Funny: Undertale


  • Examining the cactus in Toriel's room:
    Ah, the cactus. Truly the most tsundere of plants.
    • Checking the cactus again during the epilogue:
      It's not like this cactus was waiting for you to come back or anything...
    • And later you encounter Tsunderplane.
  • Toby's rules for the NPC reward tier of the Kickstarter has him recommending that backers create a snail NPC because they are actually monsters in real life.
  • One post on the Twitter page is both Fridge Horror and hilarious in a Crossing the Line Twice way.
    Strive every day to increase your "LOVE." Remember, "LOVE" comes easiest from friends and family. =)
    • For those who don't get it, LOVE in this game means level, and you can get it by killing things.
      • Not just "level," but Level Of ViolencE
  • Flowey's Valentine's Day messages on the twitter feed are gold.
    Happy Valentine's Day! It's the perfect day to increase your LOVE. =)
    Show them how you REALLY feel. I'm sure you'll create some unforgettable memories in the process!
    Make sure not to break any hearts today ;)
  • Pretty much the entirety of the secret hard mode is this. The normal story continuity is thrown out of the window, and when it gets to the Toriel fight, the fourth wall is completely obliterated, with Toriel shrugging off death to go and make pies. Flowey's reaction to the whole thing just makes it even better.
  • Try and eat noodles in any battle. It will stretch the definition of "a turn" to its absolute limit.
  • When inputting a name at the beginning of the game, you have room for 6 characters. Trying to input the names of various characters will elicit interesting reactions, though major characters will not let you use their names... for the most part. But if you input "Papyru(s)"...
    "I'LL ALLOW IT!!!!"


  • Napstablook making a top hat out of their own tears which they call, "Dapperblook."
    • Reducing Napstablook's HP to zero will have them reveal that, being a ghost, they're invincible, and they were only reducing their Life Meter to be polite.
  • You can call Toriel on the cell phone and choose from a few options of what you want to say to her. If you choose the "Call her 'mom'" option and then choose the "Flirt" option, she will take note of it and call you an "interesting child."
  • If you fight the dummy at the beginning of the game, and intentionally miss each time or repeatedly spare it, eventually it gets tired of your "aimless shenanigans" and just floats away, ending the battle. There's also Toriel's look on her face afterward.
  • In your very first real battle against a Froggit, choosing to compliment it reveals that it's scared... of Toriel, who slides on screen and glares at it until it leaves, automatically winning the fight for you. Conversely, if you choose to threaten it, it'll be flattered.
  • Flowey's increasing rage when you don't fall for his trap is hilarious, especially if you're doing it in revenge for him chiding you on a previous game. The music also distorts each time you avoid his "friendliness pellets", highlighting how things are going off script. Eventually, he completely loses it, reveals his Nightmare Face, and launches his unavoidable attack as he would normally do.
  • When encountering a Migosp, clearing out its allies has its "bullets" become a little animated creature doing an arm-waving dance. It stays at the bottom of the arena and makes no effort whatsoever to attack your soul.


  • Sans' Establishing Character Moment. He sneaks up on you in the woods, shrouded in shadows, and offers you his hand, which has a whoopee cushion on it.
  • Just try petting Lesser Dog. Pet him as much as possible.
  • The Greater Dog. Successfully sparing him reveals he's a normal sized, non anthropomorphic dog in a giant suit of armor. Then he hops back in his armor backwards and walks away.
  • Doggo can't see you if you're not moving. Petting him without him seeing you causes him to flip out.
  • One of Sans and Papyrus' puzzles that are supposed to stop the hero is just a word search puzzle left on the floor. There's absolutely nothing stopping the hero from just walking away from it to the next screen. To make things even better, one of the words is even a complete nonsense word that's just the entire first row of the puzzle.
    • Another puzzle after that is a randomly-generated tile maze with a ridiculously huge number of tile types with all kinds of different functions and interactions with each other. Once Papyrus activates the maze to shuffle it, the tiles start flashing dramatically until they form a straight line to the exit.
      • Even better, he doesn't say anything when this happens - just stares at it for a second before slowly spinning out of the room.
      • Asking Papyrus to describe the tiles and their effects again causes him to describe the effects again, except he mixes them up. He tries to correct himself, but eventually gives up and asks you to activate the maze and try it yourself. The machine doesn't even work.
  • Sparing Papyrus and telling him to be friends elicits this hilarious response:
  • After Sans and Papyrus warn you about Papyrus' special blue attack, you get this:
    "You're blue now. That's my blue attack."
  • Once the fighting's over and done with, you can go out to lunch with Sans. First, he gets you with the whoopie cushion gag again. Then, if you ask him for ketchup, he pranks you by loosening the cap on the bottle. If you refuse ketchup, he instead drinks the entire bottle.
  • The initial encounter flavor text is hilarious whenever Jerry is involved.
    * Icecap and Snowdrake confront you, sighing.
    * Jerry.
    • On No Mercy, the Fallen One's willing to spare him from the battle's start, which implies that even they think that Jerry's a greater evil and it'd be more worth it to let him run around.
  • If you lose the fight against Papyrus, you don't get a game over screen. Instead, he locks you in his garage. There's nothing stopping you from leaving aside from a polite note, which changes every time you lose the fight.
    - Slightly bonetrousled, Papyrus


  • Meeting napstablook again. They offer you a sandwich and invite you to sit on the floor with them and feel like garbage. Take them up on their offer and after a few seconds of laying there Napstablook's house fades away and is replaced with the universe. Apparently feeling like garbage is awesome.
  • The Snail race. You're told to button mash to encourage your snail. Mash too hard? The snail freaks out and catches fire. If you win you get 9g. Entering the race costs 10g. Hey, napstablook has to make money off the farm somehow!
    • There's also a third outcome. If you lose the race by a small margin, your snail will think it won. The snail looks at you, expecting you to receive prize money, and Napstablook gives you 30G to avoid disappointing the snail
  • If you play one of Napstablook's spooky CDs and leave his house, the spooky music will persist in the next area. Eventually, you'll wind up in an encounter with Aaron and Woshua... who don't even try to attack you, because they're too freaked out by the spooky music. Eventually, Woshua bails from the fight completely because of Aaron's creepy "winks of terror".
  • Finding the hidden Temmie Village, home to Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie,Temmie and Bob.
    • In a meta example, Temmie Village is the only place where you can sell your items, because they're the only shopkeepers dumb enough to buy your garbage. Not only that, they'll buy things you bought from them, at a higher price. They're so dumb they'll offer you infinite money.
    • One Temmie in the village is looking after an egg waiting for it to hatch. Examining the egg tells you that it's hard-boiled.
  • Speaking of the shop, the shopkeeper actually has a "tem pay for colleg" option, costing 1000G. Should you take up her offer, she's as good as her word and quickly slides off to get her degree...and somehow managing to forget to take her face. It's just...floating, there.
    • Should you encounter a Temmie in battle, leave the game open and go do something else for a few minutes. When you come back, Temmie will have vibrated her face off her head.
  • When selling things to the Temmie shopkeeper, sometimes she'll really want the item and offer you more money for it. If you reject both of her higher offers, she drops the Temmie-speak and says:
    You will regret this.
    • And if you do this after she goes to college:
    Is this a joke?
    Are you having a chuckle?
    Ha ha, very funny.
    I'm the one with the degree.
  • Using the mysterious artifact, only to discover, to your bewilderment, you can't even pick it up because you're holding "too many dogs". Entering your inventory will show there's suddenly an item called "Annoying Dog" that, when used or dropped, will fly up to the orb, absorb it, and leave behind Dog Residue. The sheer insanity of this event is often enough to make the player go "what?"
  • The Mad Dummy tries to kill you because you beat up his cousin (aka the training dummy back in the Ruins.) Unless you went the Pacifist route and waited until it flew off on its own, in which case he's trying to kill you're really boring.
    • And after his mini-dummies and even robo-dummies keep getting tricked into shooting him he angrily ditches them all to move onto his final phase and proclaims "I don't need friends! I've got KNIVES!" and hurls a knife at the player. He then realizes he only had one knife, and the fight ends.
    • The way the Mad Dummy is animated makes little effort to make the sprites that go into his animations cohesive. By the end of the fight, he's flailing around so much that his head goes offscreen.
    • After the fight, you can find him again Doubling as Undyne's training dummy. His response to being questioned about it is "It's a living."
  • Additionally, the pacifist run has you run away from Undyne at every possible moment. In the middle of trying to escape, you might get a hilarious phone call from Papyrus.
    • you can recieve this call even after killing Undyne, making it either a Funny Anyeurism Moment or even funnier, depending on how you look at it.
    • If you call Papyrus and Undyne back while standing in the same spot, Undyne will mention that she had noticed you had gotten a call, so she waited for you to finish your call before resuming her chase.


  • As you walk through Hotlands, you can find sans manning a hot dog...? stand. If you don't have any room to buy one, he'll put it on your head like a hat. You can have him put up to 30 hot dogs on your head before he says "Do I look like I can reach that high? 30's the limit." If you move, the hot dogs on your head will start raining down.
  • Would you smooch a ghost? The time starts counting up, and all the options presented to the player are HECK YEAH.
    • Becomes even funnier when you find out that Mettaton is a ghost in a robot
  • Some of Mettaton's other questions as well, when he starts unleashing his inner Troll. Examples include asking you to name the creature when showing you part of a Froggit spray painted on Mettaton's frame, so the answer is actually "Mettaton" and how many letters are in the word Mettatonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (repeating).
  • For the final question, Mettaton asks a question Alphys would never give you the answer to: Who does she have a crush on? You can pick the correct answers Undyne or Asgore or you can pick yourself. The bewildered look Alphys gives you is almost worth the embarrassment. Mettaton decides, while wrong, your confidence was worth giving you the question.
    • You can even say you don't know who she has a crush on, which results in Mettaton making a plea to a hypothetical crush to give everyone watching a sign that they're out there. No sign happens.
  • Mettaton's musical number. For bonus points, the name on the game window changes from "Undertale" to "Undertale: The Musical" for this scene.
  • During the following dungeon, Alphys offers you puzzle hints. And updates her social network page constantly. Some highlights include:
    Alphys: Cute picture of me! [Attached is a picture of a trash can with several glitter filters applied]
    Alphys: Me and the girlfriend! [Attached is a picture of a catgirl figurine next to a bowl of instant noodles.]
    coolskeleton95: ARE WE POSTING PICTURES OF FRIENDS? HERE IS ME AND MY FRIEND [Attached is a picture of Papyrus wearing Cool Shades and fake muscles flexing in front of a mirror. He's also wearing sunglasses on both biceps]
    • The picture Papyrus posts is given it's full visual glory through Steam's Trading Cards.
    • Another update has her ranting about how the sequel to her favorite anime ruined the story arc before remembering she was supposed to be helping you.
    • At one point Alphys tells you to add her as a friend on said social network, before remembering that you're already friends. She set up your account for you. And you've seen all of her status updates, like the ones where she's psyching herself up to call you and later saying that she's not going to help you on puzzles anymore after she messed you up on one with her help. Oh yeah, and all of her nerdy anime posts.
  • Mettaton pits you against an actual working version of Papyrus' color puzzle, where stepping on a yellow tile zaps you, green ones make you fight monsters, etc. If you don't move and let the timer run out, Mettaton starts on his usual explanation of what the tiles do before realizing you never stepped on a green tile, and therefore aren't required to fight him.
  • Another rare moment of hilarity during the No Mercy run occurs if you visit MTT Burger and find that Burgerpants (whose detailed expressions are hilarious no matter what run you're doing) is still manning the counter because Mettaton is such a Bad Boss that he has no idea if he's allowed to leave work during the evacuation.
    Burgerpants: If I don't play it safe, he's going to yell at me. ...okay, maybe "yell" is the wrong term. It's more like he has this...CD Album he plays...that's entirely full of songs about how bad I am at my job.
    • Also in the No Mercy run, if you threaten Burgerpants, he gives this memorable line:
    Burgerpants: I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days.
    • Bonus points in that he's completely right. Battles can't be started from the shop window so as long as he stays there he's utterly untouchable.
  • If you try to visit Bratty and Catty during the No Mercy run, you will stumble across a usual "Nobody Came" message... which is actually a note written by them:
    Bratty: But, like.
    Catty: Nobody came, and stuff.
  • During Mettaton's cooking show, he tells his viewers to remember to pre-heat their ovens. If you examine the oven in the corner of his kitchen, you'll notice that he forgot to pre-heat it. Of course, since this is a cooking show Mettaton already had a cake made in advance.

Making Friends

  • "Dating" Papyrus. You get to poke around his house (which is full of funny lines in and of itself) but the best part is getting to engage in a "battle" with Papyrus in which you prove to be the ultimate dater.
  • Papyrus's plan to make Undyne and the protagonist friends. First he gives her a gift-wrapped bone on behalf of his guest, saying it's her "favorite thing," and she awkwardly accepts and puts it in a drawer full of them. Then he gets out of practice by claiming he needs to go to the bathroom, and immediately leaps out the window. Finally, when she refuses to be the protagonist's friend, he shows surprising cleverness by suggesting she's simply not up to the challenge.
    • If you then examine the window, Undyne will mention that she was surprised by Papyrus' window jump... because he normally nails the landing.
    • And during their friendship-making, Undyne offers the player several drinks, with Tea labeled as "the blatantly correct choice". Hilarity Ensues when the player picks anything else, including Undyne's sword and Undyne herself.
      • She then decides to teach the player how to cook in an effort to make them closer. If you opt to punch the vegetables into sauce in a "wimpy" manner, she yells at you to "STOP PETTING THE ENEMY!!!" Especially hilarious given how you'd have to have gotten to this point to begin with.
      • If you opt to punch the vegetables, you knock over a single tomato. It's not even scratched. Undyne gets hyped anyway.
      • And the whole thing ends with Undyne getting so carried away with cooking at full power that she accidentally burns her house down. Her house is still burning even during the Playable Epilogue.
    • To top off the above? Call Papyrus immediately after Undyne leaves. Just as he picks up, Undyne shows up at his house out of breath. It turns out she ran all the way so she could be part of the phone call.

  • At one point, Toriel will express her disbelief that anyone would want to flirt with her. Another character then has a fit of laughter before they say that she has no idea, while giving a knowing smile right at the player. That's right, Toby noticed all the naughty images people made of poor old Toriel and lampshaded it in the game, yet did not outright do a Take That against the partakers of such images.
    • The character who responds to Toriel being who they are makes it even better, seeing as they probably found some in-universe versions of such images, given their lifestyle.
  • The date with Alphys, while initially hidden, is one huge laugh riot. It starts with Alphys taking you to her favorite place (a garbage dump) and being completely unable to manage small talk (The best she can do is asking if you like anime).
    • Then you can help Alphys overcome her fear of talking to Undyne by roleplaying with her. You can either pick realistic responses... or pick answers that sound like a bad internet roleplay. Complete with misspellings and poor grammar.
      • The best part is that after the two choices, she gets wayyyyy to into it and begins shrieking and hollering her answers, which manages to alert Undyne to her position.
    • And then Undyne shows up on the scene and the two reconcile. Undyne then resolves to help Alphys with her confidence issues and embraces her. Then she picks Alphys up and tosses her through a basketball hoop into a trash can!
    • Finally, Undyne now alone with you, jokes about how ridiculous Alphys's confession was. Alphys confessed that anime wasn't real, and of course anime is real. What follows is the funniest, but hardest moral choice in the game:
    Undyne: ANIME IS REAL, RIGHT!?
    Anime is real
    Anime is NOT real

Final Area and Endings

  • At the end of the final fight on the Neutral path, when fighting God-Flowey, Reducing his HP to 0 makes him start to go into a typical everything-exploding death, with the requisite Big "NO!" 's... Before he abruptly loads the game back to the start, the explosions cutting off instantly with a simple "PING!" noise. The utterly hilarious Trollface he makes at this point just seals the deal.
    • Also hilarious: After the above happens, God-Flowey monologues about how you're going to die alone while you have a ring of bullets around you. If you completely ignore him and persist in ramming into the wall of bullets long enough, Flowey will say "Would you STOP that?"
      • Additional hilarity: the look of dumbstruck panic on God-Flowey's face when his save file fails to load.
  • As horrifying as the No Mercy path is, the fight with Sans manages to have a laugh if you actually try to spare him when he lets you.
    geeettttttt dunked on!!!
    you look frustrated about something. guess i'm pretty good at my job, huh?
    hmm. that expression... that's the expression of someone who's died twice in a row. suffice to say, you look really... unsatisfied. all right. how 'bout we make it a third?
    that's the expression of somebody who's died thrice in a row. hey, what comes after "thrice", anyway? wanna help me find out?
    that's the expression of somebody who's died quice in a row. quice? frice? welp, won't have to use it again anyways.
    that's the expression of someone who's died five times in a row. convenient, huh? that's one for each finger. but soon... you'll need a cool mutant hand to count all of your deaths.
    that's the expression of someone who's died six times in a row. that's the number of fingers on a mutant hand. you'll need to find a mutant hand with even more fingers.
    that's the expression of someone who's died seven times in a row. hey, that's good. seven's supposed to be a lucky number. who knows, maybe you'll hit the jackpot... and that number will multiply tenfold.
    that's the expression of someone who's died eight times in a row. that's the number of fingers on a spider. wait, don't spiders have legs?
    nope, wait, that's definitely nine, sorry. or was it ten?
    that's the expression of someone who's died ten times in a row. hey, congrats! the big one-oh! let's invite all your friends over for a big shindig. we can have pie, and hot dogs, and... hmmm... wait. something's not right. you don't have any friends.
    that's the expression of someone who's died eleven times in a row. well, give or take. there's nuance to this stuff. don't think i'll be able to count very well from here. count for me, ok? we'll start from 12.
    ''whoa, you look REALLY pissed off... heheheh... did i getcha?
  • Getting the Golden Ending allows you to sit in on all of your friends, including Asgore and Toriel, as they casually chat about the future ahead of them. What follows is some of the best dialogue in the game.
    • Asgore finally gets to give you that cup of tea he offered you before you fought. It's unfortunately gotten cold.
    • Asgore also apologizes to you for trying to kill you.
    Undyne: Don't worry about it, most of us have tried to kill Frisk at one point or another!
    Asgore: Oh! Well in that case, I'm not sorry!
    Undyne: That's not what I meant!
    • Toriel's Precision H Strike, which she quickly apologizes for and changes to "heck".
    • Alphys getting excited about seeing the world... before admitting that she's just going to go back to being a shut-in and watching anime
    • Alphys and Undyne talking about how they're going to watch anime on the human internet, with Alphys insisting this was what they were fighting for all along.
    • Alphys introducing Asgore to anime, which the player can choose to describe as either "Cartoons With Sword's" or "Cartoons With Gun's." And, by accident, Rule 34.
    Asgore: Were those two robots making out?
    Asgore: Well... Isn't technology great?
    • Also
    Toriel: Did I ever tell you about the timeFrisk flirted with me?
    Toriel: After calling me "Mom"?
    • Sans teaching Toriel to text... and the two promptly memeing on each other.
    Toriel: This is Sans. I love my brother very much.
    Sans: help i'm being slandered
    • On a bet from Papyrus, Undyne lifts the entire main cast... and then is unable to figure out how to put them down.
    • In the final battle, not only the main cast, but almost every single minor character play a role in the outcome... except Napstablook, because when Asriel started absorbing everyone's souls they escaped by shutting the doors and blinds to their house and ignoring everything that was happening. Because of this, they're the only one who didn't mysteriously learn Frisk's name. Napstablook sheepishly asks for that information, then tries to memorize it by crying the letters onto their hand, which immediately pool into an illegible puddle.
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, if you do your run is such a way that you kill every boss but left the monsters alone you get a call from Sans. He informs you that without any leaders, the underground fell into chaos. That is, until a dog sat on the throne. The newly appointed dog king does nothing but sleep all day and the world below has been in a state of perfect peace ever since.
  • A slight alteration. If you kill every boss except Papyrus, Sans explains that the monsters were in such need of a leader that Papyrus was chosen to lead the underground. Papyrus takes over the call and says that ruling is awesome, even if he does miss his friends. (Maybe they're just on vacation).
  • After spending the whole game unable to get into Sans' room, the player is finally able to receive the key from Sans personally (which he hands to you while telling you "it's time you learned the truth...") during a Pacifist run after pulling some seriously obtuse stunts involding constantly reloading the game right after you receive judgement. Once they get inside, they're greeted to a pitch-black room with ominous sounds, and after wandering around for a while as the tension builds, Papyrus turns the light on and reveals that the player's been walking around on a treadmill in a perfectly ordinary room (well, aside from the self-sustaining trash tornado in the corner.)
    Sans: *via a note attached to the treadmill* the truth is that you got owned, nerd......