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Jack will become a king and lead an army.
When you look at his future self you can see a gown and a red cape. It is possible that he had been crowned king. The red cape makes one recall the Spartans. So after Jack had freed most of the land from Aku's influence, he gets crowned King. He then proceeds to gather his forces to free even more land from Aku's influence. This causes Aku to retreat until he only has very little influence. Jack then will gather his forces (all of those he had helped, the dogs, the apes, the Scotsman, his wife, the Spartans...) and they prepare for a final attack at Aku's castle. Aku meanwhile does the same, drawing all the villains to him and giving them power upgrades. A battle of epic proportions ensues.
  • However, in the Spartan Episode, the old king explicitly stated that he never saw Jack again and this was on his deathbed. He might have been at most a decade older than Jack when they met (if he's older at all) so unless Jack got thrown forward in time again, it's unlikely that Jack would have returned after the Spartan King died.
  • Jack becoming 'king' and leader of an army made up of friends he made along the way to make a final attack at Aku's castle actually does happen in the finale for the comic, but we don't see how it ends. It's non-canon, however.

Aku‘s counterpart is somewhere in the universe.
She has the same body shape(maybe rounder and softer)as Aku and some of his powers and she‘s made of the same material as Jack‘s sword. She and Aku are the only ones who can hurt each other physically.
  • Wasn't the primordial darkness from which Aku was spawned from harmed by a trio of gods?

The Dogs from Episode 2-3 will play into a crucial point of the movie (if it is ever made)
  • All will appear to have been lost, Aku has won and all the sufferings he has inflicted on the world has finally takgen its toll on Jack's spirit. All that Jack has done will seem to have been for nothing and he will slip into a Heroic BSOD because he feels he cannot make a difference in this Crapsack World that Aku has created and ruled. But then the Dog archaeologists that he met just as he had arrived in the future will appear. They will encourage Jack and remind him that they would still be Aku's slaves were it not for him. They remind him that he did in fact make a difference and that the world in the future is still worth fighting for. This encourages Jack and when he faces Aku for the last time (be it in the past or the future) he declares that "I fight for even the dogs under your reign Aku!"

Samurai Jack is a Future Imperfect retelling of Inuyasha
  • Aku is Naraku, and Jack is a composite of Kagome and Inuaysha. Jack's sword is therefore Tessaiga. As the tale of Inuyasha was passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition, the specific details got lost or mixed-up, and Inuyasha and Kagome eventually merged into a single character. As time further progressed, the credibility of a story involving someone going back into the past to fight demons became lost, but a story about someone traveling into the future from the past to fight robots, while not necessarily more credible, was of greater interest to a society not only becoming more technologically savvy but simultaneously increasingly suspicious of their technological dependence and somewhat pining for simpler times. Thus, a nameless warrior bestowed with the nickname "Jack" sent into the future to fight the robot hordes of Naraku (by now simply shortened to "Aku") who had also become a more exaggerated, simplified version of himself.
    • I like this theory. I'm excited to be a part of it.

Aku is Nyarlathotep.
Aku was created from a part of some kind of Eldritch Abomination that was defeated by various deities. Nyarlathotep is the soul of Azathoth, the blind idiot god. It's hinted that Azathoth wasn't always mindless as he is now, but his current state is the result of being defeated by the Elder Gods. Aku is a shapeshifter. Nyarly has a thousand different forms. Aku takes over the world in the future. Nyarly seems to be plotting his way to world domination and the destruction of mankind. Both are immortal godlike beings, virtually immune to conventional weaponry. However, while the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods are immortal, it would still be possible to destroy Nyarlathotep's physical avatar with a powerful enough weapon. Jack's sword, being blessed by the Elder Gods is a weapon capable of doing this.

Jack is not in the future nor has he ever traveled through time
  • Jack's father warns him that evil's greatest weapon is deceit. Aku in a desperate bid to escape certain doom casts a spell on Jack. Think which would be easier; sending Jack to the future OR making Jack believe he is in a distopian future where failure is the only option. The entire series is taking place within a few seconds after the first battle with Aku, it just seems that long due to Jack's perspective. The entire point of the future "world" is to break Jack's spirit by taunting him with victory only to snatch it away from him at the last second. It's only Jack's determination that makes it appear like good ever triumphs in the dream world Aku painted for him. In a particularly cruel twist, Aku is using Jack's own pride and determination to trap him in this comatose state. As long as Jack is determined to find a way back to the past, he's doom to remain a pawn in Aku's game. Only by giving up the quest and realizing the facade can he escape the spell and awaken to defeat Aku.
    • Alternatively, traveling back in time will represent Jack waking up.
    • A different alternative, Jack could have been under an illusion that, instead of speeding up his perception and lasting only a few seconds, he's viewing his family and friends as enemies from the future, and every time he's attacked Aku with a potentially letal strike, it was an illusion placed over one of his most trusted associates.

The true ending of Samurai Jack...
  • Jack figures out that he's a person from the future who used his latent psychic abilities to make himself a new body in the form of a samurai from his vivid dreams, and also subconsciously created Aku the same way. It ends when he blows up a large city to kill Aku's forces and miraculously survives. Why? Read Ronin.

Jack did not travel through time.
The spell merely put him into suspended animation, possibly in an invisible/intangible state or pocket dimension. Either way, there's no going home for him.
  • Unless... Xiaolin Showdown's history arc was made to provide a crossover ending for the show, and Jack Spicer: Evil Boy Genius is going to use his portal to the past to save the day.
  • The lack of a real time travel would explain the dogs' age meter telling them Jack is from the year 25 B.A. (Before Aku) instead of mistaking him for someone born a mere quarter century ago.

Jack is unconsciously preventing his success.
There have been several opportunities for Jack to get back, but he always ends up staying to help someone else. He's realized that if the timeline included his victory then Aku would no longer be around. Since Aku still exists in the future that mean Jack either failed to ever return or died in the past before he could defeat Aku. Since Jack doesn't want either to happen, he finds ways to justify staying. The scene that shows an older Jack making it through the portal (a vision Jack never got to see) happens after Jack decides to Screw Destiny or someone explains to Jack the concept of alternate timelines.
  • Possibly, he wants to destroy the Aku in this time before he goes back to destroy the one in his home time, just to make sure that the future has hope too.
  • Or Jack knows about Alternate Timelines and therefore thinks going back in time will leave this future intact, so even if goes back and defeats Aku, the Aku in the future will still be alive, so he's waiting to go back until he defeats this Aku first.
  • More grimly, we don't know for a fact that Alternate Timelines are possible in the world of Samurai Jack, and though he isn't a physicist or sci fi buff, Jack may well realize this (at least subconsciously). So, if he goes into the past and kills Aku there, he may end up erasing everyone in the future from existence. Even if it saves millions of people suffering in the present/past, Jack will probably justly feel uncomfortable at the prospect of unmaking everyone he's befriended in the future.
  • Alternatively, Jack doesn't know any of that, but is consciously preventing his success because either a) his success will cause/allow someone else to suffer a fate which Jack could prevent, which he knows he could not live with on his conscience or b) he feels he isn't ready to return: if Aku snatches/destroys the portal at the last second, then it is proof to Jack that he isn't strong enough to defeat Aku in the past. Aku (both past and future), on the other hand, DOES know about the implications of time travel, and is saving the "killing me will negate the future you fought so hard to protect" bombshell for when Jack is about to kill him a second time.
  • Alternatively alternatively maybe—despite all his talk—Jack honestly doesn't believe he can defeat Aku. That "You were prepared to sacrifice. I was not." line fits with this: he doesn't want the monks to die to send him back unless he's damn sure it won't be in vain.

Jack is Aku.
What, don't look at me like this! There's a possibility that Jack got corrupted by himself, thus, creating a Time Paradox and putting so many different timed and placed characters in an unique setting. Jack/Aku just had ripped the fabric of Time and Space apart, somehow or another. First hint is his true name never being revealed. Maybe The Scotsman went through some rip and is the true hero, as he'll save Jack from being corrupted through Power of Friendship.
  • This unregistered troper went to this page expecting to see just that. He was not displeased. I think that maybe Aku is Jack Evil-Side (that was created by Aku in a episode). Maybe when Jack walks through a portal (or before that), he will be divide into two forms. He "normal side" and his "evil side". While his "normal side" manages to return to the past to defeat Aku, his "evil side" manages to return to the beginning of time (maybe by the use of some really powerful Black Magic and turns into the giant black mass that is shown in the beginning of the story.
  • Alternatively, Jack is an alternate universe Sentry, and Aku is his Super-Powered Evil Side, the Void.
  • It's also possible that Jack will get back to the past and defeat Aku, whose last evil act will be turning Jack into a New Aku, who'll be the one who created the Bad Future. New Aku's actions through the series were his way to be sure Jack will get back to the past to become him.
  • As showcased in the Season 5 trailer, Jack cannot die of natural causes. He's not human anymore. He's become immortal thanks to time-travel, even when he grows a beard. There were two episodes that focused on the Samurai's evil side, the second was born of a direct infection from Aku. Jack's story is basically a story as old as time: the eternal struggle against your own inner demon.
  • His existence as the evil one is a Predestination Paradox. Travelling forwards in time is easy, travelling backwards, is dangerous. If he succeeds in getting to the past, he'll cause a Time Crash, Jack will become a chaotic mess that the gods have to deal with in the beginning of time. And his remains impact Earth, destroying the dinosaurs, causing untold misery and suffering and, oh man, this troper is getting depressed just thinking about the profound implications of this WMG.
  • His father's impact on him cannot be understated, as a chaotic mess he was unable to take on a monstrous form, until his father attacked him. And to top it off, the magical sword is a manifestation of Jack/Aku's father's love. His father's love for him literally is the only thing that can hurt him.

Aku is the Unreliable Narrator of the series.
In one episode, Aku reads fairy tales to children concerning some of Jack's adventures. Why not the whole series? Nothing else about it makes much sense.
  • It makes enough. Enough to suspect that it's a better storyteller than Aku: the kids. AND THEN THEY FIGHT!
    • Possibly, he is reading the story after he's been defeated, and is being self-depreciating.
  • Maybe the comedy episodes are told by Aku to the children and then the more serious episodes are told by the parents to their kids as a way to give them hope to the future. The adults know that there isn't a strong enough warrior to defeat Aku, but they can't say that to the kids so they make up stories using the warrior from the stories. That's also the reason Jack never manages to go back to the past. Because if the parents told the kids that, then they would be wandering "Why isn't the Great Big Fun Leader Aku destroyed?" which would make the kids know that their parents are lying about the whole thing.
    • So, in the show's reality, Jack doesn't even exist, he's only a legendary/mythical hero made up by the enslaved population and mocked by Aku? Hey, I like this.
  • I've been wondering about this for a while and find it pretty likely. Just think about it... The whole series begins with the rebirth of Aku. He tells the opening narration. Jack, his entire family and friends don't even have names because Aku simply doesn't care about human rubbish like individuality. Even if he doesn't actually telling the stories to someone, the events could be seen from his viewpoint. This seems to be more likely to me because it could explain why do we see Jack as a positive hero: even if Aku lies about him to the children, he cannot lie to himself.
  • Or alternately, He DID send Jack to the future, he just hasn't arrived yet. Aku is telling stories of a legendary hero predestined to arrive in order to crush them completely when he kills Jack when he arrives...only it'll backfire and give Jack an army ready, willing, and able to help bring Aku down.

Jack can't return home until he's defeated Aku in the future.
If he returns to the past and defeats Aku there, the future will likely still exist as an alternate timeline, to be tormented by Aku for eternity. Jack will not be allowed to travel back until he destroys Aku in this time too, to give hope to the future as well as the past.
  • Alternatively, Jack will only be allowed to return home once Aku is dead simply because Aku won't stop finding new ways to screw Jack out of reaching a working portal until one of them dies.
  • Alter-alternatively, by Jack killing Aku in the future, he will have no problems defeating Aku in the past, as Aku's powers and influence seem to have gotten stronger over time. In other words, Jack killing Future Aku means he'll defeat a stronger opponent than Past Aku, thus Past Aku won't be as hard as a fight as his Future self - basically, Aku will, himself, have accidentally given Jack the training he needs to beat him in the past. Yeah, Mind Screw I know.
    • Not so far fetched. DBZ's Future Trunks did the exact same thing. By the time the Cell Saga was done, he had enough power in his own time to effortlessly dispatch Androids 17, 18 and Pre-Transformation Cell. Jack will know all of Aku's best tricks before he does. Maybe the sword was forged with a mental suggestion that Aku send his foe fwd, and the slashing transmitted the suggestion. Odin and his homies know how to play Aku.

A Complete Monster will be introduced into the series.
This being could be a God of Evil that unlike Aku, who was born from evil, CHOOSES to be evil. Naturally, a villain this vile would make Jack absolutely livid.

Jack's sword is a nexus of Spiral Power.
Even gods needed to use something within the human spirit as raw materials. By extension, Aku is related to the Anti-Spirals. Then there's Robo-Samurai...
  • Why does using spiral energy lead to Aku being associated with the Anti-Spirals? Although I can certainly see generating enough spiral energy to destroy him attracting their attention...

Aku is the spawn of Erebus
In the backstory, Aku emerges from a great darkness. The previous rulers were the Titans. Erebus in Greek mythology was the primordial darkness. It makes perfect sense. Of course, this means that it is likely false...

Jack is Insane
Jack was never sent to the future. Rather, he was born in the future, and being one of the best warriors in the world, decided to create a persona with which to fight Aku. However, living in the dystopian future has driven Jack completely insane, and caused him to believe his own back story as a way of disassociating himself with a reality he hates. The rest is history.

Jack never Existed
The entire series is a series of stories told by the parents of the children in Aku's future to give them hope. Jack never existed, and Aku rules unchallenged forever.

Jack will be battle his way Backwards in time
It goes like this: Jack ended up finding a way to go into the past, but only a few hundred or thousand years. With a so long to go back, he will be forced to defeat Aku each time, slowly removing the stain of Aku as he goes until he can destroy him at the source, appearing in the time when Aku was either an unthinking darkness or trapped in the tree.

Aku is made of Chemical X
Also Jack is one of Professor Utonium's ancestors.

Continuing from the above, Mojo Jojo is Aku reincarnated
The Chemical X that mutated Mojo came from a sample of an already slain Aku. Both have a black and green color scheme as well as a Japanese accent.

Jack's sword is a zanpakuto
Why the hell not?
  • The ending:
    Aku: "And now, foolish samurai, your journey homeward ends!"
    Jack: "That is correct. Expunge the inky stain of darkness, Hikari. Bankai. Tenshi no Hikari. Tsubasa no Yamigoroshi."
    *giant sphere of light wipes out all Akus that ever existed*

The ending of one episode is out of chronological order...
Which episode, you ask? The one where he learns to jump good. The episode ends with Jack jumping into the air, to attack Aku, who is holding what looks like a portal to the past. Ok, I know it's unlikely that by the end of the series, Aku won't know about Jack's ability to jump good...but damn it, I want to believe we have a canon resolution to the series.
  • Actually this would make a lot of sense, I don't think Jack ever displayed the ability to jump good after this episode...I think you might be right.
    • Actually, the Tribe of Jump Apes are mentioned in the season 4 episode in which Aku literally infects Jack, and there's an obvious Continuity Nod to them in the season 4 episode in which Jack and the Samurai compete, where Jack easily covers in a single bound a huge distance and replies that he knows how to jump good when the Scotsman asks if he can fly.

Jack won't return to his own time
Assuming we get the movie this time, Jack will have two options He can return to his own time and fight Aku, or he can fight Aku in the present. At first, he'll be on his way to do the latter, but will realize that either A) the future world he's currently living in will still exist, and that Aku, having learned this, will actually change his mind about time travel, and ENCOURAGE Jack to do this, or B) The future world will cease to exist, as will all the people he helped, some of whom will never even have evolved due to the lack of Aku. Ultimately, he'll decide that, however tragic the enslavement of his people, and Aku's reign over Earth may have been, they aren't worth abandoning/sacrificing the future for, and he'll ditch his last chance to go to his past to have an epic final battle against Aku, and completely destroy him. The last clip we'll see is Jack's allies celebrating the defeat of Aku, and Jack smiling sadly, and walking away. Cue tears

Aku is Chase Young is Him
After Aku sends Jack into the future, Aku starts gleefully taking over the world but for what ever reason will take on a diferent form and start calling himself Chase Young. Why? Who knows, maybe he get's bored so takea a new form or maybe he becomes someone diferent depending on who he is fighting, the Japanese get Japanese monster (This Troper knows very little of Japanese mythology), Xiaolin Monks get Chase Young, Christians get Him. Regardless, what I am trying to say is that many shows (preferably just Cartoon Network ones) are all linked by one super natral monster. Aku/Chase/Him.

Samurai Jack is a graphic novel written by Buttercup and drawn by Bubbles after they grow up.
It would explain the previous reference to Townsville and the Talking dogs in the beginning, Jack's similarity to Professor Utonium, and why Aku seems like Chemical X personified. And if Bubbles was drawing, it would explain why every enemy Jack cut was a robot, and makes a lot of sense with the silent episodes as when the two had creative differences.

Aku will transform into the Eldritch Abomination seen in "Birth of Evil".
He will restore himself as the nameless evil that was destroyed by the gods eons ago. Only this time he will have a conscience and grow powerful enough to defeat the gods themselves.

Aku is active during the Powerpuff Girls' time, and is the ruler of Monster Island
So we know from that there's an actual place called Monster Island. Said island is, in fact, the PPG's version of Japan, still ruled by Aku, who has somehow been constrained to its borders since he conquered it in Jack's time. So, for the time being, he makes do creating monsters and sending them to do battle in the outside world, waiting for the moment for the stars to be right or something along those lines. Eventually, as we can see from the ruins of Townsville in Jack's first episode, it does.

Jack will stop Aku in the Future and Past
But he'll learn that there are hundreds, if not thousands of alternate dimensions. Driven by his desire to ensure that no one ever suffers Aku's terror, Jack will find a means to endlessly travel time and space, fighting Aku for all eternity. Yea, definately a bit of a downer ending, but it would show how bad ass Jack is if he were willing to sacrifice any chance of peace just to ensure that Aku never exists in any dimension.
  • Jack's not immortal
    • You say that like he actually cares. If he realizes his own mortality, he'll find a successor, or have a son.
    • Besides, this is Jack we're talking about. He can jump good and fight armies and only get a little winded. Who's to say that Jack might not be able to live to be a Bad Ass Grandpa whose Really 700 Years Old?
    • Potentially canonically possible, even, given Jack and the Monks - one of the monks from his own time manages to survive until Aku's future through sheer spiritual adeptness.
  • I could agree with the first idea, only a little bit TMNTized. Jack will find Aku prime, where Aku is the original form of himself, and through all the powers he has obtained will destroy Aku with his sword. The reason he remains to fight this particular Aku is to test his ability with the most powerful foe he has ever faced, so that he can be a steel trap when it come to Aku prime.

Time travel double time!
Jack will travel back in time to just a few minutes before he is sent forward. Then past jack and future jack will team up against Aku, where he will manage to send past jack to the future
  • Wouldn't that fuck with his memories of when he was sent to the future? Way I see it, that could happen, but then Future Jack will return to the ruined future note  that he fought so hard to protect, and his only reason for returning to the past was to create a timeline that had a shining future.
  • That wouldn't be a Stable Time Loop, because it would be different than what happened in the original timeline.

Aku is the personification of all primal fears
It's obvious.
  • GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS symbolizes the fear of extreme heat and fire itself. Almost any being of an intelligence above that of a bug realizes that fire is dangerous, and automatically fears it.
  • The dark, opaque body represents the fear of darkness and the unknown. Intelligent life forms are usually wary of being trapped within the dark, completely defenseless and unwary to any threats.
  • Aku's penchant for grabbing things in his massive claws resembles the innate fear of being trapped in a small, restricting space.
  • Aku's mouthful of teeth and many forms symbolize the fear of large, powerful beasts with massive claws and rending teeth.
  • His magic powers represent the fear of beings much, much more powerful than you, and of mysterious nature. Think of the fear that, say, a native American felt when a colonist or soldier shot him. To him, this humanoid that looks kind of like him, but at the same time entirely different, just pointed a metal stick at him, releasing a massive noise, a cloud of smoke, and an immense feeling of pain within the poor native's body.

Jack has in fact traveled through the portals
But with Aku being a trickster not one has successfully sent him to the correct time, and most simply sent him to different places not far in time to let Aku prepare better. This is a pretty optimistic view of the series meaning jack has beaten Aku more times than what we have seen.

Aku will be killed by a Combined Energy Attack
Jack, in the final battle, will call for aid from everyone he's befriended in the entire series and lead them into a Final Battle with Aku (makes sense as they can help make sure Aku can't escape this time and deal with his minions). During the final battle, Jack is nearly defeated but all his allies (or possibly the entire planet, odds are Aku would broadcast the battle to the entire world to crush them if he won) transfer their rightious spirit into the sword (which was forged from rightiousness, thus can be powered by it). Jack then uses it to completely obliterate Aku in one attack.

Jack will return to the past...after training the Scotsman to kill Aku
The Scotsman is Jack's equal with a holy sword as well. So he teaches the Scotsman everything he knows to give him an even better chance and allowing him to destroy Aku once Jack returns to the past, giving the future a hero.

Aku won't be killed in battle but instead suffer a Villainous B.S.O.D.
Jack realizes physically attacking Aku can't destroy him, but figures out a way to copy his moral personality into Aku. With a conscious, Aku suddenly is overcome with guilt for several eons of causing pain and suffering across the universe and begs Jack to finish him off. Seems like something jack would do.

Jack's father actually made things better instead of worse
Alright, Jack's father is the one who gave Aku sentience and a physical form, yes. But while this may seem like a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, it may have actually changed the situation for the better. Think about it, the formless evil that became Aku was slowly spreading out from where it landed, consuming all in its path, possibly consuming the entire planet if given enough time. By giving Aku a physical form, it changed Aku's intent from destruction of everything to conquest. Yes, the world under Aku's rule sucks, but at least it can support life and people, and animals, have somewhat adapted to it. Along with that, Aku's new form is fightable, dangerous and powerful, but something that can be outwitted and fought instead of simply destroying everything in its path. So despite apparently worsening the situation, Jack's father may have in fact improved it.

Aku's humanoid form is simply a type b Shapeshifter Default Form
He remains in it because its easier and he can maintain control. His true form has a drawl back that makes it not a good idea (like losing the sentience he obtained from Jack's father's arrow) and he's saving it for a One-Winged Angel transformation in the final battle (if we ever see it).

Ikra is not another personification of Aku, she is Aku's daughter
She is Jack's opposite, not unlike Ying and Yang. She is both good and evil, she got the evil from her father and the good from her mother. In fact, Jack has to turn her against her father in order to finally defeat Aku. She may even be Jack's soulmate.

If the show continued, Jack would have been a Tragic Hero
Also, his weakness, his fatal flaw, would be a love of the fairer sex. In at least one episode, Jack was almost stolen away by a beautiful fairy woman. In the same episode, multiple enemies came and Jack took care of them easily, but the beautiful woman he almost fell for. I also recall another episode featuring a female bounty hunter who almost seduced him. If the show continued, Aku would have taken the form of a beautiful woman to trick Jack.
  • Unless I'm misunderstanding something, that's already happened in Season 1.

The Scotman's name wil be revealed in the movie.

The Scotman's sword is Excalibur.
It sort of makes sense, as the Scotsman is from Britain and wields a magical sword, and he is quite worthy of using it.

Aku took over/made the Instrumentality
The dogs in the first episode are Underpeople, and many places Jack visits are taken from different eras.

"Jack" is in purgatory
He will never make it home, but will forever being haunted by it's closeness, being literaly in his grasp (the episode where he rescued a fairy, from a gargoyle, that could wish him home).
He can never be killed, he's forced to walk an eternity as an invincible person constantly wanted by the authorities (the episode where his own sword could not be used to kill him, in the hands of evil.
His god is vengeful for him letting AKU go. I beleive it will all end with his god picking him up on the final day of his purgatory, and hurling him for eons more into time where he will land before The Great and Powerful AKU, stripped of his defenses and skills, and will be used how his new lord sees fit.
  • And yes I do admire AKU, his color sheme, his voice, his wretchedness. If anyone should enslave the human race I'd be glad for it to be him.

The Scotsman's Wife is a descendant of Amy Pond.
It explains so much.

The Eldritch Abomination that Aku was a piece of was Amatsu-Mikaboshi.
Because that would probably make the battle even more epic.

Da Samurai is in fact Afro Samurai.
This means that Justice and Empty Seven either serve Aku, or else are being manipulated by him, and (no surprise) the video game is Canon Discontinuity.

Jack is in fact in Phyrexia.
A world of machines that bleed oil ruled by an ancient evil?

The Scotsman is in the same situation Jack is.
Either shortly before or shortly after Jack first attacked Aku, the Scotsman attacked and nearly defeated Aku with his magic sword. To avoid defeat, Aku simply threw the Scotsman into the same future Jack is. Since his machine gun leg is a somewhat modern weapon, Scotsman might have gotten his leg removed and replaced while he was in the future.

When the movie is finally completed, in the finale, Jack's real name will be revealed to be Mako
Because that would be just too perfect an homage to give the late actor who voiced Aku so spectacularly.

Episode LII is a troll episode.
Not just because Jack fights trolls in that episode, but that this is a case of a Trolling Creator. The penultimate episode, fitting for the end of the series, is a flashback of Jack's childhood, particularly how he learned to fight some truly serious enemies. The final episode, on the other hand, is about finding a baby's parents. The first half of the episode is annoying due to the baby crying shifting into an out-of-nowhere telling of Momotaro, the second half is a series of unrelated events, and the ending is a non sequitur with Jack acting Out of Character, having surprisingly little concern over the baby or his mother. Over the course of the episode, Jack takes more damage from a random deer in the forest than from fighting the trolls or the bounty hunter. The very last shot of the series is the baby yelling, "Momotaro!" as a Battle Cry. This episode feels so unfitting as a final episode (and Cartoon Network made it no secret that this is the end of the show), it had to have been intentional.

Greg Baldwin will replace Mako as Aku's voice actor if they make The Movie.
He's the natural go-to choice, being Mako's understudy. Baldwin knows how to replicate Mako's unique voice patterns, and he did a fine job as General Iroh in the final season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Anyone else is preposterous, really.

Aku is the ancestor of the Uno family from Codename: Kids Next Door
To see that his bloodline continued, Aku had a child with a mortal woman. This bloodline eventually produced Grandfather, who had his sons, Benedict (who also inherited dark powers) and Monty (who's soul was too good to gain the same dark powers). This means that when he gets older (knowing KND, probably 13) Nigel will have the same abilities.

The Scotsman is the Chosen one to go through the portal
Yeah I know, but wait one second. Let's list what we know.

A: Chosen one not Jack B: Aku, who was given life by Jack's Father has some reason to want the Scotsman dead. C: The Scotsman is from the future, Jack is from the past and now in the future.

So Jack stays as a hero in the future while the Scotsman leaves for the past to save it.

All English speech in the series is the result of Translation Convention.
While it's never made clear just how far into the future Jack has traveled, it appears that the amount time is at least over a thousand years. Jack never seems to have problems with the expected language barrier. There are a few episodes, such as "Jack in Egypt", that indicate Jack knows multiple languages, one would expect that any language he knew would be incomprehensible to anyone in the future he was sent to.

The answer to this is that since Aku is originally from Japan, he spread the use of Japanese throughout the Earth as he took over the world, similar to how countries like Britain, France, and Spain historically spread their languages as their empires grew.

The homogeny of language also means that lingual drift would occur very slowly or almost not at all. Japanese as Jack knows it and the Japanese of the future has very few differences in terms of intelligibility. At worst his speech might sound a bit archaic to some in the same way some one speaking English from the 16th-17th century would sound to a modern speaker.

The astronaut with the purple helmet from "Jack in Space" (S1-Ep 5) is Dexter!
Short, glasses, Russian accent, smart, purple helmet->purple gloves. Didn't anyone else get that vibe? And I think there was another guy there (green helmet, I think) who might have been his friend Douglas.
  • This Troper personally thinks the scientist from "Jack and The Ultra-Robots" is the adult Dexter. The scientist, who name is Exdor (say it out loud), is short, wears green goggles similar to Dexter, and creates a power arm that looks very similar to Dexter's other creations.
There are three timelines
The first timeline occurs when Samurai Jack fights Aku the first time, imprisoning Aku in a tree again. This creates a world much like in the Ben 10 universe, where magic exists, but isn't seen often (for a given definition of 'often'). The second, is the one we see, where Jack goes to the future and beats Aku, then goes to the past and beats him again(It's a Foregone Conclusion). In that one, he splits Aku into two entities; His eternal evil and his unlimited power. His power turns into a form reminiscent of his origins, which is a black sludge that constantly changes, while his evil consciousness takes a vaguely (if grotesquely deformed) human form. This creates the 'Cartoon Universe', the universe in which the Cartoon Network cartoons take place, and is the origin of everything that can't be explained, literally making Aku the The Wizard That Did It.

The third universe occurs in the unlikely event Jack dies, and basically looks like the future world we get to see, but much bleaker.
Aku hates himself
Bear with me here. While it's hard to believe that the ultimate embodiment of evil and darkness who has so much power at his disposal could possibility possess self loathing, many moments in the series seem to suggest that Aku is not only battling Samurai Jack but also himself. Many instances where Aku had the upper hand and could have ended Jack's life and come out victorious are constantly thwarted by his own evil nature. For example, there were so many ways Aku could have disposed of Jack when he arrived in the future. Being the ruler of the fricken world and surrounding space, he could have easily gathering the largest army he could find and shoot down the culture shocked Jack while he was at his most vulnerable, tiring him down until he could no longer fight back. Even better, he could have convinced Jack that the future he was sent in is an illusion and trick him into endangering and killing innocents so that when the truth is revealed to him, he will be sent straight into a Despair Event Horizon. Yet he doesn't do this - by the time Jack makes it to his destination, Aku is just lying on his throne doing nothing but engaging in bits of petty evil here and there with a look of stern boredom on his face, almost like he was waiting for someone to arrive and challenge him. No matter how much he tries he just can't keep himself in check. His self aggrandizement and spite is almost like an addiction he can't kick off. Evil is often shown incapable of love, kindness, or mercy, so if Aku is made of evil, then he probably shouldn't expect his own evil to treat him in that way either, such as allowing Jack to defeat him by exploiting his sadistic tendencies. He probably knows deep down that he's deliberately making himself miserable, but his vileness prevents him from being consciously aware of it and may even try to thwart such awareness if he were to reach an epiphany at some point in his eternal life. And even if he did reach that epiphany, like Tzeentch he would probably be instantly wiped from existence since he would have no more purpose to do evil, even for it's own sake.

The baby from "Jack and the Baby" will grow to be Jack's sidekick
Or at least, will want to be Jack's sidekick. Jack might not want him to be since his way is a path of pain that must be taken alone and it leads to him rejecting him. The now grown man will either continue to try to win Jack's approval by trying to impress him which either lead to him being seriously hurt or Jack taking him under his wing due to feelings of slight guilt of the baby losing some of his innocence when Jack rescued him.

Jack's father is the emperors Tenji, Kobun e Tenmu, and Jack's mother is empress Jito
Because Tenji and Jito moved the capital from Asuka to Otsu and then from Asuka to Fujiwara-kyo, events that could be explained with Aku's attacks. Jack's father appearing with three different names is due Aku's reign after the first attack making a mess with the records.

Aku is a result of a experiment of the Incubators from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Aku is an attempt of incubators to create a witch from dark matter in space. Seeing the result as a failure, Odin, Ra, and Vishnu, which were actually high-tech nanotech suits by the incubators, banished Aku. However Aku's pseudo-grief seed managed to find itself to Earth causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Fast forward in time, the site where the pseudo-grief seed landed became ancient Japan and gradually created an imperfect barrier which enveloped a forest.

The incubators later provided Jack's father some nanotech technology in a bid to vanquish Aku but it awakened the witch Aku which finally revealed its humanoid form. Jack's father was able to seal Aku in a tree using a sword enhanced by Incubator nanotech. Aku was later freed by a solar eclipse. Jack himself later fights Aku and nearly defeated the witch. Aku sent him to the future (using the same magic, ahem technology which enabled Homura to travel time. where Aku has enveloped the Earth in a barrier where the witch rules supreme.

Jack will be able to go back in time and defeat Aku. The incubators will then continue to research on how to combat enthrophy and they will find a much safer and more reliable way shortly: through the magical girl system

The birth of Aku is a "fixed point in time"
Jack can never return to the past to defeat Aku because the events depicted in "The Birth of Evil" are so important to the future history of the universe that altering them in any way would cause reality to break down and come to a halt. Jack's constant failures at using the available portals to return to the past are merely the universe's way of protecting itself and maintaining order. Even the Guardian's portal will probably fail somehow, in the end.

Jack will seal Aku within himself.
The last time Aku was fought, Jack's father was only able to weaken him and have him sealed, but not for very long. Given all the damage Aku has caused each time he's come back, Jack would seal Aku within himself, prepared to keep him in check for all eternity if it's required. This would also play into the names of both characters: Jack + Aku = Jaaku, the Japanese word for "evil".
  • This sort of already happened in one episode, when a piece of Aku got inside Jack and infected him, slowly transforming him into an Aku clone. It doesn't sound like a good idea to repeat this incident with a similar idea.

Why the Minions of Set are immune to Jack's sword.
Jack's sword was forged out of the power of his father's righteousness and spiritual purity. It was created specifically to destroy Aku, the Shape-Shifting Master of Darkness, a being whose physical body is literally a semi-solid mass of unspeakable evil. It is the only thing in the universe that can truly harm and eventually destroy him. Otherwise, he is completely invulnerable. Strong enough attacks can drive him back, but they will never hurt him like the sword can. The Minions of Set, despite not being as powerful over all as Aku, are completely immune to the sword's effects, only being stunned for a few moments before fully regenerating. They must have some truly immense magical protection backing them up to pull off a feat like that when the universe's ultimate evil can't even be touched by it without being burnt away.

The answer lies in their differing origins. Aku is the fragment of an eldritch abomination that arose in the ancient universe. A truly colossal mass of pure, formless evil, an unnatural intrusion into this universe, anathema to creation itself. Nobody knows why it appeared; perhaps it created itself. That may sound impossible, but as Jack's father said, "evil finds a way". The Minions of Set on the other hand, despite their completely unrestrained evil and brutality, are legitimately divine beings, created by an actual god of the Samurai Jack universe. They are on a completely different level than any other enemy Jack will ever face, and being divine, would naturally be unaffected by the sword regardless of their intentions or behavior.

Jack's real name is Ieyasu
Just for Fun. But from what we've seen of his good deeds in Aku's future and the vision that showed him leading an army, it seems Jack is destined to unite the broken world and topple the oppressive Aku. Why shouldn't he have the same name as the man who finally unified Japan?

Jack's real name is never told for protection against magic.
One of the biggest questions about Samurai Jack is Jack's real name. Though this troper has no clue what it might be, I can suggest one reason it's never brought up: Protection. In a lot of fantasy and mystical tales (like The Kingkiller Chronicle), masters of magic often point out that knowing a person's name can grant a greater magical influence over them, like being able to influence their mind or control their body to afflict harm on itself, sometimes even to death. Jack's parents, being aware of this, never mention his name aloud when he's living with them (referring to him only as 'my son') so nobody else would know his name, and though Jack himself likely knows his name, he still keeps it hidden out of fear of Aku having greater influence over him. He's not invulnerable to Aku's dark magic, but it's an added protection that allows him to resist Aku's magic more than any other human being.

Jack's real name is never told for protection against a Death Note.
Going off the theory above, another reason Jack never reveals his name is because he's afraid of Aku using a Death Note against him. Aku himself actually could be a fallen God of Death; he's immaterial like them, enjoys screwing with people's lives, and seems immune to nearly every weapon. After coming to Earth, he amassed more mystical power and became the Aku we know. Jack's parents, aware of Aku's origin, tell Jack about the Gods of Death and the Death Notes and refuse to call him by his true name so that no subjects of their kingdom can let slip Jack's true name and risk their kingdom's survival. When Jack is flung to the future, he continues to keep his name hidden because he's still worried Aku has a Death Note that can kill him, and being the last hope for humanity, Jack needs to be very careful if he wants to survive.

Of course, this brings up the question: If Aku was a Shinigami, why didn't he use his eyes to discover Jack's name whenever he was around him? I think there's three possible reasons: One, Aku's acclimation of magic power forced him to sacrifice some elements of his being in order to gain further powers like shapeshifting. Perhaps he had to give up his Shinigami eyes in order to get these powers. Two, he lost his Death Note when he came to Earth, so he knows Jack's name, but just doesn't have the ability to kill Jack now. Or three, the most likely if this theory is true, he just likes screwing with Jack a lot and wants to torture him with as many near-returns to the past as he can before he grows tired of it. Killing with a Death Note would be 'too easy' and would take the fun out of it, so he keeps messing with Jack in a sadistically playful way.

  • This theory sounds cool, but Aku is a very different monster, rather than a Shinigami from Death Note.

Theories and predictions for the revived series on the [adult swim] / Toonami block.
  • The opening sequence will be updated. They'll probably keep the original audio from Aku's narration and the theme song, but the artwork and episode clip montage shown will be changed.
  • The show will become Darker and Edgier and Bloodier and Gorier. I know that this isn't really a guess, but more of an obvious prediction that is guaranteed to be confirmed.
    • This has been confirmed.
  • The storyline will adopt a Myth Arc or a more serialized plot structure, eventually leading up to the Grand Finale.
  • Jack will finally return home and/or destroy Aku. Otherwise, why even bother to continue this story?
  • Aku will lose his moral objections about causing direct harm to kids.
  • Jack's real name will finally be revealed.

One of the new season's episodes will be a crossover with Korgoth of Barbaria.
It's another project that Genndy Tartakovsky worked on, it was intended to become a full show on [adult swim] (though that sadly never happened), and Toonami even aired it as a Daylight Savings Time treat. With Samurai Jack now premiering on [adult swim] hours, why not?

This series takes place in the same universe as Wander over Yonder.
  • Wander will try to "wanderize" Aku the same way "Tumbleweed" did to Major Threat.
  • Aku will be Lord Hater's idol and send Hater after Jack.
  • Aku will want Wander's hat.

This series takes place in the same universe as the Devil May Cry franchise.
  • Jack will mistrust Dante due to his demonic heritage (as well as being put off by his cocky attitude), but will learn that even demons are capable of doing good.
  • Aku is scared to death of Mundus; as he is far more powerful than he is and Aku finds his actions genuinely horrifying.
  • There will be a battle between Dante and Aku, which features Dante's usual witty comments followed by Aku reacting with annoyance.

A Complete Monster will be featured in the new season.
This series has gotten away with graphic violence on a TV-Y7 rated show, so a monstrously evil villain shouldn't be any different. You can be sure that a character like this will send Jack into a fit of rage.

Everybody Jack has met in the past seasons will make a return to help him beat Aku.
Every single person who has been wronged by Aku will help Jack in some way achieve a plan or goal to finally kill Aku.
  • Happens in the non-canon comic finale.

The dogs will be a big part of the plot to defeat Aku.
Similar to the above theory.

The Scotsman is going to swear up a storm in the new season.
It's easy to see all the hoodlums Jack meets in Aku's future cursing frequently, but the Scotsman seems especially fitting as a pottymouth. Now that the show has an MA rating, who knows what kind of obscene things he's going to say.

The Scotsman will die in Season 5.
If a major protagonist is Killed Off for Real in the new season, barring killing off Jack, the most shocking option left would be the Scotsman.

Aku is NOT pure evil. Well not cosmic evil at least...
The question has come up many times in the past; why did the gods not simply destroy Aku instead of leaving the humans to fend for themselves? They destroyed the being the originally spawned Aku after all, Aku is just the one piece that escaped. The answer is that quite simply Aku is not a being of pure evil anymore.

When Jack's father set out to destroy Aku he brought with him a bow and poison to try and kill the pool of evil that was consuming everything in it's path. Rather then destroy it however he gave it sapience and in effect created Aku. The result is Aku is a being of celestial evil, mixed with the evils of man and the elements of the mortal realm. The very tools used in the attempt made it so. Poison, the tool of treachery that kills in secret. The bow, a weapon of death and destruction that in truth has not left us but had it's core concept refined into modern guns. Fire, the force that can consume all that it touches not out of malice but simply by it's very nature which we still struggle with to this day.

The only way to counter that was of course to forge a weapon made up of the good inside of men that could destroy the evil Aku had become. Thus the holy blade formed from the courage and spiritual purity of humans was made, a perfect counter for Aku being made from the good in humanity and the celestial powers of the gods.

During Season 5, we'll see a Powerpuff corpse.
A skeleton that clearly belongs to Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup, used as a bit of a Shout-Out, Nightmare Fuel, and giving Aku even more rep as a Hero Killer.

It could also work if the skeleton shown has some other calling card of a CN action show. The ruined frame of Megas, an Omnitrix on the wrist, maybe even Octus or Titan.

That demonic entity from episode 35 is yet another shard of the primal evil mass.
Only, unlike Aku, it hadn't been dealt with by humans. Or if it was, the method was different. Maybe an exorcism instead of a poisoned arrow. As a result, instead of a malicious, sentient tyrant born from a poisoned arrow, it's a horrifying spirit with a completely alien mind.

The Daughters don't have individual names.
Or at least people names like 'Sue' or whatever. Either they're just gonna refer to each other as 'Sister' or they have numbers to call each other. Or they never refer to each other at all.

The Daughters are literally Aku's biological children.
He got his nasty on with that She-Aku that's voiced by Grey Griffin or he just conducted some sort of juju to create magic-test tube babies that have his blood or whatever. That kind of thing.

The Daughters are Jack's children.
Either Aku/She-Aku somehow pulled them out of another timeline (and perhaps they're all just the same girl, just from different timelines), one where Jack has a baby daughter (pulling it off like TMNT 2012) or just knocks up some lady and never knows he had a kid with her, Jason Todd style.

The Daughters are just girls kidnapped when they were babies and trained to be assassins. That's it. No plot twists, just that they were indoctrinated to be Child Soldiers.

Aku will have no comedic tendencies in Season 5.
Due to the Darkerand Edgier plot treatment Season Five will be given, Aku will be played completely serious (more like he was in the Pilot for example) and have absolutely no redeeming qualities.

The Guardian and Brobot (one of the punks who named Jack "Jack") are one and the same.
They share a lot of characteristics. Bald, blue, wear sunglasses, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, and prone to usage of slang. Plus, the punks were there when Jack's journey in the future started, and The Guardian is one of Jack's potential last obstacles to finding a way to the past. Y'know, unless Aku did something about that between seasons, but that's neither here nor there.