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General and Fan Content

  • Let's start with a meta example: The moment when you find out how far the game goes in knowing what you've done through Save Scumming, particularly with Flowey's speech at the end of the Ruins.
    • The entire game could be considered an Awesome moment due to how it approaches the subject of RPGs. The No Mercy route, in particular, has been touted as one of the darkest plots ever put in a videogame, comparable to the likes of Soul Nomad and Drakengard.
  • During the No Mercy route, a few NPCs still stand up to the player:
    • Gerson, the turtle shopkeeper in Waterfall, openly trash-talks you because he knows you can't kill people in the shop screen, so there's absolutely nothing you can do to him.
    • While it's obvious that Burgerpants just doesn't understand the gravity of the situation, threatening him leads to him smoking a cigarette and smugly replying, "I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days."
    • Despite being scared shitless, Monster Kid stands in your way to keep you from hurting other people.
  • During an interview about NieR: Automata, Taro Yoko mentioned Undertale by name, saying what he had seen of it seemed very interesting, and requested the game be given a Japanese translation so that he and others there could play it. It's definitely amazing how huge the game became after such a short while.
  • The game is so emotionally touching that Dragon Ball Z abridged's Vegeta couldn't even play the game after beating the first level.
  • Mortis Ghost, better known as the creator of the game OFF, has done fanart of the game. Given that Undertale draws a few inspirations from OFF this makes it doubly as amazing.
  • Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw was so impressed by the game that at the start of his Zero Punctuation Top/Bottom 5 Games of 2015 video, he shoved in a 10-second "review" of the game so that he could include it in the listnote ... and then plopped it square at #1 Best.
    • Yahtzee is a man who's been so worn down and become so cynical in gaming, his "Extra Punctuation" review where he praises the game's writing and message, even going so far as to say it made him emotional, is just incredible.
  • While kind of creepy, there is a layer of awesome to the fact that Gaster is managing to REFORM himself, after being scattered across space-time. WITHOUT DETERMINATION. Gaster doesn't need Determination - he is just that powerful now.
  • The crossover that nobody asked for.
  • This video set to Run Boy Run by Woodkid is an amazing testament to how much The Child goes through in the game.


  • If you decide to kill Dogaressa, Dogamy becomes depressed and hardly makes an effort to fight anymore. However, should you kill Dogamy first Dogaressa snaps and becomes a much tougher enemy, hacking away with her axe.
    The Dogaressa is on the warpath.
  • When Papyrus confronts you in a fight to the east of Snowdin Town, you finally get to see what he's capable of. He starts out with completely nonthreatening attacks that are incapable of hurting you if you're high enough in the box. "Guess he's as incompetent at fighting as he is at everything else", you think... and then he proceeds to turn you blue, forcing your soul to have "gravity" to it and making those low attacks much harder to avoid. "Bonetrousle" kicks in. Game on.
    • In another vein, Papyrus has such a fine control on his attacks that he can stop mid-attack if your health gets low enough, something even Toriel can't do.
  • How does Papyrus learn your cell number? He calls them all sequentially until he gets to yours. He may be thick, but you've got to admire his determinati— I mean, perseverance.
  • Papyrus is by far his most heroic on a No Mercy run, how? He doesn't attempt to fight you, instead he confronts you with optimism, friendship and mercy, even if it gets him cut down, he dies stating his belief that you can still do the right thing. Keep in mind that many people give up a No Mercy run at Papyrus and you'll realize this is every bit as effective a deterrent as both Undyne and Sans, and unlike them, he doesn't even have to raise a violent finger towards you.


  • Undyne:
    • When she finally takes off her helmet and confronts you face-to-face.
    • Her finest moment comes during a No Mercy run, despite the fact that she's mortally wounded in a single hit like nearly every other monster you've fought up to this point. She channels the power of Determination to resurrect in a new form and give you hell. Yes, this girl went so anime that she channeled a power only humans are supposed to have. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long, because Monster bodies aren't made to use determination due to their weak physical make up, and she begins to melt instead of turn to dust once she's killed.
    • Really... everything Undyne does is awesome. The woman is living anime. Even cooking is done with burning passion! Making friends has never been so intense! Shame about the house (it's still burning when you come back in the epilogue).
  • Papyrus gets one when he manages a clever Batman Gambit to get Undyne to be friends with you, proving he can actually be pretty smart when he wants to be.


  • Muffet's attack where she attempts to feed you to her pet, the spider-muffin-thing. It's one of the longest attack sequences in the game, and it's more dynamic than most, having its own build-up section.
  • The boss fight at the end of the Core, Mettaton EX, is pretty cool, especially if you're trying to win non-lethally. The fight includes a "ratings" counter that you have to get over 10,000 (or 12,000 if you don't want to blow their limbs off), which is actually challenging as they drop fairly quickly.
    • You still have to survive the boss's attacks — although taking damage can also improve ratings, especially if you used the right ACT.
    • Alternatively, another ACT has you boast that you won't be hit, which makes the ratings increase during the boss's turn as long as you stay untouched.
    • Many types of items boost ratings when used, including changing your armor — and even using the Stick, if you kept it in your inventory.
    • At one point the boss asks you to type something flattering, and reacts differently depending on what you write.
    • Distinct from using the FIGHT option to deal damage, you can also attack the boss during some of their turns and cause their limbs to blow off.
    • But most of all, why does this Glory Hound of a boss want so badly to defeat you? They know that if you go on to fight Asgore and lose, Asgore will get the last SOUL needed to go to war against the humans — they want to prevent that.

Final Area and Endings

  • The beginning of the fight with Asgore, which the game has built up as the final obstacle of your entire journey: " are filled with DETERMINATION." Then Asgore pulls out an Interface Screw of a degree that hadn't been seen in the game yet: destroying the MERCY button.
    • And then there's what comes next, especially for players who expected they were getting the best ending possible: everything about Photoshop Flowey, from the fight itself, to his trollface after loading his SAVE, to finally beating him.
    • Special note goes to the six human SOULS uniting around you to give you the power and support you need to finally stand up to Photoshop (fan name Omega) Flowey, coming in with the track switch to "Finale", Flowey's defense is shattered and he DESPERATELY starts to throw everything he can at you. What seemed like a hopeless battle has turned. And after Flowey resets his SAVE and then tries and fails to reset it again, the SOULS reappear and attack Flowey themselves.
    • Even though you've been forced to fight, the game still gives you the option to SPARE the boss. Flowey insists that the only way to end this for good is for you to kill him, even threatening to kill you and everyone you love if you let him go. If you persist despite having every reason to give in, he breaks down and flees, as you've shattered his worldview of "kill or be killed" which he's maintained from the start.
  • Pretty much everything about the final confrontation of the Pacifist route.
    • The build-up in which you get to see all of the friendships you've made, including gathering together all of the minor monster encounters, all to confront Flowey, despite it going badly.
    • When the six big characters are first entrapped by Flowey's vines, notice Undyne. While the others appear stunned, she's fighting against the vines the entire time.
    • The build up right before the True Final Boss fight. After Flowey absorbs all of the monsters' SOULs from the Underground in a flash of light, the player is alone in a black void with a goat child. He then begins to introduce himself: cue turning around appearing as a Boss Monster like his parents, and the words ASRIEL DREEMURR appearing letter by letter in stylistic bold text.
    • During the battle, the background shines with all the colors of the rainbow, the boss' attacks are extremely over-the-top and awesome, and he even calls them!
    • Dying in the fight against the boss yields this message: "But it refused." You can't die, as your SOUL simply mends itself together, no matter how much damage it takes.
    • The final phase of the fight where the button to ACT becomes one to SAVE. You then confront the Lost Souls of the many friends you made throughout the game, absorbed by Asriel and fighting against you... but by reminding them of the times you have spent together, you are able to rescue them from hopelessness and get them back on your side.
    • Also from the final boss fight: after the player saves all of Frisk's allies and tries to SAVE Asriel himself, the boss is reduced to firing a huge Wave Motion Gun while bawling Berserker Tears, begging Frisk to let him win, while Frisk's determination is so strong that they survive their HP going into the fractions, all the way up to 0.0000001/20.
  • At the very end of the game after the True Final Boss, as you are free to travel and revisit characters, you discover that the biggest stealth badass of all was the one nobody expected: NAPSTABLOOK. Due to Asriel having learned your name with everyone's souls inside him, everyone now knows your name, except that one, single character. Why? When Flowey unleashed that flash of light that reached through all the underground, allowing him to absorb every monster, Napstablook saw the snails on their farm vanishing from their window and just shut the blinds. That's right: while Frisk was valiantly facing off against Asriel for the fate of the timeline, Napstablook was just chilling at home, same as always, no worse for wear!
  • Playing through the No Mercy route will make you feel like a horrible person, but the final fight is awesome nonetheless in many ways. You'll definitely have to use some Villainous Valour of your own to win against this one, and it feels great when you do:
    • Absolutely everything about the fight is openly designed so that it's as rage-inducing as possible — starting with stupidly hard-to-dodge attack patterns that rack up immense damage from the smallest mistakes, and throwing in several Interface Screws and a number of fake-outs. Who's responsible for putting you through this hell? It's Sans, who finally decided to get serious. Turns out he's known all along that you're an "anomaly in the timespace continuum" with the power to reset the world, and he was hoping you might stop if he just became friends with you. But he also knows that this time is different, and if he doesn't stop you here, everything will end.
    • The first thing they do, before the music starts, even before the battle menu comes up, is hit you with a rapid-fire series of attacks including giant laser volleys that are nearly impossible to dodge unless you know they're coming. After you finally manage to survive this, they comment that they "always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first." No other enemy does this. If you start the battle again, he'll interrupt his own monologue to sucker-punch you!
    • There's also this little gem that Sans says before his fight:
    Sans: "it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell."
    *cue moment directly above*
    Sans: "huh. always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first."
    • The above in itself is a CMOA for the boss themselves when you realize what the opening line in the dialogue box means: "You feel like you're going to have a bad time." At this point, the Fallen Child has fully assumed control of the character, and is known to be a horrific, soulless abomination that Was Once a Man, who thrives on the dust and blood of murder and even toying with hope of being spared, if you choose to be that sadistic. But Sans? Sans legitimately frightens this travesty of nature after the abrupt onslaught he unleashes so casually. He's the only character who scares the Fallen Child. For good reason.
      • Who stopped Flowey every single time he got close to a genocide run or something like it, and forced him to reset the most? You guessed it.
    • The boss shows their insane level of ability in an entirely dissimilar fashion to anything thus far: being the most Genre Savvy opponent you can face. They sidestep your attack every time, asking why they should just stand there and take it. When you finally overcome their best gauntlet of attacks, they unleash their special attack: nothing. Literally nothing. They're perfectly aware they can't beat you, and one blow from you will finish them, so they decide to do nothing, trapping you in their turn so you can't attack. There's only way you can win: dragging the borders of the attack zone with your SOUL so that you can reach the FIGHT command. But you still have to wait for the boss to fall asleep from exhaustion or else they'll reset your position. And even then, the boss evades your attack, so you have to break the rules further and attack twice in one turn to actually land the hit.
    • Everything about the boss in this fight is badass. Their cool moves, their lack of care, their insanely complicated trolling, and their unwillingness to move an inch while firing these attacks at you demonstrate just how absurdly powerful they are.
    • Perhaps the most amazing part is that this boss has, on paper, the worst stats in the game. 1 ATK, 1 DEF, 1 HP. "The easiest enemy," according to CHECK. But this enemy knows that tiny 1-damage ticks won't trigger your Mercy Invincibility. That means you're taking 1 damage per frame! Compare this to the Fallen Child's obsession with stats and power, and that by this point, you have items that give you maximum ATK and DEF. In this boss battle, your stat boosts are absolutely useless. Considering you are about to finish a complete monster genocide, you feel "your sins crawling on your back", and being hit incurs residual damage in the form of poisonous Karma, it might be that you are just out of mercy (invincibility).
    • Again, playing the No Mercy run will make you feel awful. But after dying literally dozens of times to this enemy, nothing will feel sweeter than finally killing him off. One of the more awesome moments, simply because of how unbelievably difficult it is.
    • Sans makes fun of the player everytime they die during his fight and come back to try him again. Kill him once and restart just to fight him again?
      Sans: that expression you're wearing...
      Sans: ...
  • Behold... the No Damage Run against Omega Flowey.