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Despite the show starting off pretty dark, as a Rooster Teeth show, there can not be no funny moments.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Character Teasers

    Character Reveal Teaser 2 
  • Dr. Weller tries to cheer up Colonel Marin by reporting he has a new recruit! It doesn't work at all.
    Dr. Weller: I have fantastic news, I am about to double the number of pilots in the program!
    Colonel Marin: You only have one pilot so far, Doctor!
    Dr. Weller: How did I know you'd see this as glass half-empty...
  • Dr. Weller asks Colonel Marin to release the incarcerated Yasamin Madrani into his custody from the Mesa Detainment Center. Upon Marin's incredulous reaction, he struggles to ask her to keep an open mind. She hangs up.
    Dr. Weller: Can I take that as you'll think about it?

    Character Reveal Teaser 3 
  • "A hacker and a cook?" "Eh, semantics."
  • Iida gets a Funny Background Event when one of Weller's feeds shows him cooking: he attempts to toss a spatula suavely but ends up messing up catching it.
  • Dr. Weller's reaction to Colonel Marin angrily refusing to approve Cammie and Iida's transfer requests.
    Dr. Weller: Someone woke up on the wrong side of the war this morning...

    Character Reveal Teaser 4 
  • The entire concept of Colonel Marin in a panic telling Dr. Weller he needs to evacuate while Dr. Weller is more interested in getting her to approve his requests.
    Colonel Marin: Doctor, focus! Prepare your team for immediate evacuation!
    Dr. Weller: But I just put the kettle on!
    • And of course, who can forget this golden exchange?
      Dr. Weller: I'm not going anywhere. Not until you say yes.
      Colonel Marin: Are you holding yourself hostage?!
      Dr. Weller: Maybe...? Yes...Yes! I-I think I am!

Season One

  • In the opening, Valentina uses Iida's Holon as a platform to go airborne.
    • Dr. Weller gives his robot buddy Caliban an elbow nudge, which makes Caliban stare back at him in silence.
    • In one of the sequences, while everyone else's Holons are moving out in a dramatic pose, Cammie's is doing Kawaiiko V-Signs.

    The Pilot 
  • Julian's mother regaling Miranda with embarrassing Julian stories over dinner.
    • At the dinner table Julian's sister Drianna and Miranda tag-team on poking fun at him.
      Dri: So, where are you from, where do you see yourself in five years, and would you have a problem with letting your adorable sister-in-law stay with you whenever she wants?
      Julian: Wait, what?
      Miranda: Well that presumes I'd ever want to marry him.
      Julian: Wait, what?
    • Afterwards, Julian says that the next time, Miranda's mother gets to tell embarrassing stories about her.
  • The fact that Rainbow Six Siege still exists by the time the story takes place.
  • Jodie gets caught by Miranda before he can ask Chase if it's okay to date her if they break up.
    Migas: Hey if Miranda dumped you, do we got time for a game of Siege?
    Jodie: Hey, if uh, Miranda dumped you, then––
    Miranda: (walking up) Then what?
    Jodie: Then...that would be tragic, and we should mourn the death of your relationship from a respectable distance.
    Miranda: Smart boy.
  • When Julian and Miranda's kiss is thwarted by a red alert. He's not amused.
    ABLE: Battle stations, battle stations. Repeat, battle stations.
    ABLE: This is not a drill. Interceptors Ready One and Ready Two, scramble.
  • Later, during the briefing, Colonel Marin informs the Vanguard personnel to be on their best behavior because they have Weller, Yasamin and Caliban as guests. The troops look at Weller who waves, as Caliban awkwardly waves at them.
  • When preparing for a rescue mission in 2072, Jodie gets this piece of Gallows Humour in when Miranda demands that he be more positive:
    Jodie: With the border getting closer every day, at least it's a shorter commute!

    There's Always Tomorrow 
  • When Dr. Rufus Weller asks Colonel Marin for the phrase they use to mean "top secret", the only she says to the pilots is she will kill them personally if they breathe a word about what they're about to see.
    • Weller even says softly that's something the Union would do, but apparently, their Colonel is much scarier.
      Weller: Holding for laugh. (beat) No? No. Moving on.
  • When Miguel questions if Julian is really alive, the latter says he is... sorta. Cue this exchange:
    Miguel: Chase! Is that you!?
    Julian: Yeah man, it's really me. I'm alive...ish.
    Rufus: Spoilers! eh, skip, skip... *looks at Julian with a scowl* I prepared an entire speech building up to that...
    • With most of his presentation spoiled, Dr. Weller stealthily avoids an Accidental Pun.
      Rufus: Fine, may as well cut to the––*looks at Julian*...right.
    • After Miguel still questions if Julian is really alive, Julian offers him a game of Siege. That's all it takes for Miguel to realize it's really him.
    • Two episodes in, and Miguel is already a comic genius. After Weller explains gen:LOCK tech...
      Miguel: Eh, pardoname...What?!
  • Apparently, Julian wanted to name the mind-welding technology in the Holons the Cyberdome. Weller did not approve of the name, although Julian claims it'll catch on.
  • Miguel is still shocked that Julian lives. He just doesn't quite get Yasamin's initial comment on him having to live inside a tank.
    Miguel: So- -so, you're telling me he's actually on base? You're telling me I can have another beer with that dead bastard?
    Madrani: Only if you pour it in his tank.
  • The fact that the test screening for gen:LOCK pilots got named after Weller himself. He even goes on to say once they create something groundbreaking, they can name it after whoever they like.
  • Once Weller admits the health tests had extra motives, Garza, Madrani and Chase give him a Death Glare that forces him to change the subject.
  • As she and the others approach the Anvil, Cammie makes it four words in to her first speaking line before she lets off the first F bomb of the series:
    Cammie: Now that's a big fucking cairn.
    • When Rob questions Valentina over her choice to be a spy instead of a ranger, the resultant exchange is funny for anyone familiar with Rooster Teeth:
      Valentina: I like fights I can win.
      Sinclair: If you don't think you can win, why are you here?
      Cammie: It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it?
  • The whole exchange seen in the "first look" trailer is seen here, where Dr. Weller thoroughly weirds out the last four recruits in amazing fashion.
    Cammie: Okay, everyone who cannae ken what's up with the mad scientist here, say "aye".
    Kazu: (Aye.)
    Valentina: Da.
    (they all turn to Sinclair)
    Sinclair: Yes- uh, aye.
  • Upon seeing the mechs, Cammie starts to make a beeline for them, but Valentina pulls her away by her hoodie like an exasperated big sister.
  • Poor Kazu. After suiting up and finding out Sinclair is the traitor, he tries to intercept him by cutting him off. Unfortunately, the power in the suit is too much, and he ends up jumping and landing face first into the wall. Fake!Sinclair ends up stepping on him as he runs out of the room to add insult to injury.
  • How Chase distracts Sinclair in order for Yasamin to get the drop on him ...
    Chase: *materializing behind Sinclair* Boo.
    Fake!Sinclair: *panics and opens fire on Chase's hologram.*
  • Even with a gun pointed at his head, Dr. Weller isn't above making playful banter.
    Rufus: Well... this is exciting.
    Sinclair: Shut up.
  • Chase activating one of the Holons anticipating Sinclair's next move to steal a mech.
    Miguel: Man, just once, can't an engineer follow naming conventions? *is caught off guard by Julian's Holon coming online* ...Hey?
    Chase: *nods at Migas* Sup? *pushes platforms aside* 'Scuse me, forty foot tall dude coming through.
    • After Sinclair's death, an unaware Chase looks around the hangar in confusion, wondering why the Holons aren't moving.
  • After Sinclair bit off more than he could chew and died due to his gen:LOCK incompatibility, Dr. Weller takes the opportunity to ask the remaining pilots who wants to go next. Meanwhile, the four are just looking at him completely stunned.
    Weller: Any takers?

    Second Birthday 
  • Valentina makes a remark referring to Sinclair's breach and Julian's current circumstances. Julian isn't exactly pleased with how he is referred to:
    Valentina: Look at this crazy party you've thrown! And you invited a spy, now dead, a ghost, also dead
    Julian: I... take offense to that.
  • Julian and Kazu's exchange:
    Kazu: (Valentina's onto somethin'. We're here a day and the Union is already holding us prisoner.)
    Julian: I'd choose my next words very wisely.
    Kazu: (Are you going to leave your tank and fight me now?)
    Julian: Man, I'm just trying to warn ya. She'll kick your ass.
    *Kazu looks at as a very intimidating Yasamin smirks at him with her arms folded, and he winces*
  • Apparently Dr. Weller's attempted to clone himself at some point before the start of the series. Based on what he says, it didn't seem to go well.
  • Another exchange between Julian and Valentina:
    Valentina: I'm not here to fight! I was told I was needed for scientific research!
    Julian: Well.... yeah, research... on how to fight better?
  • Weller resents Colonel Marin referring to the recruits as children. Cut to Caliban having to hold Cammie in place as she demands that they let her out, while Nugget tries desperately to damage the much larger droid.
    Cammie: Lemme go, get me the FUCK outta here!
  • Cammie's feelings about testing gen:LOCK:
    Cammie: Can't say I'm crazy about trusting my brain to a piece of tech that killed a man right in front of us. It does do something besides kill us, amirite?
  • Weller's very blunt explanation as to what happens when you're not gen:LOCK compatable, while seeing Yasamin plug into her mech:
    Cammie: That's it? It's a... what is that, any how?
    Kazu: (Mecha?)
    Valentina: That's the biggest drone I've ever seen. She's controlling it from here?
    Weller: She is the mech, now. Her mind has uploaded to the Cyberbrain.
    Cammie: Huh, ok. That's... kinda cool... when it works.
    Weller: It works fine! Provided you are psychologically fit, and neurologically compatible with the system.
    Kazu: (And if you're not, you—)
    Weller: Might as well put your brain in a microwave.
    *Valentina, Kazu, and Cammie back away in shock*
  • Cammie initially mistakes Kazu's name for "kazoo", much to his annoyance.
  • Just seeing a four story tall mech play basketball is pretty funny by itself. Keep in mind that the balls and court that Julian is using are meant for human scale. He even takes the time to roast Miguel:
    Miguel: Ok, we get it. You still got game!
    Julian: I never lost it. You on the other hand, never had it.
  • It's sad, yes, but there's something amusing about Chase realizing he got so frustrated hearing Miranda and Jodie's conversation that he crushed the ball he was holding, and he casually drops it and tries to sneakily walk away.
  • This exchange between Kazu and Cammie as the latter is preparing to use the gen:LOCK tech:
    Cammie: Kazoo...
    Kazu: (KAZ. Zuh.)
    Cammie: If I wink out... you can have my manga collection.
    Kazu: (I haven't read manga since I was a kid.)
    Cammie: What's wrong with ya?
    • Immediately afterwards, Weller asks who wants to go first in trying out gen:LOCK. Poor Cammie gets singled out after Valentina and Kazu decline. After they see Cammie in action, the two of them immediately want to go next.
  • After Julian throws an American football at Kazu, Cammie decides to chime in after Kazu questions the thrown object:
    Kazu: (A football?)
    Cammie: No, footballs are round.
  • When Cammie, in her Holon, looks at Julian and Yasamin's Holons, which are fully armored, compared to her completely unarmored one.
    Cammie: Ah! (covers herself) My bits are showin'!
  • Cammie tries activating the skates on her feet after seeing Yas use them to beat her and Valentina in a footrace. She hops up and down on one foot trying to get them to work, and when they activate, her other foot shoots out from under her, causing her to land flat on her back.
  • As Julian and Kazu play baseball, Kazu ends up hitting the ball into a military van. As the personnel nearby said van look at the two, Kazu tries to hide the bat.
  • Weller catches Cammie fiddling with her foot when he's explaining the drill the recruits are about to go through.
    Weller: Gen:LOCK recruits, meet your new drill instructors. After today, they will educate you in weapons, team combat tactics and paying attention please Cammie!
    Cammie: Sorry! Sorry.
  • How do the trained soldiers decide to test the recruits? A game of Capture the Flag. Some things never change.
  • The entire capture the flag montage is pretty funny. Especially with Cammie flipping off her drill instructors as she's tagged out on multiple occasions.
    • Kazu later decides to rush in, using an unsuspecting Cammie (who was just tagged out) as a human—errr... Mech shield? Either way, it didn't work.
    • Chase, under the guise of demonstrating what an experienced Holon pilot can do, showing up Jodie then leaning into his Strider with narrowed eyes and a "you've done me wrong" head shake.
  • When Cammie suggests the five pilots celebrate, Kazu suggests with beer. Keep in mind that Cammie is underage.
  • When ABLE enters Weller's lab to inform him he's needed Ops for the umpteenth time.
    Weller: Mix into my lab without permission again, and I will rewrite you to speak only in Gilbert and Sullivan lyrics!
    (ABLE pauses, and looks at Caliban, who only shrugs, and vanishes)
    Weller: More of a Dylan fan, I suppose.

    Training Daze 
  • During the Training Montage, Cammie gets continually pushed/pulled off her bunk bed with a variety of comedic expressions. It becomes such a common morning occurrences that she starts sleeping in her Body Suit!
    • When the team is getting suited up for their first training day, there's a brief Metal Gear-style conspicuous shot of Kazu's ass.
    • Chase and Kazu on the other hand, get into a bit of rough housing. Chase puts Kazu on his ass. Kazu takes a cheap shot while Chase helps him up. Soon the two of them are throwing each other around the yard, while Leon's motioning them to knock it off. Bear in mind that they're doing this in their 40-foot tall Holons.
    • There's a sequence of successive mornings with the team looking more and more tired... and Nugget looking increasingly interested in Cammie's drink, eventually falling into it.
  • Although the actual talk isn't funny at all, Julian actually thought to himself to use one-liners when talking to Miranda again, but decides not to, and just says "Hey". When she replies, it turns out this plan was not well thought out, and admits he doesn't know what to say after that.
  • When Migas demonstrates to Cammie how to replace a Holon's legs in its CAD file, the program helpfully informs them that removing the legs compromises the Holon's stability.
  • When the team is recovering in the barracks after a long week of training, Valentina is complaining about her legs being stiff while doing the splits. Kazu points this out, and Valentina replies "It's just harder, that's all." Kazu opens his mouth to make the obvious joke, then just closes it, lies back and asks for a beer.
  • Kazu's request for beer leading to this exchange:
    Kazu: (I require beer.)
    Yasamin: The commissary sells it.
    Cammie: Nice!
    Yasamin: But not to you!
    Cammie: I'm legal in Scotland! ...If I order it with food...
    Yasamin: You're not in Scotland.
    Cammie: *rolls her eyes*
    Kazu: (I require beer! Somewhere away from this base.)
  • The team's alter-egos in the Ether. Some are what you'd expect from an online world (Yaz in an intricate but pretty normal outfit, Valentina trying out a male form), but you've also got Kazu in the most over-the-top punk outfit possible, Cammie who is an anthropomorphic rabbit, and Chase, who is ... just wearing a hoodie over his normal clothing.
    • The login sequence also gets in. Cammie's surprised to see Yaz with long hair and a hijab, Kazu gets snarked at for trying to look even tougher that normal, Valentina's male avatar leads to Kazu asking if she's a crossplayer (which she is), and Julian's appearance fails to impress the others.
  • Cammie successfully ropes her teammates into a bit of VR gaming (apparently very common in this setting), which leads to a hilarious meta joke while she's proposing different games, altering their avatar's outfits as she goes:
    Cammie: Sci-fi?
    (power armor appears on their bodies)
    Valentina: Are you joking? We do this all day long.
    Cammie: Pirates? Anyone wanna sail the high seas, lookin' for booty?
    (Pirate costumes appear)
    Cammie: Fantasy warriors? Wanna hunt some monsters?
    (Their outfits turn into costumes from RWBY, with Yasamin as Blake, Kazu as Sun, Valentina as Ren, Chase as Jaune, and Cammie's rabbit Avatar as Ruby!)
    • The sheer fact that RWBY: Grimm Eclipse of all things is still around in 2072.
      • And Kazu is admiring his monkey tail.
  • There's a small bit in the Ether of one looks closely. The animators slipped a random dude dabbing behind Chase.
  • Dr. Weller's disgust and disapproval with Cammie's vulgarity en route to Dallas:
    Cammie: If they've tapped into the data center, aren't we fucked already?
    Dr. Weller: Cammie, we have got to work on your cursing!
    Cammie: Why? I curse pretty well already!
    *Dr. Weller shoots her an angry scowl*
    Cammie: ...*completely deadpan* fine. Effed. Aren't we already effed.
    • The pilots feeling a bit claustrophobic when they're about to drop from the Hornbill.
    Cammie: *groans* Get your arse out of me face.
    Kazu: (I am not... happy about this... either.)
  • This skirmish alone got a few gems out of Kazu:
    • Kazu's showboating way of dropping onto the scene - he completely fails the landing and rams into a Earth sculpture, complete with the globe rolling off to who knows where. He then proceeds to flex his muscles like nothing happened. Made even funnier that in later scenes, that globe is still rolling around.
    • Kazu's not so subtle way of dealing with Union Drones - by hurling cars at aerial drones, and just causing complete havoc with the Spider drones, leading to this remark from Leon:
      Leon: Ohhhhh, Kazu, we have got to talk about collateral damage.
      cue globe rolling by and flattening a lamppost.
    • Even later, as the team is preparing to fight Nemesis, Kazu takes two cars with him as boxing gloves. It doesn't help.
  • Cammie's mix of improbable aiming and accidental aiming skills when she shoots at a Union spider tank and the shot ricochets off hitting a cell tower which drops on the tank and squad of union troops taking them all out at once.
    • The mooks, instead of diving out of the way, decide the best course of action is to shoot the falling hunk of steel and concrete. With sidearms.

    The Best Defense 
  • Yaz orders Cammie to get out of bed or she'll miss training like she missed breakfast. Cammie remarks she doesn't really miss training.
    • However, she does roll out of bed - intentionally faceplanting on the floor.
  • When Cammie is refusing to get up, Kazu starts playing heavy metal on his guitar to get her moving. Cammie responds by flipping him a double-v.
  • Julian wonders why the group are pulling all-nighters, prompting Weller to ask him if he's ever seen him sleep.
  • Cammie notes the irony in waking up early to "have a lie down".
  • At the shooting range, Cammie attempts to put on aim-assist, but it's been restricted, much to her frustration. The restriction notice consists of a chibi-Weller wagging his finger at her.
  • Kazu shows amusement at having the tar beat out of him by an overpowered Cammie, much to his comrades' confusion.
    Kazu: (That was great!’’ .......’’What?)
  • During lunch, Cammie mentions having nightmares about the Nemesis mech, prompting Yaz to ask if she's tall as a Holon and naked. Cammie said it's like that... except for the naked part. Chase, who has known Yaz longer than the rest of the team and is familiar with the dream sequence, also denies the nudity aspect, and prompts Yaz to elaborate.
  • When Weller mentions that he's made modifications, Chase is visibly upset when he hears that Weller apparently didn't make any enhancements for him. That's when Weller lets Chase know that Migas was already on it.
  • Henry Wu making small talk while escorted into a Union-occupied munitions facility is amusing. Of course, that's to be expected considering who his VA is.
    Henry: I always wanted a lab with a view. Some peace and quiet, focus on my work. Never occurred to me to use barbed wire and armed guards. Nice touch.
    Scientist: Henry, would you shut up before they kill us all?
  • When Kazu smashes through the wall into the Union base, he lets out a massive "OHHHH YAHHHH!" Yes, that's a forty-foot tall red mecha referencing the Kool-Aid Man.
  • Henry starts to ask a guard what the Holons are. The guard does not answer and takes aim... only to get punted out of the facility by Cammie.
  • This exchange:
    Holon!Cammie: Like what you see?
    Henry: I think I'm in love. *embarassed* With your mecha I mean.
  • Cammie mind-shares with Val. One of the first things she does when meeting Nemesis again? Swear at it. In Russian.
    Cammie: Hey! You shouldn't have messed with us again! мудак блядьnote !

    The Only Me I Know 
  • Dr. Weller's first line this episode is one every Rooster Teeth fan should know:
    Dr. Weller: You ever wonder why we're here?
    Julian: Only every day, since New York.
  • Val/entina starting a mental Fusion Dance with Kazu is awesome, but that Val/entina starts by bumping Kazu's crotch adds some quick levity to the scene.
  • Once they return, Leon bitterly snarks at Kazu for suggesting they roll out the barrel in celebration of their mission. Later on, as the gen:LOCK pilots are running through the besieged Anvil, they find that Leon had actually just been messing with him and was planning to do what Kazu suggested.
    Kazu: (Well, now I just feel terrible.)
    • The party was also where the team would be getting their official callsigns. Cammie's is 'Trixx', because she's a rabbit and a kid.
  • Right when they're about to leave, Kazu grabs his guitar, promoting this response from Cammie:
  • When asked how many Union soldiers are pursuing them, Cammies response is... quite succinct;
    Yaz: Cammie, how many?
    Cammie: Enough to fuck us!

    It Never Rains ... 
  • Cammie has this response to Kazu after he asks how she'd feel if her mind had been shared to the same extent that Valentina's was.
    Cammie: I'd feel bad when your head exploded, because you couldn't handle the mind of a seventeen-year-old girl. Otherwise, I'd feel no shame.
  • Cammie is somehow excited at the prospect of eating astronaut ice cream.
  • During the posthumous message, Dr. Weller notes Caliban has only a part of his brain, meaning it's lacking in the wit department. And indeed, his attempts at jokes are so lame they're hilarious ("holding for laugh...").
    • Weller also notes that Caliban's lack of wit is the exact reason he leaves him muted, which implies Weller built a robotic data assistant capable of speech, then deliberately made it much more difficult to communicate with because he found it annoying.
  • On a meta level, the fact that the show's equivalent of NASA contains Rooster Teeth's initials.
  • When the RTASA guards hold the team up upon touchdown, Julian doesn't help matters.
    Julian: Anyone here ordered a pizza? Nobody, really? Alright, we were supposed to deliver it to a secret facility in the middle of nowhere, so this gotta be it!
    • Even funnier when you realize the reason he's so laid-back about being held at gunpoint is because he's not actually there.
  • Caliban's line after touching down at RTASA, immediately followed by Chase opting to have him muted again.
    Caliban: I have experienced warmer welcomes. Cemeteries, the Arctic, the ex-wife...
  • The way Henry pushes the gun of the guard down and away from the team.
    • Henry in general is hilarious throughout the episode; see his response after the Stunned Silence resulting from the team learning Dr Jha and Dr Weller were married:
      Henry: Daaaaamn.
  • Once Kazu is described as an army washout, his response is "you say that like it's a bad thing."
  • Kazu geeks out when he finds out Cammie redesigned his Holon to resemble RoboShogun.
    Kazu: (Ten year old me is very happy right now!)
  • When Cammie is asked about what she did to her own Holon, her response is simply saying "It me!" while making a pair of V-signs.

    Identity Crisis 
  • During Migas' explanation as to how he an the Anvil staff survived, he shows an animation next to his mix where Chibi Weller returns with a confident expression and Chibi Migas is shown next to him with a panicked expression. Even the Smoke is chibi-fied. Ish.
    • This exchange just after Migas manages to get a hold of them.
      Cammie: This is unbelievable!
      Chase: I don't believe it.
      Cammie: Yeah, that's what I'm sayin'?
  • Chase explanation of Nemesis to Migas: "Let's just say g:L technology ain't copy-protected".
  • Cammie gives Nugget to Henry for safe-keeping. Cue a Funny Background Event of Nugget jumping on Henry's face. There's also the fact that she warns him that Nugget will lounge about on his charging pad all day if allowed; Cammie somehow built herself a lazy pet robot.
  • Chase's plan to lure out Nemesis involves "We call him funny names and see if he comes running." Caliban's response is how it's "Simple, yet effective.", similar to how Dr. Weller would describe Chase as a person (which Chase humorously takes as a compliment).
  • During the fight with Nemesis its revealed that Cammie made it so Yaz's lazer fire can also now come from her eyes.
  • "Check it out; tall, dark and ugly got... more like that."
  • After just barely avoiding being crushed by a rotating rail bridge, Kazu gives himself a brief patdown to make sure all of him made it.
  • From the ending teaser where after the reveal that Sinclair is alive and impersonating a Union trooper, he's so stressed out that he almost forgets his helmet.



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