Quotes / Professional Wrestling

"To those who believe in the beauty of professional wrestling, nothing needs to be said. For those who don't appreciate wrestling, nothing could be said to change their minds."

"At the time, in a sexist way, it was considered a moment “for the gals,” as Miss Elizabeth ran from the crowd to reunite with Randy, after saving him from a Sensational Sherri beating, and though it’s soapy, the embrace of wrestling’s golden couple remains one of the genre’s most memorable tableaux. Twenty-three years on, all of its players are now dead. Apart maybe from the kid with the big glasses and enormous floppy orange hat, who was seen weeping with joy."
Stuart Millard, "Always Believe"

"Wrestling storylines aren’t like any other storylines you’ll see on TV; they’re typically much, much worse. No ordinary TV series could get away with the disjointed plots that wrestling fans are subjected to on a regular basis. Even series with the most notoriously convoluted stories made up as the writers went along, like The X-Files or Twin Peaks or Lost, can’t hold a candle to the inconsistencies, plot holes, and revisionism found on a month’s worth of Raw."

Jay: Backstage, Kanyon cuts a face promo, saying he puts his friendship with DDP ahead of the New Blood, and you get ahead in business "not by kissing ass, but busting your own." That's just...simply not true. It's a nice sentiment though. So Steve, how do you get ahead in rasslin'?
OOC: By marryin' the boss' daughter.
V1: By aligning yourself with the top guys.
Jay: Sabotaging others, guaranteed contract, Creative Control, and—if possible—wear bicycle shorts.
OSW Review on WCW Thunder Ep. 34

"Now that I know all of the secrets of wrestling, I can never watch again. How can I watch Rey Mysterio perform a suicide corkscrew plancha, knowing full well that it's fake, and that there is a simple trick to it that ANYONE could do? How can I believe that heels are really evil, when I know the old ladies they're shoving in the audience are actually plants that work for the wrestling promoter? Now that the veil of deception has been torn from my eyes I'm through with wrestling forever, and will only spend my time watching REAL athletic competitions such as Harlem Globetrotter games."
DDT on The Secrets of Wrestling

Bryan: "It's either two people, or two groups of people, that hate each other."
Vinny:"That is the common thread, yes."
Bryan:"That's it. You spend a month, making it very clear why everybody hates each other. You take a month and have a pull apart maybe, here or there. You take a month and have each man explain, or woman in this case, why they don't like each other and then you say, on this date they'll all be fighting. And it doesn't matter if it's a real fight or a fake fight.
Vinny:"That's what people want to see."
Bryan:"People want to see? That's like saying, the whole real fake thing, 'Bryan, I only watch documentaries. I don't watch films, they're fake.' Okay, I guarantee the that the biggest documentary made smidgen of the money Titanic made. It doesn't matter. It doesn't fucking matter. People want to see a confrontation, whether it's real or fake."
The Bryan and Vinny Show: TNA iMPACT 4/12/2007

Bryan: "They went out there and went easy, and they still had a good match."
Vinny: "Yeah."
Bryan: "Because that's what wrestling used to fucking be."
Vinny: "Yes, that was the whole goal!"
Bryan: "Now people have to leave a territory in order to do it."
Vinny: "The goal was to do something totally safe and protected and make it seem like there was an illusion of danger and grief. Now it's kill yourself as bad as you can, but pretend it doesn't hurt!"
The Bryan and Vinny Show: TNA Slammiversary 2015note 

"There are people who think that wrestling is an ignoble sport. Wrestling is not a sport, it is a spectacle, and it is no more ignoble to attend a wrestled performance of Suffering than a performance of the sorrows of Arnolphe or Andromaque."
Roland Barthes, "The World of Wrestling", from the book, Mythologies.

"Cage match, hell inside the cell
Hardcore, blood the tale will tell
Choreographed, for the crowd appeal
Screenplay, the pain is truly real"
Anvil, "Pro Wrestling"