Heartwarming: Undertale

  • Toriel. Really, everything about her is heartwarming incarnate. A sweet old lady who only wants to guide you through the caverns, and keep you totally safe.
    • Toriel hugging you before parting ways with you if you keep her alive.
    • Toriel guiding you through the spike floor puzzle, because she thinks it's too dangerous for you to do yourself.
    • Even her boss fight has one coded into it - she won't harm you when you're low on health intentionally, and she's horrified if she does so accidentally.
    • Finding a piece of the pie that Toriel baked for you on the floor after going to sleep in your room.
      • She even turned the lights off for you.
  • Cheering up Napstablook. It takes some effort, but he finally becomes happier. He even makes himself a Nice Hat!