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Welcome to the Samurai Jack recap page. For more information on the series, check out the main page. Beware of visible spoilers on these sub-pages.
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    Season 1
"He is stronger than I remember. But no matter. For you see, little samurai, the world is mine! My eyes and ears are everywhere, nothing you do will go unseen! Quest as you may, but we will meet again when I see fit, in the time and place of my choosing! And it is I who shall put an end to the war started in that age long past, Samurai Jack! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

  1. The Beginning note 
  2. The Samurai Called Jack note 
  3. The First Fight note 
  4. Jack, the Woolies, and the Chritchellites
  5. Jack in Space
  6. Jack and the Warrior Woman
  7. Jack and the Three Blind Archers
  8. Jack vs. Mad Jack
  9. Jack Under the Sea
  10. Jack and the Lava Monster
  11. Jack and the Scotsman
  12. Jack and the Gangsters
  13. Aku's Fairy Tales

    Season 2 

    Season 3 

    Season 4 

    Season 5 

Alternative Title(s): Samurai Jack 2017