Tear Jerker: Undertale

  • The Boss Battle at the end of the demo is one pretty much any way you play it.
    • Killing the boss in the "neutral" path has them Go Out with a Smile, telling you one more time to be good and how strong you've become.
    • If you insist on sparing the boss, it'll take you a while before they can get over their loneliness, fear, and doubts to let you have your way. But not without a Final First Hug.
    • If you're going for the Kill 'em All route, the battle ends even faster than it begins: "Y... you... really hate me that much...?"
    • The boss's attacks can be tricky to avoid. But if your HP gets low, any subsequent attacks have the bullets actively avoiding your soul to the point that it's impossible for you to take any more damage. However, it is possible to kill yourself if you intentionally take enough hits before the current attack ends. The look of shock and horror on the boss's face if you manage this will haunt your memories.