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  • Stalking Is Funny If It Is Female After Male.
  • Rich people are above the law.
  • Jerkasses and Sociopaths will get away with anything because Good Is Dumb. ("Volpina", "Chameleon", "Ladybug", "Felix" and every episode with Chloe in it.)
  • Don't upset people or they'll come back as a super-villain and try to kill you, even for minor offenses.
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  • Toxic and abusive relationships should always be fixed and not broken up ASAP, whether it's a friendship built on All Take and No Give or a parent who outright tells their kid they have to earn their love. This will not backfire in any way imaginable!
  • Never ever lie ever! It will always backfire no matter how necessary or harmless it is... unless its about your secret-identity, in which case no one must know, not even your partner who also has a secret-identity.
  • People are Gullible Lemmings who will believe anything, no matter how outlandish a complete stranger's many, many paper-thin claims are. Even if Person A paints Person B, who everyone knows to be an All-Loving Hero cinnamon role to be a psychopathic monster (when really the reverse is true), most of them won't question it. ("Volpina", "Chameleon", "Ladybug")
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  • Being Good Sucks.
  • The French are incapable of growing as people and are 99.8% blind and tone-deaf.
  • Italians are evil.
  • Chinese people are magic and know kung fu.
  • Don't actually call out someone if they're being a piece of shit; always give them as many chances as possible to redeem themselves instead, even if they've repeatedly proven themselves to be untrustworthy and unwilling to change.
    • Additionally, always strive to be a good example to those around you, which involves never standing up for yourself and doing the above. Are they abusing your trust or outright mistreating you because of this? Just suck it up and keep smiling.


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     Season One 
  • Trying to calmly and systematically rule out equally-likely suspects of a potential theft is just as bad as pinning the crime on one specific person without proof.
  • You can get fired for doing your job without violating an innocent person's rights on trumped-up charges without evidence.
  • Even if you point out that the authority in question is breaking the law, they can just say "No." and have you fired. Somehow.

"Dark Cupid"


  • Someone easily scared by a poorly-made monster-mask in a world when anyone can turn into a real monster capable of threatening an entire city to be the Action Girl protagonist of your low-budget Sci-Fi Horror movie makes total sense.



     Season Two 
"Prime Queen"
  • TMZ is right. People only care about celebrity gossip even if those celebrities are actual superheroes.


  • Robots don't have rights, even if they are capable of emotions genuine enough for empathy magic to work on them.

"The Dark Owl"

  • A grown man who runs a school is revealed to be a vigilante. Consequences? No. He's a loser, so why bother?


  • Crying over spilt ice-cream is normal for an ice-cream vendor who has been around long enough for everyone in the city to know about you.

     Season Three 
  • Let someone keep manipulating your friends, even if they outright threaten you. Your love interest said so!



  • A science-teacher can involve the school she works at in an outlandish claim without consequence.
  • The Pyramids of Giza being alien spaceships and snow being boogers from a giant that lives in the clouds are more scientifically plausible than small cheese-eating critters.
  • Outrageous claims with (admittedly faulty) video evidence is less plausible than equally outrageous claims with no evidence.


  • Taking a child from their family arbitrarily so that they could dedicate their lives to a holy mission they have no emotional investment in is perfectly understandable. It's an important holy mission that they have no emotional investment in. What could go wrong?

"Cat Blanc"

"Heart Hunter " and "Miracle Queen"

  • Humor the Spoiled Brat with an inflated sense of entitlement or she'll become completely evil and willingly join the sociopathic supervillain out of spite.
  • The guy who repeatedly turns your loved ones into monsters and frequently uses you as a target is more trustworthy than the superhero that fights him because she was too busy to indulge in your fantasy for five minutes.
  • Your dysfunctional parents will only love each other when you don't want them too.
  • Character Development is for quiters.

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