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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The amount of rabbit Animal Motifs attached to Cammie, including having her Ether avatar as a bunny. Is this merely because she finds rabbits cute or is she part of the Furry Fandom?
  • Awesome Music:
    • The Season One theme song, "Belgrade" by Battle Tapes, is an upbeat electro-rock ballad that goes hand in hand with the series' high-octane adrenaline mech action.
    • The Vanguard's heroic orchestral leitmotif, which plays prominently during scenes like the Vanguard's entrance in the Battle of New York and the Holons' Big Damn Heroes moment during Operation Coyote.
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    • The somber piano piece that plays in Weller's flashback in Episode 6 is hauntingly beautiful.
    • The credits song, "Weight of the World" again by Battle Tapes.
    • The piano played during the Evacuation of New York and the smoke entering the Anvil.
  • Fanfic Fuel: A map from Episode 4 showing Union and Polity controlled territory has inspired a ton of theories and meta about not only the Union’s origins, but other fronts in the war away from the North American theatre the main narrative takes place in.
  • Fan Preferred Pairing: While early on, Yaz/Valentina (known as Goldencloak) was expected to be this for the fandom due to superficial similarities to Yang/Blake from RWBY, Kazu/Valentina (known as Switch Hitter) quickly gained steam starting in the second half of the season due to chemistry-ladden moments between the two, cumulating in a mental Fusion Dance between the two in episode 6 that started off with Val bumping Kazu's crotch.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • The Union's full name, The Great Union of the Fourth Turning Republics, is a reference to the Strauss-Howe Generational Theory, which posits that societies cycle between several different archetypal eras. The Fourth Turning, or Crisis, involves the destruction and reformation of a nation's institutional life in response to an existential threat, with revived civic authority and decreased individualism as a result.
    • One of Weller's many holographic boards bears the note "Ship of Theseus". It's probably not a coincidence you can see it clearly in "The Only Me I Know" while Weller is leading up to tell Chase that his mind is actually a copy, with the original having been captured by the Union.
    • The word "Holon" comes from classical Greek; it means something that is a complete unit in and of itself, but which is also part of a bigger whole, like a cell in a body, a member in a team, a mind on the Gen:LOCK mindshare network... The concept of holons is an interesting topic in philosophy related to issues of identity and conformity.
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  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Episode 6 hits the floor running with Nothing Is the Same Anymore. The Nemesis is the original Chase and the current one is a backup copy of his mind taken when he uploaded before the Chase we now know as Nemesis was captured, the Anvil is attacked by the Union and the Nemesis, Dr. Weller blows himself up to let the gen:LOCK crew escape, and the Anvil is overrun with Union Nanotech, with Chase unable to contact anyone else at the base as the pilots are forced to flee.
  • Like You Would Really Do It:
    • Episode 6 has Dr. Weller leave the story by performing a Heroic Sacrifice via blowing himself and a bunch of Union soldiers up so the gen:LOCK crew can escape. Many immediately voiced their skepticism afterwards, namely due to him being an important character to the narrative, and being the only one capable of properly upgrading the Holon's into the forms displayed in the intro sequence. Soon ideas ran wild of him either surviving the explosion and escaping on his own or with other Anvil survivors, or that Caliban has a cyberbrain itself and a copy of Dr. Weller's mind is uploaded into it. Others believe the explosive was actually an EMP like device allowing for his survival. And then it turns out they would in episode 7: while David Tennant is still in as Caliban, an early gen:LOCK experiment that possesses Weller's accumulated knowledge and some of his mannerisms, Caliban doesn't have a true copy of Weller's personality. Episode 8 would then confirm that Dr. Weller did indeed die in explosion.
    • The events of Episode 6 end with Nothing Is the Same Anymore, the Union having overrun the Anvil and unleashed Nanotech across it, and Chase unable to contact Colonel Marin, Migas, or any of the Strider crew. Skeptics immediately pointed out that there were top billed actors amidst these characters and that at the very least, the Strider pilots possess suits that can block out Nanotech, meaning at the very least Leon, Jodie, and Miranda survived. They also pointed out that killing off several of these characters would result in several aborted arcs and ignore the The Law of Conservation of Detail, including the Love Triangle between Chase, Miranda, and Jodie, as well as the mentioning of Leon being a potential gen:LOCK candidate as well as there being a sixth holon with no pilot. Come episode 8, it's revealed that everyone survived thanks to the late Dr. Weller's idea of mimicking the Union's signal to the nano-machines that prevents it from killing their own troops or sympathizers, saving everyone's lives.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Watch gen:LOCK." Rooster Teeth went all in on advertising the show prior to its launch, with most of the videos on their channel, even ones unrelated to Rooster Teeth's animation division, having a bumper at the start hyping the show, alongside Gray hijacking several RWBY panels to bring up the show. This eventually led to Gray developing a memetic reputation for blackmailing people into watching the show. When RWBY's sixth volume featured a large mecha in the final third, right before gen:LOCK started airing, the fandom response was almost universally jokes on how "the gen:LOCK ads are getting really subtle."
    • This one from the opening.
      ____ : INITIALIZED
      ____ : AUTHORIZED
      ____ : CALIBRATED
      ____ : NEGOTIATED
      ____ : SYNCHRONIZED
      ____ : VALIDATED
      ____ : LOCK
  • Paranoia Fuel: Union nanotech, which is capable of devouring people in seconds, can be disguised as something as small and innocuous as a coin.
  • Win the Crowd: The reaction to the first few episodes has been largely positive. A lot of praise has been given to the animation and the entertaining characters, and the references to other Rooster Teeth series have been warmly received.

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