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Projects: Short Term
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new postDedicated wick clean-up : Exactly What It Says On The Tin 23Fri, 25th Jul '14 8:36:53 PM
new postNeeds Help Reorganizing: Characters.Star Wars 31Fri, 25th Jul '14 9:56:22 AM
new postAnachronism Stew usage/cleanup?11Fri, 25th Jul '14 9:04:47 AM
new postMisused: Creators Pet 330Thu, 24th Jul '14 10:02:36 PM
new postCleaning up Characters.FairyTail1Sun, 20th Jul '14 5:17:58 AM
new postMisused: Precision F-Strike 12Sat, 19th Jul '14 12:31:39 PM
new postSonic Evil Reborn Zero - remove it?3Thu, 17th Jul '14 4:12:36 PM
new postWrestling/JohnCena Cleanup2Wed, 16th Jul '14 2:44:37 AM
new postThe Scrappy Cleanup294Mon, 14th Jul '14 8:36:47 AM
new postHarsherInHindsight/REALLIFE cleanup1Sun, 13th Jul '14 2:42:41 PM
new postWick Cleanup: Teacher/Student Romance's Redirects1Thu, 10th Jul '14 4:32:23 AM
new postWorks being used as tropes (tropers don't read)61Tue, 8th Jul '14 7:11:01 AM
new postClean up in Advertising Earworms1Fri, 4th Jul '14 2:55:01 PM
new postHoYay clean up4Thu, 3rd Jul '14 7:20:26 AM
new postMisused and Needs Some Clean Up: Generic Doomsday Villain 1Sun, 29th Jun '14 10:47:42 AM
new postFixing SarcasmMode sinkholes20Mon, 23rd Jun '14 3:17:18 AM
new postThe Kingdom disambiguation and page splitting7Sat, 14th Jun '14 11:42:16 PM
new postMLP:FIM project; root out and destroy use of "plot" for flank.12Mon, 19th May '14 1:32:50 PM
new postPortal/ Portal 1 Wick Cleanup1Sun, 18th May '14 4:05:56 PM
new postFranchise/Star Wars29Thu, 15th May '14 5:13:54 PM
new postMisused: True Companions 20Sun, 11th May '14 8:08:04 PM
new postCharacters page for Clash of Clans3Thu, 24th Apr '14 3:49:10 AM
new postCleanup: Jumping Off the Slippery Slope5Tue, 22nd Apr '14 9:05:56 AM
new postThe Magic School Bus Recaps5Thu, 10th Apr '14 9:10:37 PM
new postMLP:FIM radar page; inconsistent with other tropes AND recap pages.8Fri, 4th Apr '14 10:34:45 AM
new postBlackMirror is an index2Mon, 17th Feb '14 11:06:30 PM
new postAwesome McCoolName cleanup1Sun, 9th Feb '14 8:14:43 AM
new postExample Cleanup: Central Theme5Fri, 3rd Jan '14 9:43:47 PM
new postYKTTW Backlog Cleanup19Thu, 2nd Jan '14 11:56:58 AM
new postAdventure Time Cleanup5Sun, 22nd Dec '13 3:59:28 AM
new postReferenced By17Fri, 13th Dec '13 1:21:59 PM
new postDrunk Duck link breakage cleanup3Sun, 24th Nov '13 9:35:55 AM
new postGlurge Cleanup15Mon, 18th Nov '13 6:28:52 AM
new postLiterature/SisterhoodSeries: needs summary1Sat, 9th Nov '13 4:59:45 PM
new postXMeetsY Cleanup.28Mon, 21st Oct '13 7:57:52 AM
new postArtistic License cleanup40Wed, 16th Oct '13 11:42:20 PM
new postFamily Unfriendly Aesop cleanup: Remove misuse and complaining21Thu, 10th Oct '13 3:47:15 AM
new postWick cleanup: Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes 282Sun, 29th Sep '13 10:19:50 AM
new postTrue Art Is Angsty Clean-Up(Urgent)13Thu, 26th Sep '13 10:55:49 AM
new postNightmare Fuel cleanup778Mon, 16th Sep '13 11:33:26 AM
new postDrowtales: Sara'hilana Balvhakara4Sun, 18th Aug '13 12:26:24 PM
new postBig cleanup needed on May-December Romance33Fri, 2nd Aug '13 2:11:53 PM
new postMoving from Satan to Satanic Archetype4Mon, 1st Jul '13 1:54:25 PM
new postRename/Transplant Wick Cleaning139Mon, 24th Jun '13 8:40:38 PM
new postDeus Ex Machina snowclones25Mon, 3rd Jun '13 4:34:06 AM
new postLarge Ham wick cleanup.3Thu, 30th May '13 3:52:57 PM
new postCleanup Anti-Hero2Fri, 24th May '13 8:15:12 AM
new postMy Little Pony Non-Cannon Dead Links. 2Sun, 19th May '13 2:51:34 PM
new postWick cleanup for BFG1Sun, 5th May '13 10:09:56 AM
new postPink Panther characters cleanup1Mon, 29th Apr '13 1:37:43 PM
new postMLP: FiM Subpages Cleanup: 191Mon, 8th Apr '13 3:51:29 PM
new postCleaning up sub-pages of removed pages1Sun, 7th Apr '13 12:32:56 PM
new postCapital letters and multiplied letters for screaming: ANNOOOYIIING!!!17Sat, 30th Mar '13 10:06:58 AM
new postShifting "female on male rape" examples to "female on male stalking"4Wed, 27th Mar '13 11:18:45 AM
new postToo Dumb To Live misuse cleanup7Wed, 27th Mar '13 4:39:41 AM
new postImproving the ArtTropes page and the individual movements pages2Sat, 16th Mar '13 9:45:59 PM
new postThe Kingkiller Chronicle9Sun, 10th Mar '13 10:44:27 PM
new postNeeds Wiki Magic Love Clean Up6Sun, 10th Mar '13 1:24:10 PM
new postOrganizing/Splitting Final Fantasy VII13Mon, 4th Mar '13 12:49:10 PM
new postApocalypse How needs example sorting and wick checks19Fri, 15th Feb '13 4:27:08 PM
new postDiscussions which people forgot to move30Mon, 4th Feb '13 7:14:53 PM
new postTroper Works and unpublished works31Mon, 28th Jan '13 12:31:01 AM
new postDarkness Induced Audience Apathy Cleanup3Sat, 26th Jan '13 12:51:53 PM
new postWick Overhaul Needed - Hannibal Lecture6Fri, 18th Jan '13 7:48:43 AM
new postLightningBruiser cleanup1Tue, 18th Dec '12 6:34:03 AM
new postSaving reviews that still refer to Main/24Sun, 14th Oct '12 2:04:57 PM
new postSave Game Trope Fill In18Fri, 17th Aug '12 3:37:08 PM
new postBlue-Linking The100GreatestLooneyTunes4Sun, 22nd Jul '12 1:56:51 PM
new postBeyond The Impossible / Serial Escalation wicks2Tue, 19th Jun '12 8:49:19 PM
new postSplit History of Animation to History Of Anime: 39Sat, 16th Jun '12 9:08:06 PM
new postYu-Gi-Oh disambiguous page and splitting20Sun, 3rd Jun '12 12:28:47 PM
new postCleaning up the Glasses Threads106Wed, 16th May '12 3:19:51 PM
new postGreen Lantern Ring split, wicks need cleanup1Tue, 15th May '12 2:44:13 PM
new postFlat What cleanup thread22Wed, 18th Apr '12 11:41:34 AM
new postReorganize the trope list: Warhammer 40000 82Sat, 11th Feb '12 12:34:20 PM
new postcleaning up Boobs of Steel wicks 2Wed, 5th Oct '11 1:26:06 PM
1 pages in this list

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