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  • In Episode 2, Weller brings in 4 new Gen:Lock recruits in addition to the 2 he already has. That's 6 pilots, but he only has 5 Holons. If Sinclair didn't turn out to be a spy, what was his plan? Just have one of them wait around until they get another mech?
    • No there are six holons it is most apparent in episode 5 but if you pay attention there is a holon with blue highlights the one that was synched to Sinclair's pilot suit.
    • A sixth, dark blue Holon is shown in the hanger in the second episode and in the later episodes as well.
    • Which raises the question, why continue to armor it if they don't have a pilot for it yet. The others needed to learn how to maneuver in the basic frames a bit before being upgraded so if anyone uses that armor they'd be at a disadvantage.
      • Gen:Lock has only identified six candidates right now, but they are looking to expand the program and recruit more personnel. Plus one of the Holons could be severely damaged in combat and they might need a replacement. Since all of the Holons are standardized and they've all operated in a standard Holon with standard armor, it would be easy for anyone to transfer to the new one before the real modifications start.
  • Since the Season 10 finale of Red vs. Blue, it seems that the United States map in future animated productions give Florida the short end of the stick, either having it missing or having a chunk of it missing. Gen:LOCK shows in Episode 5 that Florida is suffering from the latter. What would be the in-universe reason for Gen:LOCK's version of Florida having the majority of it's territory completely gone?
    • Global warming. You can see in New York in the pilot that they've got massive seawalls to hold back the ocean, which aren't there in reality.
      • I'm personally not sure global warming is 100% the case. If it was, then why does the Union have scientists as prisoners from Cape Canaveral, a place in Florida that's been claimed to be lost. Maybe global warming contributed to it, but I'm thinking the Union also had a hand in it, because not only is Florida in Union jurisdiction, but this map also shows Florida in chunks.
      • Florida is formed on top of massive networks of underwater caves and sinkholes, and a large part of it (the Everglades) is only really held together by trees and constantly changing. It's not unrealistic for it to be destroyed by large scale weapons, climate change, or any number of other things. Perhaps gen:LOCK takes place in a timeline where it was partially destroyed in a previous war?
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    • Florida is one of the more...out of the way places, being a 'boot', and it's recognizable enough that people think of it. Makes it a good random joke. California/Texas are TOO huge. Alaska and Hawaii aren't part of the continental US, so something happening to them lacks impact.
  • So why did Weller conceal the fact that Chase is actually a backup copy of himself from him until Nemesis shows up? Was he just trying to avoid the inevitable existential crisis? Or did the Vanguard order him not to tell Chase the truth? Otherwise, it seems a little strange he wouldn't tear the bandaid off at some point.
    • I can think of two reasons: One, he was likely ordered not to tell Julian by Colonel Marin and other Polity leaders. Two, he couldn't bring himself to do it.
    • Chase has a serious existential crisis right after the revelation, so that does seem to be why Weller was trying to cover it up. he isn't good at interpersonal relationships and so likely wasn't even sure how to broach the topic to an already-fragile Chase.
  • If the Union is so uncreative, how is their nanotech so far ahead of the Polity's?
    • The same way the Soviet Union got nuclear weapons technology: spies. There is evidence since there are Union sympathizers in Polity territory.
      • Also a willingness to use it in incredibly unethical ways can get results sooner.
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    • While the Union seems to be less capable of creating brand new technology, they are pretty good at improving what they can get. Nemesis went from a prototype Holon with a captive pilot to being able to fight a team of 5 improved Holons with veteran pilots without a problem.
    • The Union might not be great at coming up with new ideas, but they're clearly adept at improving on things that they acquire. They are extremely skilled at improving the efficiency of their tech, rather than creating completely new tech.
    • Who said the Polity's nanotech is less advanced? most nanotech isent directly controlled, it just attacks everything thats organic and not protected by the proper signal, and even when directed seems to be an utterly horrifying way to die, more then likely the Polity CAN make nanotech on par with the union but refuses to on moral grounds

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