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If and when they adapt GGO's arc...
Rosalia will be part of Kirito's nightmare.

Or remembering that some people, like Rosalia, deserved it, will be what helps him recover.

Sugou will be played by PurpleEyesWTF.
  • Jossed. Sugou is voiced by KaiserNeko.

Kirito will watch Dungeonmaster...
...And surprise Kayaba with a reference to the movie when they meet again, causing Kayaba to freak out.I just can't see SWE passing on such a juicy a callback to an earlier episode.
  • alternatively, Kirito really has seen Dungeon Master. He just feigned ignorance as one last middle finger to Kayaba.

There WILL be a reference to Seto Kaiba because his name is similar to Kayaba and LittleKuriboh will have a guest appearance.

The ending of the Aincrad Arc is going to be a Tear Jerker
We all know how it ended from the source material, and we know how Abridged!Kirito deals with death of people he actually grows to like. That brings up the question... How broken will he be when Kayaba kills Asuna right in front of him?And then there's the Fairy Dance arc if they decide to adapt it. Kayaba might end up getting off lucky compared to his colleague...
  • Confirmed. The Aincrad arc ending was so goddamn sad.

Kirito will utterly lose it when Asuna gets killed
  • An alternate scenario, since Asuna seems to be a morality chain for Kirito, once Kayaba kills her, Kirito goes on to make Kayaba and relapse into his own god complex as he tortures the main villain.

ALO's first arc will be skipped in an abridged manner akin to Garlic Jr.
If only to skirt around some
serious issues that they couldn't make funny, much like Berserk Abridged.
  • Jossed. Going by Episode 12, they're going full steam ahead with at least some aspects of the original ALO arc.

The circus music will be a Brick Joke
No points for guessing which battle it'll be featured in.

If they do Gun Gale Online, the servers will be flooded with foul-mouthed, trash-talking pre-teen COD fanboys.

Otherwise it'll have those few reasonable players who've spent more than 3 hours in game.

  • Maybe a funny reference to be made is that everyone tries and fails to 360 no-scope.

Eugene will be played by AntfishTAS
It was confirmed that he had a part in the abridged series in episode 36 of Team Four Star's podcast.
  • Jossed, Antfish plays Godfree.

Asuna will be called out on her Not So Different moments
Considering how much she's managed to get away with (ie burning down Lisbeth's home and place of business) and how, like Kirito, displays much sociopathy and a bastard attitude, someone's bound to not let her actions slide. Bonus points if its Lisbeth.
  • She got her heart kicked in the dick in Episode 10 so that's something...

The hat Kirito found in Episode 3 will save his life.
Kirito mistook the hat as an item used to resurrect dead players, and was understandably pissed as a result. What he didn't know was that it does resurrect players but only if the person in question happens to wear it. Kirito will probably have it equipped when
Kuradeel betrays him or when Kayaba kills him during their climatic duel.
  • Unfortunately, he gave it to Ballsdeep69

Or Kirito and Asuna get ready to fight, and the scene immediately cuts to Aincrad crumbling, Kirito asks what happened, and Kayaba claims he had a change of heart, with the help of The Legendary FUCK, and the last clip is Ballsdeep69 logging out while wearing the hat.

  • Jossed. The hat hasn't made an appearance since Episode 3. Could possibly still make an appearance in season 2 though.

Yui will be an Enfant Terrible
And Kirito will love the hell out of her for that.

Suguha will be worse than Kirito
To the point where Kirito (mixed with a little of the Character Development and Took a Level in Kindness he underwent) is the one being horrified and flabbergasted by her snark-filled apathy.
  • As a bonus, she'll be like that as a coping mechanism for Kirito being in a functional coma for two years.
  • Alternatively, she's been like this since they were kids. She and Kirito would go on devastating Snark-to-Snark Combat up until the SAO incident.
    • Confirmed. Suguha is just as much of a smartass as Kirito and he's helplessly at her mercy.

Kirito, Asuna and Kayaba's final confrontation
Kayaba dies happy knowing that someone finally understood a reference he made.
  • Partially confirmed: Yes, he's happy Kirito got his references, but in the end he's not only still alive, and is forced into hiding, due to , y'know, BEING THE MOST WANTED MAN ON THE PLANET! Fuckin' Bethesda...

Kirito will begin Episode 10 with damage indicators all over his body.
Kind of. The only indicator is on his eyes.

Kayaba's Actual Motivation
Once Kirito and Asuna reach the top floor and face off against Kayaba, Kayaba does the traditional spiel about wanting to create a world he can control, only for Kirito to stop him and call him out. Then Kayaba reveals his true motive: to force the players, who he considers the worst of the worst, to learn to work together and become better people. He will then point to Kirito as a success story, congratulating him and pushing Kirito over the edge.
  • Possibly foreshadowed: Episode 10 has a small non-humorous moment where Heathcliff mutters under his breath how he envied Kirito and Asuna's young love for each other.
  • Jossed: He stayed awake for three weeks trying to meet a deadline, fucked up badly enough to kill people in real life, then trapped everyone in the game as the ultimate example of I Meant to Do That

How Kirito will figure out Heathcliff's true identity
After the fight with the Skull Reaper, Heathcliff will likely give a speech ripped from another classic movie, and Kirito will make the connection between him and Kayaba. After all, Kirito has displayed his own knowledge of film triva, most notably when insulting Kuradeel and also referring to Asuna as (Philip) Marlowe in response to her interrogation Yui.
  • Confirmed. Kirito works it out when Heathcliff references TRON.

Heathcliff will be revealed to not be Kayaba
After the fight The Skull Reaper Kirito will attempt to attack Heathcliff using the same reasoning as the official material. Only for Heathcliff to die and Kyaba to reveal himself shortly afterwards.
  • And it will be Mr. Fluffles.
  • Jossed

Silica was playing someone else's character
That would explain why she utterly terrified Kirito in The Stinger when she is demonstrably ignorant on how the game works.

SAO is at least partially Keita's fault.
If he'd finished the turorial like he was supposed to, the tutorial NPC would not have been "nowhere to be seen", which is one of the things that set Kayaba off in the first place.
  • Kinda confirmed, in episode 11 Kayaba mentions the missing tutorial NPC being one of the contributing factors in the disaster that evolved from his caffeine induced glitch.

Fluffles will make at least make cameos in later seasons.

Reki will be mentioned again
Kayaba mentions that in his sleep deprived state that he called Reki, the janitor, the Face of God. This is obviously a reference to creator of SAO Reki Kawahara in the vein of Stan Lee's cameos in various Marvel movies, as mentioned on the Fridge page. So to continue that trend, Reki will be mentioned in some capacity in future seasons in some manner.

Kayaba's coming back in Alfheim will also be due to a glitch and he'll be just as surprised as Kirito.
In canon, Alfheim is similar to Aincrad under the hood, so it wouldn't be surprising if the Alfheim devs didn't fix all of the bugs in the original game.

Kirito's Backstory is going to play a major role at some point
Our "Crown Prince of Douchebag", at-least in original canon, actually had a few backstory details revealed in the second Arc. The most notable aspect of his backstory was the reason he even got into online gaming in the first place: His parents died when he was young and he was adopted by his Aunt and Uncle. He was raised under the belief that his aunt and Uncle were his parents, while his Cousin Suguha was actually his sister. He later learned that they weren't actually his parents, and his sister was his cousin when he was only ten which lead him to distance himself from others (Most notably his Suguha and the rest of his family) and become a more hardcore gamer.I can see these details being a more important point in the abridged Fairy Dance Arc than what it was in the original series given how the abridged series has been so far.
  • Kind of jossed. Judging by episode 12, he seems to a gamer mainly because of Suguha's relentless bullying.

Kirito will once again emulate Cartmen at the end of the ALO arc.
Who he's directing it at should be fairly obvious.

The 'glitch' that caused people to die was an intentional design programmed in by Sugou
Sugou was always depicted as being jealous of Kayaba, and Kayaba admitted to being more than a little delusional during the final weeks before SAO's launch. Perhaps during his delusionary state, he didn't notice that Sugou accessed his workstation (perhaps when he was getting himself more caffeine?) and programmed the little 'death glitch' in, then when he found out, automatically assumed it was his own fault and we get the first season.

Come season two and Kayaba's 'comrade' has bought the rights to his game and released a game with similar programming. So he tries his hand to hack it, right about when Kirito and Asuna are in trouble, records what Sugou says to clear his own name and gives Kirito access to his cheat codes, which leads right to the end of season 2. Come GGO, Kayaba is a free man, and Sugou is on Death Row.

  • Kayaba might not be completely off the hook because he tried to take the players hostage.
  • Alternatively, Kayaba isn't a completely free man but he does get a lessened sentence due to a combination of aforementioned sleep deprivation and evidence of Sugou's involvement. It might also lead to a point about how Kayaba's fuck-up with SAO lead to some investigations into work conditions for game developers and making steps to improve them (It's no secret game developers don't exactly have the best work conditions at times, and SAO's "Glitch" would definitely lead to an investigation if not changes to work conditions to ensure that something as disastrous as the SAO incident doesn't happen again).

Beta Testers are held under suspicion because Kirito's advice got hundreds killed.
2000 people died in the first couple of months and none of the people at the meeting had read the manual. However, they were the lucky ones. While some like Diabel might read the manual and realize the advice is absolutely terrible, the average SAO Abridged player is barely more qualified to play than a mentally disabled monkey, and less so than an average house cat. They would probably read it and obey because they lack the imagination to go against the grain, which in turn got lots of people killed. Granted, it's not the only source of player self-destruction, as the tutorial NPC went missing, and there are plenty of ways to get yourself killed even without reading the terrible advice.

If Pina shows up in later arcs, it's because Kayaba used his GM privileges to revive it.
It would be jarring if Silica joins Kirito's party in later seasons considering what happened to Pina in the abridged series. Perhaps Silica's rampage was causing so much destruction that Kayaba had to revive Pina and convince her it was all a bad dream. Either that, or the Pina that shows up in later seasons is a different pet rather than an import from SAO.
  • Alternatively, the new Pina is a Replacement Goldfish. Possibly given to her while in the midst of her rampage.

Yui will become a toxic influence to Kirito in the ALO arc.
After realizing that she was loved after all. Yui would not take kindly to having her mother kidnapped and would actively manipulate Kirito into acting like his old self in order to more efficiently track Asuna down and more brutally kill Sudou.
  • Alternatively, she may start displaying Evil AI tendencies, in part due to learned behavior from watching Kirito. Naturally, Kirito being Kirito, he might actively encourage this.

The identity of Abridged Death Gun
Seeing as how Kirito's "advice" got everyone in Laughing Coffin killed or arrested, as Kuradeel so gladly pointed out in Aincrad Episode 9, and that canon Death Gun was revealed to be a member of aforementioned guild, Col to brain cells suggest that the Abridged incarnation of Death Gun is a Laughing Coffin fanboy, much like Kuradeel was... alternately, Abridged Death Gun could be a poser who took the name because he thought it was kewl.
  • It could be Red eyed Xa Xa like in canon. Remember that he was among the arrested and the Laughing coffin murders were blamed on Kayaba. Kirito could have shown them mercy to thank them for the slaves he got and simply forgot the names since he's made so many enemies that outside of Rosalia, Fluffles, Kayaba, and Gary the names and faces just blur together.
    • or Kirito doesn't remember Xaxa at all in Laughing Coffin:
    Kirito: Long time no see er... Jonny Black!
    Xaxa: That's not me.
    Kirito: Okay, so were the Jesus-psycho?
    Xaxa: No it's me! Red eyed Xaxa. You know the guy with the red eye mask.
    Kirito: Hate to break it to you zazzy, but having red eyes alone isn't enough to be a memorable killer.
    Xaxa: *aims gun* I'm going to enjoy this so much more than I should.
Alternatively, it could be revealed that Death Gun uses a TTS Software, and he is actually Don Fluffles.

Grimlock had the Capgras Delusion.
In case you don't know, the Capgras Delusion is where you (falsely) believe that someone in your life was replaced with a perfect replica. And what did Grimlock say to "justify" killing his wife?
So you see, boy, I didn't kill Griselda, I killed the thing that took her place.

Sugou's motivation in ALF arc.
Sugou will meet Kirito not to brag about keeping Asuna hostage and eventually marrying her, but to blackmail Kirito into playing/completing Alfeim Online and give it a glowing review by using her as leverage. Seeing is how he was jealous of Kayaba, he would want to upstage him by creating a safe/better game. And what better way to insure that then stealing and refining data from the game and getting a great review from one of the survivors to promote it? Thus he holds Asuna hostage and insinuates that he could easily "pull the plug" on her or do something worse if Kirito doesn't comply with his demands. Not wanting to lose her but not having any power to fight back against Sugou, Kirito has no choice but to agree.
  • Jossed, at least for now. Sugou seems to be still as much of a creep as the original is, and still wants to force-marry her

Kirito's character development in ALF arc and where it may lead.

Related to above, Kirito's character has received development within SAO- he can no longer bring himself to hate humanity and has learned to have faith in those around him, even opening his heart to Asuna. Once he returns to the real world, he'll be in a struggle to keep that mentality or revert back to his old self- he may no longer be in SAO but he had spent two years there. It would either be hard to break habits or he'll revert to whatever his personality in the real world would be with brief bouts of his "real self". Coming into contact with Sugou, a man of power that has the life of someone he had opened his cynical heart to and the ability to possibly ruin his own if he so wishes, could send him spiraling back into his old mindset he used to have or make, or he could try to fight his old instincts because he knows he can't go back to the way he was.

This Kirito is a weeaboo
Based off the beta tester Youtube video in Episode 1, Kirito (represented by Yamato SFX) is white, yet from Episode 11 his name is still Kazuto Kirigaya and he still lives in Japan, where he moved to achieve his dream of becoming Japanese.
  • It probably wasn't Kirito in the beta video, since the person Yamato SFX was playing was a random guy and not the actual beta tester. Additionally, Episode 12 shows that he's still related to Suguha in Abridged. It'd be a bit weird if he referred to a random Japanese girl as his sister...

ALF will be an EA game.
Given that in the canon story, ALF was intentionally unwinnable. It would be easy to add to that flaw with other negative game design mechanics. Lootboxes, Pay-to-win, Etc...

EA is just the easiest target for these kinds of jokes.

  • Jossed. As said by the Character Creation voice, the fact that ALO is sponsored by uPlay means that Ubisoft is behind the game.

GGO will be an EA game.
MMORPGs aren't the only games that are monetized. FPS games are also heavily subjected to predatory monetization (ranging from loot boxes to pay-to-win and so on), and that market is more EA's flavor (see Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II (2017). After XeXeeD gives his infamous "AGI builds are dead! STR builds are the new meta!" speech, several "pro gamers" will be scrambling for character resets, which are the most likely candidates to be monetized in this kind of game.

Kirito's "girly voice" will cause problems for him in GGO.
Especially considering the M9000 avatar he was "lucky" enough to spawn with.

When Kirito makes his character for Alfheim...
He'll pick a spriggan. Why? Because spriggans dress in black and employ stealth, theatricality and deception - including making opposing players afraid and throwing out clouds of concealing smoke. Kirito's going to pick a spriggan because he desperately wants to be Batman.
  • And, in a Take That! towards the anime, Kirito will be surprised at how lucky it is that his character turned out the way he wanted considering the randomization method of character creation is garbage.
  • Jossed. Kirito picked Spriggan blindly after being tortured by the Name Guy.
    Kirito: Default! For the love of all that is holy, default!! [...] Yes! I don't care! Just let me save my wife!

Silica's ability to terrify Kirito was because the huge quest chain to get the flower massively levelled her
The quest was for high-level characters. Kirito was able to do them with ease because he's that OP, but Silica herself was able to leech XP off of Kirito's kills. It allowed Silica to become a force to be reckoned with, but because she's still an utter newbie with a limited understanding of the game, she was legitimately scared of Rosalia and her goons, not realizing she had long since surpassed them.

Episodes are Written More Than One At A Time
There are simply too many payoffs and subtle jokes for it not to be the case. Asuna is made into a racist, and later Yui references Foreigner. Episode 10 makes a joke about "The Power of Love" which is a song from Back to the Future, the very movie Kayaba chooses in Episode 11. The whole series has a general outline all ready to go, and the only thing stopping it as actual production. (Voice Recording, Editing, Additional Scenes, Etc.)

The reason Suguha is a bully to Kirito
If the setting here is the same as the series, in which Kirito's parents died and he went to live with his aunt and uncle, he became the favored child over Suguha for a time and she resented him for this and did everything she could to either one-up him or make his life miserable.

Kirito and Suguha swapped backstories from canon
In her role-playing setting in Episode 13, "Leafa" is a Street Urchin adopted by the queen and raised to be a princess. This could be a clever piece of Foreshadowing hinting that Suguha was adopted into Kirigaya family instead of Kirito as in canon, and her issues with him stems from an Inferiority Superiority Complex born from this fact — plus negligent or outright stupid parents (it wouldn't be a first for the series) — that compels her to put him down in order to make herself feel better.
Furthermore, the reason why Suguha role-plays as the Damsel in Distress is because she knows the way she treats her brother is wrong, but she just can't stop herself. So, instead of looking for actual help, she tries to teach herself to turn her bitch-switch off by LARPing as a hapless Neutral Female, which not only is going too much in the opposite direction, but it's also a complete waste of time if her Bad "Bad Acting" is any indication.

Leafa and Kirito
Suguha will not have any incestuous feelings towards her brother-cousin but will develop an attraction towards his Alfheim avatar in a moment of huge Hypocritical Humor and Loves My Alter Ego. Once The Reveal is unveiled, Kirito will immediately start making fun of Suguha for accidentally falling in love with her brother, only for Mood Whiplash to set in as Suguha tearfully vents all of her problems onto him and reveal some deep-rooted Hidden Depths that surprises even Kirito. After they reconcile and the story arc is done, Suguha still being attracted to her brother will become a Running Gag that grosses out the other characters.
  • It's possible Suguha will quickly get over her crush once she realizes his identity, but the rest of the cast will never let her live it down.
    • Alternatively, the abridged series might skip the whole incest issue altogether. Suguha might be portrayed as a neglected little sister who just wants attention from her self-absorbed brother. That's why she makes fun of him in this series, because she thinks that's the only way she can get him to respond to her. Once he goes into Alfheim, she gets mad because he just got out of the SAO deathtrap and is already going back into another game. So she gets in on it too, makes an unrecognizable persona, and tries to act like a nice friend and somehow get him to drop video games altogether. Unfortunately, her voice is a dead giveaway. But not knowing why she's doing all this, but thinking that he might need her help, he thinks that she'll quit the game if she realizes the jig is up, and decides not to suspect anything.
    • Which will eventually result in Suguha chewing out Kirito from running away from reality-at which point he shuts her down with "YES, BECAUSE REALITY INCLUDES YOU, YOU SELF-CENTERED MUSSELS-FOR-BRAINS HAG!" Cue Suguha having a Heel Realization and breaking down and attempting to be nicer (emphasis on "attemping").
    • More or less jossed, at least personality-wise. Suguha is a horrible person who bullies Kirito relentlessly, and in turn he plays videogames to escape her. If anything she'll use Kirito playing Alfhiem as more ammo to tease him, rather than chew him out for it.

Suguha is a Closet Geek and her bullying Kirito is her way of lashing out
For whatever reason, Suguha feels shame for enjoying a "nerdy" hobby like playing an MMO. She picks on Kirito partly as a way of covering up her secret and partly out of resentment for how he can openly enjoy such things. Needless to say, Kirito is going to have a field day when he finds out she plays Alfheim.
  • This wmg gets more support with the reveal that Leafa is an Avid (if incompetent) Role Player.

Kirito is going to kill Sugou instead of calling the police.
We've already seen that Kirito is a bit of an asshole. And, like above, after Sugou admits to putting in the "glitch," nobody cares and Kirito gets off scot-free.
Kirito: God your pathetic! I'll let the police deal with you. I don't want your stinking blood on my hands.
Sugou: Really?
Kirito: No!
Sugou: Wait! NO NO NO! AAAAH! *Dead*
Suguha: So what did you do today?
Kirito: I killed someone!
Suguha: That's nice.

Alicia will not be the leader of the Cat Sith. Instead, it will be...
Don Fluffles.
  • Given the way she fawned over Kirito, that would be... weird.
    • An actual cat catfishing Kirito.
  • So then what if Cait Sith is the Mob of Alfheim.

Death Gun will be voiced by Lanipator
Kayaba/Heathcliff is voiced by Takahata101 and Suguo is voiced by KaiserNeko. Therefore the third main antagonist will be voiced by the third remaining founder of Team Four Star.

Silica is The King Of Ashes
Granted, the voice made it sound like it was a guy, but since when has that stopped anything? And who would hate Kirito more than the one who he cost her pet?...yeah, this is stupid.

The reason for the King of Ashes' betrayal
According to the Freeze-Frame Bonus, the King of Ashes wanted a calendar featuring Asuna in various states of undress. Kirito learned about it and explained to the King that it wasn't going to happen.

Suguha bullies Kirito to cover up her attraction to him
Assuming they keep that part of her character intact, Suguha is so belittling and rude towards Kirito because she is still very attracted to him. This frustrates her to no end and the only way she can think to not clue him in on it is to make sure he thinks that she just loves to make his life miserable.

Suguha will become nicer to Kazuto once she realizes that he and Kirito are the same person
In general, her putting him down seems to revolve around her thinking that he's a whiny loser. However, once in Alfheim, Kazuto (as Kirito) will amaze her and be seen by her as one of the most awesome people alive. Once the reveal occurs, she'll realize that she was wrong and even potentially admit that Kirito is a much stronger person than she is (for having survived SAO and the lengths he went to to save Asuna). Touched, Kirito will ask if they can start over, and their relationship becomes much more amicable, though she'll still good-naturedly snark about the differences between "Kazuto" and "Kirito."

Eugene will be the King of Ashes
It would help connect the summit to the bigger story, would make Kirito and Eugene's duel a little more dramatic, and...well, look at this image of Eugene [1]

Kirito will have to disguise himself when he enters ALO
Considering his voice and appearance is pretty well know given he's the "big hero" that Sugou's read in the papers, Kirito will have to go undercover in order not to draw attention to himself. Luckily, ALO allows someone to customize their avatar so Kirito will use a different voice and a different screenname. Following that, Suguha does the same with Leafa to change her voice and neither Kazuto or Suguha will realize that they're playing with each other until Kazuto reveals why he's playing ALO. At that point, Suguha would declare that she knew that her stupid brother was lying about having a wife and Kazuto realizes that Leafa is Suguha and confronts her. Suguha realizes that the badass guy she fell for is her own brother and begins to freak out. This leads to them confronting each other in reality and inside ALO and begin to mend their relationship.
  • Jossed to Helheim. Kirito goes default on his avatar after being forced to use the username "xVx_K1R1T0_xVx_KillMe" courtesy of several hours of name rejections.

Kirito's GGO avatar will be the result of Kayaba or Yui screwing with the system to troll him.
It just fits too perfectly.

The Fairy Dance arc will be full of rape jokes.
This is basically the arc where Asuna gets raped after all.

Versace/Sugou took the Kirito username in ALO.
It makes so much sense.

The series will give Sugou some more detailed motivation for his actions

During his final confrontation with Kirito, Sugou could say that he's done everything he's done because the years of pent-up rage at his status as a Beleaguered Assistant to Asuna's father made him want to control as many things and people as possible. But even Kirito will say that's not a good excuse.

"Eugene" will actually be Heathcliff/Kayaba

Since we know from Kirito's twitter Kayaba is still playing games after freeing everyone, and from the Freeze-Frame Bonus in the scene where Yui scans the data in episode 13 it can be seen that Heathcliff was one of the accounts transferred into ALO from SAO, there seems to be foreshadowing that Kayaba will show up in ALO as a player rather than just the weird system ghost from the final battle of the arc. Eugene seems to fit the bill, having mostly the same body type and similar armor as Heathcliff, being regarded as the "strongest player" in the game just like Heathcliff, and most notably possibly serving as another rematch with Kayaba for Kirito, albeit one that Kirito actually wins this time around.

Sugou didn't really trap Asuna
She was trapped because the menu was moved to the left hand, and Sugou didn't tell her how to access the menu.

Kirito will drop an Atomic F-Bomb so intense it bypasses the in-game profanity filter.
Kirito’s rage goes Beyond the Impossible.

Charisma boosting does not actually affect anything.
Sugou's plan is based around boosting charisma to the point of being able to brainwash people, but the only shown examples are of Kirito going along with the Moonlit Black Cats' leader. When Sugou tries to pull such on Kirito, it will turn out he was never affected and that he just went along with it as an excuse to maintain his badass loner persona despite being part of a guild. This will result in Sugou being curb-stomped by the unaffected Kirito.

Suguha's confrontation with Kirito in the real world, after discovering he's playing Alfheim will play out differently then in canon.
In this universe, when Suguha confronting him about playing Aelfheim will play out VERY differently then in canon. Upon finding out that his sister was Leifa all along will lead to Kirito mercilessly mocking his sister (once he's done laughing his ass off) for being a roleplayer as well as utterly demolish any sort of fear Kirito once had of her.

The World Tree is a math tree.
It's a kids game. Of course the ultimate challenge would be a test of everything you've learned in Alfheim Online. The reason why nobody has beaten the game though is because it's a complex algebraic proof. Yui will solve it and Freeze Frame Bonus will reveal the answer was 4.

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