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Corey Lubowich is one of the members of the group known as Team Starkid.

One of the most prominent behind-the-scenes Starkids. Set designer for every stage show since A Very Potter Musical, as well as being in charge of most of the logistics of Starkid's live appearances. If you've been to one of the musicals or to the SPACE Tour or Apocalyptour, he probably took your ticket or sold you merch. One of the founding members of Starkid spinoff sketch comedy troupe the Tin Can Brothers, along with Joey Richter and Brian Rosenthal. Created his own web series in 2012, World's Worst Musical, which stars several Starkid actors. A VHS Christmas Carol is his first time officially directing a Starkid show.


Tropes that apply to this actor include:

  • Descended Creator / Directed by Cast Member: Corey is typically in the director's chair for Tin Can Brothers productions but acts fairly often in the sketches when a third character is needed. He hasn't acted yet in one of the mainstage TCB productions, with the exception of doing a non-speaking Cameo as the Prince in the YouTube recording of Spies Are Forever.
  • Mission Control: He's often the one doing "tech support" on Starkid livestreams behind the scenes, including serving the very important role of the "technical director" coordinating the Zoom chats on episodes of Nightmare Time. His technical expertise is what made the A VHS Christmas Carol project possible.
  • Mister Big: Is significantly shorter than the other two Tin Can Brothers (especially Joey, who towers over everyone at 6'2") and is also usually the one in charge behind the camera. This has been Played for Laughs before, like when he played Prince Feurgin.
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  • Mixed Ancestry: Corey is Ashkenazi on his father's side and Chinese on his mother's side; he once unexpectedly dropped a line in Mandarin in a Tin Can Brothers sketch.
  • The Smart Guy: Is generally known as one of the Team Starkid and Tin Can Brothers members with both the most technical know-how and the one with the most background knowledge he brings to the table when writing scripts, although he's often poked fun at the idea of himself being The Smart Guy when he's appeared in sketches.

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