Funny / Samurai Jack

Season One

  • This early exchange in "A Samurai Called Jack":
    Jack: Agh! Talking demon dog!
  • "Jack, The Woolies, and The Chritchellites". The Chritchellites from are monsters for their enslavement and abuse of the Woolies, but damned if they aren't hilarious thanks to Tom Kenny pissed-off sounding geek voice for all of them.
  • "Jack and the Lava Monster" is mostly known for its Nightmare Fuel (and its Awesomely Heartwarming Tear Jerker ending), but there's one line early on, especially thanks to Jack's usual demeanour:
    Jack: Surely he takes me for a fool to follow deeper into his trap.
    (Spiked ceiling starts to lower)
    Jack: A fool I be! (Races deeper into the maze)
  • "Jack and the Scotsman". The Scotsman's extremely long insult.
    • Even before the long-winded insult, the Scotsman manages to get quite a few rapid-fire zingers in:
    Scotsman: I'M CALLIN' YOU A COWARD!
    Jack: I fear no man.
    Scotsman: Ooh... that's some tough talk comin' from a man who wears a basket on his head! I carry me haggis in a basket. You might make me shiver if you weren't dressed in a nightgown! You look like me nanny! You call that thing danglin' off your hip a sword? Looks like a butter knife! You'd be better off usin' your slippers for a weapon.
    • Coupled with Jack's stationary frown, as his hand trembles on his sword in anger. Not much gets a rise out of Jack, but the Scotsman does so successfully.
    • Their "You!" Squared when they're cornered by bounty hunters: "They're after me! After you?! They're after ME!"
    • A few moments later, they both fall from a bridge into the river and watch their broken possessions floating away:
      Scotsman: (seeing Jack's hat) AHAHAHAHA!
      Jack: (smirks as the Scotsman's deflated bagpipes float past)
      Scotsman: ... SHUT IT!
    • The entire 'Meets the Scotsman' episode is one of the best for laughs: Jack stabbing the bagpipes, though, is the maximum of amusement for the minimum of dialogue.
      Bagpipes: (doleful wail of final, irreparable deflation)
      The Scotsman: You've done it now.
  • In "Jack and the Gangsters", Aku's face when the gangsters tell him they got the Neptune Jewel thanks to their newest member
    Aku: "Jackie?!"
    • The way Aku enters is pretty hilarious too.
    Aku: (in a deep booming voice) "Who dares to summon — (utterly bored voice) Oh. It is you."
  • The entirety of the episode "Aku's Fairy Tales", which focused on Aku's brand of storytelling to a group of young children:
    Aku: Once upon a time... there was a little girl with an adorable red cape and GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS!
    Aku: The spear struck the beast, transforming him into... BEEF JERKY!
    • Phil LaMarr's voice acting from this episode deserves some mention. Just how out-of-character he makes Jack sound.
    • Aku's facial expression on seeing the children disrespecting him. In fact, Aku's facial expressions are always hilarious.
    • When Aku gets fed up and starts combining a bunch of random stories that have nothing to do with each other and makes Jack into a Butt Monkey for his enjoyment.
      • Highlights include the amalgam of Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rumpelstiltskin where a giant Jack stomps on a gingerbread house and demands that someone guess his name and the story where Jack is Humpty Dumpty and has a scowl on his face after he falls from the wall and breaks.
    • Aku just Rage Quits at the end of the episode from all the kids questioning his stories.
      Aku: Enough! Here is the truest tale of all! There was an almighty, all-powerful wizard! And there was a pathetic little samurai! And the wizard DESTROYED HIM! THE END! (leaves)

Season Two

  • The first episode of season 2, "Jack Learns to Jump Good", opens with Jack having just fought his way through a horde of Aku's drones to reach a time portal, when Aku suddenly appears and snatches the portal away. Aku then proceeds to dangle the time portal just beyond the reach of Jack's jump and giddily watches Jack hopping up and down trying to reach it.
  • "Jack's Tales": Jack's goofy smile right before he realizes he's been had in the first act.
  • "Jack and the Scotsman II". The Scotsman's wife yelling at him while he just stares at her with the most absolutely lovestruck expression ever. Jack looking back and forth between them in confusion is gold.
    Wife: Don't you 'muffin' me, you ripe end of a baboon!... I swear on Cuchulain's mighty chest hairs, I've got wooden spoons brighter than you!
    • When she was watching the Scotsman and Jack try to deal with the army themselves, she was the worst (and most hilarious) cheerleader ever.
      "Ohhh, I'll bet that hurt 'em! I've seen cranky sheep more vicious! Why don't you give 'em a nice cup of tea and a biscuit to choke on! You two couldn't fight your way out of a garden party of old ladies! I've baked haggis more lethal than you!!"
    • When his wife hugs him, it bends the Scotsman's sword. Note that even Jack's magically enchanted Katana can't even dent it, and she bent it with a hug.
    • The final interaction between Jack and the Scotsman's wife:
      Jack: It appears we will have to find another way out.
      Scotsman: What's wrong with this door?
      Jack: Well, you see: The door is so very small, and your wife is so very —
      Scotsman's Wife: WHAT?! (Jack realizes what he just said)
      Scotsman: RUUUN!
      (Jack bolts away out the tower, the Scotman's wife close behind))
    • Before all this, everything that happens when Jack meets the Scotsman's Clan:
      • They all start off making the exact same insults to Jack as the Scotsman did. The Scotsman has to constantly reassure Jack that they're a bunch of meatheads and don't know him yet.
      • As per Scottish Tradition, Haggis.
      • Their test of Manhood is throwing a rock. The Scotsman failed to mention the size of said rock.
      • Angus is apparently a weak thrower. Jack's Take The Third Option on the challenge is this too.
  • From "Jack and the Farting Dragon", the Scissorsmith offers Jack the following advice:
    Scissorsmith: At the fork in the road, follow the rocky path! It will take you to the dragon's lair!
    Jack: Where will the other one take me?
    Scissorsmith: Space Ace!
    (Cut to Jack's baffled face as a goofy sound effect plays)
    • From the same episode, Jack stumbles upon a near-dead villager.
    Jack: Poor unfortunate creature...
    Villager: HEY! I'm not poor!
    Jack: Those poor, I mean... unfortunate people.
  • There's one moment in "Jack and the Hunters" where Jack, cornered by the Emikandi, runs into a nearby ambiguously tall building, and discovers an orange button with an arrow pointing upwards. Figuring out what it's used for, Jack presses the button, and the room he's in starts to move up (turns out it's an elevator). This forces the Emikandi to follow him into the next available elevator and pursue him in a hilariously long, silent chase sequence where Jack continuously foils the Emikandi by getting off his elevator and simply walking into another.
  • "Jack is Naked", especially when he hides out in a play dressed as it's princess.
  • The entirety of "Jack's Sandals". The highlight is when he wears a pair of Combat Stilettos, only to have the bad guys hit on him.

Season Three

  • In "Chicken Jack", the only reason that the spell cast on Jack wears off is that the moody wizard flew off the handle upon the cock fighter manager bumping into and accusing said wizard of not watching where he was going. The spell reversed Jack's condition, but turned the manager into a chicken himself. The confused look on Jack really sells the whole bit.
    • Also what comes immediately afterwards:
      Vendor: Ah, you're back. What'll it be? The chicken, right?
      Jack: NO! NO CHICKEN!! (Pounds the counter and sends a toothpick flying and right into a wall) Ahem. I mean, no thank you. Actually, I would like to try the shrimp today instead.
  • From "The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful" (XXIX):
  • "Jack and the Zombies": * When Aku learns the hard way that Jack's blade is Loyal Phlebotinum, his flaming eyebrows go out.
    • What makes it even funnier is that Aku keeps trying to stab Jack even after it failed the first time and as he screams "How!?", his eyebrows start to grow back.
    • The icing on the cake is that Jack himself was quite surprised it wasn't working! He even admits to Aku that he forgot that little fact.
    • There's also what follows. While also awesome, Jack basically spends close to twenty seconds just hacking away at Aku from the bottom up while Aku panics. After Jack's done, Aku is forced to revert to a mouse like form and scamper away while swearing revenge in a squeeky voice.
  • In "Jack in Egypt," Jack asks Ra the Sun God if he happens to know where the time portal is. Ra's response is to stare blankly at Jack before ascending once more into the sky, assuming that was his response (he could've just not registered Jack at all).
  • "Jack and the Traveling Creatures". The time-gate guardian suffers a direct hit from two missiles... then the smoke clears and reveals that he's perfectly fine, except for-
  • In "Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son", Jack freaks out when he thinks that he has led Aku to the secret Shaolin temple, but the Grandmaster calmly points out that he shields the temple from Aku's gaze with his connection to the earth. Cue Aku staring angrily at his viewscreen, which is now covered in television static, and banging on it as one would a malfunctioning TV. It's also Aku's only scene in the whole episode.

Season Four

  • "Samurai vs. Samurai". When dealing with 'Da Samurai', Jack remains The Stoic through most of the episode. He doesn't snicker when he smashes Da Samurai's sunglasses, or rips his belt away revealing his cartoony underpants. But when he discovers that his enemy's Heroic Build was actually a fake muscular-torso shell held on with straps, he gets the most appropriate confused expression ever.
    • Da Samurai referring to his sword as his "mama".
  • The Scotsman Saves Jack (I + II) has a number of highlights. On of note is when the Scotsman is trying to look for people that remember Jack, he breaks into a bar and screams "Has anybody hear seen this man before?!" The whole building turns out to be full of bounty hunters, and there's a wanted poster of Jack right on the wall, forcing the Scotsman to fight them all off. Later when Jack and the pirates start getting entranced by the Siren's song, we see everyone with Hypnotic Eyes, except the Scotsman... who looks annoyed, and declares, "Sounds like someones step'en on a cat. Sounds like someones stepp'en on a lot cats."
    • While amnesiac, Jack talks like a Totally Radical Surfer Dude.
    • Earlier in that episode, a good Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking Shout-Out too—
      The Scotsman: Heck's Bucket Seaport... you will never find a more wretched hive of scum an' villainy. An' the crabcakes aren't bad either!
    • Later, once Jack has been saved and they start competing to see who will row, one of the many events they do is a high-jump contest. Cut to the Scotsman leaping ridiculously high... only to see Jack sitting on a branch just out of his reach.
      Jack: (smug smile) Jump good.
      The Scotsman: Yeah, yeah...
    • The best thing is that this is the only instance in the whole series of Jack acting even remotely smug, so it's obvious that he's teasing his friend.
    • Throughout the contest, the Scotsman gets more and more frustrated, suggesting increasingly ridiculous ways in which the two of them can test their might (like building sandcastles), until he finally settles on thumb wrestling. Cue an epic thumb war, with lots of buildup, Dramatic Wind, ominous glances and Slow Motion.
    • The Scotsman asks around town to see if anyone can recognize Jack. One of the people he asks is snake charmer... and his snake, too. Also, a baby.
  • "Aku Vs Jack" is so laden with them that it's probably the most compulsively quotable in the whole series:
    • The way the episode begins is hilarious, with Aku speaking on a land-line telephone to get minions to attack Jack. It sounds exactly like he's ordering a pizza.
      Aku: Yes, I would like to place an order for delivery ... Aku ... I think I'm in the computer ... Yes, that's it! I'd like large - huh, what? ... Extra thick! ... Thirty minutes or it's free? Excellent!
    • Aku's minions try to destroy Jack:
      • Round 1: Aku tells an ogre-like minion larger than him (and about five times taller than Jack) to go destroy Jack. The minion roars, then - a split-cut later - is driving a little round car way too small for it out to Jack's location. He tears his way out of his tiny car with a shrug. He roars, Jack merely jumps up and slashes. Cue *boom* and Aku commenting on how stupid that was.
        Aku: STUPID!
      • Round 2: A giant robot begins extending a telescoping chest cannon so long it's basically no bigger than a peashooter when it's fully extended. It's less than a meter away from Jack as it fires... a pea-sized shell which just bounces off of Jack's sword. Cue Jack staring in surprise and the giant trying to regain its former standing posture only to slip, fall and blow up. Aku comments on how stupid it is. Again.
        Aku: Idiotic!
      • Round 3: A huge robot army armed with steel blades and shields march towards Jack as he prepares to fight them off. Cue one of the robots tripping, sending its blade flying through the air and onto another robot, leading to it exploding, destroying and damaging the ones around it, causing their blades to fly off and repeat the chain reaction. This eventually leads to only one bot remaining as it gets near Jack who is still maintaining his ready stance... until another blade ends up in the last robot's back and destroys it. The explosion is just strong enough to blow away Jack's hat. This earns another 'stupid' comment from Aku.
        Aku: STUPID FAULTY UNDERLIIIIIIIINGS!!!! It's just like people say; if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. (suddenly looks very sorry for himself)
    • At one point they cut to Aku while the robot army is demolishing itself, and his silent look of sheer disbelief is so totally priceless.
    • Aku makes an entrance before Jack:
      Jack: AKU!
    • Jack prepares himself for combat, but Aku dismisses the idea:
    Aku: Oh, put that thing away, Samurai. We all know what's going to happen. You'll swing your sword, I'll fly away, and probably say something like, "I'll be back, Samurai!" And then I'll flutter off over the horizon, and we won't see each other for about a week. And then, we'll do the same thing all over again.
  • At the end of "Jack and the Baby," after protecting a baby he found from various horrors (in particular a group of robot trolls who wanted to eat him), Jack finally manages to get the baby back to his mother, who is grateful, but is shocked by the stern scowl the baby now has. Jack apologizes, saying that seeing Jack defeat all those opponents (combined with his stories to the baby about Momotaro) has instilled the spirit of a samurai in the baby, meaning he's stuck like that.

Season Five


  • Pause at the very beginning of the portal sequence in the intro. Look closely at Jack's face, and try and hold in your laughs.
  • Most of Jack's interactions with the Scotsman. Most notably when they're challenging each other at contests to see who gets to row the other back home from a remote island. It all comes down to an epic battle of thumb wrestling.
  • The tenth issue of the comic by IDW Publishing contains perhaps the most hilariously humiliating defeat of Aku yet. While it starts out as being very serious, since it entails Aku invading Jack's mind and devouring his memories to try and make the samurai unable to pose a threat to him, it starts to get funny when Aku tries to devour memories pertaining to Aku's training and starts to fail to defeat Jack in the memories (for better understanding of context, one scene has Aku assume the form of the man on horseback who lost his gold while Jack was practicing archery, and he ends up riddled with arrows). It reaches Epic Fail levels when Aku eventually resorts to attacking Jack in a memory when he was a newborn and is still defeated.