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Wrestling: Tamina Snuka

Sarona Reiher (b. 1978) is a Fijian-American Professional Wrestler from Vancouver, WA currently signed to WWE as Tamina Snuka. She is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. She debuted in 2009 after training at the Wild Samoan Training Center with her first matches taking place on cards held by their World Xtreme Wrestling promotion. She arrived in WWE's developmental program FCW in 2010 and made her WWE TV debut on the May 24, 2010 SmackDown!. Her original role was as the manager for The Usos, as a counter to Natalya in their feud with the Hart Dynasty. She went on to a storyline relationship with Santino Marella and has bounced around the midcard ever since. She has yet to win a title.

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"Tropina Snuka":

  • Aborted Arc: Both her onscreen romances got dropped. Santino was dropped when she was moved to Smackdown and reappeared as a heel. She had another with JTG on NXT Redemption that also got dropped.
    • There were signs of tension between her and AJ Lee leading up to WrestleMania 30. During the title match, Tamina seemed to side with AJ and the two never came to blows during the match. The next night Tamina was seemingly still friendly with AJ. Any potential feud between them was dropped when AJ took two months off and then Tamina herself had to have ACL surgery after her match with Paige.
  • Action Mom: Has two daughters from her first marriage.
  • Alliterative Name: She debuted under the name Sarona Snuka.
  • Bastard Girlfriend: She was still a heel when she began flirting and eventually hooking up with Santino. This was dropped though when his serenading caused her to walk out on two other heels, Maryse and Alicia Fox.
  • Beauty Is Bad: Because she's not in the same appearance as most of the divas and not conventionally sexy she's often lumped with the wrestlers despite being visibly inexperienced in the ring. Kelly Kelly, Eve and the Bellas all have more experience than her. However, unlike them, she actually went to a wrestling school, specifically, the one run by the Wild Samoans, before coming to WWE. In fact, she even won a scholarship to it.
    • Double Standard: Experience and ability are apparently irrelevant in this debate.
  • Berserk Button: Never imply that she's a guy or call her one...
  • Brawn Hilda: Actually a subversion. Despite not being presented as one of the Fanservice Divas, commentators have never taken this route with her - and she's even had a couple of on-screen romances. It probably helps that she knows she can look damn fine whenever she wants to.
  • Bridal Carry: Has done this to AJ a few times.
  • Canon Name: "Tamina Snuka" was originally simply a Fan Nickname and initially her Twitter handle. She was just called Tamina at first. But when got a push against Beth Phoenix, they gave her the last name officially.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower
  • Dark Action Girl: Started out as one on the main roster when working alongside the Usos.
  • The Dragon: Seems to be filling this role for AJ Lee of late.
  • The Dreaded: Initially portrayed as something scary alongside the Usos, until their feud with the Hart Dynasty was done and they went to jobbing. Then she started to become so again after breaking up with Santino, divas champion Kaitlyn admitted to dreading her defense against Tamina without shame.
  • Finishing Move: The Superfly Splash. Has also sometimes used the superkick and Samoan Drop as finishes.
  • Gentle Giant: Plays the role very well whenever she's a Face.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: To the Funkadactyls for their valeting of Brodus Clay
  • Hard Head: Established when she no sold a meeting of the minds with Beth Phoenix. Given that most of her relatives are shown to have this as well, it seems to be genetic.
  • Heel-Face Revolving Door: And without any solid reason as to why either.
    • She's more suited to playing a face ringwise and plays it well. But being built the way she is makes it easier to book her as a powerhouse heel, especially after Beth Phoenix left the company.
  • Heel-Face Turn: She has never actually had a proper heel turn despite being heel three times (so far). She has simply disappeared from TV and then reappeared in the new role. But has turned face both times - the first due to falling in love with Santino. And the second due to turning on Natalya and challenging Beth Phoenix.
  • I Have the High Ground: Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Kick Chick: Uses a superkick, sometimes as a finisher. Other times just to set up the Superfly Splash.
  • Kuudere: Has shades of it. Isn't often seen with the other Divas and a WWE Exclusive interview has her eating lunch alone in what looks like a warehouse. When the interview starts, Tamina is very terse with her interviewer and spends most of it silent with an expression that says clearly "get that camera out of my face." And yet, she fell for Santino at one point.
    • On the other hand, considering the kind of promos her father used to cut, this might be a good thing.
      • But then, given how WWE tightly scripts promos, that whole promo style is clearly a relic, even if that kind of bizarre, rambling promo would be a refreshing change of pace in limited doses and if done by the right person.
  • Legacy Character: Of her father, she even uses the same Finishing Moves, the Superfly Kick and the Superfly Splash.
    • Since becoming AJ Lee's bodyguard she has adopted a new look that is similar to Kevin Nash's as a nod to his run as Shawn Michaels' bodyguard Diesel.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: Despite being very green when she debuted, she was able to be pushed as a powerhouse against Natalya due to her physique.
  • Odd Couple: Her and Santino Marella, though maybe it's just that she has Hidden Depths.
  • Older Than They Look: Was already 32 when she debuted on WWE TV.
  • Power Stable: Polynesian Power Package with Donny Marlow, Jimmy Uso, Jules Uso and Brodus Clay.
  • Romance on the Set: In-Universe with Santino and with JTG.
  • Screaming Warrior: Initially.
    • The Quiet One: She hasn't had much to say since her feud with the Hart Dynasty ended and she broke away from the Usos. She does have plenty to say if Jimmy or Jey do initiate conversation but was pretty quite otherwise, content to let JTG, Santino and AJ ham it up.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Particularly in her fling with Santino. She appeared sometimes with straightened hair and in dresses, surprising everyone.
  • Slasher Smile: Sports one a face.
  • Slipknot Ponytail: Since joining up with AJ, she's adopted a trait of doing this in her matches. She can sometimes be seen untying her hair when she's off-camera. Presumably as an Expository Hairstyle Change to show that she really means business now.
    • Shaking Her Hair Loose: Has sometimes just done it right in front of the opponent. Once also pulled her hair out of its pigtails before hitting the Superfly Splash.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: With Santino Marella, in a reprise of Beth Phoenix's original gimmick.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Went from something of an afterthought in the Divas division to being pushed as a truly dangerous competitor.
  • Unnecessary Roughness: Since hooking up with AJ, she developed a habit of removing her leather jacket and whipping the opponent with it during matches.
  • Warrior Princess: Got this nickname from Booker T.
  • Wrestling Family: Part of the Anoa'i wrestling family. Her father is Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka; her brother James wrestled as "Deuce" and "Sim Snuka"; her uncles are the original Wild Samoans and Rikishi; and her cousins wrestle as the Usos, whom she once managed. She's also considered as a cousin to The Rock, despite there not being an official blood connection; they view each other as family anyway.
  • You're Not My Father: Her attitude toward the Usos after they drifted apart.
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