.
    Aragorn and Martin; as expressed by XKCD here.
  • She's a character from an ultra-successful sci-fi show that reached mainstream recognition. She's a hot red-headed medical doctor who has bucketloads of UST with her colleague. She's wears a badge, a weapon, and is prone to get seriously injured in her line of work. She's a single mother and her child displays prodigious tendencies. Her boss is bald and awesome, she has a posse of geeky and brilliant males at her disposal, and her close female friend is a brunette psychic. Both she and her love interest have been abducted by aliens.
    Beverly Crusher of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Dana Scully of The X-Files? The picture on this page lists part of it; more similarities are to be found in this video.
  • This male character is small, cute, non-human sidekick in a beloved Disney animated feature. Unlike some other Disney sidekicks, he not only provides comic relief, but gives good advice to the naive protagonist and serves as his/her conscience. The protagonist tends to ignore him, but though this upsets him, he (usually) stays loyal to him/her anyway. He is an excellent singer/musician and sings possibly the most famous song from the movie. The protagonist he tries to help is also non-human (though a different species than he is), but wants to become human, and finally does in the end; (s)he also has big blue eyes, and is the child of a single father, whom (s)he leaves behind for a while, but eventually reunites with. An important part of their adventures takes place under the sea.
    Jiminy Cricket or Sebastian? (inspired by this link)
  • A powerful man who once was a morally superior good guy gets seduced by a greater evil power. He becomes very evil himself, even though some doubt it has happened. He leads part of a huge army and is the public face for the larger evil that is widely feared but stays hidden for most of the time. In the end he inevitably meets his downfall by betrayal. Also, the man is played by Christopher Lee.
    Is this man Count Dooku or Saruman the White? (Darths & Droids breaks it down.)
  • This character is an alien from a militaristic culture who is (or is commonly thought as) short for his species. He has No indoor voice and thinks of himself as the leader of everything. He views a nerdy human boy with glasses and a blue shirt as his rival, though the feeling may or may not be mutual. The ruler of the alien's species are taller than the rest of their kind and is mostly seen in silhouette. This alien could be Karkat Vantas if the rivalry with the human boy is not mutual, or Zim if it is, according to this blog: [1]
  • The partner to the main protagonist (and the one most often paired with them in fan ships) this character favors water/ice themed attacks and is remarkably skilled. Having had a difficult childhood due to constant attacks from family enemies, she can be bossy at times, and has to come to terms with her grudge against the loner of the main group of heroes.
    Weiss or Katara? (Detailed in this picture)
    • Also, said main protagonist is strongly optimistic and is the possessor of an incredible power that is spoken of in legend. (Aang's Avatar State and Ruby's Silver Eyes).
  • They both are Hot-Blooded loners, prone to angst, yelling a lot, acting like jerks to their friends and taking enemies head on without thinking, who fight against their own brothers. As Super Robot Wars Judgment pointed out, Domon Kasshu and Tekkaman Blade have surprisingly lot in common.
  • The drabble series Runts portrays Rinoa Heartilly as Dark Phoenix. Given that both are fiercely passionate activists with incredible magic talent, it's not hard to see why.
  • The Nostalgia Chick, on Demona and Mystique (in her Top 11 Villainesses list): "Here we have yet another blue-skinned ginger who's motivated by Revenge and bigotry against humans. Seems to be a thing." Ursula, the Wicked Witch of the West and Maleficent are also on the list, leading her to note "skins hued of cool colors seem to be optimal for evil ladies."
  • Teenage girl from a popular animation with strong flower symbolism, who lives in an Asian country, cuts her hair short, becomes a crossdresser and pretends to be a guy to join all-male group with handsome male leader, who serves as her Love Interest and does't realize the truth until she is seen partially nude. This blog notes that this describtion fits both Haruhi and Mulan.
  • Two daughters of evil magicians, that also have a sinister witch for a grandmother. Both are intelligent, good strategists, leaders of their groups, goths and witches who use magic staffs and their sexuality is ambiguous, with strong implications they might be into girls. One blogger accidentially realized that Nico Minoru and Master Cyclonis have a lot in common.
  • A sapient monkey who was given physical form by the wind and possesses godlike powers- including shapeshifting, Not Quite Flight, and Super Strength- which he uses to assist the heroes. The scholar Hera Walker wrote an essay comparing Sun Wukong with Hanuman.
  • A fearful yet determined Survival Horror heroine who journeys through an incredibly elaborate house while coming to terms with past trauma (most notably, the crash that killed her parents). Though not very combat-capable, she fends off her gun-wielding Stalker With a Crush with the help of a pet dog- a pale-furred stray she befriends after saving him from danger. Becca Jones drew a series of fanart (titled "The Tragic Female Protagonists With Dogs Club") that compared Fiona with Jennifer.
  • A solar-themed god of fire (and their Determinator Chosen One) jointly rule a country of magic wielders who, centuries ago, declared war on adjoining lands in the name of "righteousness". Now this god works to erase the bigotry and government corruption rampant in his country. The fic Kindred Fires compares Agni with Vkandis.
  • A cynical loner who wears all black, always carries a weapon on his person, and is prone to severe mood swings (often expressed through crying while punching a wall). As a result of feeling hurt and abandoned by a parental figure, he hates established institutions and wants to create a "new world order". To accomplish this, he goes on a killing spree, including murdering several of his classmates and attempting to burn down his school, all the while thinking he's benefiting the greater societal good. Along the way he becomes creepily obsessed with the female protagonist, asking her to join him in his killing spree; she at first tries to turn him back to the side of good before realizing that he cannot be saved, then tries to kill him. As compared by Entertainment Weekly, is this man Kylo Ren or Jason "JD" Dean?
  • An extraordinarily gifted and decidedly blue character lives among friends and family but struggles to control their powers, then, as the public turns against them after becoming terrified of the danger they pose, they flee into a desolate wasteland and magic up an elegant, transparent fairytale castle. Afterwards, the person closest to them risks their life to convince them back to the world. That's how [2] describes both [[Disney/Frozen Elsa]] and [[Comic Book/Watchmen Doctor Manhattan]].

  • In a Crowning Moment of Awesome, Michael Uslan, the first professor to teach a college course on comics, got his course accredited by making one of these comparisons:
    "The dean let me speak for about two minutes before he cut me off and said, Mr. Uslan, stop. I read comic books when I was a kid. I read every issue of Superman I could get my hands on. All comic books are are cheap entertainment for children. Nothing more, nothing less, and I reject your theory.
    I said to the dean, dean, may I ask you two questions?
    He said, ask me anything you want.
    I said, so could you just very, very briefly give me a synopsis of the story of Moses?
    Well, he folded his arms, sat back in his chairand said to me, Mr. Uslan, I don't know what game you're playing here, but I'll play this with you. The Hebrew people were being persecuted, their firstborn were being slain. A Hebrew couple placed their infant son in a little wicker basket and sent him down the River Nile. There he was discovered by an Egyptian family who raised him as their own son. When he grew up and learned of his true heritage, he became a great hero to his people by—
    I said, Dean, thank you. Stop. That was great. By any chance, do you remember the origin of Superman?
    He said, of course. The planet Krypton was about to blow up. A scientist and his wife placed their infant son in a little rocket ship and sent him to Earth. There he was discovered by the Kents, who raised him as their own son. When he grew up—And with that he stopped, stared at me for what I swear to you was an eternity, and said, Mr. Uslan, your course is accredited. And that was how this whole thing started."

    Troper Entries (A-M) 

  • This classic Villain Protagonist does not show many signs of insanity, so long as the situation is unrelated to his nemesis. That's when it becomes clear that he's a complete madman, constantly doomed by his own self-destructive, fanatical obsession with getting vengeance on a particular animal. This is no ordinary animal, though; the powers its species naturally bears are impressive enough to make hunting them a great challenge on their own, but even more than that, this creature seems to operate outside of the normal bounds of nature so as to make it impossible for any hunter to get their hands on it.
    Captain Ahab or Wile E. Coyote?
  • An immortal evil entity with immense Reality Warper powers who's nevertheless so incompetent that it's difficult to ever actually be scared of him. He is eternally tormented by a boy who's a Kindhearted Simpleton and doesn't really get that he's supposed to be evil, and an Enfant Terrible little girl who's significantly eviler than he is.
    Lucius Heinous VII or Grim?
  • Raised in a family with a traditional job that involved lots of crime and violence, this character never wanted to be a part of "the life", but didn't really get a choice; every time he tried to get out, the life kept pulling him back in, and he ended up destroying much of what he kept trying to protect in the process.
    Sam Winchester or Michael Corleone?

  • A regally-bred brunette Knife Nut, whose given name is a variation of "Elizabeth," has potentially lethal abilities, which are extraordinary even within her World of Badass, and which have been allowed to develop out of control. When she was a child, evil forces tried to use her as a Tyke Bomb, and her father is an evil, power-hoarding royal. She has been kept in the dark about her true lineage and powers, and is Not Amused when she learns the extent to which she has been deceived. She is a reluctant Chosen One who resents rules and will usually Take a Third Option in a crisis. She’s a relatively young member of a race of near-immortals, and her relative inexperience sometimes leads her to make rash decisions she later regrets. Exercising her powers affects the color of her eyes. Her lover (who lost their previous lover to a Big Bad with a penchant for Grand Theft Me) taught her to control her powers and has a Dark and Troubled Past, and her best friend is a Deadpan Snarker and a former thief. Her story has a Cast Full of Queer.
    Elspeth of Valdemar (and Companion Gwena, for the age example) or Bo Dennis?

Argon 2
  • An ambitious, deceptively intelligent teenager takes refuge with (and later becomes leader of) a tough, self-sufficient tribe of nomads who believe his/her existence is prophesied. The teenager uses this tribe as a stepping stone to greater power, conquering many people with it and becoming The Dreaded. They bear great hatred towards the cruel, gluttonous man who murdered their parents, and their ultimate goal is to reclaim their rightful place in society. Unfortunately, their powerful status and willingness to commit atrocities in order to achieve said goal also results in many despising them and the lack of any real friends. They struggle with feelings of loneliness and failure. Both of these characters come from noble bloodlines, and their families' sigils are both a winged animal of some kind.
    Daenerys Targaryen or Paul Atreides?
  • The viewpoint character is a brash, fearless Action Girl who's been, since childhood, the bodyguard of a compassionate, supernaturally empowered Spoiled Sweet. The latter girl is heir to a noble family, and is attacked frequently by rival members of the aristocracy. Their intertwined subplots involve the Action Girl learning to balance her devotion to duty with her desire for romance and a normal life, and the heiress becoming truly independent, overcoming the machinations of those who try to manipulate her and learning how to use her incredible healing abilities. Both stories have a truckload of Les Yay.
    Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir or Setsuna and Konoka?
  • A rebellious, redheaded teenage girl bickers and then falls in love with a Troubled, but Cute brunette, despite her father killing his father years before. The brunette is unfairly distrusted by his fellow felines because of his parentage, but all ends well: he finds happiness with the redhead and eventually becomes next-in-line to be leader.
    Are these felines lions or cats?
  • A group of quirky teenagers with various Dark and Troubled Pasts fight against fate and their own madness as they learn about life, themselves, and the Power of Friendship. They are led in this by a Hot-Blooded boy who is hiding a Dark Secret from them, which they eventually learn about and accept. One of the teenage girls is a ghost who was killed tragically by a loved one and struggles with feelings of bitterness and futility. She looks normal, for the most part, but has ram horns on her head. Another is very skilled at combat, and acts proud and tough to hide her feelings of insecurity and regret- which were partially caused by an abusive family member. She loves playing games, but cheats all the time. The other kids find it difficult to trust her. This is a very long, very complex story where Anyone Can Die- but it also makes use of Death is Cheap and cosmic Reset Buttons. The plot has many horror elements, but is ultimately quite idealistic.
    Are the teenagers human or trolls?
  • A famous warrior and huntress falls in love on the battlefield with a compassionate blond boy who has a gift for strategy. The huntress staunchly protects him from the attacks of their teenaged peers, yet has difficulty expressing the emotions she feels for him.
    Katniss and Peeta or Pyrrha and Jaune?
  • A black-haired, stonefaced girl devotes herself to protecting a Childhood Friend who saved her life when they were young. She does this partly to repay them and partly to give purpose to her life, which has been exceedingly traumatic up till now: a world she lives in is not a pleasant one. The fans commonly argue whether her feelings for this person are romantic, though a confession of love which comes late in the story implies that they are.
    Mikasa or Homura?
  • A family of power-hungry, treacherous lions plot to take the throne by murdering the current king. Their youngest son grows disillusioned with this idea, so they attempt to kill him. However, a last-minute change of heart from one of his siblings saves the outcast's life.
    Are these lions literal or metaphorical?
  • As a side effect of a war involving multiple superhuman warriors and mystically-empowered weapons, the daughter of one of those warriors is tainted with dark magic and grows up with The Corruption gnawing on her soul. Because of this, she becomes a lonely, embittered, Shrinking Violet, having been betrayed and/or abandoned by any family or friends she once had. (Her Jerkass brother, in particular, contributes to this mindset.) The only person she trusts is The Hero, who's a would-be Knight in Shining Armor, but even his love is not enough to keep her from succumbing to the villains' manipulations and consequently turning evil. She then transforms into a twisted, red-eyed version of her original self and goes on a murderous rampage, which is fueled by the dark power that had lain dormant in her soul since childhood. An estranged sibling of the girl tries to fight and kill her, but ultimately can't bring zirself to strike the fatal blow. Fortunately, the girl is redeemed in that moment by her sibling's love; she abandons evil forever in favor of living a peaceful domestic life (like the kind she wanted before all this magic crap started) and atoning for her sins. Roll credits.
    Sakura or Pyrrha?
  • A prenaturally observant brunette in middle school teases her Love Interest with mind games and flirting.
    Takagi or Kurashiki?

  • A video game villain in a fantasy setting who took over a kingdom by usurping the throne from the actual monarch. He commands an army of monsters and has gained power from a dark wielder of sorcery who was sealed away until recently. He wears a helmet to conceal his face. He initially has a confident personality but becomes more inelegant and desperate when the hero ruins his plans.
    Is he Zant or King Knight?

  • An honorable man of noble birth beloved by his people that leaves his homeland for the sake of a friend and is subsequently caught up in a plot where his honorable nature compels him to make well-meaning but misguided decisions that end up helping the antagonists, who are secretly plotting to seize power through manipulations and treachery. In the end he is falsely branded a traitor and executed by the ruler of the new regime, with his offspring fighting said regime in part to avenge him. This person is established as the main protagonist but gets killed well before the end of the story in an infamous Wham Episode.
    Are we talking about Sigurd or Ned Stark?

  • A green eyed teenager who is a hero, is the character with most transformations, is cocky and arrogant but has a heart of gold, he also has been in the hero business since he was a kid. Are we talking about Ben tennyson or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Bio Safety
  • A Badass with Laser-Guided Amnesia who becomes an ally of the heroes. During the climax, he recovers his memory and is revealed to be the father of the teenage Action Girl. However, he is still known by the name he took when he lost his memory in the sequels.
    Is he Doom or Milligan?

Caiaphas The Sympathist
  • A person who, despite wanting to live a normal life, was forced as a youth to become a player in a conflict between two ancient groups, who have been quarreling for centuries over what should be done with some of the most powerful forces known to their worlds. This person is originally trained by an older mentor who is related to one of their parents as to how to effectively oppose the more villainous group, though this same mentor is eventually killed by one of the villainous group's leading figures. Over the course of their first major adventure, this person is also aided, supported and even admired by nearly everyone sympathetic to their cause, so they find it quite a surprise when they reach the end that they are not the most crucial figure in their own crusade, but that said title instead corresponds to someone they barely know anything about, in a scene that ends up making them feel like a glorified errand boy despite everything they've been through. Even after this, they still manage to find the determination to keep leading the heroes and continue their struggle for justice, despite being noticeably more jaded by their experience.
    April Ryan or Ezio Auditore?
  • A geriatric old man with a speech impediment and an extremely unpleasant demeanour who is almost always seen sitting down. He finds himself surrounded by criminals in multiple occasions. In his youth, he was an overzealous supporter of a powerful group, and became widely feared along those who knew of his activities.
    Father Jack Hackett or Hector Salamanca?

Captain Peregrin
  • A female of an aquatic species falls in love with a handsome human prince, promptly saves his life, and becomes a human girl. She is a wonderful dancer, but she can never profess her love to the prince, and is destined to dissolve into nothing. The prince becomes very close to her, but he falls in love with another girl (who was once mistaken for her). She ultimately gives up her human form so that the prince can keep his heart intact; it's implied that she might be able to become human again, someday.
    Is she a Duck or a Mermaid?
  • A seemingly ordinary young woman meets a Time Traveler and is promptly drawn into a series of adventures, generally involving fighting monsters. As time goes on, she discovers that the time traveler met her more than once before, and every time they met, she died (naturally, she has no memory of these occasions). However, when her friend is threatened by a great evil, she makes a Heroic Sacrifice to stop it, resulting in her appearing at various points in time and space to stop said evil.
    Clara Oswald or Madoka Kaname?

  • A pair of siblings with contrasting personalities - one is Hot-Blooded and a bit naive, while the other is more stoic and responsible. They lose their parents as part of their backstory, and despite outward appearances are extremely close to each other. They share an Undying Loyalty for one another and would stop at nothing to ensure the other's safety. One sibling has a strange and potentially dangerous power that the other sibling didn't know about until recently, and that they don't know how to quite control. The non-powered sibling doesn't think any less of the other because of their power, even if it's nearly gotten the former killed at least once. Both are primary characters in their story.
    Either it's Anna and Elsa or Mikasa and Eren.

Chabal 2
  • A white-haired member of the ruling elite with incredible powers over fire, who appear to never grow older than the day they entered a different plane of existence, and now spends their time rescuing people from a supernatural forest... Uncle Iroh or Fujiwara no Mokou?
  • From a Blizzard Entertainment game, The Hero's best friend whose shared backstory was introduced in this game. This guy is large, loves fighting, goes charging headlong into enemy bases with some variant of "I cannot wait any longer!", occasionally gets into disagreements with The Hero, and made a Deal with the Devil at some point in their lives, leading to him betraying The Hero and is dead by the end of the game.
    Grom Hellscream or Tychus Findlay?
  • A man with unbelievably powerful psychic powers yet confined to a hi-tech chair, surrounded by mutants everywhere (indeed, without these mutants he wouldn't have much purpose at all).
    Charles Xavier or the God-Emperor of Mankind?
  • A splinter faction from a high tech psychic race, who are easily recognizable by their pale skin and dark armor, who revel in causing pain and torture to their enemies. They aren't above using drugs and function on Klingon Promotion, and whenever their less-evil cousins need their aid, do so at maximum profit to themselves. So are we talking about the Tal'darim or the Dark Eldar?
  • A whiny teenager who hates his dad, is desperate to please whoever's in charge of him, is rivals with a high-ranking member of the military despite the troops caring very little for him, is given a single opportunity to do the intelligent thing and throws it away, and yet the shippers can't get enough of him. Thankfully he has a kickass uncle who may be able to set things right... Are we talking about Zuko or Kylo Ren?
  • This character is a shining example of what happens when a royal child is given every luxury its parents can give it (said parents being brother and sister), and turn out to be a horribly spoiled brat interested only in indulging its whims. Sigvald the Magnificent or Joffrey Baratheon'''?


Cyber Tiger 88
  • This older brother is more reserved and quiet (while having a fiery side), compared to his more outgoing and happy-go-lucky sibling. He spends a good chunk of his life at the ocean. He eventually gets captured by the story's villains, but he is rescued by his younger sibling, only for him to be Not Quite Saved Enough, and dies in a Heroic Sacrifice to save his sibling soon after. The death is noted by fans to be shocking as this is the first major death that is set in the present in their respective anime.
    "Fire Fist" Ace, or Latios?
  • This plant-based monster stars in a popular 2015 video game and befriends the player character upon meeting them, serving as a guide in the game's tutorial. They are eventually revealed to be Evil All Along and attempts to kill the hero. Off-screen they have managed to kill almost everyone possible in their respective realm. It is later revealed that they are Not Himself as the hero brings them back to their senses and they ultimately redeem themselves in the game's best ending.
    Are we talking about Nuzleaf or Flowey?

Daibhid C
  • This bearded starship captain is a Recycled In Space version of a character from mythology. He carries a Laser Blade and commands the flagship of the fleet, which is also named as a reference to the myth. His egalitarian attitude leads mystic forces to plot against him in order to maintain their control.
    Is he Arthur, King of Time and Space or Ulysses 31?
  • This character exists in multiple time periods due to contact with a powerful artefact that breaches the space-time continuum. These periods include the present day, the 19th century and space in the far future. In all periods the character has a connection to a mysterious Eccentric Mentor and together they fight evil forces. The present day version has a close bond to a former soldier.
    Clara Oswald or Arthur, King of Time and Space again?
  • This stretchy superhero is married to a woman named Sue. Although he is famed for having a keen intellect in a specific field, she's generally portrayed as the more sensible of the two. In their comics, they travel a lot more than most superheroes. They were both members of a superhero team that also included a guy made of inorganic matter.
    Mr Fantastic or Elongated Man?
  • This comic book character comes from old money but had a tragic childhood, including a trauma involving seeing a nightmarish creature in the family mansion. This had a profound effect on him and he grew up to use this creature as a totem. He's an obsessive character who sometimes seems to be a different person when he wears his totem mask. The company that bears his name is a key player in the technology industry, which allows him to use its resources to build his weapons. He's appeared to die, and his costumed identity has become a Legacy Character, other users of which have included his son, whom he has a difficult relationship with. However because Status Quo Is God, he always reclaims the mantle eventually. His enemies include a spider-based character who was voiced in an animated series by Josh Keaton. In a major The New '10s story he formed an organisation of people in variants of his costume, who at one point fought a supposedly heroic organisation with a spider-motif that was secretly run by a villain.
    Batman or Norman Osborn?
  • A puppet amphibian who often seems to be the Only Sane Man of the setting, not only mediating the crazy ideas of his Cloud Cuckoolander friends, but also dealing with an uptight bird who's The Comically Serious and refuses to even countenance the madness that surrounds them. He also plays the banjo.
    Is he a frog or a toad?
  • This female Benevolent A.I. is the creation of an arrogant goateed scientist, but has a stronger friendship with a nerdy guy who's younger than her creator. In fact she basically flirts with him at one point, although she recognises he's more interested in someone else. And she sounds exactly like Jennifer Connelly.
    Lovelace or Suit Lady?

  • A largely innocent character meets a seemingly cold hearted badass of the same gender and they fall in love. Unfortunately the laws of magic in this universe mean that one way or another they will have to kill each other. To fix this the innocent character makes a Faustian pact and ascends to godhood in order to rewrite the laws of the universe to save their loved one.
    Madoka and Homura or Rook and Chess?

  • A man wakes up after surviving an event that should have killed him and that in fact killed/seriously injured thousands of people. After waking up and discovering his powers wich include the creation of a Blade Below the Shoulder, a shield, the ability to survive a fall from any height, being able to glide, Ground Pound, being able to heal himself by feeding off of people, and see the memories of the dead (Sometimes); the man decides to discover just who the hell is responsible for the incident. Unfortunately the island in which he is, is put under quarantine in almost no time (The quarantine was actually planned long before the start of the game); meaning he can´t get out as he suffers a big aversion to water. During the story the man meets a woman that makes him do her biding and double crosses himnote , another woman that clearly loves him but is terrified of what he has become and acts as his Morality Petnote , a black man that knows much more about the situation than the protagonist and is related to an antagonic faction while not being part of itnote  and a white man that fullfills the role of Voice with an Internet Connection that seems like one of the only decent people in the island but ultimately betrays the man due to the influence of the Big Bad.note  The man ultimately beats a female Plague Master who controls an army of her infected forcesnote , and an enemy that acts as an Evil Counterpart of him and has not only similar but also enhanced versions of his powers.note . The man, finally discovers that the event that gave him his powers was caused by "Himself". The game ends with a Sequel Hook by promising the appeareance of a character really important to the plot but that is only seen in visions taken from another character.
    So, Is this Alex Mercer or Cole MacGrath?

  • This character has neglectful financially abusive parents. Even the creaters can't agree on who they should hook up with, which is perfectly understandable when the main options are a snob who can be a total jerk at times and a Stalker With a Crush.
    Eliza Doolittle or Timmy Turner?

  • This Nicktoons character's name begins with a Z. He is a loyal and often overconfident warrior of a proud empire led by a power-hungry and sadistic figure in red. Said Tyrant is furious with this character's actions against orders, and has sent him on a far away mission thought impossible. He is accompanied on his journey by a seemingly harmless sidekick who would much rather be relaxing and having his favorite food than aiding him (and whose name contains the letters IR), although they do care for one another. His archenemy is a hyperactive and heroic boy with a strange looking head. Others seeking his goal include a far more competent and ruthless female rival who enjoys tormenting him, as well as a stout, overconfident, and unlucky soldier who has survived an encounter with a giant animal. Despite his huge ego and obsession with regaining his ruler's respect, he has often found himself allying with his enemy.
    Zuko or Zim?

  • While not a character per se, this is the best place to make the comparison
    • This class came from a splatbook detailing a new subsystem for a well-loved roleplaying game. Said book brought new rules for Psychic Powers, but this class does not actually use the new system. It is designed to be the fighter of the splat, but only has 3/4th BAB and light armor. It has an interesting concept, but the actual mechanics of the class make it very difficult to live up to the concept's potential without the use of 3rd party rules.
      So, am I talking about the 3.5 Soulknife, or the Kinetecist?


  • An aging, ugly, disheveled and greasy mid-level Hong Kong Triad boss heavily involved in the drugs trade, named Four Finger Wu.
    Noble House or Sleeping Dogs?
  • A tattooed, dark-haired, sunglasses-wearing smart-mouthed thug, who has proven himself to demons and aliens as one of Earth's most powerful warriors. And is named Johnny.
    But is it Johnny Cage or Johnny Gat?

  • He's a charming, sociopathic manipulator out for an inheritance. He's willing to kill to get it, but he's not willing to get his hands dirty in the process. In victory, he has a thing for gloating and mood-lighting.
    Granada!Culverton Smith, Light Yagami, or Hans?

Donald The Potholer
  • We have a pair of siblings of the same sex. The elder sibling uses magic in such a way that people think that they are a monster. Indeed, they Summon a fierce beast at one point. At another point, they each decide "there is No Place For Me" in their world. Also, the elder sibling is rather Aloof and has White Hair.
    The younger sibling is rather idealistic and pure, even in the face of a betrayal by someone (else) that they trust, seeking out their elder to set things to rights even after the elder abandons the younger. And when they find said elder sibling, the elder sibling attacks and injures the younger; before sending out the summoned monster. Oh, and by the point of the abandonment, their parents are already dead.
    Finally, one of the two siblings becomes the ruler of a realm.
    Is the ruler the older sister or the younger brother?
  • This level boss, whose lair is on the top of a tower, prides themself on their speed, was a former companion of the protagonist, and looks forward to the coming battle against him.
    Boomer Kuwanger or Korinna of Shalour?
  • This is a tale of a boy named X. He dresses in blue and, often, feels that way too. All of the Other Reindeer often harp about his "potential". Included in this group of reindeer is one of the brightest and most talented minds of the people... whose genius has been corrupted into leading a genocidal crusade. Said mind retained his vast store of Charisma, recruiting much of the populace to his cause in such a way as to make it difficult to distinguish friend from foe until it is too late.
    This blue-clad-boy does have one thing going for him, though: the support of a sibling-in-arms clad in red with blond hair. This companion has excellent battle-savvy and leadership skills and is Properly Paranoid, but is prone to not getting any major victories for one reason or another. This companion and X have a very strong bond; which is often mistaken for a romantic one. Also, said companion is following a different destiny than the one originally intended for them.
    So, is this latter companion's designation a number or another letter?note 
  • This blonde-haired Gadgeteer Genius is a figure of importance in his hometown. However, he leaves said hometown and, along with his younger (and also blonde) sibling, travels in a company that is sometimes beset by a tentacled creature (whose plot was dropped halfway through the story). Said inventor is not The Hero of this story, however. That role belongs to the party member who turns out to be from another land, doesn't understand romance, (much to the dismay of one of the hero's companions,) and has a latent power related to that of mythical beasts like the ones the party often comes into contact with and even obtain and use in battle; regaining memories of said Hero's past is the key to unlocking the Hero's true and unique power.
    This group is eventually tasked to fight against an evil organization which employs technology in order to extract the powerful essences of these aforementioned beasts and must ultimately defeat an Omnicidal Maniac, with the Genius himself having to save his home. Among the friends the group makes are a cuddly slam-dancer, someone whose hobby is creating visual records of local fauna, and someone who worked for the evil organization at one point in the story and looks on their past with regret. Another person who works for the organization attacks the maniac once they also realize the organization's goals are not what they signed on for.
    Finally, a blonde-haired girl is very interested in the genius' love life.
    The genius and the hero are King Edgar Figaro and Terra Branford respectively, right? Try Clemont, Leader of the Lumiose City Gym, and Ash Ketchum from the XY series of the Pokemon Anime.

  • This character is a little white anthropomorphic rabbit named Max. He is part of a duo that forms the title of the work in which they appear.
    The other member of the duo is the Blue Oni to Max's Red Oni. The other member is also bigger and taller than him.
    They have starred in a kids' cartoon series adapted from their original work.
    Is this other member a hound or another rabbit?
  • A Red Oni, Blue Oni duo of Funny Animals, and the protagonists of the work they appear in. They have appeared in an animated work that could be considered family-friendly.
    One member of the duo - the Red Oni - is a rabbit, and the smaller and shorter of the two. This character is very ambitious, and prefers to take action immediately rather than think about the consequences.
    The other member - the Blue Oni - is a canine of some sort. He is the bigger and taller of the two. He is more laid-back, and he has more of a way with words than the rabbit does.
    The two are police officers who solve crimes using somewhat dubious methods.
    Sam & Max or Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps?
  • This character is a Funny Animal octopus who is the Big Bad of a kid-friendly work released in the mid-2010's.
    His Evil Plan involves kidnapping a bunch of cute marine animals. He has a huge army of octopus Mooks, and a giant mech of some sort, to help him achieve this goal. Some Mooks are more competent than others. However, he seems to be the only octopus who can talk.
    His skin and eyes are brightly colored in such a way that is unusualnote  for an octopus.
    He is one of the most well-received characters in his work, partly due to being very funny. He makes a lot of references to modern pop culture.
    At the end, he is imprisoned in a glass orb.
    Dave or DJ Octavio?
  • This character is a Funny Animal octopus who is a major character in a family-friendly, comical work. One of his most notable traits is the fact that he disguises himself as a human, but he acts very inhuman, which would clue any sane person in to the fact that he's really an octopus, but because most, if not all the humans in this work are Too Dumb to Live, they don't notice.
    Despite being an octopus, he is able to communicate with humans. Strangely, despite octopuses being invertebrates, he is somehow able to stand up straight on his tentacles.
    Octodad or Dave?
  • He is the main character of an indie game. His name is also the title of the game in which he appears. He is bald, and has long, floppy arms with no hands or fingers.
    He is an All-Loving Hero who is nice to everyone he meets, and is even willing to forgive those who try to hurt him. He is very different from all the people around him, but most people love him regardless.
    He sometimes breaks the rules, but does so for good reasons.
    In his game, the last thing the player does is have him give someone a hug.
    Octodad or Dropsy?
  • He is one of the main characters of a kids' work. He has appeared in an animated series.
    He is an anthropomorphic rabbit with pink fur.
    He is a manchildish Fat Idiot who is one of the funniest characters in the work he appears in.
    He is often seen shirtless.
    He has a child who looks more or less exactly like him.
    Papa Bunny or Richard Watterson?
  • He is a major villain in a series with a large cast of antagonists. Said series features many Funny Animal characters as well.
    He is one of the most monstruous villains in his series. He is very egotistical, bearing no sympathy or love for anyone else but his pet spiders, which he loves to feed.
    He is a feline of some sort.
    His personality is very cold and refined. He tends to venture into Cold Ham territory.
    Though he displays some Dirty Coward tendencies, he is capable of putting up a fight on his own.
    He doesn't go down easy - if he was even Killed Off for Real at all, although it is heavily implied that he did.
    Katz or Ungatt Trunn?
  • The Big Bad of a work released in the 2010's that plays with many video game tropes. He is a video game character who was long thought to be dead, but has assumed a new formnote .
    He lures the hero in with a warm smile and a friendly personality, but quickly turns out to be quite Faux Affably Evil - a psychopath who most certainly Would Hurt a Child.
    He is well known for being a consistent source of Nightmare Fuel. One of the most disturbing things he does is when his face changes. Also, in the climax, he goes One-Winged Angel, turning into an even more horrifying monster, and gloating about his new power. Fortunately, he is Hoist by His Own Petard not long after.
    In one of his forms, he is royalty.
    He has many bright colors.
    He is very adept at hacking into video games for his own ends.
    King Candy or Flowey?
  • They are the two main villains - the Big Bad and The Dragon, respectively - of a Cult Classic video game from The '90s. Despite both being Chaotic Evil, they form a Red Oni, Blue Oni duo. Both use some form of magic.
    The Big Bad is the blue oni. He is tall, dark, and menacing. He has a deep voice, and he really hams it up at times. He wears long clothing, along with something golden. He spends most of the battle against him summoning minions to attack you.
    The Dragon is the red oni. He is an evil clown, but despite his disturbing appearance - complete with a wide grin with More Teeth than the Osmond Family - he's more of a Villainous Harlequin than a full-blown Monster Clown. He confronts the hero far more often than the Big Bad does, and with his high-pitched voice, small body, and rudeness, he is quite a Small, Annoying Creature.
    Ghadius and Joka or Ludwig von Tökkentäkker and Umlaut?
  • He is the Big Bad in an Edutainment Game for kids.
    One of his names is Mortimer. His last name starts with an M too.
    He's an Obviously Evil man with graying, wildly unkempt hair and usually seen wearing a long coat.
    He has a surprisingly high-pitched voice for a man, and is also a shining example of Evil Is Hammy.
    He is quite a Psychopathic Manchild, who makes evil plots for rather silly reasons. But he is still very much Laughably Evil. He's also quite a Smug Snake who has a comical Villainous Breakdown when the player beats the game.
    He has many minions at his disposal to hinder the protagonist's progress, and he also dabbles in magic.
    I. M. Meen or Morty Maxwell?

  • The villain of the second installment of a series, which is part of a larger universe, wants to cover the world in darkness. He plans to do so by fusing with a purplish-blackish-red source of dark power that has been sealed away for millennia. After he succeeds in fusing with said power during a convergence, he gains a creepy cast to his appearance and glowing red eyes. The final battle with the brash, muscular hero involves traveling between dimensions using portals and destruction in a major world city. In a universe where most of the other villains are compelling Anti-Villains or Magnificent Bastards, he stands out as a Generic Doomsday Villain and is a bit of a Scrappy in the large fandom. His installment premiered in the fall of 2013. From where does this evildoer hail? Svartalfheim, or the Northern Water Tribe?

  • A young man with a ponytail (at some point in his life), blue eyes, and a name beginning with N is a prodigy with his world's source of Elemental Powers, thanks to his horrible father (whose identity as such is a spoiler) raising him as a Tykebomb. Despite spending most of his story as a villain, he becomes sympathetic in the end and his final scene is a major Tearjerker. He is sometimes shipped with the female lead, who also has a ponytail. N Harmonia, or Noatak?

  • This handsome young fellow with dark brown hair and amber-gold eyes is initially mistrusted by the hero because he's the son of the Big Bad. His sister is loyal to their father's nation. At the end of his series, he becomes the leader of his nation. Brambleclaw or Zuko?

  • A gray-haired man lusts after a green-eyed girl, but to say that she doesn't return his feelings is putting it mildly. At the climax of the story, he attempts to burn her and her family alive unless he chooses him. Despite being so despicable, this man has a Draco in Leather Pants fandom. It has to be Frollo, right? How about Ashfur?

  • Born good, a great evil is forced upon him soon after his first appearance. This evil destroys all good within him. He eventually takes a new name, leaving behind the original one. The person that forced the evil upon him is slain, but he carries on and creates an army with the aim of taking over the world. He seems to have won, but a surprise blast of light and fire allows the heroes to destroy the evil that corrupted him. He is fatally wounded but gets to die as himself.
    Now, was the evil forced upon him as a baby or as an adult?

Epic Link Sam
  • Older siblings that have a missing mother, as well as losing their second one. They are extremely protective of their younger siblings, yet fight them occasionally. Their eyes can turn red, as well as having blonde hair at one point. They have a hot blooded personality and a short fuse. They are close range fighters and have overwhelming power. And they both lost an arm to a sadistic man voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura. They're also the butt of many jokes in their fandoms due to being cosmic playthings in their universes. Are we talking about Ragna the Bloodedge or Yang Xiao Long?

  • They reside in a dangerous forest of which the locals are terrified, within a cave-like home. They hail from a country far away and is clearly of a different ethnicity than the natives. Being genuinely badass, their actions have saved both local villages and whole nations. They are thought to be dangerous supernatural creatures, but that's just local superstition.
    Are we talking about The Phantom or Zecora?


  • This work of gritty live-action media is set in various locations near the US\Mexican border, and violence is an expected part of many characters' lives. The lead duo consists of an attractive, Good Is Not Nice, fair-haired white American who earns a living finding criminals and a more extroverted, affable, but at times underhanded Mexican man. The American is determined, very competent, and emotionally distant, but gets a Pet the Dog scene that involves comforting a minor character on the verge of death. While this is by no means a domestic drama, the Mexican character gets additional character development via interacting with family members. And there's plenty of violent death.
    Are they Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz or Blondie and Tuco in ?
  • An American remake of a premise from Northwestern Europe. It's about a mystery-solving duo where the members are of different nationalities, ethnicities, genders, and neurotypes. The American half of the partnership is a woman. One of the partners has an Ambiguous Disorder with many features of autism. This character isn't close to many people, but does have a good relationship with the local Reasonable Authority Figure police lieutenant. This character takes their shirt off in the first episode. The darker-haired partner is most likely neurotypical, has better social skills, and is shown interacting with their family. The two are not romantically involved. Together, they solve murders!
    Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz or Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson?
  • A Cold War era homoerotic bromance ends tragically when the depth of the friends' ideological differences becomes clear, and one of the guys winds up getting shot.
    Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr in X-Men: First Class or Jim Prideaux and Bill Haydon in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy?
  • The sibling and partner of a beloved goddess is corrupted and turns into an intimidating, gothy villain who exemplifies Dark Is Evil. They're then banished to a dark, faraway realm, but set free by an astronomical event.
    Princess Luna or Zon-Kuthon?
  • An iconic duo in British popular fiction, consisting of a multitalented man who is far smarter than most of the other people in the cast, and his less intellectually brilliant devoted chronicler, who typically narrates their adventures. The genius, while never a true Villain Protagonist, can get into Good Is Not Nice or Manipulative Bastard territory at times. The chronicler is likable and popular with women, but his relationship with the genius outlasts any of his romances. Together, they're the most famous creations of a prolific author, and their adventures have been adapted into a Granada TV series.
    Sherlock Holmes and John Watson or Bertie Wooster and Jeeves?
  • He's capable of feats none of his contemporaries can match, and his assistance is frequently sought out by those around him. He's a canonical Celibate Hero (although his love life has been the subject of some controversial extracanonical speculations) with a devoted friend and follower named John, and an association with a woman named Mary M. He makes a dramatic return from the dead after three standard units of time. The stories of his life and activities have become major influential texts in Western culture and spawned a devoted following around the world, as well as inspiring many fictional imitators and homages. In visual adaptations, he's normally depicted with dark hair.
    Sherlock Holmes or Jesus of Nazareth?
  • A duo consisting of a man and woman of similar ages and different ethnic backgrounds, who are very close friends. The man is an eccentrically clever (bordering on Cloudcuckoolander) Badass Bookworm who is probably not entirely neurotypical. He's not very socially adept in the conventional sense, but he is, in his eccentric way, a keen student of human behavior. The woman is a conscientious Brainy Brunette with some Well Done Daughter Girl traits. She's not very tall or overtly intimidating looking, but you do not want to mess with her. One of the characters has struggled with substance abuse.
    Abed Nadir and Annie Edison or Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson?
  • She's a beautiful Roma woman with innate mystical abilities and a fondness for revealing red outfits. While her powers are impressive, she normally works with a mixed group of companions rather than as a solo operator.
    Seoni the iconic sorceress or the Scarlet Witch?
  • A platonic life partnership made up of two individuals with distinctly different appearances and personalities: the dark-haired, creepy, eccentrically smart (at least in some areas) Jerk with a Heart of Gold with unconventional and somewhat disturbing interests, and his Badass Adorable Morality Pet. Fanart loves to play up the height difference between the two, with the creepy guy as the taller partner. One member of each pair wears a Badass Longcoat. The one in the coat is sometimes portrayed with an autism-spectrum disorder in fanworks.
    Equius and Nepeta? Or Sherlock and John?
  • The main good guys are the blond Dork Knight protagonist, a Badass Normal flyboy, and a petite, snarky Action Girl. The leader of the bad guys is an older white man in an influential political position, but the villain who carries the most emotional weight is his Dragon, a black-clad masked cyborg with a strong past connection to the protagonist. The protagonist and the Action Girl develop a strong bond over the course of the story, but do not ultimately become a romantic couple.
    Luke, Han, Leia, Palpatine, and Vader from the Star Wars Original Trilogy, or Steve, Sam, Natasha, Pierce, and the Winter Soldier from Captain America: The Winter Soldier?
  • Two characters from live-action media inspired by Marvel Comics. They're both orphans with Dark And Troubled Pasts and belong to superpowered branches of humanity. Both of them wind up making friends with a cute British scientist who has a more innocent worldview. Both characters' mothers were murdered by a Faux Affably Evil Nazi scientist with a special interest in superpowered people - and during the stories' "present day" said Nazi looks far younger than he should for someone who was an adult with advanced scientific training during World War II.
    Erik Lehnsherr in X-Men: First Class or Skye in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
  • He's a good-hearted but awkward and dorky young man with asthma, raised by a single mom, who worked as a nurse. He gains superpowers that cure his ailments and make him more physically impressive, but also vastly complicate his life. He remains an awkward dork even with superpowers, which is part of his charm. Despite his social awkwardness, he becomes the leader and moral compass of a group of superpowered people. While he's a very kind person with a strong moral compass (to the point of Incorruptible Pure Pureness), he's not gratuitously violent, and he's devoted to his friends, he is not a pushover and he can kick ass if he thinks he has to. He's in love with a dark-haired Action Girl and associated with the colors red and blue - appropriate, since he can be considered his fictional universe's equivalent to Superman.
    Scott McCall or Steve Rogers?
  • He's a Fish out of Water - modern America is not his milieu of origin, but it's the setting for his most recent adventures. He's brave, good-hearted, conscientious, competent, has a strong moral compass, and possesses greater-than-average resistance to falling damage. He is also a total dork. While he is very physically fit and classic square-jawed, broad-shouldered, matinee-idol handsome, and many women in-universe find him attractive, he is by no means a skirt-chaser. He did fall for a beautiful, dangerous, and determined brunette woman, but it ended badly. He also gets plenty of Ho Yay with a couple of close male friends.
    Benton Fraser or Steve Rogers?
  • A hero who returned from a decades-long nap as a Human Popsicle to return to save the world when it needs him most. Not counting his time spent frozen, he's one of the youngest people on The Team, as well as the most idealistic and devoted to his principles. Despite being one of the world's most formidable combatants (although his teammates outdo him in their areas of specialization), he is kind and adorkable at heart. His battles include keeping superpowered Nazi analogues from taking over the world and fighting a dangerous but tragic male Dark Magical Girl equivalent who later makes a Heel–Face Turn.
    Aang or Steve Rogers?
  • A kind, dorky idealist named Steven. He's not the strongest member of his superhero team in terms of sheer power (although he does have abilities beyond those of a Badass Normal), but he has a strong moral compass and is good at inspiring people. His favored weapon is a shield.
    Is Steven's last name Universe or Rogers?
  • A brilliant engineer who is the foil and ally of a legendary Super Soldier. He's the child of an Ambiguously Bi scientist who had a hero-worship crush on a blond World War II military hero. He bore a strong resemblance to his father in his dad's younger years, but his dad Took a Level in Jerkass as he grew older, while the son remained a heroic character despite some ill-advised decisions. He built a super-cool robot that was supposed to help keep the world safe, but it became a force of destruction instead, and he had to work with a legendary soldier, a red-haired Action Girl, and some other people to take his creation down. He likes to give his synthetic creations personality. He can be considered a "philanthropist."
    Hal Emmerich or Tony Stark?
  • Badass, emotionally damaged rape survivor with long dark hair and a fondness for leather jackets is doing detective work in New York City when she discovers that her abuser is up to his old tricks and hurting other women.
    Kitty Winter or Jessica Jones?
  • A snarky Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette Unscrupulous Hero with enhanced physical abilities, an extremely Dark and Troubled Past (including sexual abuse and mind control), and a tendency to self-medicate their resulting psychological problems through substance abuse fights crime in New York City.
    Jessica Jones or Bucky Barnes?
  • Raspy-voiced Genius Bruiser who has no superpowers as such, but his fighting prowess, powers of observation, and wide array of skills are impressive even by the standards of a group of unusually talented people. He's handsome and well-built, popular with women and capable of turning on the charm with great proficiency, but a lasting romantic relationship with a civilian is not in the cards for him. He Does Not Like Guns (although he's capable with them under extreme circumstances), but is good enough with less lethal approaches that he can hold his own against opponents who don't have his scruples. Despite being a very scary man, he's good with kids and very protective of them, and, despite being kind of grumpy, he functions very well as part of a team.
    Eliot Spencer or Batman?

  • A girl who uses water powers, is stuck away from home, and wants to go back.
    • Does she make wings out of water, and almost destroy the world trying to get back home?
Is it: Misha Kurtzev or Lapis Lazuli?
  • Is her hair blue?
Is it Lapis Lazuli or Ami Mizuno?
  • Is she a spellcasting heavenly being that's not fighting at full strength?
Misha Kurtzev or Ami Mizuno?

Mr. Forsaken
  • As they are dragged into a conflict involving both humanity and a race of monsters, they undergo serious changes in personality. Despite experiencing pain and tragedies, they still try to help other people, even as the world around them crumbles and races towards apocalypse in a very lovecraftian style. However it is humans' own cruelty and bigotry that hurts them the most, taking from them their family. In the end they run to their Love Interest, only to find them murdered by humans for being associated with monsters. It's final straw that pushes them abandon humanity, leading to its extinction.
    Shiina Tamai or Akira Fudou?
  • Born in proud family, this person takes lead of possibly most powerful organization in the setting and use them to achieve their ambitions, which involve establishing completely new world order, with themselves at the top. Has mastered setting’s magic to the point of having no equals and develops a strong interest in one of the protagonist, who shows similar level of talent, trying to make that person join them. It is pointed in-universe that what that person might really wanted was to have a friend. In the finale that person’s most loyal and trusted subbordinate dies for their sake.
    Is that person Master Cyclonis or Yamato Hotsuin?

  • The protagonist is a thoroughly selfless school student who can only find satisfaction in helping others, and has an idealistic view on the world. Another (more popular) major character is an enigmatic, aloof, and ruthless individual whose motivation is unknown and whose powers are mysterious and kept hidden (because they are very revealing of their user's past). They oppose the ideals of the protagonist and aren't afraid to voice this, often coming into clashes with the protagonist's friends whenever they do so. Eventually, the major character turns out to have come from the future, and their past is revealed; they were once kind and wide-eyed themselves, and knew the protagonist very well in their timeline, but tragic events and circumstances left them bitter and broken. And their ultimate motive, which they will pursue to no end and through many timelines, is to prevent the protagonist from making a tempting contract that offers them a chance to help others but will ultimately bring them nothing but ruin. (On a side note, the major character is sometimes shown with a bow, but more often than not uses a completely different kind of weapon - en masse, sometimes.)
    Are the protagonist and major character, respectively, Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi? Or are they Shirou Emiya and Archer?

  • With the utterance of an incantation, a flash of lightning transforms this character from an average youth into a musclebound superhero, possessing incredible strength and nigh invulnerability. His powers are magical in nature, and were granted to him by an ancient sorcerer. He often teams up with other heroes with a wide assortment of powers to battle the forces of evil. His archnemesis is an evil warlord who wields black magic and sees himself as the rightful ruler of the world.
    Is he Captain Marvel or He-Man?
  • He comes from a story meant to satirize the types of characters found in other superhero stories. He's likely the most powerful character in his universe, capable of blasting an opponent to smoldering bits with little effort, and he has no known weaknesses. He went completely bald after getting his powers, which seem to be rooted in the reality of his universe. He's indestructible and can't be harmed in any way. Most of the time he shows very few emotions and is distant from everyone to the point of not caring about much at all. Thus he has spent his existence looking for anything that can help him feel again, to no avail.
    Is he Dr. Manhattan or Saitama?


Guest Of Dishonour
  • Known for being a cold and calculating genius, though most certainly capable of turning up the volume at times, and his charisma commanded the attention of a most ragtag force. He was surrounded by a fair number of eager women yet had several outstanding moments of Ho Yay, though he placed far more importance on tactics and warfare than he ever did sexual relations. Family-wise, his mother was a powerful influence on him, had a most complicated relationship with his domineering father, and was close with his little sister who ended up losing the ability to walk. Despite his own forces rebelling against him, he came to rule a vast and mighty empire at a young age, yet died at a young age too. Held an odd connection with a certain thunder god (or along those lines), and there was definitely something about one of his eyes.
    Alexander the Great or Lelouch Lamperouge?

Hero Gal 2347
  • An Adorkable Butt-Monkey and Plucky Comic Relief character who tags along with the local superhero, can contact said hero with a watch, and sometimes has powers of his own.
    Ron Stoppable, Jimmy Olsen or Pat Patton?
  • A top heavy Gentle Giant who has "Well Done, Son!" Guy issues. He is a Genius Ditz whose employer has Surrounded by Idiots moments when he's around. He leads a group of boy scout expies that are named after a small rodent of some kind.
    Kronk or Launchpad McQuack?
  • A bald supervillain who is not actually as bad as you would expect. His help is Adorkable and loyal. He finds himself up against an antagonist who is much more dangerous than he is and who he goes to great lengths to stop as a result.
    Brain, Megamind, or Gru?
  • A blond-haired orphaned protagonist who has had a hard life, partially due to an unusual ability of theirs which frightens other people. Their problems are compounded by the antagonist, who wants to take over their position and is part of a surprising twist. Said protagonist almost gives up, but is rescued by the interference of a member of their family, who enables them to see that their unusual ability can be useful and that they are better than they think they are. The character ends the story with new hope. (Also, a turning point in their life is punctuated by a song containing the lyrics "let it go."
    Elsa or Lewis?
  • A pair of individuals of the same sex, one a quasi-aristocrat and the other a servant with whom said character has a friendly relationship. The aristocrat is forced out of their comfortable situation by an incident which happens abroad. They try to maintain a positive mental state, in spite of circumstances making it increasingly difficult. The servant is very fond of the aristocrat, tries to comfort them, and is more distressed about the aristocrat's problems than their own. The pair bond further through a long period of difficulties. Ultimately, the positive circumstances are restored, and the servant even takes a step up from their previous position.
    Sara and Becky or Frodo and Sam?
  • A character encounters trouble since the early days of their life, thanks to an unusual characteristic of theirs which invites negative reactions from the people around them. Their relationship with their father was not the best, although they wanted to please him. Their deepest relationship is a friendship with a member of the same sex who looks past their unusual characteristics and the potential negatives thereof and sees a good person. Ultimately they decide it is not so important as they thought to hide what makes them unusual.
    Elsa, Elphaba, or Spock?
  • An Adorkable Nice Guy who is a stickler for responsibility and a major Determinator, even when facing terrifying monsters that could kill him. He will always try to help other people, no matter how far he's outmatched. Despite canonically being a hero, he is hated and villainized by some fans. He falls in love with a cynical Tsundere with connections to the army. Said woman is a Ladette who is typically right in the thickest of the action. In spite of her rougher nature,she likes nice guys and ultimately reciprocates his affections enough to marry him.
    Superman and Lois Lane or Fix-it Felix Jr. and Sgt. Calhoun?
  • A cheerful, spunky redhead with Innocent Blue Eyes who goes through a good deal of nasty scenarios, but bounces back from them so quickly you might think hadn't happened at all. Said character is Heterosexual Life-Partners with a local character with special powers, who is Afraid of Their Own Strength and their worst nightmare involves hurting said redhead with their powers.
    Princess Anna or Jimmy Olsen?
  • Two odd partners who frequently work together despite one constantly insulting the other. The first is a serious person whose ethnicity is also different from the norm in the area they frequent and who is frequently seen with gold. He is a hero, but that doesn't mean he's very friendly or that he takes goof-ups or odd behavior very well. The other is a Cloud Cuckoolander pilot whose antics get on the first one's nerves. Said pilot can fly anything, even if he's never seen it before, but the crazy aerobatic stunts he likes to pull might terrify his passengers. This pilot has seen a psychiatrist, but he functions fairly well among the group he frequents, who act as a second family. In spite of their fighting, the two are very fond of and loyal to each other. Neither should be messed with, as both can be formidable opponents.
    B.A. Baracus and H.M. Murdock or Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad McQuack?

  • A villain, a Necessarily Evil one at that, is seen as a criminal by his/her country/village and wants them dead. the villain sets up a plan to have someone closest to them to kill them. After their death, it's been revealed that said villain was a Fake Defector and was Good All Along.
    Are we referring to Big Boss here, or Itachi Uchiha?
  • The Deuteragonist was the top student back in his academy days, and many of the female cast expressed interest in him, but pays them no mind. He's about to put his past behind him until his big brother, a criminal, is mentioned in his presence. From there, he behaves very differently towards his brother as opposed to the rest of the cast. Along the way, he gets manipulated by a snake-themed villain and eventually defects from his government. Eventually, he softens up as the story progresses.
    Jin Kisaragi or Sasuke Uchiha?

Icestar 1186
  • This character from a 15-book longnote  fantasy series starts his life as a simple blacksmith, but due to the influence of a female character with supernatural powers, he leaves his home and eventually becomes a hero. He proves to be extremely skilled at forging alliances, convincing many leaders and rulers to support him, and he eventually achieves a title of nobility for himself, becoming the lord of his home town (despite a somewhat disagreeable member of the town council). He ends up leading an army and winning several battles for the forces of good, but not without help. His Love Interest and eventual wife turns the tide of a critical battle for the safety of his homeland by leading reinforcements to aid him when all seems lost. At some point, he ends up forging a powerful weapon against evil, and he wields it in the final battle against the forces of darkness. Now, is this man Perrin Aybara or Adin of Del?

  • A young and Obliviously Evil Reality Warper with little to no grasp of the scope of their powers, which, nevertheless, scares everybody around them enough into keeping them eternally happy, lest their entire world suffer as a result of their self-centered sense of displeasure. Haruhi Suzumiya or Anthony Fremont?

  • This character spends a lot of time in an isolated setting that, partially due to its implementation of a "Groundhog Day" Loop that keeps certain actions from (apparently) having any permanent consequences, serves as a metaphor for video games. At first, the character tried to be a hero in this setting and even find love, but eventually turned to villainy and began repeatedly killing the setting's inhabitants while trying to make things more interesting for himself. One of the work's major plot twists reveals that this character and another character are actually the same person.
    Is it The Man in Black, or Flowey?
  • This green-eyed teenage girl from an anime-styled work is one of the most popular students at her school. After falling in Love at First Sight with a newcomer to her social circle, she adds a new complication to the story's Love Dodecahedron. However, she has a dark secret: she's not a real person, and she's involved in a plot to separate the object of her affection from any other potential love interests. Near the end of the story, the girl and the one she loves end up together in a separate world. She's separated from them in the end, but ends up performing one final act to save the protagonist, which results in deleting herself from existence.
    Is it Monika, or Sakuya Kumashiro?

Knight Of NASA
  • This government agency has a militaristic root, features wings and shield as one of its insignia, receive tiny amount of budget but have awesome and expensive gears such as pseudo jetpacks and the fastest transportation method known to man note , members are universally recognized as the best of the best but few would want to join the agency itself due to high death rate and low pay rate, have few political allies, play as a political football a dozen times in the course of about 100 years of history since its inception, have research halted due to Obstructive Bureaucrat, a blue eyed, strong leader who contributed a lot to the agency and pull it thru the political field, combat against the environment, certain jobs have high death rates and deaths that do occur is moaned by the survivors as a sacrifice for the benefit of humanity, the research done by the agency range from machinery to biology and many useful spinoff came about due to the research, and is adored by civilians much more than other parts of the government. The uniform associated with the agency is a derivative of blue (or depending on the classification, green).
    Is this organization Survey Corps or NASA/NACA?

  • This young boy is a half-human hybrid who grows up and matures throughout the series. The show has action and fantasy mixed in with a slice of life/coming of age feeling. He goes through his daily human life while he deals with the supernatural phenomenons of his non-human half and meets both good and evil entities and protects humanity and the Earth with his non-human powers!
    Son Gohan, Jake Long, Danny Phantom, or Steven Universe?


  • Circumstances force these two very incompatible college students to become roommates. The first is a genius bookworm with green skin who is constantly teased and ostracized by most of the school but ignores it, choosing to focus not on being popular but on achieving a career where "when people see me, they will scream!" The second (known mostly by a nickname) is a highly-popular and rather powerful student from a well-known family who easily/instantly wins everyone else's respect as easily as the first earns their scorn. Their intense loathing for each other, however, eventually evolves into deep friendship. The second achieves their ambitious dream. The first becomes the ally of their society's outcasts and never gives up on their chosen path, despite never winning (not in the way they always planned, at least). The climax comes when the first has to flee a troop of people hunting them.
    Are they Elphaba and Glinda or their Spear Counterparts Mike and Sully?
  • A scoundrel achieves wealth and power by creating a media empire where the truth is not even a concern and the Number 1 priority is destroying enemies, spreading propaganda, controlling public opinion, and weaving a net that allows him to control anything and everything. It works — he becomes powerful, feared, and hated and able to afford anything and everything, from a mansion to beautiful women... only to realize that all his wealth and power hasn't made him happy.
    Citizen Kane or Gail Wynand's sub-plot of The Fountainhead?
  • These stiff, emotionless kids who consider themselves superior to everyone else look almost identical and speak in an identical creepy monotone. They serve their father, the protagonist's Evil Uncle with power over one of the elements, who becomes a major antagonist after the show's first season.
    The Delightful Children From Down The Lane or Avatar Korra's cousins?

Laptop Guy
  • This professional wrestler debuted in WWE on the SmackDown brand. He never got introduced to the ring by the lead announcer. For two and a half years, he did not make the slightest change to his gimmick. It got stale, and the fans hated it. Then, out of nowhere, he made a surprising change of alignment. He almost immediately got a world title shot against a long-time veteran, and fans started to warm up to him. About six months later, due to a sudden incident that made a wrestler unable to compete, WWE rushed to make booking changes, and this Superstar reverted back to his original alignment. His new gimmick was an inverted version of his gimmick of the last six months, before slowly transitioning back to his original gimmick. The fans who started to like him once again couldn't stand him.
    Is this wrestler R-Truth or Alberto Del Rio?
  • This wrestler spent a very short time as an Ax-Crazy heel, but smarks revere his work during that period and he has become an Ensemble Darkhorse. However, most of his career was spent as a kid-appeal low-card face, and his face work is held in very poor regard by the IWC. R-Truth again, right? Actually, it could also be Doink the Clown.
    Wrybread 2 has noted that if the above were said about a tag team rather than singles wrestler, and allowing for a longer time as heels (and for not being in the WWE), the description would also apply to The Sheepherders.
  • This wrestler made his name on various national circuits under his real name before joining WWE, where he was given a stage name. His first big break came as being the most experienced member of a major heel stable. After he left the stable, he eventually formed a wildly popular babyface tag team. However, the one thing this wrestler is known for, above all else, is his one word catchphrase.
    Are we talking about Faarooq or Daniel Bryan?
  • This wrestler had a productive career in various wrestling promotions but is today mostly remembered for an embarrassing stint in WWE.
    Terry Taylor or Chris Harris?
  • This wrestler was a member of a group of Internet favorite wrestlers. They were the only homegrown talent in a group of otherwise independently-trained wrestlers, and much of their popularity with WWE's higher ups had to do with their connection to a legendary family in the business. Once the group began to part ways, however, it was clear that they were the favorite of the bigwigs to get a massive push on the main roster. Fans began to turn on them and started booing them even when they were being pushed as faces. As their popularity plummeted, those of their ex-stablemates continued to prosper.
    Charlotte or Roman Reigns?

  • This blue-blooded Brit is something of a genius, and enjoys playing chess. His family was attacked, leaving him without parents. He makes a contract with an immortal supernatural being to get powers with the intention of getting revenge for his family. His powers manifest in the form of his purple eye glowing. The supernatural figure stays by his side, helping him, but at the same time, withholding vital information from him. Nevertheless, he considers that character to be his most trusted ally. It takes a while, though, for that figure to see him as something more than a means to an end. The character in question can be quite ruthless at times, something the fanbase would rather ignore, though he is shown quite sympathetically, and he is a prime example of Bishōnen. He also does genuinely care about those close to him, particularly a young girl who he wants to keep from getting involved - a task which becomes increasingly difficult.
    Is it Lelouch vi Britannia or Ciel Phantomhive?

  • This sweet, rather Moe guy seems to be the Butt-Monkey in this equation. He's found himself on the wrong side of a Badass with long black hair, but now they have to become companions in order to reach a goal, along with a rather childlike female sidekick. They are being pursued by one of the sexiest characters voiced by Patrick Seitz, along with his rather stoic female assistant. Then, the main character realizes that he's actually an all-powerful but rarely seen figure - the title character. In the English dub, he is played by one of the hosts of the "All Work No Play" podcast (Liam O'Brien and Sam Riegel).
    Is this Vincent or Yashiro?

  • This character is very traditional, has long, black hair, and uses a traditional Japanese weapon. Their name sounds like a common word, and on at least one occasion, another character says that word and this character wonders if that person means them. They are in a group with two Moe airheads, and this character ends up essentially babysitting the other two. One of the airheads is sort of a de facto leader of the entire main cast (which evens out to a group of nine divided into three groups of three, and they meet in a small, colorful room in a school). This character is particularly protective of the leader, and gets very emotional over finding the leader when they go missing. (The other airhead has an animal name and motif). This character also gets very flustered at the idea of nudity and revealing costumes. There is also an eating establishment that several cast members are affiliated with as their home, that shares a name with a certain puella magi who also has long black hair and a protective role.
    Is this Kuroh or Umi?

  • A boy and girl who look very similar and have been very close since childhood are amazed when a powerful supernatural object is discovered in their town during a war. A soldier from another country comes to help them figure out how to use it, and while they work together, he ends up falling in love with one of the pair. That one dies. One of the pair becomes immortal, and the soldier is rather ruthless in taking this into account - he will blow up large areas knowing that the immortal one is there, because he knows his friend won't be killed, with no regard towards the emotional trauma it could cause. The soldier and the immortal (not always angsty) surviving "twin" move on after the war to lead a new world, with a goal to bring happiness to everyone.
    Are they L-elf, Haruto, and Shoko or the Dresden Trio?

  • This one might be intentional - a character with a red motif played by Jun Fukuyama and a character with a black motif played by Daisuke Ono. The Fiery Redhead is more, well, hot-headed and tends to leap before looking, while the one in black is more calm, calculating, and deadly - but he has a sweet side on a particular topic, and he can cook. Really well. They come from different supernatural factions, and while they sometimes fight - when the red one is trying to kill the small but not-so-innocent person that the one in black has to protect - they also have teamed up against common enemies - often ones from a different faction who are threatening to unleash a supernatural force that will hurt normal people. The red one is paired with a cool-headed, somewhat snarky glasses-wearing supernatural office-worker.
    Are they Sebastian and Grell or Kuroh and Misaki?

  • Major SPOILER warning. This character, who is voiced by Sam Riegel in the dub, grew up in The Empire, but wasn't the heroic type to take a stand against them. He was swept along with it, and had a fairly important position with them even before things happened, but then an incident happened in which a beloved sibling of his died. While mourning his sibling, he ends up pushed into a position of authority that he didn't want, and isn't cut out for, by a more warlike friend/sibling. Not that he's completely useless - he's very good at something, but it's not ruling. In this position, he goes to Japan, which has just lost the war. A time passes before the beginning of the series. In the first episode, a battle happens, and it is stopped by a Bishōnen with black hair and Purple Eyes. An episode ends with the bishonen character note  pointing a weapon at him, threatening to kill him. The next episode starts with him begging for his life, and mentioning a younger sibling for whose sake the bishonen should spare him. The bishonen's eventual decision shapes the rest of the plot for the first season - it's something he can't go back from, and several people strongly dislike him for it, including a person in a similar position to the focal character, who is more responsible and scorns the focal character for not being more like them. After the first season, fans speculated that the focal character might still be alive.
    So was he killed there or did he escape, and the bishonen later chooses to protect him?note 

  • A boy with white hair and golden eyes who is "royal", a boy with black hair in a ponytail who is a "knight", tons of Ship Tease between them, and a girl who turns into an animal, whose name is the name of that animal, who defends the royal boy from the knight, before the knight becomes his knight.
    Is the fourth member a Dark Magical Girl or an actual Ordinary High School Student?

  • This couple features a Japanese male with black hair and a European male with silver hair who is three years older (at least physically - his mental age is another story). The older one was seen as untouchable, and admired from a distance by the younger, until they Met Cute and it was obvious from that moment that they would have something. The older one used to have long hair, but does not anymore. He also used to be very admired in his field to the point where he was Lonely at the Top (and more literally than one might imagine), but now he is a teacher/mentor. He occasionally says things in his native language, even when the rest of the conversation is in Japanese or English). There is also something of a power imbalance between them, with the older as a leader and the younger as his follower, but they are both too Adorkable for it to be a real problem.
    Do they have a cat or a dog?

  • This mysterious, silver-haired boy is voiced by Ryohei Kimura (and there is no dub). His team has number codes, and his is 11. He's always thinking several steps further than everyone else, and when all seems lost, often he is able to come up with a plan to save everyone, just in time.
    But is he an assassin or an idol?note 

  • An extremely idealistic Disney princess with strawberry-blond hair dreams of finding her true love and falls in Love at First Sight with a handsome prince she sings a love duet with and agrees to marry him on the spot. However, when the princess has to undergo an unexpected journey to places she's never been to before due to the actions of a queen, she meets a gruff but kind-hearted man who expresses disbelief that she'd marry someone she's known for only a very brief amount of time and who she eventually develops feelings for. When the princess is put under a magical curse from the aforementioned queen that will kill her if true love doesn't save her in time, it's initially assumed that the prince she met before her journey will be the one to save her with True Love's Kiss but it doesn't work and The Power of Love that frees her ends up coming from an unexpected source.
    Now, is this princess named Giselle or Anna?
  • An exceptionally buff and strong male protagonist with a name that begins with T in a film titled after him has grown up away from human civilization and consequently goes through a Fish out of Water plot when he enters said civilization for the first time. His love interest is a brainy and adorkably awkward girl named Jane who has a passion for a certain scientific field and he helps get her journal back after it's confiscated. The protagonist's father is put into mortal peril by the film's villain, and the film ends with the protagonist leaving human civilization to reunite with his family.
    Is this protagonist best known for swinging from vines or with hammers?

  • This dark-haired character had a supporting role at best, but her specialized talents and her upbeat personality in a world of darkness made her a fan favorite. She was relatively innocuous, rarely present in more suspenseful moments, until somebody she cared about was threatened by a dangerous and remorseless murderer and she displayed great bravery in acting in his defense. Unfortunately, the murderer discovered and overpowered her - though not without a fight. Her cliffhanger of a death happened just offscreen, but elicited a huge reaction from its horrified audience.
    Is this character's distinctly feline name Nepeta Leijon or Beverly Katz?


Magnus Force

  • A Physical God who takes the form of a quadruped animal. He is the creator deity of a world filled with fantastical creatures. He is befriended by young children and assists them in battle.
    Aslan or Arceus?
  • This overly optimistic yellow man with a high-pitched voice is always bothering his grumpy bald neighbor.
    Is it Ned Flanders or Spongebob Squarepants?
  • He is a villain turned Anti-Hero known for wearing a red and black mask and making fourth wall jokes. His quirky sense of humor has landed him a memetic status. He has starred in his own video game in which he makes fun of video game tropes.
    Is he Strong Bad or Deadpool?
  • This ugly green-skinned monster lives alone in the middle of the woods within a fantasy world that spoofs many well-known fairy tales. The green monster has many disgusting habits that include eating gross animals and making Toilet Humor jokes. The monster at one point kidnaps a girl who is in danger of becoming a hideous beast like her captor. One of the monster's associates is a Butt-Monkey hoofed mammal. There is also a Fairy Godmother who hates this monster.
    Could it be Gruntilda or Shrek?
  • This Nintendo mascot is a member of an adorable multicolored species. He is known for his friendly demeanor, limited vocabulary, jumping abilities, and huge appetite. Seriously, he can and will eat virtually anything in his path. He will even swallow his own enemies to turn them into ammunition to throw at others. He constantly harasses a large monster who is the self-proclaimed king of the land. One of his titles featured him transformed into a yarn creature and exploring a patchwork world.
    Is it Kirby or Yoshi?
  • An Artificial Intelligence that serves as the computer system aboard a futuristic spaceship. It goes haywire and tries to destroy the humans aboard the ship, but is thankfully deactivated when the humans, originally slaves to technology, begin to think for themselves. The computer system is characterized by its Creepy Monotone voice and its single, blood-red eye.
    HAL 9000 or AUTO?
  • Long ago, a king lost someone dear to him because of a war. He took his grief out on the world by killing innocent people. This king is seemingly immortal and associated with a special flower.
    Asgore or AZ?
  • A gorilla was imprisoned by mankind until one day, he supposedly “abducted” a human and was fatally shot. The world took pity on him soon after.
    King Kong or Harambe?
  • This synthetic organism was illegally created in the lab of a mad scientist. It was designed to be an ultimate weapon that could adapt to any adversity. Although only given an experimental codename at first, it escaped to a tropical island region where was befriended and renamed by a small child. Later, it would go on to help the child collect other strange creatures that appeared around the islands.
    Type: Null/Silvally or Stitch?
  • This grumpy hermit lives alone in his lair. He is constantly being annoyed by all the noise people in his town make. So he goes to ridiculous ends to quiet them down. Thankfully, nobody takes him seriously as a threat. He is a master of disguise, and loves mugging to the camera. One time, he even attempted to steal everyone's Christmas presents, until he was invited to join in the festivities.
    Robbie Rotten or the Grinch?
  • He is a high-ranking and universally beloved authority figure in a society of strange creatures that have dubbed themselves "monsters." Desperate times have led this authority figure to become a Well-Intentioned Extremist who kidnaps human children and absorbs their emotional energy in order to turn it into fuel and help the monster society thrive. He has a philosophy that humans are much more dangerous to monsters than monsters are to humans. One of his associates is a humanoid lizard creature who built a machine in a secret underground lab that is causing the monster world so much grief.
    Asgore or Henry J. Waternoose?
  • During a festival to honor the dead, this boy plays a magical string instrument, which causes strange things to happen. He is soon sent on an adventure to discover a secret about one of his ancestors.
    Miguel Rivera or Kubo?

Master Ghandalf
  • This team of superheroes is the focus of a popular franchise in the new millennium, adapted from a much older comic book. The team leader is a driven, duty-minded warriornote  and other members include a wisecracking tech expertnote , an alien warrior of the royal persuasionnote , a shapeshifter associated with the color greennote , and a broody female with a dark pastnote . The team is brought together in order to stop an alien invasion. Other enemies include the alien warrior's renegade siblingnote , a power-mad sociopath who claims he and the team leader are Not So Different note , a smooth but slimy egomaniac who goes transhuman to take on the tech guynote  and a malevolent, overwhelmingly powerful cosmic entity whose name starts with the letter "T"note .
    Are they the Teen Titans or The Avengers?
  • This nonhuman intelligence (which has one primary body but can control lots of mindless drones) is incredibly intelligent but often has an immature, almost child-like demeanor. It hates humans but is oddly fascinated by them, to the point of mimicking human behaviors with varying degrees of success, and has a particular fondness for one female human minion, who ultimately betrays it. The creature's mind partially derives from one particularly intelligent human, who it both seeks to destroy and subconsciously emulates. This creature seeks to destroy humanity and populate the world with its own kind. Its final scene is a quietly melancholy conversation between the creature and a hero, in which the hero expresses pity for the creature though they must destroy it for the good of humanity, and the creature itself forces the hero to kill it.
    Is this creature the Vord Queen or Ultron?


  • A monstrous woman without any semblance of humanity. Whether directly or indirectly, she caused the deaths of her closest family. She's a high-ranking member of a fanatical organization dedicated to preserving a dystopia linked to a powerful darkness, whose enemy is an aged, bearded hero wielding an ancient magic. She looks down on those she considers weak. She leads a group of ruthless warriors indoctrinated since childhood, one of which turns against her. They duel to the death, during which she displays considerable martial experience. She loses and meets her end by falling off a ledge. She carries a staff at least once, and is always seen wearing a mask. Not even in death do you ever see her full face. She gravitates toward red and black as a color scheme.
    Is she Captain Phasma or the High Priestess?

Mr Underhill

    Troper Entries (N-Z) 

  • Don't let Animation Age Ghetto fool you; this "graphic novel" deals with mature themes, as is typical of its creator. You can see it in the backstory of its morally ambiguous protagonist: he does not know the identity of his father due to the large number of men his mother sleeps with, and his mother is negligent and sometimes downright abusive. He walks in on his mother having sex with one of her many sexual partners and is punished severely for it, mentally scarring him and causing him to abhor love and sex. At one point in the story, he is put in an institution where he is given the Rorschach test. He is also wanted by the police for some part of the narrative.
    We're talking about Rorschach, right? Perhaps, but it could also be Shogo.


  • This animated fantasy film with an Animesque art style stars a magical horned horse-like animal who started out as a Unicorn. This character realizes that something important to her is missing and goes on a potentially dangerous quest to where humans live to find it. She ends up becoming a human herself, and thus loses her magic. However, her skin color stays the same as her coat color. After having a Freak Out!, she tries to settle into a human lifestyle, but the main villain is suspicious of her, eventually figuring out what she truly is and trying to stop her from receiving what she came for. Our heroine falls in love with a handsome male human who loves her back despite her strangeness. Helpful advice is received from a talking housepet. During the climax, the protagonist battles a demonic fiery red beast with fangs, and manages to save both her boyfriend and all of her own kind. However, the film ends on a bittersweet note, as the heroine transforms back into her true self and has to leave her human boyfriend without giving a proper goodbye.
    Is the main character Almathea or Twilight Sparkle?
  • This character is an Action Girl whose main form of attack is her purple Prehensile Hair. She's a descendant of a race that's no longer around and she's friends with a playful, green girl who's a bit more morally grey than they are. She's trying to stop the villain from getting a precious artifact to use for nefarious purposes. Is this character a half-genie or a dragon?
  • This is a tale of a Disney protagonist who was kidnapped at birth, has an overwhelming belief for something greater, meet a good-looking counterpart with questionable morals, look to the lights in the sky at one point for answers, end up with an equine companion, carry a symbol of their family, have their first kiss with said counterpart with questionable morals interrupted, who later sacrifice themselves for the protagonist, who in turn return their favor with their glowing powers, after which they are treated to a family reunion, and finally kiss with the one they love.
    Am I talking about Hercules or Rapunzel?

Heruru Meruru


Noah 1
  • He's a Television reviewer with Asperger's Syndrome. His show is heavily inspired by the people on That Guy with the Glasses. While not a member of that site, he has a very respectable opinion and a strong fan-base in his own right, and has even done a few crossover reviews. However, he's endured a great deal of controversy for expressing dislike towards a show many others enjoy (For starters, he finds South Park too raunchy for his tastes). While primarily reviewing bad shows, He'll also draw attention to good ones, as well. He feels that a lot of the crap he's reviewed comes from people who don't take their medium seriously and instead pander to the Lowest Common Denominator, resulting in cheap, cliched writing, excessive Toilet Humor, and gratuitous content for the hell of it. As a side note, he's made more than a few references to This Very Wiki.
    Is he Rowdy C, The Cartoon Hero, or The Mysterious Mr. Enter?
  • This here's a simple young man who comes from a simple place. People wouldn't describe him with words like "brainy" or "articulate", but there's no denying he's got a good heart, and always knows to help those in need and do the right thing. Fortunately, he's also pretty athletically talented; he can pick up a skill and become an Instant Expert at it in no time flat. Somehow, him going through life and doing what comes naturally to him, always with a stoic look on his face, made him into a hero who's shaped the world around him (and landed him with so much money, he barely knows what to do with it all). Yet, his loyalties have always lied with one young lady in particular. She's a lot brighter and bolder than him, but unfortunately had a terrible burden placed on her from a young age, and as a result doesn't always make the best decisions. Cut her some slack; her heart is in the right place, and she has things mostly figured out by the end of the story.
    Is this Link and Zelda, or Forrest Gump and Jenny Curran?
  • Classic cartoon aficionados may recognize these triplet boys. Their mother and father are unknown, but they have a father figure who loves them just the same... not that it stops them from driving him up the wall with their penchant for mischief and trouble-making, but they're good boys at heart who will always do the right thing when the chips are down. They can be told apart by the Chromatic Arrangement of their attire; The Leader wears red, The Smart Guy wears blue, and The Heart wears green. They also know some Distaff Counterpart triplet girls who dress in pastel colors and share a similar sibling dynamic.
    Are they Huey, Dewey, and Louie, or Alvin, Simon, and Theodore?

  • The two character's names start with D. They also both have odd number letters in their names. They both wear black boots, round glasses and have dark colored hair. They both feel that they are Surrounded by Idiots. They are both considered social outcasts by their classmates. They both have a younger sister who hates them. They both have a workaholic parent who wishes they would get along well. They are both smart, and they can have a sarcastic streak. Are we talking about Dib or Daria?


Obiwanlivesforever 2
  • Not so much Surprisingly Similar Stories as Surprisingly Similar Romances: a boy with long, dark hair and a hinted-to-be-unhappy home life is in possession of incredible powers that would ostracize him from society if he didn't keep them hidden. He is the only person he knows in this situation until he meets a girl going through the same problems. Frightened by her blossoming powers and the effect they might have on her happy family, she is suspicious of him at first, but warms up to him as they bond over their common understanding. At one point, the boy uses his powers to punish another kid who was making fun of the girl, which she does not take kindly to. When they are discovered by other empowered beings, the two join opposing factions, the girl’s being good and the boy’s being bad. The boy resents all those on the girl’s side apart from the girl herself, particularly the leader of the group, with whom he develops a fierce rivalry. The relationship between the boy and the girl becomes strained despite the boy’s attempts to win her over, because the girl disapproves of the bad people he’s spending time with. This culminates in a tense standoff in which the girl expresses her disgust for the boy’s behaviour and refuses to see him again. She ignores his further attempts to talk to her. In the end, however, the male character leans toward the good side, and even joins it at one point, motivated by his feelings for her.
    Are they Severus Snape and Lily Evans or Lance Alvers and Kitty Pryde?
  • This character is an immortal seventeen-year-old named Edward who sparkles frequently. They both belong to popular but very polarizing and fanservice-laden series of the late 2000s/early 2010s. Is he...
    Edward Cullen or Estonia?
  • Two blonde, teenaged siblings live without parents in Central Europe (or at least a society heavily resembling it) during the first half of the twentieth century. The older sibling, a no-nonsense soldier who is fiercely protective of the younger, is voiced by Romi Park; the younger, a more mild-mannered soul, is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
    Are they Edward and Alphonse Elric or Switzerland and Liechtenstein?
  • This young woman has difficulty controlling her incredible powers, which can cause severe damage if used recklessly. In fact, she first discovers their full extent by nearly killing a loved one by accident. Frightened and ashamed, she runs away from home and winds up in a snowy wilderness. People who want to help - and some who want to use her for their own purposes - go looking for her, but she is suspicious and slow to trust. If I said that her powers wind up giving a girl a white streak through their hair, it would be obvious that this character is...
    Rogue or Elsa?
  • The spiky-black-haired hero, who has a symbolic association with the phoenix, gets to know a rather awkward, redheaded Cowardly Lion named Ron and his more competent brown-haired love interest. Two of their opponents include: a sneering blonde Attention Whore and a mysterious, brooding man with a vendetta against the protagonist. The latter irrationally blames the hero for the Plot-Triggering Death of a woman he loved romantically while the hero loved platonically, and is a polarizing figure in the fandom.
    Are they Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and Severus Snape from Harry Potter? Or how about Phoenix Wright, Ron Delite, Desiree Delite, Luke Atmey and Godot from Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations?

Old Ben
  • Stolen from Chuggaaconroy's WMG page: A beautiful young woman with very high expectations of herself. Throughout the story, she endures a lot of suffering, including deaths of almost all of her friends, yet remains strong and devoted to her task. She also falls in love with the main character, but can't be with him - but still is on friendly terms with his more "canon" pairing and doesn't bear any resentment.
    Melia Antiqua from Xenoblade, or Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening?

  • This eccentric, strange-looking Cloudcuckoolander lives with no family, but has an assortment of good friends, at least some of whom are animals. Despite occasional moments that hint at inner sensitivity and loneliness, (s)he is generally very cheerful, and known for performing feats that would seriously injure or kill an ordinary mortal. In one installment of the series in which (s)he's featured, his/her family finally comes for him/her. (S)he exchanges tearful farewells with his/her friends and prepares to board his/her family's ship, but at the last moment (s)he chooses to stay with his/her friends instead.
    Gonzo or Pippi Longstocking?

  • He is a character that is incredibly well known. So well known that he's the first character you think of when you hear his name (a common male given name starting with the letter "M"). He's not only the main character, but he's also the mascot of his parent company and practically defines the very medium he mostly appears in, although he also appears in other ones from time to time (both of their respective series have crossed over with characters from the Final Fantasy series at some point). However, despite being so well known, apart from his status as a heroic Everyman, his personality is deliberately kept flat. His friends and enemies have more personality and characterization then he does. He also has a penchant for wearing White Gloves, has a high pitched voice for a male character, and the media he appears in is usually very kid-friendly.
    Is this Mickey Mouse or Mario?
  • Introduced in the 4th generation of this popular children's franchise, She is thought of as the highest authority figure in the land, although she isn't a queen. She is equally powerful, beautiful and mysterious in plenty of ways, but at the same time she is modest about her position and prefers to be a mentor figure to the protagonist of this installment. At one point though, she did raise a dragon. However, despite her status in the series, the fandom has painted her as a Memetic Molester.
    Cynthia, Champion of Sinnoh, or Celestia, Princess of Equestria?
  • An organization of Well Intentioned Extremists has an agenda to eliminate the access to Elemental Powers that the civilization and world of the series is based on. Their leader claims that this access to these elemental powers has caused nothing but pain and strife, a higher power has given him the right to rid the world of this access and will stop at nothing to achieve these ends. At first, they begin with simple protests and rallies, but as the story continues, they become more brazen and actively force the separation of the source from the local populace, committing acts of terrorism and eventually culminating in overthrowing the government. It is revealed that the leader of this organization was abused as a child by his father for the purposes of being a Tyke Bomb and that "The Face" of the organization has the exact powers that his organization is trying to get rid off.
    Is this Team Plasma or The Equalists?
  • This dark-haired and dark-skinned girl possess a unique and incredible ability for the setting, but was kept isolated for most of her life. As a result, she isn't used to others and lacks social graces. She met a teacher who helps her with her abilities who could easily be the Big Good but doesn't take a very active role in the story. At the beginning of the story proper, her only friend wasn't the same species and is usually thought of as very ferocious, but is very friendly towards her. As the story progresses, she gains more friends. The girl later masters this ability and gains an incredible power and a title through some sort of trial, but this is considered controversial for the fanbase.
    Is this Iris, Korra or Twilight Sparkle?
  • This character was once a member of a magical non-human race who live in a magical dimension and who was also once the pupil of a highly accomplished magic teacher. However, greed and pride took over the pupil's heart and became evil. The former pupil betrayed the teacher and later traveled to the alternate world of humans, also transforming into a human (or at least one with an odd skintone) and had stolen headgear of great magical power. With the help of another member of the magical race (who had also been transformed) a group of color coordinated heroes have to work together to defeat the antagonist. At the climax of the story, the antagonist transforms again, but this time into a demonic form complete with bat wings and fiery powers.
    Is this Vaati or Sunset Shimmer?
  • This videogame character appears to be a young-to-middle aged barefoot man, but is far older then he looks. He is very well known for his incredibly volatile temper and his way of solving his problems is mostly through fierce pummeling with his fists. Because of this, he is widely considered the bad guy by most of the other characters, but he's actually a good guy with a kind heart. During the story, he befriends a dark-haired girl who is far younger then he is, but he develops a soft spot for her. Also during the story, he is tricked by another character who appears to have his best interests for him, but he's actually a colossal dickweed with reality warping powers and is the true antagonist. He also spends at least a part of the story in an insectoid form, but this is considered a massive spoiler. Needless to say, it ends incredibly badly for the antagonist.
    Is this Wreck-It Ralph or Asura?
  • This is a family of Accessory Wearing Cartoon Animals that are strongly associated with fruit of some kind. Collectively its their Trademark Favorite Food and you'll be in a world of hurt if you decide to mess with it or the family. The most prominent member of the family is well known for wearing a single piece of iconic clothing. This character is also quite strong and possessing an equally strong stubborn streak. This character has been around since the 80's, and was only given a whole family in a more recent iteration. This same character also has a younger relative who tags along that wears a red article of clothing on the head. There is also another relative who is probably the oldest member of the family. This relative's age is often made fun of, but is also considered a fountain of wisdom and knowledge on several fields, and when younger, was quite (and still is to an extent) a badass. Another relative has green eyes and is mostly known for being the opposite gender of the other three, and is quite popular as a result. At least one relative has long blond hair that is prehensile to an extent.
    Is this The Kong Family or The Apple Family?
  • A very long time ago, this character was once an ordinary person, but due to certain circumstances, ended up being separated from someone that they loved very much. Eventually it is revealed that this loved one had died at some point and the character never quite got over of that fact and still misses them dearly. At another point, this character was rendered immortal through unclear means and now wanders. This character happens to be extraordinarily old, extraordinarily tall and once known better by the protagonist, extraordinarily kind. This character also comes from a Nintendo game.
    Is this Rosalina or AZ?
  • This is an anthropomorphic dog character who was introduced in the fourth installment of the video game series. This dog character became so popular that it's hard to imagine the series without them. This dog walks on two legs and is capable of speaking but is also very loyal to the player character. In some later games, these dogs are playable themselves. Both of their games are series that are exclusive to Nintendo.
    Is this Lucario or Isabelle?

  • A war on a previously unheard of scale exists between a faction of good guys with a somewhat-unsympathetic government and a race of arrogant, genocidal cyborg cephalopods with a robotic shell and an organic core. (Incidentally, at points in their existence the cyborg cephalopods have converted people into cyborg zombie Mooks, and liquefied people to create more of themselves.) The Hero is both a leader and front-line soldier on the side of the good guys who is, depending on who you ask, either an Ideal Hero or a Magnificent Bastard. This hero has taken a psychological toll from the hellish nature of the war. The hero's objective is to obtain an ancient superweapon that could hypothetically wipe out the cyborg cephalopods completely and end the war, which the hero succeeds in. However, when the hero activates it, the weapon is revealed to be a sapient AI, creating a holographic avatar based on a figure that briefly but significantly figures in the hero's life in order to converse with them. The intelligence attempts to dissuade the hero from using it, based on the argument that the weapon would not just kill the cyborg cephalopods, but would also wipe out another species that, while having a history of mistakes, is ultimately innocent. However, it ultimately leaves the decision whether to use it up to the hero, even though it is obviously pushing for the hero to Take a Third Option. Also, the hero is referred to solely by a title, since the creators of the work of fiction don't want to create a canon given name for the character.
    Is this Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3 or the War Doctor in The Day of the Doctor?

Phantom Dusclops 92
  • This character, related in some way to the main character of the story, often follows her and sometimes dons disguises in order to not be recognized. One of her disguises consisted in a school uniform, a black wig and Opaque Nerd Glasses.
    Are we talking about Kalinka or Sirius?
  • While originally looking tall, it's revealed that this character is actually very short and was wearing limb extensions. The character also has blonde hair in a very unusual hairdo and a green gem on its forehead. The same kind of gem the character is named after.
    Peridot, you say? What if I told you I was talking about Emerald?
  • This character was originally introduced as an Alpha Bitch, until it was revealed that it was her mother's fault if she behaved like that. After admitting it, she decides that she can be a better person. She's voiced by Deborah Morese in the Italian dub, and by Flora Paulita in Brazil.
    Is this Pacifica or Diamond Tiara?

  • Obese passive male character, treated as a Butt-Monkey played mostly sympathetically, who is abused by an older male relative constantly for being sensitive and because the latter is just a Jerkass to everyone, appears to have exactly two friends, one of whom is completely insane, is usually portrayed as miserable but sometimes smiles and laughs, makes passive-aggressive or snarky comments, or even acts out, acts as the Only Sane Man in a ridiculous comedy, likes to write poetry and has an interest in alt-culture, occasionally gets revenge on the older male relative, is not quite human but close, and just so happens to have a voice that is very high.
    This describes PJ, right? Unless we're actually talking about Strong Sad.
  • Sometime in the '90s, we see a re-imagining of a previously-existing Jerkass. Here he owns a Honest John's Dealership in which he sells mostly cars that are outright broken and will fall apart immediately. He commits fraud regularly but also at least once or twice commits larceny. He is somewhat fat and ugly, though his wife isn't. He has an older son and a younger daughter, one of whom he never disciplines even though (s)he's a brat, and one of whom he is emotionally abusive towards even though (s)he isn't. He has also on at least one occasion forced his un-favorite child to watch TV. Though he's great at swindling people, he's not as smart as he thinks he is, and he outright disdains the idea of higher education.
    Now, the question is, is this man named Harry or Pete?

Princess Togezo
  • Although at least two of this rock band's founding members have played music together since the 1960s, it isn't until the 1970s that this band really starts making a name for itself, thanks in no small part to a lead singer who's more than a bit of a showman. However, after this band releases their sixth album (in a year ending in the number four), this lead singer leaves the band the next year to eventually start a solo career (and later appears in at least one iconic music video). The group's new lead singer originated from a previous band, and under their leadership, the band goes for a more commercial sound. To this day, the group's fans still have at it with each other over which lead singer was better. This group had their biggest hits in the '80s, though they did have some hits in the '70s and early '90s as well. Later in the '90s, the second lead singer left the group, and their replacement also came from another band. However, the lineup with the third singer only lasted for one album and was not popular with most audiences. Around 2007, the group reunited with a previous lead singer to go on tour again, to massive success. Only two members of the group have remained consistent throughout the different lineups, and one of them primarily plays some kind of guitar.
    Is the name of this band Van Halen, or is it Genesis?


  • Adam is the mentor of the female protagonist, one who said protagonist seriously looks up to, but his relation to her reeks suspiciously of abuse.
    Which Adam?
  • This character routinely has to save the world from invading monsters, but is hesitant to fight to the point of being a coward, with one of his friends even taking potshots at his reluctance to fight.
    Is he Shinji or Taichi?
  • This character, while having his badass moments, still has his Idiot Ball moments, not knowing even the most basic of things about his world, can be really in-adept at fighting (the main form of interaction he has in his job), and at one point, Did Not Get the Girl because of his blindness to her blatant affections for him.
    Jaune or Ash?

  • There are Italian non-identical twin brothers. One of them is brainwashed by the villain and works against his brother, and adopts a new identity and alias derived from his first initial, which is either Mr. L or Dr. L. Are the brothers Mario and Luigi or Pietro and Luciano Bergamo?
  • A Japanese girl with brown hair in two braids who wears a dark purple skirt, is a hikikomori who stays in her room as much as possible, and has a murderous side. Toko Fukawa or Madotsuki?

  • These powerful sun-themed monarchs were forced to fight their moon-themed sibling due to circumstances beyond their control.
    Are we talking about Princess Celestia or Kotaro Minami?

  • These video game protagonists go on a mission with atleast one friend, realizes how evil their old mentor supposedly is at the end of their mission, extends their mission to take their mentor down, a character close to the protagonist dies, once they are about to take down their mentor, we learn that they have been hallucinating a major character for quite awhile and after remembering all the things they did in the game, are offered a choice to either kill their mentor like they thought their insane mind told them they were supposed to, or kill themselves ending their insanity and sparing an innocent person who was doing what was necessary. Now, are we talking about Captain Martin Walker or The Marked Ninja?

  • This character comes from a world populated both by talking animals and humans. They are a genuinely nice guy who cares for their network of friends, but are just as notable for their flaws. For example, they are an infamously Big Eater, can be strikingly naive, and sometimes make decisions that baffle both peers and readers alike. Some of their friends include their longtime best buddy (a diminutive chew toy), a more caustic intellectual who still helps everyone out, and a Hot-Blooded newcomer who mellowed out after a while. This ensemble cast has actually overshadowed our hero art points, especially the hot head. People have also tied this character and their story to Taoist teachings. Is he Winnie the Pooh or Son Goku?

  • This protagonist of a 1981 box-office sensation that went on to win at the Academy Awards — and has at least one poorly-received sequel — is larger-than-life. He's charismatic and witty; he could have stepped right out of a 1930s movie but has a modern edge. He practically defines his character type for a generation if not generations to come, and he and his movie will be memorably parodied by others (including The Critic). He has a plucky, feisty love interest and risks death itself to find his happy ending. He's played by an actor at the absolute pinnacle of his career. He has a Nice Hat and wildly popular theme music. But is he Indiana Jones or Arthur Bach?

  • He is a blond light-hearted hero whose archenemy wears a dark suit and a Cool Helmet. He had one hand amputated and replaced with a prosthesis. He has an enemy within his family. His wife is a redhead Action Girl whose name has four letters, beginning with M and ending with –ra.
Is he Aquaman (married to Mera) or Luke Skywalker (married to Mara Jade)?

  • A brilliant but ruthless Child Prodigy with severe older brother issues is orchestrating a war against a race of nonhuman creatures in a world far away from his home. However, this whole time he doesn't realize he's killing actual living things and figures the whole thing is just a big computer simulation. It isn't until immediately after the final battle that decides the war (and ends with a big explosion) that he's informed the entire thing was real. He is horrified to learn this and promptly goes into an Angst Coma lasting several days. Some time later, he feels the strange compulsion to go off in search of something and eventually finds what he was looking for: an egg containing the infant form of one of the creatures he terrorized, who will eventually grow into a powerful insectoid. He spends the rest of the series trying to atone for the atrocities he committed while taking the insectoid creature with him everywhere he goes. At some point when he was very young, he had something very painfully implanted in the back of his neck.
    Ender Wiggin or Ken Ichijouji?
  • This Anti-Villain from a classic and revered video game begins as a young boy whose Start of Darkness is the tragic loss of his older sister, whom he idolizes. Thousands of years later, he has become the extremely powerful and magic-wielding leader of an organization that violently antagonizes humans, but is in fact only manipulating said organization for his own ends out of an obsessive need to reunite with his sister. When he finally regains contact with her, she rejects him, believing herself incapable of being rightfully saved. He has both a younger and older persona, and the fact that they are the same person is considered the story's major reveal.
    Magus or Yggdrasill?
  • Two twin brothers with themed names and differing personalities are separated from each other at a young age after their family is broken up. After being severely injured and nearly dying (actually, he ''may'' have died) due to recklessness, the older twin is abducted by the Big Bad and Brainwashed/Reforged into a Minion, becoming his most feared and powerful enforcer. The younger twin, while unaware of this, is having problems of his own, as he is attempting to cope with the loss of his mother. Both twins have the same special powers and Chosen One status, meaning they must repeatedly face off against one another to determine the fate of the rapidly decaying world despite being only children, though the younger twin at least has his True Companions (including at least one Non-Human Sidekick) to help him out. However, the twins spend the majority of this time unaware of their relation to one another, as the older twin has had his memories suppressed and has a different appearance and identity (which comes with, among other things, a Cool Sword and big black wings). Also, given what happened to him at the start of the story, it's unclear how "alive" the older twin actually is. At any rate, the younger twin doesn't learn just whom he's been fighting until their final confrontation and is at least initially unable to fight due to the revelation. Meanwhile, thanks to the urging of a disembodied female voice, the older twin's memories (particularly of his mother) are resurfacing and destabilizing him. While their fight ends with the younger twin finally freeing his brother, thus ensuring the salvation of the world, the story ends with the older twin dying by his own hand... though admittedly the stories differ on whether the death sticks.
    Are the twins named Lucas and Claus or Koji and Koichi?

  • This bug-themed teenage girl has unprecedented psychic powers, which she uses to great effect in her efforts to better her Crapsack World (although her extreme methods don't endear her to many people). She's a Base-Breaking Character, as intended by the Trolling Creator. Her feats include killing people on flimsy reasoning, dying (but getting better thanks to another character's Story-Breaker Power), and fighting a dumbass Eldritch Abomination by controlling thousands of people from alternate universes. Characters she knows include:
    • Her greatest rival, who has the power to see the outcomes of decisions they make,
    • an omniscent screwball who manipulates her and gets into Gambit Pileups with the aforementioned rival,
    • and an ally with the power to obscure things who is STRONGLY dedicated to a stab-happy young girl.
      Is the character Vriska Serket or Taylor Hebert?

Star Android Jaguar

  • He is a Knight Templar from France. He spent time in prison through no fault of his own. He dedicated his life to justice, and will not let anything (or anyone) stop him. Intelligent and aloof, with markedly, um, unique ideas about theology, his unbending adherence to executing justice comes off to many as draconian. He is utterly convinced of his righteousness until he has a major crisis of faith. Partway through the book, he becomes suicidal. He is almost always depitched as having black hair. And his author was a famous Romantic of the French Ninteenth Century. Inspector Javert or The Count of Monte Cristo?
  • She is a girl with amazing supernatural powers and black hair who usually wears black and purple. She goes to a school of magic and related subjects, where she is hated by a sizable amount of the student body. She is friends with a sweet but shallow perky blonde girl who is the most popular at school, but as they have differing views, they are frenemys.Although many people think she is evil, she is not. Instead of going along with a plan that would violate her concisence, she rebels in a Crowning Moment of Awesome. She is a Deadpan Snarker. The malicious principal of the school of magic manipulates her through what she cares about. She decides to give up on her beliefs and her crusade after speaking with the aforementioned blonde frenemy.
    Elphaba from Wicked, right? Are you sure it's not Raven Queen from Ever After High?

Steel Edge
  • A young man betrays his friends at the prompting of a powerful individual originating from the British Isles, who is strongly associated with death. Refusing this individual is possible, but then the young man would certainly die. After his friends are dead, he is pursued by another friend who confronts him in the middle of a street. The young man kills many people on this street and leaves without any trouble from the law.
    Peter Pettigrew of Harry Potter? Or Nanashi on the Massacre route of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse?
  • This young man has the power to turn inanimate objects into animals. Technically, he's actually the Kid with the Leash to another entity he shares a strong bond with who has to work his magic when the young man orders him to. In an incident involving employment seeking and a criminal organization, he makes friends with an older man who has the same type of power has him (but not the power of life-granting). He quickly discovers that there are many other people with the same type of power.
    Girono Giovanna of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, or Benjamin of The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred?
  • These two people are technically the same person, in that they share a body. The one who deals with day to day life appears much younger than the other, and doesn't look his real age at all. The younger one is shy and Adorkable. When in danger, the Older Alter Ego turns up to fight whoever put them in danger. The older one actually looks the body's age. The younger one is initially unaware that the older one is taking over his body, but can contact him in a way that looks strange to passer-bys. It's revealed that they have two separate souls after they encounter someone who separates body and soul.
    Yugi Moto and Yami Yugi of Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Doppio and Diavolo of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo?
  • This fifteen year old wants more than anything to help fight the war looming on the horizon, but their father figure doesn't want them to become a full member of the organization that fights the threat. This teenager goes behind the backs of their family to prove that they are capable, and gains power in secret along with their friends. Their father approves of them seeking power, but doesn't want them in danger. A noble yet misguided mission eventually leads to events that end up with their father figure dying while trying to save them. Heroic B.S.O.D. ensues. The climax of the work feature the teeanger making a Heroic Sacrifice.
    Harry Potter of Harry Potter? Or Asahi of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse?

  • A young boy loses his mother in front of his eyes. After being gifted with a special power, he decides to search for his mother's killer, who happens to wear a trechcoat and a beanie. For a while, he fights alongside the killer, then eventually confronts him. The killer reveals that that it was not his intention for the mother to die. The two are attacked, and the killer protects the boy. The boy later makes a resolve to fight for both his mother and the killer.
    Are they Hope Estheim and Snow Villiers, or Ken Amada and Shinjiro Aragaki?
  • The plot concerns two sisters who were close until an incident in which the younger sister almost dies. The younger sister’s memories are repressed to avoid any further psychological damage, only for her to endure crippling loneliness after the older sister repeatedly neglects her, leading her to develop an obsession to cope with it. The younger sister continues to desire a bond with the older sister, even after learning of the secret the older sister has been keeping from her for years. Eventually everything is settled, and the two share an awkward sibling hug.
    Are they Elsa and Anna or Lana and Ema?

  • A Tall, Dark, and Snarky man from a harsh working-class Northern background ends up proving himself smarter and more competent than quite a few of his social betters. He knows more magic than some of his contemporaries expect, has an affinity for an aspect of the magical setting considered "dark", and is the trusted servant of an older, higher-class sorcerer, though his loyalties are complex and he is also on good terms with his master's rival. In the end, he plays a vital role in thwarting the magical villain, and is something of an Ensemble Darkhorse. Is he Severus Snape or John Childermass?

That Good Good
  • This blue-haired teenage girl lives in a world where it's possible to time travel. As the storyline for the series progresses, it gets incredibly dark. The girl is reckless and impulsive, which lands her in a good deal of trouble. She is slated to die in all timelines. Is she Sayaka Miki or Chloe Price?
  • This is a girl who is seventeen at the start of the series. She is a boisterous, quick-tempered, fiercely protective Blood Knight. She has near inhuman physical strength, can take a great deal of physical punishment, and favours the use of fire in combat. In the final few episodes of the third season of their respective series, they are nearly killed, left with severe, lasting injuries, and are so emotionally beaten from their Trauma Conga Lines that they shut themselves off from their loved ones, and for a while, can no longer bring themselves to do anything, let alone fight. Yang Xiao Long or Korra?
  • The main two teams of RWBY seem to have counterparts between one another.
    • Both socially clumsy, shy leaders with a penchant for strategy. Both feel that they have to prove themselves to their peers, and the death of Pyrrha Nikos damages them emotionally. Both have a female teammate who always looks out for them and supports them wholeheartedly. Ruby Rose or Jaune Arc?
    • Both wear long ponytails. They’re at the top of their classes.Their style of fighting is graceful and measured. They’re partners with their respective team leaders. Both grew up isolated with no friends, despite having what would normally be considered a blessed childhood. Weiss Schnee or Pyrrha Nikos?
    • Both black haired and light-skinned. They are quiet recluses who find themselves exasperated by their more high-strung peers. Each of have a Boisterous Bruiser Big Girl for a partner. They’re crushed on by at least one of their peers, but don’t exactly reciprocate. They both end up so fixated on defeating their respective nemeses that they take self-endangering actions in an attempt to defeat them. Realizing that they are needlessly risking their lives, their partners have to literally knock some sense into them. Blake Belladonna or Lie Ren?
    • Both are rambunctious girls who serve as the muscles of their respective teams, despite their cute/sexy appearance. They both gain power from taking blows. They are the most outgoing and laid-back member of their respective teams. Their respective partners are introverted, serious brunettes. Yang Xiao Long or Nora Valkyrie?
  • Many parallels can be made between the Sailor Team and Team Korra.
    • She is a Physical Goddess and the protagonist of the series. She is destined to save the world, and has unbelievable power to use for that purpose. She is sheltered for much of her childhood, and is impulsive and emotionally-charged, though she matures with time. She is uncouth and has her moments of being a Gasshole. Despite her selfish, impulsive tendencies, she is altruistic to the core, and would die to keep her world and her friends safe. She endures plenty of trauma and heartbreak over the course of the series, and uses her pain to relate to her foe in the finale, rather than trying to overpower her. Usagi Tsukino/SailorMoon or Avatar Korra?
    • They are the straight-laced mentor of the protagonist. They often struggle to get their charge to behave in a manner befitting the world’s saviour, and their charge often laments how uppity they are. They still want what’s best for the protagonist, and often find themselves worrying about the protagonist of the story. They can be resentful to their more laid-back partner. Luna or Tenzin?
    • This woman has extensive combat experience, which shows in her hardcore leadership and badassery. Her intense sense of duty causes her isolation and personal suffering. She had a romantic relationship fall apart due to conflicting goals with her partner. She mentors the protagonist, and garners great respect. She also acts as a disciplinary figure to the protagonist, having to reign her in before she does something impulsive. She wields metallic chains/whips and uses metal to fight in general. She can be dismissive and blunt, but she’s ferociously loyal to her loved ones, and will sacrifice herself without hesitation. Minako Aino/Sailor Venus or Lin Beifong?
    • She was born into great wealth, and tends to shock their friends with how much luxury she has at her disposal. However, she is estranged from her father, despite loving them deep down. Despite her fortune, she is utterly selfless and gentle, and her loyalty to the team is never questionable. In contrast to the team’s fire-wielder, her relationship with the protagonist is harmonious and free of any vitriol. She uses her resources to help her teammates. She is composed, ladylike and embarrasses herself the least of her teammates. She isn’t naturally a powerhouse, but makes up for it with technology, and her intelligence. Despite her gentleness, she can be ruthless towards her enemies. She knows her way around an automobile. Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury or Asami Sato?
    • They have Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, wield fire as a weapon, and is red-themed to match. They’re the self-reliant, rough-around-the-edges, no-nonsense member of the team, which makes them The Comically Serious around the sillier characters. They have a tumultuous relationship with the protagonist, and initially have tried to sabotage the protagonist’s authority, feeling as if they’re unfit for their position. They prove they’d do anything to defend their friends and innocent people. When push comes to shove, they are a pure Determinator, fighting while simultaneously taking ungodly amounts of damage. They are a professional-level athlete. Rei Hino/Sailor Mars or Mako?
    • Their powers relate to nature to some extent. Their thematic colour is green, and they have green eyes. They are sweet and optimistic to a point of naivete, despite having lost their parents as a child. They fall in love easily, though they get burned several times by it. Their sheer physical strength shows in their chunkier-than-average figure. They are sensitive, guileless, and none too cerebral, but possesses more than enough raw power to be a serious threat when the going gets tough. They are also a professional-level athlete. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter or Bolin?
  • Likewise, Fairy Tail characters have much in common with those of Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • The main female protagonist. No matter what, she’ll defend anyone that needs them. She’s The Heart of her group, and is emotional and overtly compassionate. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a temper or a bossy streak; in fact, under extreme circumstances, she can be downright vicious. She remains optimistic and keeps moving forward despite suffering many traumas. She starts off lacking in combat skill, but becomes a formidable fighter with time, and slowly gains confidence in her abilities. That said, she fares better in the magical aspect of fighting rather than the physical. She’s introduced in the series as having a dead mother and an estranged father. She’s feminine and takes pride in her appearance. Katara or Lucy Heartfilia?
    • The second female protagonist. She has great confidence in her powers, and for good reason. She’s an exceptionally strong fighter from her introduction. She accomplishes feats deemed impossible over the course of the series. Violent and aggressive, she abhors showing vulnerability, despite being more sensitive than she lets on. She tends to push others unreasonably hard. She has some degree of blindness, and uses metal as weapons. She’s a tomboy, but enjoys girlier pursuits. Toph Beifong or Erza Scarlet?
    • The secondary male protagonist of the series. A sarcastic cynic that plays Straight Man rather often, though is just as quirky in his own way. He lacks the raw magical power of his peers, but makes up for it with strategy and skills, which he’s shown training to improve. He makes a point to show protectiveness over his female comrades. He has a clearly defined love interest. He’s associated with water/ice, and the colours blue and white. Sokka or Gray Fullbuster?
    • They are an innocent, adorable 12-year old kid. They’re unassuming, peaceful and good-natured and dislike fighting more than their peers do. However, when their loved ones are threatened, all hell will break loose. They primarily use air to fight. They’ve had to face the loss of a group of people they closely identified with. Avatar Aang or Wendy Marvell?
    • He starts off as a villain working under a bigger bad. However, he gradually makes a Heel–Face Turn, allying himself with the protagonists. He eventually earns his place alongside said protagonists after initially taking some abuse from members of the group. He has an elderly family member he looks up to, through he may not have given him the treatment he deserved. In contrast to the more easygoing heroes, he is antisocial, dark, and quick to anger, though he comes off as The Comically Serious rather often. Zuko or Gajeel Redfox?
    • Despite his old age, he is one of the most powerful characters in the series. He’s part of a council of elderly authority figures. He’s temporarily lost a son-like figure, only to welcome them back once they’ve had some time to repent. He’s deceptively wise, giving out sage advice, though he enjoys flirting with younger women. General Iroh or Makarov Dreyar?
    • The Team Pet and the closest companion of the main character. He’s a flying animal and generally used as a means of travel. Appa or Happy?
    • She’s the daughter of a bigger villain, and enjoys watching others suffer. She was abused at the hands of her father, and taught that compassion was a weakness, and strength meant everything, which made her the monster she currently is. She breaks down when faced with defeat, but not before coming within a hair’s breadth of killing the main protagonist. Princess Azula or Minerva Orland?
    • A mysterious young girl who dies, but remains in another plane of existence and actively aids the protagonists. She had a star-crossed lover, and died as a teenager. Princess Yue or Mavis Vermillion?


The Unhappy Twins

Theweb 0123
  • This character's race was wiped off long ago in a cataclysmic event. He, however, managed to survive that event and awakened many years later. After receiving some training in the art only his people knew, he becomes the last of his kind (aside from the occasional side-story partner or antagonist) and the defender of his current home.
    This could be Superman, Goku, Aang, or Sub-Zero. (Feel free to add more examples guys I'm sure this isn't all of them)

  • That lady with the initial E sing with the powerful voice of Idina Menzel, her "I Am Becoming" Song celebrate her new freedom after being crushed by the system, is close to a fair-haired other lady who is virtually the only one who trust her, have Big Sister Instinct. She have an incredible power everyone fear, and is considered evil while actually good. Still she was the villain in the original book her story is adapted from. Elsa or Elphaba?
  • Those two sisters are princesses of a northern country, and the eldest, who is very pale-haired, have powers on cold and ice. Until a tragic day when the youngest, in order to save her kingdom from a climatic disaster, must reason her big sister with the help of a blond young man she just met. Elsa and Anna or Hilda and Freya?
  • This baby boy was dropped on Earth, and found by a kind couple of peasants who raised him. Still, as a teenager, our hero learns that his real parents are rather extraordinary persons who couldn't keep him with them. It notably explains his supernatural strength, which tended to scare people in the small town of his youth. After years of training and the new found power of flying, said All-Loving Hero start a career of world-saving while wearing a cape and with an awesome Fanfare theme. And he have a lot to do mostly due to the tenacity of his archnemesis. Still, our hero is finally well adapted to the life on Earth, especially thanks to the love of a spirited, sarcastic brunette Damsel out of Distress with purple eyes. Is he Superman or the Disney version of Hercules?
  • He wears (a lot of) red, can fly, have his home in the north pole, is kindness and generosity incarnated and many children love him. Superman or Santa Claus?
  • That purple-haired student in a Royal School is the daughter of a fairy tale powerful witch. As such, everyone fear her, thinking she is a villain as well- but actually she is not, using her magical powers to do good deeds. The love of a prince charming who believed in her certainly helps. Is she Mal or Raven ?

  • A gruff, middle-aged Anti-Hero who uses a revolver, had a daughter named Sarah who died, and later adopts a young girl whose name starts with "El", has special powers, and is hunted down by the government. Hopper or Joel?
  • A woman with a blue Color Motif who hails from another planet, travels on a spaceship to escape an all-powerful Lovecraftian entity, and has died multiple times. As a result of her Dark and Troubled Past, she believes she is the only person who can properly protect her friends, and in doing so enacts a series of risky plans that ultimately do more harm than good. She is attended to by a man who appears mentally challenged and emotionally placid (a condition she herself caused), but who when provoked is extremely powerful and dangerous. She is a Base-Breaking Character, viewed by some fans as the bravest, most heroic character in the story and by others as an evil Magnificent Bastard who deserves a horrible death. Lucretia or Vriska?

  • This video game character looks young, around 20-30, but is actually much older due to being placed in a form of storage for decades, and they work for a Science Innovation Corporation. The building where they work is ridiculously large and dangerous, full of moats containing toxic goo and turrets with an imsprobable number of bullets. Escaping this facility is a near impossible goal, but they manage to do so anyway, despite having no supernormal abilities other than the unusual guns they are supplied with and a status as a Determinator. Neither of them says a single word through their entire journey, which gets a touch of lampshading. Their signature weapon is a gun with somewhat physics defying properties, and they're almost always portrayed in orange clothing.
    Chell or Gordon Freeman

  • Wealthy, feminine teenage heiresses to a major industry run by their fathers, but strongly disagree with their fathers' ethics, so they rebelled and forged their own paths, aligning themselves with the heroes. Both wish to turn their fathers' company around for the better. Both of them have lost people important to them due to politics of their respective worlds, and both grow to become the main characters' closest female friend, despite initial tensions. Neither have the most raw power out of their team, but make up for it with strategy and cunning.
    Asami Sato or Weiss Schnee?



  • A Western Animation starring a female caucasian teenager with brown hair and big, round glasses, a green jacket, skirts and boots, and usually seen with a backpack. The impression this protagonist gives off is that they are a nerd and antisocial, which they are. The problems this protagonist faces in the show involves dealing with problems that present themselves in the world she feels alien to. Is this Daria or Tulip?

  • Although not originating in the main canon, this villainess became an Ensemble Darkhorse among some fans. Basically, her story is that she started out good but ended up being corrupted by a more powerful and famous male villain. Ultimately, she became his consort. Portrayals vary greatly in different stories, but she's virtually always highly sexualized and defined by lust for her man. Her characterization often relies on sexist tropes, but nonetheless, she has a good number of female fans, including feminists. Lilith or Harley Quinn?
  • Born and raised in a prison setting, this villain of a popular comic book series (and its multiple animated adaptations, some of which changed his character significantly) quickly proved his physical prowess and was selected for an experiment to create a transhuman Super Soldier. This experiment involved an injection of Applied Phlebotinum that destroyed all the other test subjects; our villain was the project's first and only success. After his enhancement, this man took on an intimidating noun as his name and became one of the story's most imposing enemies. His brawn is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but the real reason he's dangerous is a combination of burning fury, cold calculation, and sheer grit. Despite his callous brutality, he nonetheless displays a warped sense of honor and views several of his foes as worthy opponents. Bane or Wrath?
  • This nonconformist character serves as an expositor/teacher figure to the main cast, due to her expertise in her scientific discipline(s). She's infertile and suffers from a chronic illness that causes her to cough up Blood from the Mouth. Oh, and she wears dreadlocks and, frequently, a long white coat. Izumi Curtis or Cosima Niehaus?
  • This group of characters, created in a lab as part of an experiment, is on the run from the unethical scientists who created them. These characters include (along with others):
    • The tough, streetwise, boot-wearing Action Girl. She's the main character and the first one we meet. Her on-and-off Love Interest is a charming, clever, mysterious badass who sometimes separates from her and does his own thing but is always there for her in the end.
    • The Smart Guy, a chill, laid-back scientific expert who has a chronic disability from back in the lab. This character has a somewhat more childish and comical friend who is nonetheless a skilled expert and an invaluable ally.
    • The Fashionista, who is talkative and seemingly ditzy but also surprisingly perceptive. She appears to have a happy life but is actually lonely and just wants to fit in.
    • The Cute and Psycho blonde. She has a childlike personality and outlook but often seems off her rocker and can be terrifyingly vicious if you piss her off. She also shares a mysterious connection with the main character.
    • The sassy guy with dark hair. Technically, he's not one of them, but they consider him an honorary member of the group.
    • Other characters in the same series include:
      • A fatherly figure who helped design the main characters but ended up defecting from the scientific institute when he saw how unethical it was.
      • The main character's adoptive mother figure, who turns out to be more closely related to her than she knew.
      • The main character's biological brother. Initially, he appears insane and dangerous and works for the scientists who created the heroes. Later, he ends up doing a Heel–Face Turn.
      • A cold, unpleasant Baroness figure who works as a scientist in the institute that designed the main characters.
    • Now, is this the series about the American bird kids or the Canadian clones?
  • Easily recognizable by her blond Quirky Curls, this character was adopted by an abusive religious cult and raised to be a killer. After growing up as a Cute and Psycho Tyke Bomb, she was reformed in her adulthood by love and friendship from the very people she was trained to hate and kill. The cult tracked her down and forced her back into the fold, but she rejected their attempts, spectacularly defeated them, stuck by her newfound friends, and was rewarded by the love of a cute guy. Helena or River Song?
  • This famous British children's series is a wild, fantastic romp of a story, loaded with spectacular locations, strange inhuman creatures, and a cast of memorable characters that come and go from story to story. These characters include:
    • The last surviving member of an ancient, decadent species of Sufficiently Advanced Human Aliens, the rest of whom this individual wiped from existence to prevent a war from ending unfavorably. This high, lonely entity wanders from world to world (and visited London at least once) and can charm many people into alliance (sometimes by offering them sugary jelly candies).
    • An Omnicidal Maniac, with immense powers of darkness and a vulture motif, who serves as The Anti-God to the story's God of Good. One of his followers is a young nobleman who turns out to be not that evil and ends up joining the good guys.
    • An ordinary woman who is at first unready to accept the fantastic elements of the universe. Initially aloof and even hostile at times, she eventually opens up her heart and mind and becomes one of the most beloved characters, which is a setup for heartbreak when she forgets all her fantastical adventures and settles into a mundane life on Earth.
  • Descended from a historic monarch and destined for a high life in the royal court, this character had a difficult childhood due to the loss of a mother and the death of an older male family member in war. As a teenager, this character ended up leaving The Empire after disagreeing with an unethical decision being made by some adult authority figures. After wandering for some time with nobody except a trusty companion with a similarly traumatic backstory, this teenager joined the company of several foreign travelers, including at least one fellow teen and at least one animal companion. With the help of these foreign travelers and the trusty companion, the teenager abandoned the mindset of The Empire, learned morality and spirituality, became pals with Crystal Dragon Jesus, participated in a climactic battle against The Empire, and ultimately got to experience royal life as the monarch of a more benevolent kingdom. Aravis or Zuko?
  • This character, heir to the throne of a fantasy kingdom based on a real country, endures years of abuse and Parental Abandonment for making an accidental misstep, and has a younger sister who receives preferential treatment. After being isolated from the world and forced to hide a Cover-Blowing Superpower (which is of an elemental and psychoactive nature), the heir briefly reappears in the royal court and has an opportunity to claim the throne, but ends up willingly going into isolation again after rejecting parental rules in favor of guidance from the heart. A period of exile allows the character to mature emotionally and to channel that newfound maturity into successful use of the aforementioned superpower. After returning with a group of new friends and defeating a manipulator who took over the kingdom, the heir is finally ready to take the throne and usher the kingdom into a new era of prosperity. Upon coronation, the new ruler takes a name that uses the formula of "[Element Name] [Monarch Title]." Zuko or Elsa?
  • This eccentric old man rules a fantastical realm that seems like a child's dream come true, complete with delicious junk food and the opportunity to indulge in all manner of vices that simply wouldn't be possible in the outside world. Unfortunately for those kids, those vices seem to have been put there to tempt them so they can be punished in horrific ways. Not much is known about the mysterious old man or his bizarre humanoid minions, but it seems like he specifically designed his fantasy world as bait for bad children that he wants to punish. Only one boy manages to escape (with the help of his wise companion), despite initially succumbing to the temptations and nearly meeting the same fate that the other kids met. Is the old man known as the Coachman, or Willy Wonka? And are the boy and his companion named Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, or Charlie and Grandpa Joe?
  • Despite being portrayed by a number of actors over the years, this man is one of the most iconic characters in cinema and can be considered the central character of the equally iconic film series he stars in. His Leitmotif is every bit as badass and recognizable as he is. Virtually always cool and collected, he serves as the ruthless enforcer of a powerful empire and of an aging boss who prefers to work behind the scenes and let lower-ranking agents (like our main man) do the dirty work. Although willing to brutally and nonchalantly kill any enemies in the name of the realm, this agent occasionally has his doubts about whether what he's doing is the right thing. James Bond or Darth Vader?
  • This villain, whose name begins with K, isn't one of the most famous baddies in his franchise, but he's certainly one of the most subtly chilling. He has terrifying mind control powers that he uses to manipulate and victimize innocent people for his own primal needs. Over the course of the story, he repeatedly tries to prey on the main protagonist, who only narrowly escapes. One really disturbing aspect of this character is that his actor also played a beloved children's character. But despite how depraved and predatory he is, certain segments of the audience actually view him in an erotic light, largely due to the Power Perversion Potential of his mind control abilities. Kaa or Kilgrave?
  • This campy and seductive Evil Brit, played by an equally campy and seductive English actor and singer, is the main villain and Mr. Fanservice of a famously campy and bizarre cult musical film, and easily the most famous thing about said film. Although he outwardly resembles an attractive man, he's actually a completely inhuman creature with an amoral, hedonistic worldview and a number of strange humanoid lackeys (some of whom ultimately betray him, despite the cruel punishments he metes out to those who cross him). His outfit, makeup, hair, and mannerisms are downright fabulous, but in a decidedly cool and sexy way. Despite his effeminate sensibilities, he's not gay, at least not exclusively. In fact, he attempts to seduce the movie's sexually naïve female lead (played by a young actress who would later win at least one Oscar), although this seduction is dubiously consensual (but that hasn't done anything to turn off his fans). He also gets a number of highly catchy and memorable villain songs over the course of the film. Dr. Frank-N-Furter or Jareth the Goblin King?

  • A pink haired lesbian schoolgirl voiced by Rumi Ookubo.
    Is she violent, twintailed and sometimes delusional? You might be thinking of either Chinatsu Yoshikawa or Urara Kasugano
    Is her love interest a character called Yui, voiced by Minami Tsuda, from a series that starts with "Yu"? Then it's either the aforementioned Chinatsu or Yuzuko Nonohara
  • Related to the above, is the aforementioned Yui black haired or blonde?
  • This half-British half-Japanese character voiced by Nao Toyama speaks in accented Japanese with some Gratuitous English thrown in for good measure. Is she a boat or an actual schoolgirl?


  • A hermit-like solitary figure possesses unparalleled combat abilities in his chosen style. Rarely speaking, he seeks to make himself grow in power and desires to challenge the strongest warriors in existence, wherever they may be found. While an antagonist of the main character of his series, he is not evil in any real sense and will fight against evil just as much as the main character in his own way. However, when he encounters the main hero of his series he will not hesitate to start a huge and usually very dangerous fight with them. He is usually considered to be That One Boss and, in the Wii-PS3-XBOX 360 console generation, quite throughly broke competitive tier listing.
    The question is, is he Meta Knight or Akuma?
  • Thousands of years ago, he committed an atrocity in the name of ending a terrible war. Although it succeeded, he is still haunted by his actions today and has since then been abandoned by those he holds dear to himself. In the intermediate time he was wandered seemingly aimlessly, looking for something new he can devote his efforts to.
    Is this man The Doctor or Az?
  • A strand of alien genetic information that fell from space and underwent DNA mutation. It possesses a great level of power and is known to bond very strongly with humans.
    Is it the good and benevolent Deoxys or the chaotic and destructive Venom?
  • Similar in a way to the above one: Whilst on the surface they seem fairly normal, they possess the ability to copy any technique perfectly just by watching it. However, they have a limited memory of techniques and must displace certain memories to record new ones.
    If 'they' are a species, then it's Smeargle. If it's a person though, then he's Taskmaster.

    Unattributed Examples 
  • A man's plans go horribly wrong and he wakes up after surgery to a robotically altered body and a dead wife. After screaming and smashing up the surgery room, he sinks into despair and becomes the slave of an evil power. Eventually he is redeemed by a good-hearted young hero and dies saving the boy's life.
    Darth Vader or Doctor Octopus?
  • A idealistic young man with a strong moral compass obtains god-like abilities, and decides to use them to make the world a better place by stopping criminals. He is quickly given a nickname by the press, and there is much speculation about the true identity of this great crusader for justice. Eventually, he comes to the attention of a calculating man whose first and last initials are both 'L', and the two of them become archnemeses, with a good bit of Foe Yay.
    Clark Kent or Light Yagami?
  • Love at First Sight Mayfly–December Romance story between an ageless supernatural creature and an emotionally disturbed human who claims to have never felt attraction to another individual before. Despite suffering a great deal of physical or emotional abuse at the hands of the immortal, the human continues to maintain that their romance is based on True Love, and is eager to consummate their relationship, which the Immortal is hesitant to do.
    Edward and Bella or Celty and Shinra?
  • Despite being a principal character in the story, this teenage boy takes the Emo Teen stereotype and moves it Up to 11 — he seems to perpetually shift between angsty brooding and social awkwardness. To his credit, he can also be a Determinator, and his When He Smiles moments are quite heartwarming. His personality to a large extent originated because of his father, a Manipulative Bastard who sent him away from the family as a young child for not being good enough — and only later took him back when it seemed his son had something to offer him. (His mother loved him, but she disappeared from her son's life at an early age.) Luckily, he has an older adult in his life who serves as a cross between a guardian and a Trickster Mentor, trying to get him to lighten up and relax while also take his duties seriously. His peer group includes two girls of about his age, one who is contemptuous, bitchy, and often mean to him (although this behavior is a front to hide her own insecurities, which later bring her to the point of insanity), and another one who is unemotional and stoic. The character in question has romantic tension with one of these females (including an awkward kiss scene), and is related to the other one (which hasn't prevented some fans from shipping them anyway). In the end, the boy is forced to face up to the expectations others have placed on him, and realize that maturity means choosing his own path.
    Prince Zuko? Or Shinji Ikari?
  • A man and his wife become the emperor and empress of The Empire, they have a son and a daughter, and the wife disappears. Years later the man and his son have a fight and the son decides to leave home. Fast forward a few years later, and the son has joined a rebellion against his dad, while his little sister is still in favor. Towards the end of the series, the son finally confronts said dad and becomes emperor himself despite the expectations of every politically-savvy person in the country.
    The Fire Nation or the Britannian Empire?
  • This is about Bishōnen hero of a quite cynical story who somehow gets bad publicity. Voiced by Johnny Young Bosch on at least one occasion. He has a pacifistic girl companion who wants world peace. While a girl of the La Résistance he belongs in had a case of Bodyguard Crush with him, too bad he's a Celibate Hero. To achieve world peace, he do things most people see as "questionable". His enemies include a Hero Antagonist who later helps him at the end, and a horrifyingly evil Emperor. In the end of the story, he pulls out a Heroic Sacrifice, and while other people cheered at it, his companion girl cries in sorrow. Earn Your Bittersweet Ending. And many fans who truly loves him says that He's Just Hiding.
    And for the last point, his name is Zero. Hey, wait a minute — this Zero or that Zero?
  • This is about a bad guy who is shown as a good guy at first. He's a great Magnificent Bastard whose schemes are very convoluted. He doesn't mind killing his own underlings to further these plans. With a great power on hand, he believes that he's a god and tries to bring out his "divine plan" which involve killing many people.
    Light Yagami or Master Albert? Maybe even Sosuke Aizen? How about Joshua Kiryu? (minus the spoiler) Albert Wesker?
  • This is about a red-clad sword-wielding Chaotic Good badass hero. Somewhat of a Marty Stu. He's an atoner who hunts his own kind, and interestingly enough, he's the original of his kind. He's also The Mentor to his naive blue-clad partner. While he is certainly good-hearted, he acts cold and doesn't hesitate to Shoot the Dog. He also has lived for about a hundred years or so.
    Sol Badguy or Zero?
  • A red-clad sword-wielding Chaotic Good badass hero. A Glass Cannon fighter (Possibly) with a Swiss Army Weapon. He's affiliated with a La Résistance who goes against an Utopia-like, but actually corrupted Empire. He's also a One-Man Army who successfully makes The Empire having headaches, and thus, is hunted by them. Like the above, while he is certainly good-hearted, he acts cold, perpetually frowns and doesn't hesitate to Shoot the Dog. It's hinted that he's destined to bring out world destruction, but he ultimately choosess to be the one who bring world peace. Considered a Woobie, but that will never slow him down. His enemies include an ice-powered Hero Antagonist who is too interested to take him down, and a Big Bad who is somewhat Ax-Crazy. His ending isn't very good, to say the least.
    Ragna The Bloodedge or Zero?
  • This cast consists of an Adorkable, studious female protagonist, and her snarky, yet fiercely loyal sidekick. 2 of the other members are a Hot-Blooded character with traces of light-blue on them, and their longtime yellow friend, who is kind, loving and soft-spoken. Rounding out the group is a high maintenance OCD character, a stetson-toting southern belle, and a happy-go-lucky Cloud Cuckoolander. All of them are generally nice people, but know when to get serious when the chips are down, and fight with a power reinforced by bonds. Is this the cast of Soul Eater, or the Mane 6?
  • A man from a BBC One series of the mid-Noughties, with a brown coat and a massive female fan base, payed by an actor whose voice is completely different to his character's. He has various companions in different series, including one named Tyler, but he is in all of them. He is the rival and occasional friend of a time-traveller played by John Simm and is eventually saved by the character sacrificing himself at the end of the series. He's technically died at least once.
    The Tenth Doctor or Gene Hunt?
  • After his parent's death, a now outcast Feudal Future noble fakes his death and lives far away from his home, years later becomes the Magnificent Bastard Dark Messiah leader of the inhabitants oppressed by The Empire, forms them into a La Résistance, and eventually overthrows and replaces The Emperor, but becomes as bad as the previous one. He has an older female mentor who is the source of his power, a female bodyguard who's his main Love Interest, a younger sister, and his right-hand man is a Proud Warrior Race Guy and former leader of the oppressed inhabitants before the noble replaced him.
    Paul Atreides AKA Muad'Dib or Lelouch vi Britannia AKA Zero?
  • A charismatic former revolutionary who was captured by the regime he tried to defeat. Said regime commits Mind Rape and a mindwipe on him. The revolutionary breaks free of the programming, steals a very Cool Ship, and proceeds to raise hell. May have been trying to fight a greater evil coming from outside known space with said revolution. Before we get any real answers, however, he vanishes into the unknown and dies ignobly. Said cause was taken up by one of his followers who previously refused to go along with the revolution, gets a couple former crew members and two AI units from his/her predecessor, and the cool ship...only to die ignobly with the man whose influence s/he could never escape.
    Are we talking Roj Blake and Kerr Avon or Revan and the Exile?
  • One day, a young boy without a mother or father is recruited by a teacher from a school of magic. He quickly gets acquainted with other students, including an intelligent girl he becomes fast friends with, and a blonde male that views the boy as a rival that's getting undeserved fame. Using a strange power he had since the day he was born, the boy overcomes all odds and finds success. However, it is because of this power that his friends are constantly put into near-death scenarios. In the end, the young boy uses everything he's learned at the school to try and save it, and accepts that he might have to die for the danger to go away for good. The black-haired teacher that poses a threat to the boy near the end of his adventures had a really close relationship with one of the boy's parents.
    Was the boy named Harry, or Vayne?
  • He's a humanoid alien with special powers, who outlives the rest of his species. Except when he doesn't. He relies heavily on Obfuscating Stupidity, sometimes wears glasses even though his vision doesn't need correcting, famously travels in time and space, and frequently saves the Earth even though it's not actually his homeworld, which was destroyed. Depending on which version of canon you prefer, it's possible that his species has eschewed sexual reproduction in favor of more artificial means. He has cheated death through a technobabble-ish process that's described using the word "regeneration", and has a half-human clone. He almost never tells anyone his true name, instead going by a simple English descriptor; when he poses as a human, he has a standard name he uses, consisting of a first and last name that are both one syllable long and fairly generic. One of his most famous human companions is an intrepid young female reporter. He used to own a dog-like pet with amazing abilities, but gave it to one of his friends. His enemies include a genocidal alien cyborg with a network of wires running across his bald head and a megalomaniacal survivor of his own species, who often, but not always, has a Beard of Evil. He's spawned a long-running franchise.
    Superman? Or the Doctor?
  • During this game's expansion pack, an elderly official ranking in the seemingly good guy faction attempts to establish peace and prosperity, albeit in a controversial and questionable way, with the use of a special weapon. However, an army led by the previously villainous faction intervenes and meddles with the elder's plans. The official leads an army in white uniforms.
    '''Gerard Dugalle''' of the UED or '''Rupert Thornley''' of FutureTech?
  • He's a Chinese badass who likes to put on a front of Obfuscating Stupidity, during which he's generally Eyes Always Shut and his Big Eater status is played for humor. He started out as a Badass Normal, but became an Empowered Badass Normal and managed to avoid the sociopathy typically associated with those powers. He has a possible love interest voiced by Nana Mizuki.
    Hei of Darker Than Black or Ling of Fullmetal Alchemist?
  • An genetic experiment is undertaken by a group of scientists to create, from the genes of the strongest and brightest man/men on the planet, a superhuman. After two infants are born from this experiment, they're separated, with one being raised and taught by the best of the best to be an ubermensch, and the other is put through hardship for his life. In the end, we find out that one was deliberately made with the superior genes, while the other got the bad genes.
    Liquid and Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid, or Jules and Vincent from Twins?
  • A girl with supernatural abilities travels through alternate universes, trying to find one that doesn't conclude in a Bad End. In every world, she relives mostly the same period of time, and meets the same people. In the end, she is able to make a "good" world with the help of her True Companions and The Power of Friendship, and settle down. And somewhere around exists a "dark" version of said girl, which may be a fusion of the girl's alternate-reality selves.
    Michikyuu Kanae or Furude Rika?
  • A nerd with few friends is consistently baffled by someone in pink who has many friends, and finds a rival prone to boasting and gloating who knows magic.
    Dexter or Twilight Sparkle?
  • A sociopathic scientist from a background of poverty, who's last name ends with "er" Worked under a corrupt government/organization. This creep swallows his morals to perform horrible bio-experiments that threaten human lives. Eventually, he's confronted for his evil and presumed dead. In truth, he's become a victim of his own experiments, reborn as a bizarre hybrid creature. This new entity soon becomes obsessed with undoing his human self's crimes, even if he has to commit many more to do so.
    Alex Mercer or Shou Tucker?
  • This is a really famous cartoon duo from the 90's; two Fat and Skinny mammals. The skinny one is a Jerkass who bosses the fat one around, but has had Jerk with a Heart of Gold moments. The fat guy is stupid, red and farts a lot. Expect a lot of Toilet Humor when you see these two.
    Ren and Stimpy or Timon and Pumbaa?
  • The booksmart son of the most legendary hero of them all who just happens to be a tad thick when it comes to scholastics. Was separated from his friends and family at a very young age and is fighting to save them. He's got a timid personality which covers a very deep rage which gives him great power in exchange for giving him poor judgement. It was only once he started training under his father's old enemy, a monster out of legend (who really isn't all that bad anymore) that terrifies everyone in the world and is simultaneously centuries old and only a little older than himself, that he started truly coming into his own strength. Eventually, after training under a blonde of legendary power in an area that had much more time and space on the inside than it did on the outside, he mastered a form that made him a blonde as well, and during a tournament championship battle against a completely broken monster that seems to be able to do anything, he managed to make himself even blonder and more powerful than before. At various points in his story, he meets a brainy and powerful time traveler that claims to be something of an alien and related to someone he knows, who is trying to change the future.
    Son Gohan or Negi Springfield?
  • A Loony Fan of a particular style of heroic fiction who attempts to live out his fantasies for real, complete with its simplistic views of morality, dragging along his somewhat more sensible best friend and making things much worse for himself in the process.
    Don Quixote or Gai Daigoji?
  • This young black-haired beauty has values that clash with those of her incredibly wealthy father. She falls in love with a young man (despite the bitter enmity between their peoples) whom she meets while he's trying to win a tournament to turn his desperate financial situation around. She saves his life, and there is mutual attraction between them for awhile, but he ultimately ends up with the girl he met before her (who is not a princess but is considered the incredibly important last hope for a victory, and was thus raised/sheltered/smothered like a princess all her life... a life she hates and thus rebels against her guardians' plans for her). She laments her loss but instead of turning into a raging Clingy Jealous Girl or Woman Scorned, she doesn't even get the least bit mad at or jealous of the other girl, and bears it all maturely through to the end. The Love Triangle launched one of the most absurdly unjust Shipping fandoms in history.
    Is she Rebecca of York of Ivanhoe, or Asami Sato of The Legend of Korra?
  • Several years ago, a mysterious corporation (actually a subsidiary of another corporation, which have a small role in the plot, but are more important in other entries into the series) conducted experiments on a supernatural being, and accidentally caused a disaster. In the present day, they try to make up for their mistake by getting teenagers to fight the protege of the supernatural being. These teenagers have powers which are a combination of personal trauma and the supernatural being, along with parts of it's body. These teenagers are - a robot girl who wants to become human, the heir to the mysterious corporation, a young man with a strong connection to his little sister, a girl who lost one parent to the mysterious corporation and doesn't have a good relationship with the other (mostly because of said surviving parent trying to remarry too soon), and a young man who is very enthusiastic about being involved in the battle, but is kept out due to his enthusiasm (however, when it comes to the corporation's deadliest secrets, he manages to get a few victories). The protagonist is a dark-haired young man who tries to get emotional support in this confusing new world from his friends, only to discover that he is trapped in Dysfunction Junction. Add to all of this the religious symbolism and a Class Trip. Eventually they meet a new boy, who turns out to be the final one of the supernatural being's protege, and is also what is left of said being after the experiments. His death causes the cast to mope around until the end of the world, leaving an unresolved ending full of Fridge Horror, or there is another version where they try to fight. One character ends up dying, but can survive due to the fact that they Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence. Eventually, it falls to our protagonist to save humanity from it's own self-destructive wishes.
    Is this young man's name Minato or Shinji? There, now that you can't unthink it, go and watch this.
  • A young, idealistic protagonist befriends a much-imitated pirate with a very memorable method of speech and occasional trouble walking, who makes a point of insisting that he be addressed as a captain despite the questionable legitimacy of his claims to commanding. The pirate becomes The Mentor, before betraying the protagonist's side for the sake of power and financial gain. However, he turns out to be not so bad after all and puts himself in great danger to save the protagonist from being killed by the other pirates. In exchange for this, the protagonist helps the pirate escape execution by the British crown. The pirate's initials are JS.
    Does that stand for Jack Sparrow or John Silver?
  • She is the dominant power over her domain, she maintains a nuclear reaction, she has a thing for "testing" in some form or another, and she has made herself infamous for trolling. She is mostly white with yellow/gold accents, and she has a thing for cake that she will never live down. She's also appeared suspended from the ceiling.
    Princess Celestia, or GLaDOS?
  • Once upon a time, there were two siblings, one responsible for a major component of the day, the other of night. The night sibling felt unappreciated, and so decided to remove the day sibling's work. As a result, the day sibling sealed the night sibling away with a rock orbiting in space. However, the seal has begun to come undone...
    Nightmare Moon or He-Who-Made-Dark? (look up SCP-435)
  • A bestselling Urban Fantasy book series about the (often unpleasantly exciting) life of a wizard named Harry. He's Famed In-Story for beating down bad guys completely out of his league, but isn't very popular with the hidebound and old-fashioned wizarding authorities, who sometimes go out of their way to try to get rid of him; this isn't totally surprising, since a few agents of the Big Bad have infiltrated their ranks and made their way into important positions. His parents both died when he was very young, and he was raised by an abusive guardian before a Cool Old Guy wizard took him in and taught him about the right way to use magic and avoid The Dark Side. He's sometimes suspected of Black Magic anyway, whether this is justified or not. He uses Canis Latinicus spell incantations. He is an orphan whose life is strongly influenced by the legacy of his mother. She was killed when he was an infant by an evil lord using a supposedly undefeatable magic, but by sacrificing her life she greatly weakened the evil lord through a spell that is tied to her son's blood. Now the evil lord wants to regain his full power by killing Harry and undoing the effects of his mother's spell, but is Hoist by His Own Petard, in part due to the betrayal of a lieutenant he believed to be loyal.
    Potter or Dresden
  • This is a video game from the first half of the Noughties. A man, who is the shorter of two brothers, arrives in an exotic town. His plane has barely touched down when he is framed for a crime. The authorities let him go, with the provisos that he doesn't leave the location and that he does what they tell him. The man sets off on a quest which takes him all around the town and its surrounding areas, and spends much of the game trying to track down a portly individual who likes to pretend he's a good guy. The protagonist can use a jetpack.
    Is this man Carl Johnson or Mario?
  • An angsty orphan discovers he has rare mystical powers. He leaves home at the behest of a stranger to study them, gaining a new weapon along the way. He later discovers it is his destiny to confront the evil Dark Lord, his mentor dies (twice!) and the villain's right-hand man was not such an awful person after all.
    Harry Potter or the Luke Skywalker?
  • A blue hero regularly defeats an evil robot-building scientist, picking up lots of new friends over the course of many games, including a red Friendly Rival. Later in the series, they meet an amnesiac character who turns out to have been created for evil purposes but who ends up catching morals and performing a Heroic Sacrifice. However, they prove popular enough to appear in the next game anyway with little explanation.
    Mega Man or Sonic the Hedgehog?
  • A black-haired, green-eyed boy with a miserable home life is approached by a mythological being and informed that he himself is no mere human, which explains the strange things that have happened to him up until that point. He is sent to an institution created especially for the purpose of teaching children like him how to use their supernatural powers. Features of the institution include magical beings as servants and competition between different factions among the students. In time the protagonist learns that even among his peers, he is special—he is the subject of a prophecy concerning a Dark Lord who is gradually regaining strength and followers after a crippling defeat some time ago. Our hero and his two best friends—a wisecracking Big Eater and a brainy girl with whom the protagonist shares UST—have several encounters with said Dark Lord and/or his minions over the course of the series, culminating in an all-out war between the forces of supernatural good and supernatural evil.
    Harry Potter, right? Are you sure it's not Percy Jackson?
  • A man is inspired by an encounter with a supernatural entity to attempt to assassinate a king. Meanwhile, his wife/girlfriend goes insane and ultimately dies off stage, possibly by suicide. The man also contemplates suicide, but is instead slain in combat. these two characters have the same creator.
    Hamlet or Macbeth?
  • A Rich Idiot with No Day Job becomes a vigilante Super Hero, comes up with a gimmick and emblem designed to strike fear in his enemies whom he believes are "superstitious" and easily scared, and falls in love with a woman who is initially part of the enemy force he has made it his duty to fight against, forcing him to subdue his feelings and hide behind a mask of indifference.
    The Scarlet Pimpernel or Batman?
  • A blond Idiot Hero is born shortly after his father dies protecting his comrades from an event machinated by a man that later opposes the hero again, as well as the hero's hyper-intelligent dark-haired loner rival/"best friend" who loses his family. The hero also has grey-haired mentor and a tsundere lady friend.
    Is the Hero Naruto Uzumaki or James Kirk?
  • These stunningly-beautiful, black-skinned nonhumans live underground and come to the surface only to raid for captives. They are considered to be some of the fiercest fighters in a World of Badass and as a race are Shrouded in Myth. They worship a power-mad goddess, follow a religion which teaches that they are the Master Race, and their aristocracy is noted both for its decadence and bloodthirstiness.
    Are they the drow of Dungeons & Dragons or the First Born of John Carter of Mars?
  • Boy gets famous for defeating a God-like villains. His two best friends get together in the end, and the boy gets an extremely powerful weapon. One of the bad guys turns out not to be quite as bad as he seems. His mentor is somewhat eccentric.
    Harry Potter or Ben Tennyson?
  • A young hero who defies their community's strict leader and leaves their underground home to wander the post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of their father.
    Kamina or The Lone Wanderer.
  • She's the female protagonist in a Disney movie. But unlike many other Disney heroines, she's smart rather than pretty. Her mother is dead, but she's very close to her father. Her father is excentric, by the way, even more than she is While she might not be a real action girl, she can still be tough in her own way.
    Belle or Jane?
  • This character is a princess from a fairytale story. She has a small floating being as an ally that guides her. At some point of the tale, the villainess who wields dark powers puts the princess into a deep sleep. In the finale, said villain transforms into a huge purple dragon and is killed by the good guys.
    By the way, the princess' name is Aurora. Is she from Sleeping Beauty or Child of Light?
  • A group of people become True Companions after weird circumstances bring them together. Among them, a headstrong blonde girl, a girl who looks sweet and innocent but actually can snap easily, a person who does not understand social conventions well, a sweet somewhat oblivious guy who had a brief attraction to the blonde girl who now is more familiar with the person with No Social Skills, a former amoral Jerkass who the blonde girl previously disliked but then had a sexual relationship with, and an older gentlemen who likes to be known as an authority figure, despite having a checkered past. Together, this group have adventures in and around a Weirdness Magnet location.
    Are they a study group or the Scoobies?
  • This character is an eccentric genius who knows a lot about everything. He has a fondness for tweed jackets and bowties and is Married to the Job. He is a Guile Hero who ends up getting romantically involved with an Action Girl who also serves as his Cloudcookoolanders Minder. His speech patterns often involve a lot of technobabble being relayed very fast with some alliteration and metaphorgotten in there too. He is fascinated with seemingly random words. He's a Large Ham normally, but he was once turned evil, and he certainly got hammier.
    Is he Flynn Carsen or The Eleventh Doctor?
  • This character is a pink, fleshy amoral alien monster and the Villain Protagonist of a video game. It starts out small, entering a planet via a meteorite, and then begins messily devouring the wildlife, assimilating their abilities and growing larger in the process. Near the end of the story, it encounters humans and begins to eat them too. In the final encounter, the alien either succeeds in killing his final opponent, or dies out.
    Now, what is the alien's species? Is it an Eater or an Alien Death Slug?
  • A man who works for an organization of futuristic do-gooders in a signature set of armor, has a distinct catch phrase, and gets a severe case of Tomato in the Mirror by finding out he's actually artificially created. Are we talking about Buzz Lightyear or Paladin Danse?
  • A snarky orphan with an older mentor/father figure and a long lost older brother, who lost his mother young but carries on the research she left behind, has a blond action girl love interest/reporter love interest, and a daughter named after his mother. He's often in way over his head, manages to scrape by by the skin of his teeth (usually blowing up or burning down something in the process) and will always do the right thing in the end, even as he moans and berates himself for it. Harry Dresden or Nathan Drake.
  • Brother/Sister Twins in a new environment operating out of a curio shop. One is ditzy, obsessed with a grappling hook gun, and generally comes off as the irresponsible sibling. The other is bookish, committed to uncovering the secrets of the town but comes off as aloof and overly serious to their sibling, and has a romance with an employee at the shop. Both clash over their differing personalities and contemplate splitting up, but in the end stick together and save the world from Lovecraftian power. Dipper and Mabel Pines or Jacob and Evie Frye.
  • This character is a teenager who is the second youngest in their main family of five, comes from a Scandinavian-influenced place and is a blond, stoic Bishōnen. While he gets annoyed at their antics and has some issues with his biological brother, he's still pretty close to them. He is smart, quite adept at using magic and is often shipped with someone much more Hot-Blooded than he is. Prince Leo of Nohr, or Norway?
  • A bastard descending from a noble family with dogs/wolves for a sigil, who joins an ancient military order dedicated to fighting monsters including the undead and is supposed to remain politically neutral, ends up having to become politically involved and (at least potentially in the second case) unexpectedly becomes king, which they don't want. Oh, and they're misinformed on who one of their parents is. Jon Snow or Warden Alistair?
  • A non-human entity goads the Heroic Mime human (?) protagonist into killing everyone, especially the supporting cast, in a bid to gain immense amounts of power together, with the Big Good(s) serving as the final line of defense for their respective civilizations, before finally moving on to a new world. Said entity also has the power to manipulate the host's body and the human side of the pair can be brought back to life via an in-universe mechanism should they suffer defeat. The player will most likely feel like a horrible bastard for going along with their goals. Are we talking about Dagda and Nanashi or Chara and Frisk?
  • Making his formal debut in the sequel installment to a certain series, this Well-Intentioned Extremist strongly believes that a certain segment of the setting's populace (those who'd more-or-less be regular, everyday people, by our real-life standards) are getting pushed to the sidelines where instead they should be ruling the roost. Taking a new name to hide his old identity, he gathers an army of ruthless extremists, outfitting them with an arsenal of devices from electrified melee-weapons to fighter-aircraft and armored mech-suits. The vanguard of his forces are an elite cadre of gas-masked ninjas who specialize in the one-hit takedown, headed by his Dragon- a stern martial-arts expert probably identifiable by his distinctive eyewear. One member of the team of protagonists opposing our villain's plans is an intelligent, combat-capable brunette who happens to be the estranged daughter of one of his key allies. Jack Harper / the Illusive Man, or Noatok / Amon?
  • Serving as their setting's resident Abusive Precursors, these alien beings take the form of massive, heavily-armored spacefaring cyborgs with an appearance reminiscent of Earth sea-monsters. With a lifespan of millennia and egos to match, these beings are not entirely born so much as created, in a process that can involve the suffering of an entire planet's worth of innocents. While their arsenal includes massive, ship-crushing limbs, cruiser-blasting death rays, and an army of soldiers from an artificially-created servant race that worships them as gods, perhaps their most sinister weapon is their ability to Mind Rape into submission anybody they don't immediately destroy. The Reapers, or the Suul'ka?
  • A friendly, somewhat effeminate boy with fluffy hair is introduced fairly late into a shounen series and immediately forms a close bond with the male protagonist. Said boy takes on the role of love interest to said protagonist, and his being taken out of the picture helps trigger a darker, more surreal tone to the show as well as a Heroic B.S.O.D. (with huge plot consequences) on the part of the protagonist. This character is also an Ensemble Darkhorse with a fan adorement rating disproportionate to his screentime. Kaworu Nagisa or Johan Andersen?
  • This creature is a small bipedal critter with a yellow body. Its black "hair" has teeth like structures on it. It appears cute and even acts cute, but really uses this cuteness to lure potential prey nearby before chomping down on them with a huge mouth on its head. Is this a Mawile, or a Poptop?
  • This character is a Long-Haired Pretty Boy with a knack for gambling and flirting. Despite having terrible luck most of the time, he is carefree and spirited. Years of fending for himself on the streets have also turned him into a very smart, analytical person, though it isn't obvious at first. He is also one of the most kind and caring characters in his series, and strikes up several Odd Friendships with characters whose personalities are considered unorthodox or eccentric. Is this Uno, or Joshua?
  • Because of an eccentric elderly figure he was supposed to trust, a male teenager is affected by a fantastic event, which causes him to be put through various unsettling situations, including being forcibly kissed by someone he's absolutely revulsed of being kissed by. He also has to face a school bully that harasses someone he has to protect, is pursued by a female character he wants to ged rid of, is involved in matchmaking, and has to disguise himself and to take an alias at least once. For a bit of trivia, he has the same French voice actor as Roger Rabbit. Marty McFly or Ranma Saotome?
  • A comicbook character that lost his parents at a young age, is known as a tactical genius, has several children with whom he's not always on good terms while still being a Papa Wolf, is prepared for every contingency, is very attractive to women, and is so good at what he does that even his enemies respect him. Cyclops or Batman?