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Heartwarming / Shane McMahon

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  • Upon winning Pro Wrestling Illustrated's "Rookie of the Year" award in 1999, Shane McMahon politely turned it down, saying "those things are for the boys, not for me". The 'boys' in this case is not demeaning or derogatory but refers to the wrestlers on the roster. In laymen's terms, he's basically saying he didn't think he deserved to be considered one of them out of respect for what they do every night as opposed to his occasional matches.
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  • The hug with his mother at Wrestlemania X-Seven, after he demolished his father Vince.
  • The visual of Shane with his father Vince McMahon and then one-month-old son, Declan, in the opening for WrestleMania XX.
  • Shane and his family are close friends with Brock Lesnar and his wife Sable, ever since his eldest son Declan met Brock's eldest, Brock Jr, at Little League Baseball and Softball and youth USA Wrestling. The two families often visit each other during the summer.
  • Openly admitting during a commercial break that the vocal reaction he got from the fans upon his return in 2016 gave him goosebumps (as well as made his nipples hard) and moved him to tears.
  • Shane giving his three sons a Wrestlemania moment of their own by letting them accompany him during his Wrestlemania 32 entrance.
  • On the RAW following WrestleMania, Shane came out to another big pop and chants of "Thank you Shane!", shaking Vince's hand while admitting defeat, thanking the audience (prompting another round of "Thank you Shane!"), and tearfully saying goodbye.
    • Vince stops him as he's about to walk out, proclaiming that "Nobody upstages me!" before deciding to give Shane control of RAW for the night, to see if he could actually do it.
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  • Vince wanted to hire 3 independent wrestlers to portray Shane's childhood friends, Shane realised they only needed 1 good worker (Joey Abs) and took the opportunity to give a fairly big break to 2 of his actual childhood friends, and thus the Mean Street Posse was born.
  • If you ever worry that Shane and Vince might not get along in real life, this behind-the-scenes segment from after Shane's Wrestlemania 32 match will set your heart at rest.
  • His handshake with AJ Styles at the end of their incredible Wrestlemania 33 match.