Heartwarming: Undertale


  • Throughout the game, you can encounter a Nice Cream salesman whose business is struggling because he can't find any customers. You can find someone willing to buy out his entire stock if you convince the pair of Royal Guards to get together.


  • Toriel. Really, everything about her is heartwarming incarnate. She's a sweet old lady who only wants to guide you through the caverns and keep you totally safe.
    • She guides you through the spike floor puzzle, because she decides it's too dangerous for you to do yourself.
    • When you encounter a training dummy what's the first thing she teaches you? Fight? No. Talk or find a way out of fighting without resorting to violence. She does it in a the same way a mother would teach a child that "fighting is wrong, hurting others is bad".
    • After she gives you a cell phone to keep contact with her, and you can call her "mom". At first she's a bit embarrassed, but she gladly accepts it if that's what would make you happy.
    • Finding a piece of the pie that Toriel baked for you on the floor after going to sleep in your room. She even turned the lights off for you.
    • That big hug she gives you if you spare her and convince her to part ways with you.
    • She gives you the easiest of the boss battles to introduce you to the battle system. You can still die, but she tries her best to not let it come to that.
    • You'll know you're on the True Pacifist route when Toriel shows up to intervene when the fight with Asgore is about to start. She says that every creature deserves mercy — even if she personally is not ready to befriend the person you were just facing.
    • In the True Pacifist Ending, after spending the entire game unable to call Toriel because a dog stole her cell phone, Toriel will learn how to text message you. Most of the messages go from silly to ridiculously sweet and heartwarming.
    • Your last choice on the True Pacifist route is a prompt from Toriel. If you choose to stay with her, there's one last post-credits scene where she sneaks into your room while you're asleep to leave you a slice of pie, looking at you adoringly before closing the door again.
  • Cheering up Napstablook. It takes some effort, but they finally become happier. They even show you a trick where they make a Nice Hat out of their own tears!


  • Dogamy and Dogaressa are a Sickeningly Sweetheart Happily Married couple. How they act together is heartwarmingly funny. How each act if you kill the other is heartwarmingly tear-jerking.
  • On your date with Papyrus, when he confesses he doesn't love you in a romantic sense, he tries his best not to upset you, promises he'll remain your (cool) friend and even though you won't find someone as great as him, he'll help you settle for second best. Speaking of him, it is literally impossible to offend him. If you attempt to insult him in battle, he'll take it as your attempt to make him feel better about fighting you. If after defeating him peacefully, you try being abusive, he interprets it as you berating yourself.
  • While Sans and Papyrus' dynamic is a source of many a Crowning Moment of Funny, when you learn just how much Sans cares about his brother it's incredibly touching.
    • Regarding the fact that Santa apparently delivered the action figures to Papyrus: in Asgore's house near the end of the game, you can find a Santa Claus outfit in a dresser in his bedroom. This means that Asgore, the King of Monsters, takes some time out of his schedule to deliver presents to Papyrus, and presumably, the rest of the Underground, while dressed as Santa. Judging by the number of action figures Papyrus has, he's been doing this for a while.
  • If you cancel a No Mercy run at Papyrus, both he and Sans will deliver some heartwarming lines.
    Sans: "hey, i really respect what you did back there. thanks."


  • Shyren. She's an unique encounter who's ashamed of her singing and scary face and fights with her back turned to the player. However, if you were to hum to her, she follows your lead, being comfortable singing along. You can then spare her. However, if you were to keep humming, the music you both make attracts a crowd of monsters. Hum again, and it becomes a full blown concert complete with Sans selling tickets made of toilet paper. Keep humming, the tickets are sold out and the monsters throw articles of clothing onto the stage. It's socks. Scandalous! After humming a couple more times, the weight of stardom starts to wear the two of you down, and Shyren begins to think about her future. You and her then decide it's time to go on your own journeys, and after a farewell song, you go your seperate ways.
    • In the epilogue, Shyren forms a musical band with Napastablook, Mettaton and Burgerpants, having found her calling at last. And what's more, her meeting with you is a memory she'll never forget. She releases a hit single which is about her parting with the player!
    • And the player never forgot either! Later in the game when encountering Knight Knight, you can put her to sleep by singing. And if you went on the music tour with Shyren? You sing Shyren's song, which puts Knight Knight to sleep faster and is one heartwarming Continuity Nod.
  • While befriending Undyne is primarily hilarious, her comments about not wanting to put Papyrus into harm's way because he's too nice for battle are surprisingly endearing. And, as you find during a No Mercy run, completely correct.
  • Speaking of befriending Undyne, when you purposefully hit her with an absurdly weak attack, she tells you that you remind her of Asgore, her mentor. And she drops her weapon, because she doesn't want to fight you either!


  • While pretty much all the Boss Fights in a Pacifist Run count to some extent, the one against Mettaton takes the cake — Napstablook is the first one to call in to compliment him and express disappointment that it's Mettaton's last show.
    i'm guessing this is the last episode? i'll miss you... mettaton...
    • What really seals the deal, however, is if the player found the use for the Mystery Key sold by Bratty and Catty. It unlocks the house next to Napstablook — Mettaton's actually their cousin, and hearing Blook quietly apologize for talking so long before hanging up evokes a moment of relevation. Mettaton attempts to pass off the call as an Ignored Epiphany. Then he's inundated with callers begging him not to stop the show — and given that his dream had always been to be a star...
      • Once you know the deal with Alphys and Mettaton (that they're working together to make Alphys look better), it's actually really sweet to see the lengths Mettaton goes to to keep the show going — even if part of it was to play to his ego, he was willing to play the bad guy so Alphys could be the hero. On another note, Alphys's genuine distress when she sees Mettaton all beaten up, and her relief at seeing he's still alive, can give fuzzy feelings to anyone's heart. Though their relationship may be strained, it's touching to see how much Alphys values Mettaton's friendship.
  • It's very minor, but if you go back a tiny bit after Mettaton's play, you meet a nervous looking lion who notes that Mettaton looked "really cool" in his dress, and and that "it sort of makes [him] feel like [he] could wear one too!" If you backtrack again during the playable epilogue, you can meet him again and he actually is wearing one! For bonus points, if you talk to him he mentions that he was one of the people who called in to Mettaton's show and Mettaton recognized him and gave the lion his dress.
    • Alphys and Undyne in general make a surprisingly sweet couple. A lot of their interactions with each other just radiate Ship Tease.
    • Calling Undyne near the Waterfall has her reveal that's where she met Alphys, who apparently was looking "contemplative" and heavily implied to have been considering suicide as a result of what happened to the Amalgamates. According to Undyne, she asked Alphys was she thought was in the Abyss below, causing the latter to blush and explain her theories for several hours. Not only did the Hot-Blooded Undyne stay and listen for the entire duration, she was completely captivated by everything Alphys said. Basically, Undyne very likely saved Alphys from committing suicide, simply with a little time and kindness.
    • The entirety of the date with Alphys. It starts when Undyne asks you to deliver what's eventually revealed to be a love letter to Alphys. However, Alphys mistook the author of the letter as Frisk, and agrees to the date just to make up for manipulating them earlier. The date then consists of Alphys admitting she likes Undyne, you helping her gain the confidence to admit some of the things she's been hiding, and ultimately, Undyne not caring that Alphys lied to her in an attempt to seem cooler. Undyne then promises to help Alphys with her self-confidence, then afterwards thanks Frisk for looking out for Alphys.
    • Pretty much any time Alphys is mentioned to Undyne or vice versa, it's completely obvious they're in love with each other.
    • When Mettaton asks you who Alphys has a crush on, selecting Undyne will cause Alphys to hide her face and blush profusely. Mettaton proceeds to point out how obvious her crush is and notes that Alphys scrawls Undyne's name in the margins of her papers, names programming variables after her, and writes fanfiction of them sharing a domestic life together.
  • In Hotland, after Alphys upgrades your phone, you'll get a friend request from Napstablook prompting you to either accept or reject it. Accepting the request tells you the request already rejected itself. Rejecting it, however, prompts Mettaton to send you a request to be "Mortal Enemies". Rejecting that request makes him send you an invitation to "Die". Narcissistic pop star he might be, but he still cares deeply about his cousin.
    • On the subject of people sticking up for Napstablook, in the Playable Epilogue, Undyne tells you to tell them she said hi. It's heartwarming to remember that Undyne, as Napstablook's neighbour, actually noticed and remembered them.

Final Area and Endings

  • As tragic as the circumstances are, meeting Asgore is kind of heart-warming. He's been built up as this scary threat the whole game, and you meet him in a field of flowers and he even attempts awkward small talk. Considering what he's been through, you kind of want to give him a hug.
    Asgore: Nice day today, huh? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. Perfect weather for a game of catch...
  • After defeating Asgore, he encourages you to take his life so that you can use his soul to leave the Underworld. However, if you choose to spare him (defeating him is the only way you get that chance, since he takes away the Mercy option at the start of the fight), he'll be so moved and surprised by how you're willing to sacrifice your freedom just to avoid killing him, that he offers to redeem himself by calling off his war against humanity and states his plan to repair his relationship with Toriel, so both he and Toriel can both raise you as their own... and then Flowey kills him.
  • On a pacifist run, the part of the castle that looks like Toriel's home has a mirror. At the start of the game you can examine the mirror in Toriel's house to the response of "It's you", this mirror gives it a small Call Back, "Despite everything, it's still you", a touching confirmation that you refused to let the underground steal your kindness.
  • Forgiving and embracing Asriel when he feels he doesn't deserve a damn thing and is absolutely awful and worthless, even though he was only how he was because of Playername's DETERMINATION.
  • Going to sleep in the True Lab. One of the amalgamations finds you, looms over you, reaches out... tucks you in, pats you on the head, and vanishes.
    • Appeasing Endogeny by petting and playing with it, at which point the music will change to the old and familiar tune of Dogsong. Despite its monstrous form, despite everything, it's still just a dog.
    • While there, the player can stumble on a room with VHS tapes. Watching them reveals that they're actually home movies from Toriel's and Asgore's married life. The first has them eagerly awaiting Asriel's birth, while the rest involve Asriel's friendship with the Fallen Child.
    • During the epilogue you can walk back through the different towns and find the freed Amalgamations, having gone back to their families. Lemon Bread is happy to be back with their sister Shyren. The dog Amalgamate turns out to be the parents of all the dogs from Snowdin mixed together and their pups don't seems to mind, they're just happy to have their parents back. The Snowdrake amalgamate goes back to live with her son and husband, who have reconciled with each other.
  • At the end of the last battle in the neutral path, when Flowey is about to kill you for good, the six human souls completely break free from Flowey's control and defeat him. Also counts as a moment of awesome.
    • Even before that specific scene, The souls are helping you during the fight with Flowey. When he calls each of the souls out to attack you, you can approach the ACT button and call for help... and the attacks suddenly stop. A different soul appears at the top and all of the weapons turn into healing items. Even with the soul who had the Notebook, the words of malice and negativity turn into hopeful healing words after Act is approached.
  • The final boss of a True Pacifist run is full of much needed, and absolutely praise-worthy, DETERMINATION!
  • Gerson, the shopkeeper in Waterfall, tells you to come back later for the story about why Asgore is named "King Fluffybuns". If you come back during the epilogue, he explains it involves an incident in a public address long ago in which Toriel accidentally called him by his pet name while a microphone was still on, and Asgore decided to roll with it.
  • And then there's the buildup for the Pacifist Run ending - it initially plays out like the Neutral, until Toriel comes in to berate Asgore, followed closely by Undyne, then every other major character you've befriended along the way, all of whom are trying to stop the fight.
  • On the path to a No Mercy ending, Papyrus won't even try to fight you — instead he'll Spare you right off the bat, because he thinks you have the capacity to be a better person. If you actually take him up on this, he'll be so pleased that he lets you go without a second thought.
  • If you went fully Pacifist, Sans sounds genuinely proud of you during his judgement.
    "no matter the struggles or hardships you faced... you strived to do the right thing. you refused to hurt anyone. even when you ran away, you did it with a smile. you never gained LOVE, but you gained love."
  • In you walk all the way to the Ruin to talk to Asriel in the playable epilogue, he tells you the story of the fallen child, who hated humanity. He then tells you that he's staying behind, as showing himself will just make the others unhappy. If you continue to speak to him after this, he gives you an ironic echo.
    Asriel: Frisk...don't you have anything better to do?
  • The end of the True Pacifist run boss fight is a mixture of this and a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Flowey has absorbed the SOUL of pretty much everyone in the Underground, including all your friends, turning into the boss Asriel Dreemurr. Asriel batters the player's SOUL to within an inch of their life, and all the while you struggle against him, "Nothing happened." It seems hopeless. The game acknowledges you can't SAVE anymore, but...
    But... Maybe, with what little power you have...
    You can SAVE something else.
    • This leads to a touching sequence where the game replaces your ACT button with a glowing SAVE button—using it causes you to reach into Asriel's soul and find your friends' souls in there. You discover they've lapsed back into their previous patterns of hopelessness, becoming faceless Lost Souls. You have to SAVE them by showing them that you are their friend, that you care about them and remember important things about each of them. This brings back their positive memories and returns them to their true selves, complete with an outburst of support for you. It's hard not to be inspired by doing this while "Hopes and Dreams" and "Save the World" play in the background.
      "Well, some humans are OK I guess!"
      "No, that's not true! My friends like me! And I like you, too!"
      "nah, i'm rootin for ya, kid."
      "Your fate is up to you now!"
      "You are our future!"
    • Just before the fight, as Flowey traps you in an unavoidable attack and his circle of bullets close in on you... Toriel surrounds your soul in a ring of magic to save you, then tells you that they'll all be here to protect you when you need it. All your friends then proceed to defend you from Flowey's ensuing attacks despite being trapped in vines, telling you not to give up and that they believe in you. Eventually, all the monsters from the underground come to encourage you, healing you back to full health. It's too bad Flowey takes advantage of the moment to absorb everyone's souls, but the scene itself is incredibly touching.
    • Finally, even though the game asks you to SAVE your friends, it's not done yet... one more person still needs to be SAVED. Asriel. He resists and keeps trying to fight, begging you in tears to let him win so that you don't have to leave him again. He still tries with a gigantic rainbow laser that wears your SOUL down to a tiny fraction of a hit point that takes away all your other options...except the one that's already glowing rainbow colors. In the end, you SAVE the one who needed it the most.
    • And finally, the player's heart refuses to break because it's too full of DETERMINATION to leave all of their friends to an abominable death.
    • As a testament to how much the game plans for, even in this ending—what's one way to SAVE Sans? Just be unceasingly kind to Papyrus. Even without any ACT choices directed at them, seeing someone treat his brother with the same care he does is so touching that it's enough to snap them out of their hopelessness.
    • After the battle is finally over and Asriel is subdued you have the option to forgive and comfort him. The second option in particular allows you to hug him, something anyone would like to do after knowing and understanding all crap he's been put through.
  • In the neutral ending where Papyrus is the only surviving boss, Sans is pretty much outright stated to be working his ass off keeping the country in line through paperwork and the like just so Papyrus can think he's a good king, and keep being his beloved self to the people of the Underground.
  • In the pacifist Playable Epilogue, if you have access, go to the Secret room behind Sans' and Papyrus' house, it shows a that Sans has a picture of himself with people you don't know... and a picture of you, your friends, and himself, and he's happy here too.
  • The aforementioned Playable Epilogue, in general. Worth the trip just to see everyone happy at last, even the mooks.
  • Alphys's appearance in the credits. She finally gets that kiss from Undyne that she wanted! Alphys's reaction is also one of the funniest moments in the entire game.
  • In several neutral endings, one of Sans's lines is as follows:
    Sans: "so, uh, hey... if we're not giving up down here... don't give up where you are, ok?"
  • From the short scenes we see during the cast credits, it seems that monsters and humans are getting along just fine after the True Pacifist ending.