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Trivia / Shane McMahon

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  • Fan Nickname: Thanks to "King" Ross Tweedell and his WTF moments, "Colonel McSweaty Bollocks".
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Shane as he is right now, is not an amazing wrestler. Obviously. But he's an athletic anomaly - that much is also obvious. When you consider his age, non-full-time status, and also the fact that he isn't exactly a cruiserweight to begin with (in terms of sheer bulk, he's as big if not bigger than a lot of the talents), some of the things he can pull off in the ring are downright freakish. You combine that with his willingness to take any bump (and the word any cannot possibly be overstated here) and it's hard not to wonder what kind of wrestler Shane O'Mac would have been if he had dedicated himself to the craft full-time.
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    • His 2019 Face–Heel Turn was planned to happen as far as the 2018 event Crown Jewel and that year's Survivor Series, but it took until Fastlane 2019 to materialize.


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