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    Season 1 
  1. The Beginning: The ancient shapeshifting demon Aku is freed from his imprisonment and razes the lands of Feudal Japan. The warrior who sealed him all those years ago sends his young son sent off to be trained in faraway lands. He returns a grown man and battles Aku with the magic sword that will slay the evil being.note 
  2. The Samurai Called Jack: In his battle against Aku, the nameless samurai is flung untold millennia into the future and finds himself in a strange dystopia ruled by Aku and populated by aliens, robots, and all manner of beings. There, he earns the appellation Jack and encounters a group of talking archaeologist dogs who wish to be freed of Aku's slavery.note 
  3. The First Fight: Having been informed of the samurai's reappearance, Aku sends out a massive army of insectoid robots to defeat Jack. Now, Jack will have to work with his newfound allies and use every skill he knows to earn his first victory against the forces of evil.note 
  4. Jack, the Woolies, and the Chritchellites: Jack's travels in search for a way to return to his own time and undo Aku's dictatorship brings him in contact with the diminutive Critcherlites who ride large beasts called Woolies. The Critcherlites are cruel towards their beasts of burden, but Jack soon finds that the Woolies are not really simple animals.
  5. Jack in Space: Jack encounters a group of astronauts who seek to escape Aku by building rocket ship. They also agree to help Jack return to his time via a lightspeed wormhole. However, Aku's insectoid machine soldiers and orbital defenses means they have little room for mistakes.
  6. Jack and the Warrior Woman: Jack encounters a skilled and beautiful warrior woman while traversing a desert. Both have been told about the existence of a jewel in the sands that will grant wishes to the pure of heart. However, the mystery about the warrior woman has an answer that Jack would be much happier having left unanswered.
  7. Jack and the Three Blind Archers: Jack is informed about a wishing well located in a tower on an island by a Viking warrior who saw it firsthand. However, as the Viking warns him, the well tower is guarded by a trio of sightless master archers. If he is to reach the tower, Jack will have to master fighting against and as a blind warrior.
  8. Jack vs. Mad Jack: As Jack staves off the seemingly endless stream of bounty hunters sent by Aku to destroy him at every turn, Aku begins to realize that he must defeat Jack with a clone of the samurai. So, Aku creates Mad Jack, a replica of the warrior's increasing fury against Aku's minions. Now, Jack must literally face his inner demon.
  9. Jack Under the Sea: Jack is informed by a fisherman about the underwater city of Oceanus, which has a time machine, so Jack dives into the darks depths of the ocean, where he encounters the Triceraquins, the amphibious denizens of Oceanus whose city was sunken by Aku. There, the Triceraquins agree to let Jack use the time machine, but their real plans are far more sinister.
  10. Jack and the Lava Monster: Jack finds a subterranean volcanic labyrinth filled with traps and echoing the voice of somebody beckoning him in. Following it takes him to a monster of lava who demands that Jack must fell him in battle or be slain himself, as the monster is a Viking warrior cursed by Aku to never ascend to Valhalla. Can Jack deliver the Viking an honourable death?
  11. Jack and the Scotsman: While travelling an impossibly long and narrow suspension bridge, Jack meets the Scotsman, a warrior with a bounty on his head as big as his. The two don't get off to a good start, but when bounty hunters manage to bound the two, the greatest warriors in the land will have to put aside their differences to be freed.
  12. Jack and the Gangsters: In a crime-ridden city, Jack befriends a group of gangsters who are planning to steal the Neptune Jewel, a gem capable of controlling water and guarded by elemental spirits, and give it to Aku as a gift. The gangsters are hoping to rely on Jack's skills in combat to defeat the elementals for them, but Jack wants to use the opportunity to fight Aku again.
  13. Aku's Fairy Tales: As word of Jack's amazing feats spreads across the lands and inspires children everywhere, Aku decides to take action. Bringing every child in the capital of his realm to a stadium, he tries to wow them with Fractured Fairy Tales featuring Jack as the villain. Hilarity Ensues.

    Season 2 
  1. Jack Learns to Jump Good: After Aku wrests a time portal away from Jack's reach, Jack encounters a man living amongst a tribe of monkeys able to leap to stupendous heights like they were flying. They agree to teach Jack their ways in jumping and in return, Jack teaches them how to fight against a tribe of apes that constantly raid them.
  2. Jack Tales: In this trio of unrelated vignettes, Jack encounters a giant two-headed worm that supposedly grants wishes, battles a strange family that desires to eat his sword, and gets his hand trapped in a magic orb carrying a wish-granting fairy guarded by a gargoyle who owns the key to escape.
  3. Jack and the Smackback: Jack is captured by slavedrivers who take him to the Dome of Doom, a massive gladiatorial arena where hapless captives are pitted against the deadliest fighters in the world. Separated from his magic sword, Jack must not only survive the gladiators with new tactics, but also escape the arena and free the other slaves.
  4. Jack and the Scotsman II: The Scotsman returns to ask Jack for assistance. His wife has been captured by a demon to be eaten in a stew, and the Scotsman doesn't have the strength to rescue her by himself. So, the two mighty warriors team up once more, briefly stopping at the Scotsman's clan castle where Jack must pass a test of worthiness before they head out.
  5. Jack and the Ultra-Robots: Jack follows a trail of ravaged villages and slaughtered innocents in search of the monsters behind the carnage. The culprits eventually reveal themselves to be a group of robots far advanced than any others and powered not by electricity, but by Aku's evil. The killer machines prove to be far too powerful, but their creator Extor is willing to help Jack.
  6. Jack Remembers the Past
  7. Jack and the Monks
  8. Jack and the Farting Dragon
  9. Jack and the Hunters
  10. Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector
  11. Jack is Naked
  12. Jack and the Spartans
  13. Jack's Sandals

    Season 3 
  1. Chicken Jack
  2. Jack and the Rave
  3. The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful
  4. Jack and the Zombies
  5. Jack in Egypt
  6. Jack and the Traveling Creatures
  7. Jack and the Creature
  8. Jack and the Swamp Monsters
  9. Jack and the Haunted House
  10. Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son
  11. The Birth of Evil
  12. The Birth of Evil Part 2
  13. Jack and the Labyrinth

    Season 4 
  1. Samurai vs. Ninja
  2. Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo-bot
  3. Samurai vs. Samurai
  4. The Aku Infection
  5. The Princess and the Bounty Hunter
  6. The Scotsman Saves Jack Part 1
  7. The Scotsman Saves Jack Part 2
  8. Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess
  9. Jack vs. Aku
  10. The Four Seasons of Death
  11. The Tale Of X9
  12. Young Jack in Africa
  13. Jack and the Baby

    Season 5 
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