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Every time you think you've seen every Holy Shit moment there is to see in WWE, along comes Shane O'Mac to remind you that even the boss's son can be a total badass, especially since he isn't a main performer. When he competes, Shane manages to sneak a CMOA into every match that he's involved in.

  • It began when he dropped an elbow from the top rope to the announce table on Test in his match at SummerSlam 1999.
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  • He upped the ante and, in 2000, dropped an elbow from the stage, then did a diving elbow from the top of the Titantron.
  • His match against future brother-in-law Triple H in Smackdown, Nov. 1, 1999. He Pedigree'd Hunter. And also showcased other feats such as an aerial clothesline from the public border. Even guest commentator "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was impressed! Too bad HHH's Power Stable D-Generation X had other ideas.
  • The death of WCW. His father Vince McMahon has the Raw and Nitro telecast at the same time where he is about to announce his buyout of the company. Cue Shane appearing on Nitro.
    Shane McMahon: The deal is finalized, and the name on the contract does say McMahon... [crowd roars as Vince's eyes bug out at the upcoming swerve] However, it reads Shane McMahon. I now own WCW!
  • His match against his father at WrestleMania X-Seven. Vince was practically owned by his own son, who showed practically no remorse.
    • The icing on the cake: after special referee Mick Foley beats down Vince in the corner Shane places a garbage can in front of him, then leaps up the other side of the ring. No, no way, he can't do it, he doesn't have the leg strength. Shane says his prayers and uses his hand to make the cross. He's not gonna...coast to coast missile dropkick into Vince.
  • The Street Fight against Kurt Angle at King of the Ring '01. Thirty minutes of Shane going toe-to-toe with an Olympic gold medalist and more than holding his own. This match was proof that Shane would have been a really good wrestler if he didn't want to avoid accusations of nepotism. He managed to bust out a pretty decent looking Shooting Star Press.
    • This is the match that gave birth to "That Spot with the Glass", a truly frightening moment when Shane was thrown into plate glass five times, going through it twice and landing on his head the other three times. That spot was so infamously hardcore that Vince McMahon was reportedly furious that his son would be so foolish as to go through with something like that. When you can get the boss to draw a line in the proverbial sand, you are pretty hardcore. It gets more badass when you listen to Angle and Shane's interviews about the match. Turns out every time Angle suplexed Shane into the glass and it didn't break, Angle told Shane they should skip the glass spot move to the next spot in the match but Shane kept telling him to throw him again. It ups the ante when you realize that there had been a mix-up and instead of going through the easily breakable sugar glass, he ended up being slammed into the real thing. He and Angle also got a standing ovation from the guys in the locker room afterwards.
  • His two matches against Kane in 2003, first in a Last Man Standing match at Unforgiven, then in an Ambulance Match at Survivor Series.
    • The Ambulance Match, keeping the HSQ in check, included not only Shane backing up an SUV hard enough to send Kane flying backwards into a toll booth, but also delivering a coast to coast missile dropkick to Kane from the top of the ambulance with the help of steel steps.
    • Heck, the beginning of their feud, when Kane tried to dump Shane into a burning dumpster, but Shane slipped out of his grasp and kicked him in instead. It wasn't Kane's end, for sure, but it was still satisfying to watch.
      Shane: Burn in Hell, you son of a bitch.
  • D-Generation X vs. Vince, Shane and The Big Show, Unforgiven 2006, Hell in a Cell. One of the most brutal matches ever seen on WWE. At one point, he catapults Triple H onto one of the cell's walls. At some other point, he executes his infamous Coast To Coast Missile against a downed HHH.
  • February 22, 2016. Vince McMahon has awarded Stephanie with the "Vincent J. McMahon Legacy Award" and Stephanie is droning on with an "acceptance speech" wherein she attempts to put over herself and her husband. Before reading the formal speech which was apparently prepared for this, however…
    • Keep in mind, this was a utter surprise that no one saw coming, despise the rumor that a surprise guest would appear. In fact, no one even pegged Shane as the one returning. Unsurprisingly the pop was absolutely unbelievable! Seriously, it probably rates comfortably in the top 10 pops of all time!
    • Not only that, but after shooting down both Vince and Stephanie, even pointing out why WWE is in its current state, in what can be read as a Worked Shoot, he announces his intent to take over Raw. And when told by his father that in order to do so, he'd have to wrestle and win one match anytime, anywhere, he agrees, knowing fully well what Vince will pull out. And in this case, having to face at WrestleMania 32, The Undertaker in HELL IN A CELL. And yet, this doesn't bother Shane one bit.
  • And the finish to their match was Shane McMahon becoming the first man to willingly fly off the top of the Cell, aiming for a prone Undertaker laying on the announce table. However, his ascent gave Taker enough time to recover, rolling out of the way just in time.
    Michael Cole: For the love of Mankind!
    • Notably, Shane then taunts Undertaker in the ring while obviously out of it, and Taker lightly pats Shane's cheek before hitting the Tombstone Piledriver to finish the match.
    • After the match, as he was being brought up the ramp on a stretcher, Shane managed to give a thumbs up as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.
    • How awesome was that dive? The next night on Raw, Vince was still so taken aback at how far Shane was willing to go that all it took was Shane coming out to thank the fans and Vince gave Shane a trial run at control of Raw anyway to "avoid being upstaged".
      • Guess what? Shane's still here. He got to run Raw for an additional 3 weeks thanks to "popular demand on social media" and at Payback 2016 Vince declared both his children the joint General Managers of WWE. Looks like he's back to stay!
  • The 7/11/16 edition of Raw - Shane actually No Sells Stephanie's patented slap! Probably one of those things only Shane could get away with.
  • Notably, the events at Wrestlemania were enough to get the dead-man to tip his hat to Shane when he returned on the November 15, 2016 edition of Smackdown.
    Undertaker: There could be no better man to be commissioner of Smackdown than the man who has no fear.
  • Shane's match vs AJ Styles at Wrestlemania XXXIII. Shane surprised everybody by doing some actual wrestling getting AJ in a number of legitimate looking moves and submission holds.
    • Shane locking AJ in the Triangle Choke in midair when AJ attempted his 450 Splash.
    • Shane does still go for his usual spots, hitting AJ with a recreation of his Coast to Coast from Wrestlemania XVII, after countering AJ's own attempt to do it to Shane.
    • Countering AJ's Phenomenal Forearm into a DDT counts, as well.
    • Shane goes for a Shooting Star Press. While he does miss (AJ rolls out of the way), the fact that Shane, someone who doesn't consider himself a wrestler and is well into his forties, pulls it off is a CMOA on its own. Especially considering that many full-time wrestlers can't pull off the Shooting Star Press (most infamous being Brock Lesnar and his attempt that wound up landing him directly on his head.)
  • Shane's match against Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell 2017 in a contender for 2017 Match of the year. Once again entering the titular structure, Shane dominated KO with everything he got and showed him that he is not the coward KO accused him to be. After sending KO crashing into an announce table from the top of the structure, Shane puts him on another table and repeats his infamous stunt from WrestleMania XVI. Unfortunately this time, Sami Zayn's unexpected interference had Shane crashing on an empty table again.
  • Shane reveals the captain for the Smackdown team for Survivor Series 2017: HIMSELF!!
  • Shane teaming up with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 34 against both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. After being ambushed by the two and Bryan is out of commissioned, Shane has to fight by himself against those two for a while and despite his age, he still shows that he is someone who should not be messed with.
  • When Bret Hart was assaulted by a crazed fan in the 2019 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, about 20 wrestlers charged into the ring to rescue Bret and his niece Natalya. The first wrestler in the ring was Cesaro. Close behind him and the first man to lay his hands on the punk? Shane. Freakin'. McMahon. What does it say about a company that employs some of the beefiest, most violent men in the world, and it's the boss's son who is the first to jump in to save a former employee?


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