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  • Base-Breaking Character: Since his 2016 return, people are divided on Shane's matches. On the one hand, fans appreciate that he's still got the daring balls-out insanity and drive to entertain that always made him memorable and fun to watch in the past, while being tempered with a new focus on proper technical wrestling skill. On the other hand, critics take issue with the fact that he's being booked as too much of a genuine serious threat to full-time professional wrestlers like Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and even The Undertaker despite still being pointedly an authority figure rather than a real wrestler, especially since he's by now past his prime. Then came the already-controversial Crown Jewel event and its "World Cup" tournament which was already getting flak for featuring 100% American wrestlers, and an opening created by an injury to The Miz's leg led to Shane stepping in and beating Dolph Ziggler in the finals to win the tournament which was supposed to crown the "best wrestler in the world". And then as if that wasn't enough, he and Miz teamed up at Royal Rumble 2019 to actually beat The Bar for the SmackDown tag team championship (making Shane a WWE champion for the first time since he held the Hardcore Championship in 2000).
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  • Catharsis Factor: For people who were sick of Shane's mistreatment or have to deal with Abusive Parents, seeing him utterly destroying his father Vince at WrestleMania X-Seven can be very cathartic.
  • Crazy Awesome: He's considered the craziest badass of the McMahons for a reason. In the words of one youtube commenter: "he's basically Evel Knievel with a business suit".
    Adam Blampied: At King of the Ring 2001, in a Street Fight, Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon had one of the matches of the year, one that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a) Shane McMahon is a lunatic, and b) that Shane McMahon is a fucking lunatic.''
    • Any time he executes his "Coast to Coast" Missile drop kick. Especially when his target has a trash bin lodged in front of him.
    • His signature Spanish Announcers' Table spot - a huge elbow drop off the top rope, crashing through said table. His hangtime is epic.
    • The TitanTron spot, mentioned in the Shocking Moments entry.
    • Not only jumping off Hell in a Cell through a table, but jumping off Hell In A Cell through a table as a 46-year-old non-career wrestler who hadn't been in a match in eight years (By his own admission, he broke two ribs doing that).
    • At the age of 49 he won the SmackDown tag team championship with The Miz by hitting Cesaro with an almost flawless Shooting Star Press. Even those who thought the outcome ridiculous had to admit that was amazing to watch.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Surprisingly, considering he's a McMahon. The guy gets cheers and chants even when he's just showing up for his father's off the air birthday celebration. Might have something to do with Sibling Yin-Yang, but it probably has more to do with his willingness to be thrown through glass and jump off both Titantrons and the Cell.
    • Many fans who feel less than optimistic about the direction of the WWE since he's stepped away actually regard him as the "only good McMahon", in part due to his track record in and out of the ring during his tenure. It's gotten to the point where upon his stepping down as CEO of the Chinese broadband company he's been with since thennote , people are suggesting he return during the new regime storyline and play said role on-screen. When they finally got their wish on February 22, 2016, the fans absolutely exploded.
  • Foe Yay: Staggering amounts with Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, and Kane.
  • Ho Yay: With Booker T during the Alliance storyline, and Rob Van Dam in 2003.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Shane McMahon is the Best in the World." Explanation 
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    • "Yes, I suck!" Explanation 
  • Narm:
    • His multiple punches are so laughable that you'll have a hard time to suspend your disbelief while seeing it. Hilarious in Hindsight, because according to many of the veterans, Shane's a little wild with his punches and will legitimately (and accidentally) hit people.
    • As of November 2, 2018, the idea that Shane McMahon is the best wrestler in the world.
  • Narm Charm: His "Shane-O Shuffle" is admittedly kind of dumb, and his facial expressions are hilarious, but you can't help but love it. All three of his kids performing it for WrestleMania 32 with him was ridiculously cute.
  • The Scrappy: Sadly, Shane has gradually devolved into one of the most despised people in the entire company ever since becoming the "Best in the World", a title which he won in a tournament that he didn't even enter in the first place. At first things weren't so bad towards the end of 2018, but in 2019 things got exponentially bad after Shane turned heel. First of all, he started to become featured a lot more on both RAW and Smackdown, despite being the apparent Smackdown Commissioner, and entered feuds with The Miz and Roman Reigns; part of this was due to Shane taking a LOT of camera time despite both shows having rosters full of wrestlers starved for meaningful screeen time, and partially due to the fact that he and his cronies Drew McIntyre, Elias and so forth were constantly winning matches that not only made Miz and Roman look weak, but resulted in Shane escaping largely scott-free. (Drew was an especially frustrating addition to Shane's goon squad considering he'd just gotten out of a similar arrangement with Baron Corbin, leaving his fans groaning in frustration and déja vu.) It really didn't help matters that he started having the ring announcer de jour give him overly long, excessively hammy entrance announcements as the Best in the World that is generally agreed to have gotten really old, really fast — even the commentary teams have gotten tired of it, apart from resident heel sympathizer Corey Graves.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • Any time Shane O'Mac steps into a ring for a No DQ/Hardcore/Street Fight-type match, the HSQ goes through the roof. Like the time he dropped an elbow from the top of the fifty foot high Titantron.
    • Just showing up on 2/22/16 (complete with appropriate chant from the crowd) - mainly because nobody. Saw. It. Coming.
    • WrestleMania 32, he managed to top the Titantron spot, how? He tries to drop the elbow on The Undertaker through the Spanish Announcers' Table. From on top of the cell. To put this in perspective, one of the iconic Undertaker moments, and indeed one of WWE's iconic moments, Mick Foley is thrown from atop the cell to crash to the table below. Shane (along with the rest of us) has probably seen this footage about a million times. He's the first man to consciously make the decision to jump from atop the cell. And keep in mind Shane's not a regular in-ring performer and at this point, is in his mid-40s and hasn't wrestled a match in about seven years. Furthermore, the new cell being used in this era is several feet taller than the one that was used in the old Hell in a Cell classics, including Undertaker throwing Foley off of it. Yet Shane still voluntarily jumped. Far from popping at the spot, the crowd of over 100,000 actually quieted — presumably because they were probably wondering if Shane had finally managed to kill himself. To give an idea, Undertaker, who almost never breaks Kayfabe, was sitting in Stunned Silence as the refs tended to Shane following this spot.
    • His match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 33. His feats included reversing a springboard 450° splash into a triangle choke, reversing a Phenomenal Forearm into a floatover DDT, and busting out a shooting star press.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: With Shane's reign of terror over both brands threatening to make ratings hit an all-time low, one day he began to receive a sudden but much-appreciated reversal of fortune. Firstly, starting with the build up to the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view, he and his cronies got the snot beaten out of them by Roman Reigns. Then Roman beat Drew McIntyre at said PPV despite Shane's interference, and his attempts to reassert his authority the following Smackdown caused The Undertaker to come to Roman's aid out of disgust for Shane being blinded by his own greed and ego. Kevin Owens, meanwhile, became Shane's answer to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, cutting a Worked Shoot promo saying that even he was sick of Shane hogging the spotlight from talented wrestlers who got no camera time, and constantly getting the drop on him with stunners. Extreme Rules saw Shane and Drew completely fail to defeat Roman and the Undertaker in tag team action, and every measure he's tried to take against Roman or Kevin since has blown up in his face. While no-one is in any danger of liking Shane right now, plenty of people are happy to see him suffer and hope he finally takes a sabbatical. And now that Shane was fired after he was defeated by Kevin Owens in a ladder match, pretty much everyone is glad that he is no longer appearing on-screen.
  • The Woobie: Out of kayfabe, people tend to get the impression that Shane has gotten a really raw deal. Despite being the most well-liked member of the McMahon family, with inside sources describing him as easily the best and easiest to work for, Shane has basically been snubbed and ignored by his family and has been passed over as the heir to the company in favour of Steph and her husband, making it impossible to ignore the implication that Vince sees HHH as the son he'd prefer to have had all along. Even WhatCulture Wrestling's video of '10 things the WWE wants you to forget about Shane McMahon' is less about times he's made a tit of himself or done something which makes the company look bad (like these videos usually are) and more about times he's been snubbed, abused, walked over, battered, ignored, been right about something that Vince was wrong about (such as buying UFC before it took off), or made the company look bad by comparison to him.
  • You Look Familiar: The first performer to walk out at WrestleMania VI, he was a ring announcer and later showed up as a referee way before he was ever acknowledged as Vince McMahon's son.


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