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Fan Nickname: Professional Wrestling
  • ABC: Anyone (or Anybody) But Cena, referring to when the fans (mainly the older male fans) were getting tired of John Cena, especially in late 2005-2006.
  • Againstus: When The Nexus told John Cena that "You're either Nexus, or you're against us", and Cena debuted the team of Raw superstars that he would lead into battle against Nexus at SummerSlam 2010...well, it's not hard to guess where this nickname for Cena's team came from.
    • It won't be long before people start calling The Corre this too.
  • (The) Albino Warrior - Nickname for the... um... really, really pale WWE wrestler Sheamus. The nickname is also a swipe at the Ultimate Warrior, another performer that WWE fans felt was pushed far beyond his wrestling abilities.
    • Is it? I thought it was just a riff on his official nickname "The Celtic Warrior".
    • Fans have also taken to calling him the Ginger Giant for obvious reasons.
    • Also Lobsterhead, taken from a Mondegreen of his entrance music: "It's a shameful thing, lobsterhead"
      • Being a ginger with spiky hair does not help his cause here either.
      • Which is why his finisher is known to some as the Ginger's Edge.
    • Also, Beaker, thanks to Edge and later, a segment featuring the Muppets.
  • The Anabolic Warrior - Dave Meltzer's nickname for the Ultimate Warrior.
  • Arm-Dragon: Ricky Steamboat when he would use arm drags constantly throughout a match.
  • The Barbie Belt: the WWE Divas Championship, due to it looking like a Barbie doll accessory.
    • Also called the Butterfly Belt, because of the large butterfly adorned on it.
  • Basketball Jones: Batista. Because "basketballs don't hold grudges". Coined by a WrestleCrap induction, and was forced by Triple Kelly, one of the website's writers.
  • The Class of 2002: The five major superstars who debuted in the aforementioned year, namely: Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena and Rey Mysterio Jr. Shelton Benjamin gets thrown in occasionally.
  • Batistwo: New recruit for The Nexus Mason Ryan due to his remarkable resemblance to former WWE superstar Batista. Coined by Chris Jericho.
    • Also, Welshtista.
  • The Belt Bitch: After NXT Rookie Kaval (indy star Low Ki) was stuck with WWE Divas Michelle McCool and Layla El (who proclaimed themselves "co-Women's Champions") as his Pros, he got stuck carrying around their belts a number of times, leading to him getting this nickname.
  • Big Poochie (or Big Lazy) - Kevin Nash in his days as a WCW booker during the nWo era, when he wrote himself into a one-man Spotlight-Stealing Squad. Taken from the appropriate Simpsons episode, especially from Homer's suggestion that "when Poochie isn't around, the other characters should look sad and say, 'Where's Poochie?'" which is what many people thought WCW might as well be when he booked.
  • Big Slow (or Pig Slow) - WWE wrestler The Big Show, whenever he is a heel. Obviously because he was very slow in the ring due to his big size. Sometimes used in-canon by The Rock.
  • The Big Three - In the '80s, WWF, the NWA, and AWA; in the '90s, WWF, WCW, and ECW. These days, it refers to WWE, TNA, and ROH though some fans feel that the term grossly overstates the importance of the latter two.
  • BikerTaker - The Undertaker during his "American Badass" / "Big Evil" runs, where he was most known for riding a motorcycle out to the ring.
    • Also could be named "Mean" Mark Callous since he once wrestled under this name.
  • Bizarro World - The Canadian wrestling fans, due to them cheering for the heels and any Canadian wrestler, whether they're a face or a heel. Coined by WWE Raw color commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler.
  • Blackberg - WWE's Bobby Lashley, due to his physical similarities to Goldberg and usage of the Spear.
  • Black Cena - Darren Young, due to his physical resemblance to John Cena. Became an Ascended Meme when Young mentioned it on an episode of Raw.
  • Black Lesnar - Bobby Lashley again, due to his physical similarities and oddly similar career path with Brock Lesnar.
    • Brock Lashley is another one used for this.
    • Also Choc Lesnar to some.
  • Black Ref - Justin King, the African-American referee that is responsible for most Diva matches in WWE.
  • Bobby Rooooooo - TNA wrestler Bobby Roode, according to the ring announcers. Popularized by Botchamania.
  • Bobcore Holly - WWE's Hardcore Holly. Why? Well, his first name is Bob, and he wasn't hardcore (until he proved otherwise)...
    • Baldcore Holly - Coined by Chris Jericho, due to Holly's noticeably receding hairline.
  • Bootista - Batista was frequently booed out of the arena during his 2014 run for winning the Royal Rumble, not being Daniel Bryan, and being out of ring shape.
  • Bork Laser - Brock Lesnar; this name was coined by Ebenezer Mittelsdorf (AKA sillySUPERPOP, kidlockdmh, or Grim.) in GTS Wrestling as a parody of Brock Lesnar, complete with western accent and a few catchphrases, now used to bypass copyrights on YouTube.
  • Botchtista - Batista had a tendency to botch a lot.
  • Botch Cara - Sin Cara due to his tendency to botch a lot.
  • Bret Clarke - See, Michael Buffer didn't really prepare for his WCW announcing gigs....
  • Brockberg: Brock Lesnar, who many fans felt was being booked as just another Goldberg-style wrestler.
  • Buckwheat - Ex-WWE wrestler Orlando Jordan, due to his noticeable hairstyle.
    • Whoopi - Jordan grew out his hair prior to joining TNA. Coined by D'Angelo Dinero.
  • Carlton - David Otunga, due to his uncanny resemblance to Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • Chef Hardy - Jeff Hardy, due to ring announcer Justin Roberts, and his bad habit of dragging out the pronunciation of Hardy's name a little too long.
    • Shawn Cena - Justin Roberts strikes again!
  • Cena Christ Superstar - John Cena, what with his being all but unbeatable and being pushed like he's the Messiah of wrestling. Was also sort-of crucified during an I Quit match.
  • CeNexus - The Nexus after Cena was forced to join.
    • NexSES - After CM Punk took it over. A reference to Punk's old stable, the Straight Edge Society (SES).
  • The Class Ring / The Super Bowl Ring - Nickname for the new WWE Championship Belt that debuted in 2013 due to its resemblance to a championship ring.
  • Cody Von Doom - Cody Rhodes in his psycho gimmick where he felt his "dashing" face has been disfigured (despite that clearly not being the case) and wore a mask and hood to compensate. In other words, he's become Doctor Doom. Even his mask looks like Doom's made of clear plastic.
  • Cole Miners - Michael Cole fans. Yes, he has fans.
    • Ascended, as Cole himself has used the phrase at least once.
  • Cow Blood / Cow Wood - "Cold Blood" Matt Hardy, due to this unfortunate choice of font in this TNA T-shirt.
  • Cripple H - Triple H, mainly used for the 2001-2005 period when he seemed to suffer a muscle tear every other week.
  • Crispin WAH - A reference to the way Howard Finkel would pronounce Chris Benoit's name.
  • D-Mac - Drew McIntyre
  • Da Dweem / Duthhh-tay - "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, due to his speech impediment, if you weeel.
  • The Dancing Axis Powers - The WCW trio of Disco Inferno (Italian descent), Alex Wright (a German national), and Tokyo Magnum (Japanese). (Disco and Wright were referred to, on-screen, as "The Dancing Fools" and/or "The Boogie Knights". Or, based on a Tony Schiavone slip of the tongue, the "Dancing Dildos," when he supposedly meant to just say "Dodos")
  • Daniel Bryan Danielson - A portmanteau of the American Dragon's real and current WWE ring name due to DBD's (the also-popular acronym for "Daniel Bryan Danielson", by the way) renaming ending up better than most.
    • Bryan Dancingson - DBD has some awesome dance moves, as he demonstrated on Raw one week.
    • Fred Fredburger - YES!
  • The Dark Angel - Justin Gabriel as a member of The Nexus. It's a play of his last name Gabriel, which is a reference to the Archangel Gabriel.
    • And the fact that his original FCW name was Justin Angel, which is probably where his WWE TV name came from.
    • Before FCW he used to be called PJ Black. This may or may not also be relevant to the "Dark" part.
  • Dapper Dave - Batista, so named because his first name is Dave and he often wears sharp pinstripe suits.
    • More commonly, simply "Big Dave", although that's more an in-character nickname bestowed upon him by Ric Flair. The funny thing is that famed wrestling reporter "Big" Dave Meltzer has been known to receive…interesting…e-mails and radio show calls from sadly confused Batista fangirls.
  • Death Rey: Sara Del Rey
  • Double Underhook What-the-fuck-was-that?: The botched attempt at a double underhook suplex by Scott Steiner to Triple H at Royal Rumble 2003.
  • Douchetista: Heel Batista from 2009-2010, when he started acting like a douche. Not exactly a bad thing, as fans were known to remark that "Douchetista is the Bestista."
  • Down South: WCW and, currently, TNA (whose main offices are in Tennessee, but the shows are shot at Universal Studios in Orlando).
  • The Dumbest Man in Professional Wrestling - Sting earned this nickname by literally being booked as the single most Stupid Good face ever.
    • Also can apply to Kurt Angle in 2012/2013 after he unknowingly mentored two members of the Aces & Eights (and was responsible for one getting into TNA in the first place) and failed to reveal who the Vice President of the faction was in time for anyone to do anything.
  • The Dwayne - Refers to The Rock, whose real name is Dwayne Johnson; recently, Johnson moved away from having "The Rock" being included in his name for his acting credits, inspiring the nickname.
  • The 'E - The WWE
    • Also known for a short time as "The Ent" by analogy with its nickname prior to its boneheaded law suit induced name change, "The Fed." Or the "Wweeeee", as analogy to the "Whiff" (try to pronounce "WWF" as a word)
      • Notably, it's not the WWE. It's just WWE. Or 'E, I guess.
    • The reason for this, if you don't know what the E stands for, was prominent in one reprint of Foley Is Good, where it seemed like Mick Foley had written "the World Wrestling Federation" a lot and an editor had hastily gone through the book with Find->Replace in a word processing program to substitute Entertainment for Federation.
  • Easy-E: Then-WCW executive producer and president Eric Bischoff. Also Sleazy-E, owing both to his slimy on-air character and the alleged incident where he and his wife picked up a stripper for a threesome.
  • ECW Sloppy Seconds, ECW So Are We Dating Or What - the second ECW One Night Stand Pay-Per-View.
  • Eddiesploitation - The period of time from his death to Wrestlemania 22 that Eddie Guerrero's death was made such a big deal in the WWE that a wrestling manager who used to know him actually thought it might've been a work. Also applied to whenever Eddie is used as a posthumous plot point.
  • E-jects - The various wrestlers who departed WWE (sometimes against their will) for TNA, and who are, for the most part, very vocal and bitter about their time spent in the WWE (some of them justifiably so, some of them not).
  • Elroy: Crash Holly, after Chris Jericho repeatedly called him that due to his resemblance to Elroy Jetson. He was originally annoyed when fans chanted "El-Roy" at him, but he eventually embraced it.
  • Evan Braun - Ozzy Osbourne's uniquely muddled pronunciation of Evan Bourne's name was adopted by many fans.
  • Fat(t) Hardy/Lardy - Nickname(s) given to Matt Hardy due to his weight gain.
  • Flying Warthog - Bill DeMott (Hugh Morrus, General Rection), owing to his use of the moonsault as a finish and, um, unique appearance.
  • Future Endeavored - What happens to someone in the WWE when they have been fired. Taken from's boilerplate for reporting these events: "WWE has come to terms on the release of {Insert Name Here}. We wish him the best in his future endeavors."
    • It's gotten to the point where Good Ol' JR himself used the term to discuss Charlie Sheen's firing from Two and a Half Men.
    • Ascended Meme, alright. WWE has now started to sell this shirt, and it's been worn on programming on one occasion by John Laurinaitis, who is the on- and off-screen man responsible for those roster decisions.
  • Genesis - The "group" that seemed to have formed on the final episode of season 2 of WWE NXT. After Kaval's victory, the other seven NXT rookies attacked Kaval and the pros. The attacked invoked similarities to The Nexus, so many people thought they would be forming another stable similar to the faction terrorizing Raw at the time. The name "Genesis" came from a promo by Michael McGillicutty, who was the runner up that season and supposed leader of the new group.
  • The Ginger Ninja - Heath Slater, used by those who don't want to call him…
    • Wendy's Chick - A nickname coined by John Cena on an episode of Raw; a photoshop of Slater in the Wendy's logo accompanied it.
  • GoatFace - Daniel Bryan, due to an insult by CM Punk on the June 11, 2012 episode of Raw which became an instant meme on Twitter.
    • WWE took this and ran with it to the max, to the point where goats have become Bryan's Animal Motif and his diving headbutt, for example, has been nicknamed "The Flying Goat."
  • (Triple) Haitch - Triple H, due to William Regal's very English pronunciation of the letter "H".
    • Given that it's very similar to "Naitch," the nickname he coined for his idol Ric Flair, Hunter would probably be pretty proud of that nickname.
  • HBAJ and Shesel - AJ Lee and Tamina as a reference to HBK and Diesel
  • He Who Must Not Be Named, You-Know-Who, Lord Voldemort, Tioneb, Chr*s B*n**t, Chris [Redacted] - The late Chris Benoit, referring to WWE's unwritten rule of avoiding naming or referencing him by any means possible since the Benoit tragedy.
    • The same used to apply to Randy "Macho Man" Savage, given how Vince McMahon had, for all intents and purposes, completely written him out of WWE history. (And let's not get started on an urban legend that turned into somewhat of a meme. Most IWC members know the one.) However, they are doing a little better including Savage on DVDs - he appeared on the Best of Saturday Night's Main Event and the Intercontinental Championship sets, and got a three-disc best-of collection called Macho Madness, and he appeared in an online promo for WWE All Stars.
    • As for the guy this nickname was originally for, oddly enough, he has his own, half-page entry in the recent WWE Encyclopedia. This became, by far, the most notable feature of the encyclopedia.
      • Further subverted when this statement appeared in a History of WWE magazine: "What about the Chris Benoit tragedy? We're two years removed - will there ever be a time when we can acknowledge him as part of WWE history?" Vince's response: "It's not right to pretend he didn't exist. It's one thing to include him as part of a historical perspective, which I believe is OK, and it's another thing to promote him, which is not OK. The situation is very similar to that of O.J. Simpson - despite his controversy, O.J. was still a part of the NFL scene. You can't deny that he existed."
  • (HH)HGH - Triple H; spawned during his year-long injury hiatus, when it became known that his type of quad tear is almost never seen outside of heavy steroid users. The fact that he came back more buff than ever did nothing to quell this.
    • And after coming back from the second of such quad tears, he looked considerably slimmed down.
  • Hoke Hogan/Hoak Hogan/Ho Kogan - Hulk Hogan, from the Ultimate Warrior's odd pronunciation of the Hulkster's ring name.
  • Hoeski - Eve Torres, coined by John Cena when calling her out on leading Zack Ryder to ruin and planning to do the same with him with her feminine wiles. It has become a popular crowd chant.
    John Cena: I lost a Broski for a Hoeski!
  • Idiot and Doofus: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H respectively, following CM Punk's infamous Worked Shoot in the Summer of 2011.
  • Jables, Jibbles - WWE's John Bradshaw Layfield, otherwise known as JBL. No doubt helped by the fact that he had gotten slightly out of shape during the end of his WWE run (When the JBL name started) and was quite jiggly in his ring attire.
  • Jack Thwagger - Mr. Thwagger hath a very notitheable lithp.
  • John Laryngitis - John Laurinaitis, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim RAW General Manager, for his rather rough voice.
    • Has become an Ascended Meme as well, with WWE working it in through one of Santino Marella's funnier Malaproper moments.
    • Laurinaitis's old ring name, "Johnny Ace"; is commonly used as well for people who have trouble spelling and/or pronouncing his last name or are just more used to it.
  • JoMo - WWE's John Morrison.
    • It seems this one might have ascended. If his Facebook is authentic, then he signs his post as JoMo.
      • Melina has used it as a nickname in Twitter posts, so ascension has been confirmed.
    • J-Mo - the original version which Morrison himself coined on his "Mizfits and MOFOs" rap video with The Miz when they were mocking Cryme Tyme.
    • JoMo in SloMo - his slow-motion entrance.
  • Juan Bradshaw Layfield - Alberto Del Rio, whose gimmick is essentially the same as JBL's, as portrayed by a Mexican. Lampshaded by Christian shortly after Del Rio's debut.
  • The Kick-Me Squad, The B-Team: the gang of second-string wrestlers that joined the nWo after they'd been around for a while; the most "notable" ones included Stevie Ray (Booker T's brother), Scott Norton, Horace Hogan (Hulk Hogan's nephew), and Brian Adams.
  • Kobe Johnston - Kofi Kingston, after two separate Raw guest hosts managed to mangle his first and last name. This one is a favorite of the Spoony One.
  • The KoolAid Man: Mark Henry, due to his red ring attire, considerable girth and very deep voice.
    • Used on Raw by Batista. "You'll be alright, KoolAid!"
    • Referenced by Henry himself sometime later. "My heart don't pump KoolAid!"
  • Lacey Von Botch - Lacey Von Erich for her disappointing wrestling ability, despite her family pedigree.
  • La hija del Undertaker - President Ramu aka Kaicho Ramu, a little girl with superhuman strength (she is capable of chokeslamming and suplexing adults) and dark powers, leading fans to joke that she is The Undertaker's long lost daughter.
  • Linda "Miss a Missile Dropkick By" Miles: To Linda Miles aka Shaniqua, after she attempted a missile dropkick and aimed about four feet wide.
  • The Macchiato Mauler - A nickname given to David Otunga since he is often seen with a coffee thermos.
  • Mario - WWE's Santino Marella, due to his outrageous-a stereotypical-a Italian-a accent-a (he's actually Canadian-born, with some Italian blood in his veins).
  • The McMahon-in-Law: Triple H.
  • McRib - Michelle McCool for her extremely skinny figure.
    • Twiggy - Same reason.
  • Meth Hardy - A nickname for Jeff Hardy inspired by his well-known drug abuse issues. (another of many nicknames possibly coined by GTS Wrestling (See Bork Laser above))
  • Midd Cardy - Matt Hardy, due to his inability to get high-profile matches.
  • Mini-Masters - Ex-TNA wrestler Anthony Nese, who looks like he was Chris Masters' twin who was separated at birth.
  • Muta Scale - A ranking on how bloody a match gets. Named after puroresu legend The Great Muta, who was known for grievously bloody matches. Specifically, "1 Muta" is defined as the amount Muta bled during a 1992 match against Hiroshi Hase. Because very rarely is a match bloody enough to warrant a full point, the ratings are typically 0.x Muta.
  • The Mutants / the ECW Faithful - Fans of the pre-revival ECW. A term coined by Joey Styles, for the fans'...well, unusual behavioral traits. Also, individual fans also get nicknames, such as:
    • Hat Guy - A fan who always dressed in Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, and a large straw hat.
    • Kato - A fan who looks like Kato Kaelin, a man famous for being OJ Simpson's house guest.
    • Sign Guy - He had lots of signs. An homeage to him was later incorporated into The Dudley Boys' act as Sign Guy Dudley.
    • Faith No More Guy - He looked like Faith No More lead guitarist Jim Martin.
    • Tie Dye Guy - famous for his loud, tie-dye shirts.
  • The Neverjobber, The Underseller, Nosell McNeverjob - Smark nicknames for The Undertaker, particularly when he's gone a long time without jobbing cleanly (which is most of the time).
  • Nexus Wolfpac - The group eventually named the Corre; which is a reference to when the nWo split, with the defectors were known as the nWo Wolfpac.
  • The Ninja Spot - The moment at the Royal Rumble where William Regal pushed John Morrison off the apron and Morrison saved himself from elimination by hooking himself on the barricade surrounding the ring, tight-rope walked it to the steel steps and then jumped onto to the steps and then kicked William Regal (who just got eliminated himself) right in the head.
    • Sometimes called the "Spider-Man" spot because of a comment by Matt Striker.
  • Nipple H - Stephanie McMahon-Hemsley, daughter of Vince McMahon, real-life (and currently) on-screen wife of Triple H. Stacked like pancakes (to say nothing of when she was pregnant). Term coined by WrestleCrap.
  • Nommy Dreamer - Tommy Dreamer, because of his slightly overweight build. A cross of his name and the OM NOM NOM onomatopoeia for loud eating.
    • Similarly, "Fatty Dreamer", which came about because of a bit from a shoot interview with Scott "Raven" Levy where he out-and-out called Dreamer fat.
  • nXt - Coined by members of the WrestleCrap forums as well as a Michael Tarver shirt, this nickname plays on the supposed similarities between the season one NXT rookies (now officially Nexus) and the New World Order (typeset as nWo).
  • The Orange Goblin - Coined by Inside Pulse's Scott Keith for Hulk Hogan, in reference to the odd tone his skin takes on when he tans (which is all the time).
  • The Orange Midget: Tazz for being short and having orange in most of his outfits.
  • Peanuthead - Teddy Long. Fairly self-explanatory, almost always used affectionately.
  • The Pennies - The WWE Tag Team Title Belts, since they're perfectly round, coppery, and have faces in profile on them, and because of the WWE's perceived low opinion of the Tag Team division as of late.
  • The Platinum Phoenix - The redesigned WWE ECW Heavyweight Championship belt, given the nickname due to its silver plating and the phoenix-like graphic shown prior to title matches.
  • Playboy Push - For a number of years, WWE would heavily push a female wrestler who was set to appear nude on the pages of Playboy (especially if that issue's release happened to fall within a couple of months of WrestleMania).
    • Also applies to TNA, with Traci Brooks' return to television coinciding with her confirmation that she will be appearing in Playboy.
      • Until it was revealed that she wouldn't be in the magazine itself, but on the online version. After the reveal, her push died completely and she once again disappeared from TV.
    • Strangely, it might be said that there is also a Playboy Curse, because every woman who has done so thus far has either been future endeavoured or just left the company (since most of them attempt to use Playboy to get some mainstream recognition, this isn't exactly mysterious).
  • The Power Ranger- WWE wrestler M.V.P., owing to his unusual ring attire, which was designed to cover up a sizeable chest tattoo of Malcolm X. Coined by then-color commentator of Smackdown, John Bradshaw Layfield (at 2006's No Mercy PPV) and later adopted by the live crowds at Smackdown events:
    JBL: I wanna slap that smile right off his face. He hasn't busted a grape. He comes here, calling himself MVP, dressed like a Bud Light can, stole that outfit from a damn Power Ranger, and he walks around strutting IN A RING THAT I'VE BLED, SWEAT, AND BUSTED MY ASS IN!
    • The ironic thing is that the outfit's pretty clearly supposed to be based off the UnderArmor line of athletic apparel, making it literally the most practical wrestling costume in history.
    • At ECW's first PPV "Barely Legal," the before the Michinoku Pro six-man tag team match featuring the Great Sasuke/Gran Hamada/Masato Yakushiji vs. the BWO (TAKA Michinoku/Dick Togo/MEN's Teioh) match, the fans chanted "Power Ranger" at Yakushiji.
  • The Reign of Terror, the Reigns Supreme - The unofficial name for Luther Reigns' finishing move, a modified neckbreaker.
    • Many finishing moves that aren't named by the commentators pick up Fan Nicknames.
    • This particular move also picked up the name "The Indy Neckbreaker" after dozens upon dozens of independent wrestlers and WWE midcarders adopted it as a finisher.
    • Also a nickname in reference to Triple H's 2002-2004 constant title reigns (sometimes spelled as the Reign of Terra, a play on his first gimmick, Terra Ryzing.)
  • RELEASE THE DOVES! - Randy Orton's signature stance/taunt, which usually should be accompanied by Disturbed Doves.
    • Even funnier since WWE released a PPV poster that featured both him and a dove.
  • ROHbots - The Fan Community Nickname for Ring of Honor fans. Also can be derogatory when said by an Anti-ROH fan.
  • Ryberg - Ryback, due to his striking resemblance to Goldberg. Goldback also works.
  • Ryblack - Big E Langston due to the similarities between him and Ryback.
    • Choc Lesnar - Langston's nickname coined by himself on his Twitter.
      • To a lesser extent, Soulberg, due to his similarity to... you know who...
  • Sexodus - The Season 3 rookies of NXT. With the Season 1 rookies forming The Nexus and the Season 2 rookies quite possibly forming a stable called Genesis, it seems likely that the all-Diva season could do the same. A Portmanteau of Sex and Exodus, the second book of The Bible (Genesis was the first); also due to the letter X being featured prominently in both "Sexodus" and "Nexus".
  • Sexy Tarzan - Masato Yoshino. Coined by female fans because he's very attractive and muscular, and he used to have a jungle-man gimmick.
  • The Schoolmarm Of Doom: Ivory, during her stint with Right To Censor.
  • Shao Kahn - Triple H for his more recent entrance costumes for Wrestlemania, notably Wrestlemanias 27 and 30.
  • The Shooting StaRKO - named for Randy Orton's counter of Evan Bourne's Finishing Move, the Shooting Star Press, into Orton's Finishing Move, the RKO.
    • Also termed AiR-KO, which is also pretty badass.
  • Since becoming an Amoral Attorney with ever-present cup of coffee, Otunga's gotten the nicknames, "Attorney At Raw," "Mochiatto Mauler," "Carlton," which Cena lampshaded and this troper's favorite, Folgers Soldier.
  • SIXtune: TNA stable Fourtune, which at its peak consisted of Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Desmond Wolfe, and Beer Money (James Storm and Robert Roode).
    • Later on, the faction would consist of Styles, Kazarian, Storm, Roode, Matt Morgan, and Douglas Williams, with Flair managing, all while being part of a Super Power Stable with Immortal.
    • FIVEtune: Fortune would later drop Williams and Morgan and then Heel-Face Turn away from Immortal, bring the group down to the Four that the name and logo would indicate. This being TNA, they would add Christopher Daniels to the fold anyway just to ensure that Fortune can't actually have four people in it.
      • Fortunately, they tweaked the spelling from "Fourtune" to "Fortune" even before dropping Williams, Morgan, and Immortal so that it wouldn't be such a big elephant in the room.
  • Skittles - Jeff Hardy, owing to his usually multi-coloured hair (and, in recent years, body paint).
  • The SmackDown Six - In 2002, three tag teams (Eddie & Chavo, Edge & Rey Mysterio Jr, and Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle) delivered tag team matches (as well as singles matches) of such a consistently high caliber that they were given this unofficial nickname to indicate their importance to the SmackDown! brand that year. They were the top three teams in the tournament to crown the first-ever WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions.
  • Smark Central - The northeastern United States, particularly Philadelphia, PA and New York City, as the region has the highest concentration of Smarks.
    • Also, to some extent, southeastern Canada.
  • StupidStar - Jeff Jarrett, from an incident in WCW when he mispronounced "superstar" and described himself as "the StupidStar".
  • SPEARSPEARSPEAR - Used to refer to Edge's "ultimate opportunist" gimmick, which usually consists of Edge showing up when an opponent is weakened, looking deranged and ultimately using his finishing move, Spear, on the opponent. What really kickstarted the name was when he suffixed all of his sentences with "spear" in a promo with Chris Jericho. Spearspearspear.
  • Speed Star - Masato Yoshino, since he's very, very fast. Has since become a Red Baron.
  • Spring Cleaning - The period in March and April right around Wrestlemania when there's usually a mass firing of lower and mid-card superstars.
  • Stone Clone - John Cena during his Dr. of Thuganomics days for being a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin expy-of-sorts.
  • Summerfest - SummerSlam, as Jeremy Piven called it while guest hosting Raw.
  • Summer of Suck - WCW in the Summer of 1999 produced some of the worst shows in the history of the business on a weekly basis, courtesy of the Kevin Nash booking regime. To elaborate, Nash believed that the actual wrestling aspect of professional wrestling was passe and regularly presented shows consisting primarily of pre-taped skits. The low point was a particular Nitro where their opening uncontested hour was nothing but skits and segments.
    • As summer turned into fall, Eric Bischoff was sent home from the company and would essentially be replaced by Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera. Normally, this is where we'd say things went From Bad to Worse, but it is debatable that Russo's inaugural run with the company was better (or at least more fun to watch) than the extremely dull shows from the Summer of Suck.
  • Surfer Sting - Referring to Sting in his initial run in the NWA and WCW, where he had short bleached-blonde hair and colorful facepaint/trunks.
    • Crow Sting - Sting's nWo-inspired transformation, and the look he's retained ever since, which was obviously inspired by the film adaptation of The Crow (and allegedly suggested to Sting by Scott Hall). Also referred to as "Sad Mime Sting" by 411Mania's Arnold Furious.
      • Lobster Sting - an unfortunate side effect of the above, as after Sting joined the nWo Wolfpack, he changed the white on his outfit to red... including the scorpions, which now made him look like a mascot for a seafood restaurant.
    • Post-Crow Sting: Sting's character in TNA. Differs from Crow Sting in that, while Crow Sting was completely silent, Post-Crow Sting never shuts up.
      • Post-Lobster Sting: Sting's brief stint with The Band, in which he brought back his black-and-red getup.
    • AnderSting: Mr. Anderson's (May-June 2011) gimmick of dressing up like an odd combination of Surfer Sting and Post-Crow Sting.
    • Real Estate Steve: Nickname for Sting's suit-wearing, make-up less appearance in the Main Event Mafia. Coined by MMA fighter Frank Trigg due to Sting's numerous properties in Trigg's neighborhood. Intoduced by Dave Meltzer after reporting Trigg's meeting of Sting at a TNA pay-per-view.
    • Steve: Nickname for Sting that came from a dirtsheet typo that referred to him as Steve "Steve" Borden and posted on 420chan's wrestling board, /wooo/, where it was popularized. When used, it's often accompanied by a picture of Sting sans facepaint.
  • Swagsuke: New Japan wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura due to his look, odd and spastic movements, Confusion Fu in-ring style, and overall "give no fucks" attitude.
  • Terry Tate: Michael Tarver.
  • tHHHor - A nickname for Triple H, given for a combination of reasons: his preferred weapon of a sledgehammer, the way he's seen by other characters as a sort of minor god of wrestling, how he no-sells most attacks, etc.
    • Not to mention a passing resemblance to the comic book version of Thor, which was played with in his now-infamous WrestleMania 22 entrance.
    • Speaking of his WrestleMania 22 entrance, Triple H has also gained the nickname "Gonad The Barbarian" thanks to WrestleCrap.
    • Triple H was once in the running for the role of Thor in the Marvel movie, as well.
    • The sledgehammer itself has correspondingly been referred to as "Mjolnir."
  • The Tramp Stamp Title — the WWE Divas Championship, as its central motif is a large, pink butterfly that looks like it'd be more at home tattooed on the lower back of a promiscuous woman.
  • Trips - Triple H.
  • Total Nonstop Angle - TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling, given that Kurt Angle was nearly-guaranteed to appear at least once per segment on their programs for a long stretch of their history.
    • Total Nonstop Angles - Referring to TNA's (somewhat diminished since they've moved to two hours) tendency to fill their shows up with enough storyline and angles to take up three shows.
    • Total Nonstop Talking - Ripping on TNA's tendency to have very little wrestling on a show and concentrate on backstage promos and video packages.
    • Total Nonstop Aggravation - referring to the mental state of anyone unfortunate enough to try to sit through one of their shows.
    • TNMMA: Shown up a few times mid-2013, thanks to TNA hiring several current and former MMA fighters (King Mo, Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz) and being forced to shill the hell out of Bellator MMA thanks to a deal between that company and Spike TV.
  • Triple J: Jackass Jeff Jarrett. Even more so in TNA, where he is often compared to WWE's Triple H.
    • Not helped by the fact that he's been doing Triple H's finisher, The Pedigree, on a semi-regular basis since his in-ring return.
    • Also, his father, Jerry Jarrett, basically created the promotion as a starring vehicle for Jeff.
  • The Underfaker: The fake Undertaker that The Undertaker fought at the 1994 ''SummerSlam, real name Brian Harris, better known for his work in Tennessee and ECW as "Primetime"/"Bulldozer" Brian Lee.
  • Undertaker's Dong: The tolling bell at the beginning of Undertaker's theme song. If you want to know why, check the link.
  • Up North: WWE, which is based in Connecticut. Its opposite number in the '90s, WCW, was often referred to as "Down South".
    • Also simply "New York" or "Stamford" in contrast to WCW's "Atlanta", ECW's "South Philly", and later, TNA's "Orlando".
  • Vanilla Gorilla: Brock Lesnar, particularly during his first few months in WWE since he never talked. Became ascended thanks to John Cena.
  • Vanilla Midgets: Originally referring to Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and Perry Saturn in WCW, because of their short stature (by wrestling standards) and their supposed lack of charisma. Coined by Kevin Nash.
  • WadeSlam: When WWE taped a few shows in Mexico, some badly translated spoilers came out with Wade Barrett's Wasteland finisher being Mondegreened into the WadeSlam.
  • WSEF: World Sports Entertainment Federation. This was an insult (usually during the Attitude and InVasion time periods) from people who felt in-ring ability was being ignored in favor of charisma and showmanship.
  • WWECW - The WWE-owned and controlled Revival of ECW.
  • WWE Lite (or Diet WWE) - TNA Wrestling, due to TNA's tendency to push former WWE (or WCW or ECW) wrestlers more and to recycle angles or gimmicks from the WWE ("Black Machismo" Jay Lethal, Stone Cold Shark Boy, etc.), despite their motto, "We Are Wrestling". This motto has since been changed to "Cross the Line".
  • W/WWF/E: A way some fans to refer to WWE's entire existence. It's a portmanteau of WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation), WWF (World Wrestling Federation), and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment/WWE, Inc.).
  • WORST PERSON EVER - Former WWE wrestler Big Bossman after his feuds in 1999 with The Big Show and Al Snow.
  • Youmanga - Late WWE Wild Samoan wrestler Umaga. Much like the previous "Haitch" example, William Regal's very unique pronunciation of Umaga's name led to fans - especially smarks - embracing "Youmanga" wholeheartedly.
  • Zenjo - All Japan Womens Pro Wrestling ("Zen Nihon Joshi Puroresu'')

     Tag Teams 
  • The WWE tag team of Godfather (a blaxploitation-style pimp) and Val Venis (a wrestling porn star) were referred to by fans as "Supply and Demand".
  • John Morrison and The Miz: "MizMo", "The In Crowd", "The Dirt Sheet Duo", "Mizorrison", "M&M" (in reference to Morrison's previous tag team, MNM)
  • Edge and Christian: "E & C", "Suicide Blondes" (they had actually used this name in the independents, as Sexton Hardcastle and Christian Cage, prior to coming to WWE.)
  • Supposedly, the E discouraged people from referring to the tag team of Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore as "Moore Wang".
  • While they were teaming, Paul London and Brian Kendrick were nicknamed "Londrick" and "The Hooliganz".
    • The team also had "The Hooliganz" printed on their ring attire. Never officially referred by that name though...
  • The tag team of Randy Orton and Edge, before they were officially dubbed "Rated RKO", were called "Ordge" by some fans.
    • Rated RKO itself was something of an ascended fan nickname.
  • TNA actually adopted the Fan Nickname for James Storm and Chris Harris: "America's Most Wanted".
  • Before being dubbed "Rated Y2J", Chris Jericho and Edge were referred to as "Team Ego".
  • The recent pairing of Chris Jericho and The Big Show has received the nicknames "Y2JShow" and "JeriShow".
    • In a video, John Morrison actually called them "The Big JeriShow". JeriShow itself, meanwhile, has become official, actually used by Jericho during recent episodes.
    • Similarly, the Miz and The Big Show tandem was referred to by fans as both The Miz Show and Show-Miz for a few weeks after they united, until both terms were brought up as possible names by them on Raw. They ultimately went with ShoMiz.
  • The Baby Oil Boy's Club: Legacynote ). Always used as a derogatory term, and used onscreen by John Cena.
  • Team KoolAid: MVP and Mark Henry, thanks to their trademark red ring attire.
  • Sarita and Taylor Wilde: "Las Luchas"
  • Truth and Wisdom: The team of Ron Killings ("R-Truth") and John Morrison (for his Dirt Sheet Catch Phrase "We don't allow [x] in the Palace of Wisdom).
  • Team Ex: The Miz and Chris Jericho. Both are Big Show's ex-tag partners, and for those versed in subtext, both act suspiciously like ex-boyfriends.
    • An alternative fan nickname for the duo is "Jiz".
    • Also, "Jeri-Miz", from "Jeri-Show" and "Show-Miz."
  • Two recent team ups have gotten some good ones:
    • Evan Bourne and "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry? Bourne Strong.
    • "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre already have a few nicknames: Dashed Dreams, Broken Mirrors, Dashingly Sinister (as coined by Matt Striker)...
      • Sadly, they picked the most boring one of the bunch, The Dashing Ones.
  • On the indy scene, when Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze team together, they're frequently called Death Haze after Sara's nickname (Death Rey) and Daizee's last name.
  • The Food and Drug Administration: Matt and Jeff Hardy in recent years, given Matt's out-of-shape build and Jeff's numerous drug problems.
  • The team of flamboyant omnisexual, Orlando Jordan, and mental funny man, Eric Young, is fairly frequently referred to as Bi/Curious.
  • After finally dropping the New Nexus association, Mike McGillicutty and David Otunga have become known in some circles as The Borre.
  • The new alliance of R-Truth and The Miz have had a few nicknames tossed around like
    • Truth and Reality
    • Truthfully Awesome
    • The What-Busters
    • Awesome Truth, which seems to have been officially adopted.
  • Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston took the name "Air Boom" as a result of a naming contest on Twitter.
    • Other names that were tossed around include Altitude Era, Flight Club, Sonic Boom, and other speed and altitude puns.
  • The Pennies - referring to the new WWE tag-team championship belts, due to the large, circular copper plates in the middle.
  • Black Gold for the pairing of Booker T and Goldust. Some people also used Book Dust.
  • Vitamin C for Chris Jericho and Christian. Jericho himself used the name at least once.
  • Canadian Violence Connection for Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, a name coined by Scott Keith due to Keith referring to chops thrown by Canadians as Canadian violence.
  • Two-Man Power Trip: The brief team-up of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Triple H as Vince McMahon's personal thugs. It didn't last too long thanks to Trips' quad tear.
  • Kane and Daniel Bryan's new team name of "Hell No" was chosen by the WWE Universe.
    • Other options were FRIENDSHIP and Team Teamwork.
  • With Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow teaming up recently, they've been nicknamed the Rhodes Scholars.
    • Ascended; it's the official name now. Until they split up. But then they got back together. A resultant fan nickname for them is "It's Complicated."
  • The team of R-Truth and Kofi Kingston has been referred to with at least two nicknames:
    • R-Boom as a reference to Kingston's former team "Air Boom".
    • Two and a Half Men for Truth's former gimmick that was based on him having an imaginary friend.
  • Team M.A.S.K. - Rey Mysterio Jr and Sin Cara.

  • Ambrosia - Dean Ambrose's headlock Driver got this name before WWE provided it with one.
  • Code Black - The Shield's three man Powerbomb.
  • Dead Man's Curse, Cemetery Gates - The Undertaker's Hell's Gate.
  • Game Over, The Burial - Triple H's Pedigree
  • The Hug of Death - Edge's Spear. Named by critics who mock it, saying it looks like he's just running up and hugging his opponent, and that it doesn't even look like it hurts.
  • Ponyride Of Doom - The Big Show's version of the Camel Clutch, where he is on one knee instead of sitting on the opponent's back. Needless to say, The Iron Sheik would not be amused.
    • He calls it the Colossal Clutch. At least the cobra clutch back breaker only sounded bad...
      • Yep, Sheiky Baby should make that seven foot jabroni humble...
      • And how about the Steiner Recliner, which often looked...just wrong? (Especially the one time he put two people in it at once)
  • Knee Plus - Daniel Bryan's running knee. This one sits in a gray area, as it's apparently the name Bryan picked for it via fan vote but has never been invoked by WWE announcers - or even Bryan himself - on television. So it's somewhere between Fan Nickname and Word of God.
  • Straitjacket - AJ Lee's Octopus Stretch.
  • You Can't Powerbomb Kidman! - Billy Kidman's Sitout Facebuster to counter a Powerbomb attempt.
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