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Tear Jerker / Shane McMahon

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  • Looking at his return purely from a kayfabe perspective. He wanted to put his family in check for their arrogance and genuinely change WWE for the better so badly that when he came back on his mission, he didn't flinch when he was told by Vince that the challenge he had to take to get his chance at control was a Hell in a Cell fight against the Undertaker at WrestleMania. No, he just realized he had to train hard to get ready and get his mind clicking as to what insane stunt he'd have to do to keep Taker down. Nor when Vince tried to disown him again; he just lost more respect for Vince and kept on moving. Nor when the fight between him and Undertaker saw him get chokeslammed onto steel steps and driven back-first through and into the cell panel he weakened with bolt cutters; he just kept telling Undertaker to Bring It and proceeded to fight him on the outside, finally getting him down onto the table in time to climb up to the top of the cell, which again, is higher than it used to be when guys were getting thrown off it, and became the first guy to voluntarily jump off it in trying to take Taker out because he was that strong in his convictions. But then Taker moved out of the way, and from there, it was over. Even so, he still kept telling Taker to Bring It. Defiant to the Endeven though the end was in abject failure and near death.


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