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    The Scotsman (and His Family) 
Jack will return to the past... after training the Scotsman to kill Aku.
The Scotsman is Jack's equal with a holy sword as well. So he teaches the Scotsman everything he knows to give him an even better chance and allowing him to destroy Aku once Jack returns to the past, giving the future a hero.
  • Uh, jossed.

The Scotsman's name will be revealed in the movie.
  • Jossed, as there is not movie, and the Scotsman's identity seems irrelevant anyways.

The Scotsman is going to swear up a storm in the new season.
It's easy to see all the hoodlums Jack meets in Aku's future cursing frequently, but the Scotsman seems especially fitting as a pottymouth. Now that the show has an TV-14 rating, who knows what kind of obscene things he's going to say.
  • I would believe that the major four letter words (fuck being a big major four letter word) would be bleeped out. I do not recall any show on Adult Swim/Toonami allowing any of the major four letter words being uncensored at all.
    • Didn't The Boondocks drop the f bomb in like every episode?
      • Those were bleeped out.
  • Ultimately jossed, the Scotsman doesn't swear at all while onscreen.

The Scotsman is in the same situation Jack is.
Either shortly before or shortly after Jack first attacked Aku, the Scotsman attacked and nearly defeated Aku with his magic sword. To avoid defeat, Aku simply threw the Scotsman into the same future Jack is.Since his machine gun leg is a somewhat modern weapon, Scotsman might have gotten his leg removed and replaced while he was in the future.
  • Jossed, he's an established member of a Scottish clan. If he was from the distant past, he would be more of a stranger to them.

The Scotsman will go full cyborg
With him having a gun for a foot, he can end up going through a reconstruction of his body, which will explain why he's still kicking despite it being 50 years.
  • The trailers have shown that he's added a few more mechanical parts to his body, though he's not outright robotic now.
  • Jossed, he's back as badass as before, but actually less mechanical.

The Scotsman's sword is a holy weapon capable of hurting Aku.
However Aku, Jack, the Scotsman himself, and everyone else are completely unaware of this fact.
  • Most likely jossed. While the Scotsman doesn't get the chance to test out his sword against Aku, he gets vaporized by Aku (and his sword is broken in half by the blast).

One night while he was incredibly drunk and fishing or swimming in a lake, he confronted the Loch Ness Monster. In the ensuing battle, the Scotsman's leg was eaten by the beast, but he compensated by killing it with his bare hands.

The Scotsman will die in Season 5.
If a major protagonist is Killed Off for Real in the new season, barring killing off Jack, the most shocking option left would be the Scotsman.
  • And Jack will inherit his sword. Relating to the theory above about the Scotsman's sword having the same divine magic as Jack's, it'll be what Jack uses to finish Aku off. Aku will get cocky and assume that it's just an ordinary sword.
  • Additional theory: the Scotsman might die in the same episode he is set to return in, "Episode XCV". Especially if, judging by this preview trailer, the Scotsman is one of the rebel commanders leading that Redshirt Army assaulting Aku's home base.

The Scotsman let himself be killed on purpose.
He went into that battle thinking (and maybe even hoping) he would end up dying but he had his sword enchanted beforehand so it would bring him back as a potentially tough ghost.
  • If that's true, then that makes the Scotsman a total jerkass for getting thousands of good men dragged along into his suicide-by-Aku for no reason!
    • Unless he went into battle hoping for a victory, but prepared for failure.
    • Eh, even in a victorious battle some casualties are likely. An old man on a wheelchair on the front line is likely to be one of them.

Jack's spirit will be reignited when he sees the Scotsman again.
Jack will see that the Scotsman is now a ghost, but that hasn't stopped him. This will inspire Jack to continue the fight while he's still alive.
  • I can imagine it now. Jack first thinks he's just another hallucination come to taunt him for his failures, only for The Scotsman to pull a ghostly Get A Hold Of Yourself Man and tell him the opposite. That Jack kicks butt and that he's done more than he ever knew. And when he's complaining about the loss of his original sword, Ghost!Scotsman will lend him his broken sword to help him find his original sword, to remind Jack of what it's like to wield such a weapon after such a long absence.

The Scotsman's ghost will haunt Aku
.When Ghost!Scotsman isn't recruiting more troops, he spends his free time trolling Aku.
  • This would be a very funny counterpart to all those imaginary friends/enemies who are haunting Jack.

The Scotsman will provide Jack with a fighting chance as all hope seems lost.
  • Because he's the ultimate bro. And he'll do it not just with the army he's gathering, but we STILL don't know the limits of his Celtic Magic. For all we know, he might transform himself into ANOTHER sword for Jack's use (perhaps with some power from Jack's own soul fused into it—considering the original sword is forged from his father's soul).

Ashi will end up befriending Flora, the Scotsman's daughter.
Ashi stood out from the other Daughters of Aku, as does Flora from the rest of her family. It only makes sense that if the two meet, they'll form an Odd Friendship akin to the one Jack and the Scotsman have.
  • Jossed. When they do meet, it's when Ashi (in demon form) fights Flora and her sisters during the Final Battle.

Poor health took its toll on both the Scotsman and his Wife.
Both of them looked very fat, overweight, or even obese. Their corpulence eventually caused negative consequences; the Scotsman suffered a stroke which paralyzed him, which explains why he used a wheelchair in his last days. Also his Wife, being even fatter than he is, tragically died from a heart attack; which would explain why her husband is never heard talking about her.

The Scotsman and his Wife did have sons.
But for some strange reason, they only had two. One of the boys was a spitting image of his dad; big, strong, and fearless, but unfortunately he got himself killed. The other one is a small, weak, sickly geek who just never had what it took to become a warrior.

The Scotsman’s Wife was pregnant in her first appearance.
It explains why she was acting so grumpy with her complaining towards Jack & the Scotsman. It also explains why the Scotsman didn’t lose his patience with her.

Theories on why The Scotsman has sooooo many daughters.
The Scotsman has, at least, two dozen daughters, a fairly impressive number by any standards. Although, in Real Life there were reports of an 18th century Russian couple with over 50 children, so the question arises: How did he have so many? Well, this troper has a few theories, which they posted on the Samurai Jack Wikia, but regardless of which is true, he cared enough about them to give his life to save them from being killed by Aku during his failed attack upon the Shape Shifting Master of Darkness.
  1. Fertility drugs are REALLY good in the future. It's not just Aku who can get women pregnant with multiple children. :-D
  2. The Daughters are really the man's nieces and younger cousins (and extended cousins). It's possible something happened to the other members of the clan and thus The Scotsman and his wife took the girls in.
  3. The girls were orphans that the Scotsman and his Wife adopted (hair could just be either dyed or a coincidence).
  4. The Daughters could have been created in a series of test tubes - maybe the Scotsman wanted an Amazon Brigade to fight Aku with.
  5. Celtic Magic (which this troper has to agree, is the most plausible of all of the possible theories currently listed).

    The Guardian of the Time Portal 
The Guardian and Brobot (one of the punks who named Jack "Jack") are one and the same.
They share a lot of characteristics. Bald, blue, wear sunglasses, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, and prone to usage of slang. Plus, the punks were there when Jack's journey in the future started, and The Guardian is one of Jack's potential last obstacles to finding a way to the past. Y'know, unless Aku did something about that between seasons, but that's neither here nor there.
  • Probably unlikely, given the significant size difference (the Guardian is much taller than that Brobot guy).

Brobot and the Guardian are brothers.
Because why not? It would be extra hilarious if this indeed turned out to be the case.

The Guardian and the time portal will return in Season 5.
Jack's desperation to get back to the past will lead him to return to the time portal, and the Guardian will allow him to use it because the time is now right ("You can't use it yet, Samurai Jack. Not yet... not yet..."). Aku, having gotten wind of the time portal, will also send the Daughters after the portal.

Jack will rematch and defeat the Guardian and prepare to return home, before the Guardian reveals the universe operates on Alternate Timelines.
Only after defeating one of his greatest opponents does Jack learn the bombshell that defeating Aku in the past will not destroy him in the future. This revelation keeps Jack’s many selfless moments and self-sacrifices from turning into one long "Shaggy Dog" Story and, knowing his departure would leave the future doomed, elects to settle things with Aku before going back. Jack’s deteriorating second personality and the Guardian will criticize him for this, telling him this isn’t his fight and he finally has a chance to go home, but Jack being Jack will refuse, he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t save both timelines. Rejecting a time portal one last time will ultimately be proven to be a Secret Test of Character, and whether the alternate future thing was true or not, slaying Aku in the future is necessary to return to the past.
  • Jossed. Jack doesn't get to rematch the Guardian, due to the latter's apparent demise at Aku's claws.

Aku killed the Guardian and destroyed the Time Portal.
  • Jack tells the vision of his father in flames that Aku "destroyed the way home"; the Guardian's time portal is the best bet for a reliable way for Jack to return to the past that we know of, and is most likely what he's talking about. And while the Guardian may be more formidable than Jack in combat, unless his sword is also divine in nature, he wouldn't be able to beat Aku.
    • OP here. Somebody had better pick up that phone. Because I f*cking called it!
      • Hold the phone there. The portal is indeed destroyed but the Guardian isn't confirmed dead; just strongly implied.

The Guardian is NOT dead, He's Just Hiding!.
  • Isn't it suspicious that the only thing Jack finds of the Guardian are his shades? Never Found the Body is at play here since you cannot count someone to be dead unless you find the body. Sure, the Scotsman was disintegrated into dust by Aku's laser beams, but visual storytelling demands that some part of the Guardian's body like a skull or anything but his shades to confirm his demise. And it's not like this show is afraid to show a corpse. Guardian is still alive, and is waiting for Jack to finish off Aku before he can come out. After all, Aku has been outwitted in the past. And what better way to keep the immortal God of Evil from constantly attacking you and the portal than Faking the Dead?
  • That's exactly why the shades were there, to show that the Guardian had fallen in battle to Aku. They used his shades specifically because they were easily recognizable (if it had been his skull or something, there'd be no way to know for sure it was his, nor would it be something viewers would immediately connect to the Guardian since we've never seen his skull before) and because Aku's usual method of killing people doesn't leave identifiable remains. At any rate, the time portal was clearly shattered, and without the portal, it doesn't really matter if the Guardian survived or not, he can't help Jack.
    • But the shades are not part of the Guardian's body. They can be removed and be left in the ruins without the need to kill the Guardian. You need the bones of Guardian to confirm that he is dead and not Faking the Dead. It's too easy for a Dead Hat Shot to be a fake-out. And besides, would you really believe that the Guardian would not have a means to protect the portal from Aku if he flees?
      • I disagree entirely with your standards of visual storytelling. The shades are more than enough of a clue for me to believe the Guardian is dead when we consider two things; 1, that the Guardian can't beat Aku, period. And 2; that nothing we see of the Guardian indicates that he would run from a fight with anyone trying to get to the portal.
      • Aku cannot be killed, but he can be outwitted even by folks that aren't Jack. He gave up trying to steal a jewel that controls water because of a goddess, but a time portal is something he won't give up no matter how much he tries. It would be in the Guardian's best interest to trick Aku into thinking he has destroyed the portal rather than wait for the immortal Aku to simply give up (which he won't). And really? They can show the Scotman's bones with his artificial leg attached, but not the Guardian's skull with his shades still on? That is why you need an actual body to confirm he's dead. Plus, I don't recall any scorch marks that indicate where the Guardian stood. Only his glasses, the easiest way to a death fake-out.
      • You are setting the bar absurdly high. Yes, we get to see the Scotsman's skeleton before it turned to dust. That doesn't mean we have to see the Guardian's. And if we did see the Guardian's skull with the shades on, I guarantee you there would be someone here saying "we don't know that was the Guardian's skull, maybe his glasses fell off and landed on someone else's skull when he escaped!" Hell, if we had seen an actual flashback of the fight between the Guardian and Aku - which personally I'd like to see because that would be awesome - that ended in the Guardian's explicit death, I'm willing to bet there would still be someone arguing that that wouldn't confirm it because "That could just be Jack assuming what happened!" or "That's just Aku lying about what happened!" And if they showed us the fight in real time instead of through flashback, there would be people like the individual below, arguing that the Guardian can just come back from the dead, anyway. My point is that one can always ask for more proof, more certainty, more explicitness. And while that would result in less WMG, for all art to adhere to that standard results in really dumbed down art. Art that assumes that we can't piece anything together, that we can't gather anything from implication and need everything explicitly spelled out to us. And for every demand that there is not enough explicit evidence that the Guardian was killed, I can counter that there isn't any evidence he escaped, either - nothing in the episode or the series suggests he got away. There's no trail leading away from the time portal, there's no lingering doubt in Aku's belief that he got all the time portals, no stinger where a blue fist grips the hilt of a sword n preparation for battle or where he walks over the battlefield and picks up his shades after Aku and Ashi have departed with Jack, or a dozen other things more and less subtle that they could have done to imply the guardian was returning. We can go back and forth on this forever, shifting the burden of proof from one side to the other as to which they should have dropped more hints or made more explicit if they were going that way.
  • Alternatively, the Guardian is dead, but because Aku is not the man fated to use the portal, the Guardian will eventually come Back from the Dead, while the portal vanished until then.
    • We don't have any reason to believe the prophecy works that way, or that the Guardian works that way. The only thing we know is that he is The Ageless. We have no reason to believe that he has Resurrective Immortality, and there's no reason to believe that the prophecy can't be undone by destroying the portal.

Jack defeated the Guardian, but was unable to use the portal, as Aku destroyed it.
  • There is no indication of who had de-glassed the guardian, only an indication someone forcibly stripped him of his glasses. He was prophesied to be defeated by the one who was destined to use the portal, and that Jack couldn't use it "yet." Exposition during season 5 indicated that Aku destroyed all the time portals. While this could mean that Aku killed the guardian, it's just as likely (and more fitting to prophecy) that Jack defeated the guardian, but Aku destroyed the portal before he could use it... Aku might have used Jack's fight with the guardian as a distraction to do the destruction of the portal.
  • The vision of Jack in the portal shows him with full facial hair, a sword, and a crown, as well as his grim frown, suggesting that this event took place between seasons 4 and 5, during which time, it is said that Aku destroyed all time portals.
    • Nowhere in the entire series do we see Jack with both facial hair and the sword at the same time (he was clean-shaven when he lost it and became clean-shaven the moment he reclaimed it), which means that the sword in the image was not The Sword.

Aku did not thwart the Guardian's prophecy, the prophecy was just misunderstood.
  • At first glance, it makes sense that Aku killing the Guardian and destroying his time portal undoes the prophecy that the Guardian was hanging out for countless eons to see fulfilled. However, the portal’s prophecy involved a physically aged Jack, which was impossible in the Bad Future because Jack became The Ageless. It is possible the prophecy was off to begin with, or something else was going on. It’s possible the Guardian’s portal foresaw that Jack could make it to the past without it, and for that reason he was denied entry in the future. But because Aku was killed in the past, the portal and the Guardian are both presumably alive and well in the new timeline after Jack’s victory. Perhaps years from the story’s end, an older Jack will return to the portal and the Guardian once again in the hopes of seeing if any of his friends still exist in the now-purified future and if he can see them one last time, even if they won’t remember him. That Jack would use the portal to go to the future and not back to the past, that is what the portal truly prophesized.

    The Omen (AKA The Horseman) 
Theories on The Horseman's identity
  • He is the human who was killed by Jack as alluded to in the season synopsis. Jack is being tormented by the fact he took the life of a sentient being as opposed to the robots he's been so accustomed to fighting.
  • He's a former ally who was turned into an enemy by Aku.
  • He's an alternate Jack who has crossed the Despair Event Horizon and become Aku's weapon. He might be the character seen tormenting our Jack in the previews.
  • He's Jack himself. Or more specifically, the manifestation of Jack's self-loathing and guilt.
  • Or possibly his fears of failure taken solid form.
  • He's a vision of everything Jack could/should be, as in, a version of Jack that has returned to the past and defeated Aku once and for all.
  • Aku himself in a form chosen to fight Jack specifically.
  • Jack's father, the Emperor, forced to fight in this form. It ties in to some of the hallucinations where his father is blaming him for leaving him to his Fate Worse than Death situation.
  • It could be the High Priestess, given they both wear horns of Aku. She not only seduced Jack, but stole his sword. That way, his death would be assured by the Daughters of Aku. Jack is traumatized by her because she's a Complete Monster, the very one who scarred poor innocent Jack into the bitter Broken Bird he is in Season 5.
  • He's The Guardian (or at least someone who works for him), sent to fetch Jack to the time portal.
  • All of the above guesses are flat-out wrong. This guy is called The Omen, and he's some sort of spirit trying to goad Jack into killing himself so he can take his soul.

The Horseman will turn out to have some Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse elements to his identity.
  • Jossed. And he's actually called The Omen.

The Horseman is an offshoot of Aku.
One of Aku's titles is "The Shogun of Sorrow". Perhaps the Horseman is a physical personification of that description, regardless if it's real or a figment of Jack's imagination.
  • Jossed, the Omen has nothing to do with Aku.

The Horseman isn't actually an antagonistic force.
Jack believes he is, but he is mistaken. The Horseman is in fact simply trying to return the Sword to Jack and Jack keeps running away before he can.Also, the Horseman seems to inadvertently helping Jack. It appeared when the frog and wolf did in the third episode, both animals clearly saving Jack from certain death. This is also when Jack had a vision of his father that helped him in Gaining the Will to Kill. Possibly, this is not a coincidence, and the Horseman is a being of Good, rather than the Evil force he assumes it is.

The Horseman's true identity is The Ronin
If the "Classic Samurai" hallucination is Jack's sense of honor blown entirely out of proportion to it's most extreme possible version, which would fit given everything it does to torment Jack somehow relates to the code of honor, then the Horseman we see in his hallucinations is the opposite, a Ronin. The Ronin are those Samurai who balk the code for whatever reason and choose to go on living even after honor dictates they must kill themselves, they have a long reputation as criminals ranging from petty thieves and muggers to running entire protection rackets and brothels. Known in there time as cutthroats, thugs, bullies, and above all else Disgraces. This shadowy Ronin dressed in the colors and style of evil is what Jack fears he will eventually become.

The Horseman that Jack keeps seeing in his hallucinations is future Jack.
The Horseman is what happens to Jack if he goes down a dark path, essentially, he becomes an evil tyrant like Aku, but much worse.
  • Jossed.

The Horseman is Honda Tadakatsu.

The Omen was a supernatural entity that was able to manifest due to Jack's suicidal thoughts.
So, for the first half of the series, The Omen is set up as an extremely powerful foe, so much that Jack always chooses to run from it rather than fight it. Yet, in the graveyard, when Jack fights him, he gets defeated extremely easily. So here's my thought. The Omen is a supernatural entity that manifested out of Jack's suicidal thoughts, and grows stronger the more Jack thinks about suicide. The weaker Jack's will to live is, the stronger The Omen becomes. At the end, Jack regaining his hope and will to live critically weakened The Omen to the point where Jack was able to easily defeat it. This would also explain why Ashi struggled against it so much, she fought it when Jack was totally committed to the act of Seppuku, and so The Omen would have been at the absolute peak of its strength.

Jack didn't permanently destroy the Omen; the Omen is merely a servant or avatar of the God of Death.
As was already made obvious, the Omen seems to be one of those death spirits whose job is to reap souls and take them to the afterlife. The Omen's role is reserved for samurai warriors who feel bound to commit honorable suicide. More specifically, the Omen serves Enma, the Japanese version of Yama (the Buddhist/Hindu god of death).

The Omen must really take his duty so seriously that he's confused and angered by Jack's sudden change of mind to continue living. Jack may have seemingly cut him in half, but that can't really kill off an immortal spirit for good; the Omen simply realized that there was no point to continue trying to take an unwilling Jack's soul, and so he was forced to return to the underworld.

    Jack's Allies and Friends 
Everybody Jack has met in the past seasons will make a return to help him beat Aku.
Every single person who has been wronged by Aku will help Jack in some way achieve a plan or goal to finally kill Aku.
  • Happens in the non-canon comic finale.
  • Semi-confirmed in the canon finale. While many of his former allies appear, any offscreen allies do not appear. Most revolve around groups of allies, and lack people Jack individually saved.

The Dogs from Episode 2-3 will play into a crucial point of the movie (if it is ever made)
  • All will appear to have been lost, Aku has won and all the sufferings he has inflicted on the world has finally takgen its toll on Jack's spirit. All that Jack has done will seem to have been for nothing and he will slip into a Heroic BSOD because he feels he cannot make a difference in this Crapsack World that Aku has created and ruled. But then the Dog archaeologists that he met just as he had arrived in the future will appear. They will encourage Jack and remind him that they would still be Aku's slaves were it not for him. They remind him that he did in fact make a difference and that the world in the future is still worth fighting for. This encourages Jack and when he faces Aku for the last time (be it in the past or the future) he declares that "I fight for even the dogs under your reign Aku!"
    • Semi-confirmed. The movie never happened, but Rothchild is a part of the resistance that leads the final assault on Aku.

The Baby from "Jack and the Baby" will show up to help Jack, having grown up into a complete badass.
Not only would it be a good callback to the boy getting the 'spirit of the samurai', but it'd fit the idea of Jack needing to rediscover his fighting spirit. A person who Jack inspired when they were a baby grew up to be a hero as well.

That and it'd fit the coloration between the Baby and Momotaro, perhaps the Baby even referring to himself as Momotaro and using the same Weapon of Choice.

In Season 5, Da Samurai will make an appearance.
Even as an old man, he'll still be talkative and out-spoken. But he won't be the same bullying Attention Whore / Glory Hound he was fifty years ago. He'll be Older and Wiser, and he'll finally be worthy of fighting alongside with his sensei Jack.
  • Partially confirmed; he appeared, but only for a one-time cameo. And he's no longer trying to be a "samurai".

The reason why Odin, Ra, Rama, or other gods haven't even bothered to kill Aku themselves...
...Is because they're really busy fighting something that's even worse. So they just leave Jack to take care of what they think is the lesser evil.
  • Aku's the result of one shred of a big cosmic evil surviving being cut off, why couldn't there be more?

If Jack returns to the past, he will engage his childhood girl friend.
She could be the reason that he's avoided any romance in the future.

When Jack defeats Aku, he will marry his childhood girlfriend and name their first daughter...

During Ashi's search for Jack in "Episode XCVII", she will meet some familiar faces from Seasons 1-4.
She might encounter any of the following people:note 
  • The Woolies
    • Confirmed.
  • The Dog Archaeologists
    • Jossed, but the dogs who do appear might be related.
  • The Scotsman (or perhaps his family as well). Bonus points if she encounters one of his daughters (such as Flora) on a bridge, the same way Jack met the Scotsman.
  • Da Samurai, Older and Wiser and bearing a closer resemblance to Morgan Freeman.
    • Confirmed, however he gave up trying to be a "samurai", instead he now works as a bartender.
  • The Baby with the Samurai Spirit, grown into an old woman with sword-fighting skills, who still fondly remembers Jack as her first memory.
  • The Totoro Expy Creature.
  • The orphan girl from "Jack is Naked", who still hasn't gone hungry.
  • Kuni, the girl from "Jack and the Haunted House".
    • Not quite confirmed, but possible, as the mysterious old woman bares a resemblance to her in height, eyes and behavior.
  • Brotok, Spartok's son from "Jack and the Spartans" who has now succeeded his father as king.
    • Possibly. The Spartans appear, but it's not known if Brotok is leading them.
  • The Shaolin Monks.
  • The Three Blind Archers.
    • Confirmed.
  • A dog descended from Lulu (X9's pet), which will show that she did survive being abducted by Aku.
  • Princess Mira, now a rebel instead of a bounty hunter.
  • The Ape Tribe that taught Jack how to "jump good".
    • Confirmed
  • Exdor, the inventor who was forced to create the Ultra-Robots.
  • The Rave Kids (who were hypnotized by music).
    • Confirmed, Olivia cameos as an old lady, and the former teenagers' grandchildren are having a dance party.

  • Unless otherwise stated as Confirmed, all the above guesses are Jossed.

Many of the characters Jack has met over the course of the series will appear to help him during the Final Battle against Aku's forces.
Assuming that any of them are still alive and healthy enough to fight. Add in more characters below if you like.
  • The Scotsman and his Wife (and their Clan)
    • Semi-confirmed. The Scotsman died and is now a ghost, so it seems he can't fight now, at least not directly. His wife seems unlikely at this point. But they now have a bunch of able-bodied daughters to help them out.
      • The Scotsman and his daughters, absolutely confirmed. And HOW! Apparently, the Scotman's ghost can do Celtic magic to a degree that can directly affect some of Aku's powers! The wife, however, is Jossed.
  • The Archaeologist Dogs (or their loyal descendants)
    • In some support role of course, as they're not really fighters.
      • Confirmed; Rothchild pilots an aircraft during the battle.
  • The Woolies
    • Possibly confirmed, as at least two of them demonstrated a willingness to fight on Jack's behalf.
      • Confirmed; they operate as mounts for the Archers.
  • The Three Blind Archers
    • Possibly confirmed, as they're not only still alive, but they're still good at archery.
      • Confirmed; the archers ride the Woolies into battle!
  • The Gangsters
  • The Thief
    • Jossed
  • The Guardian
    • But his only duty is to guard that time portal. Though of course, he could show up just to allow Jack entry into the portal...
      • Jossed. The Guardian was killed pre-Time Skip, possibly slain by Aku, and his portal destroyed. All that's left are his shades.
  • The Farting Dragon (and/or its child)
    • Jossed
  • The Shaolin Monks
    • Jossed
  • Da Samurai
    • Jossed. He gave up trying to be a "samurai", instead he now works as a bartender.
  • The Imakandi
    • What would be a better hunting target than an immortal evil, working alongside a Worthy Opponent?
      • Jossed
  • Princess Mira
    • Jossed
  • The Spartans
    • Confirmed; "The three hundred... fight for one!"
  • The Ape Tribe
    • Confirmed; Aku thinks they're flying monkeys. The Ape Man corrects him: "No... jump good!"
  • The spirit of the former Lava Monster
    • Along with other Viking ghost warriors from Valhalla.
      • Jossed
  • Exdor
    • He could even build some new Ultra-Robots (on the side of good this time, of course).
      • Jossed
  • The Wishing Fairy
    • Jossed
  • Prince Astor and Princess Verbina (and their planet's military)
  • The Totoro Expy Creature
    • Jossed
  • The Triseraquins
    • Confirmed
  • The Baby
    • All grown up of course. Bonus points because (s)he would still be much younger than everyone else on this list, except for...
      • Jossed
  • The White Wolf
  • Ashi
    • Everyone believes that she will turn good and befriend Jack anyways.
      • Confirmed. Although she's (temporarily) forced into working for Aku again at first.
  • And perhaps, some more behind-the-scenes assistance from Odin, Ra, Rama, and other gods.
    • Jossed, though the gods do return for a cameo to reward Jack with his old sword a few episodes before (XCVIII).

  • While this theory sounds cool, the 50-year-long Time Skip has made it unlikely that most of these individuals could just keep on fighting. However, younger members of the groups (the Scottish Clan, Shaolin Monks, Spartans, etc.) are more likely.
    • Adding to that, maybe some of the older individuals will have descendants to take up the mantle and fight alongside Jack. And if the Totoro Expy doesn't have that long a lifespan, maybe it will turn out to be a female who is survived by her offspring.
    • "Episode XCVI" lends some credence to this theory. It turns out that the Scotsman has built up an army to resist Aku. Although all of them (except for the Scotsman's daughters) have been destroyed, the Scotsman's ghost promises to recruit another army to aid Jack when the time comes.
      • Furthermore, "Episode XCVII" involves cameos of various characters whom Jack has helped or befriended in the past. Some of them might still be able or willing to fight.
  • And to compliment this, Aku's armies will include at least some familiar enemies (the ones that Jack hasn't killed or destroyed yet, anyways). There will be not only the usual robotic minions, but also demonic henchmen, and alien/human mercenaries.
    • "Episode XCVII" reveals that Scaramouche and Demongo are both still alive, so they may return to fight Jack and his allies.
      • However, Scaramouche has been Killed Off for Real as of "Episode C". And Demongo doesn't even return for the battle in "Episode CI". Hell, Aku didn't use any of his minions except for clones of himself.

The mysterious stranger who guides Ashi to Jack in S5 E6 will turn out to be the baby Jack saved in the Season 4 finale, all grown up.
Bonus points if she reveals herself in the same manner Jack's mother did in the first episode.

The anthropomorphic dogs who throw Scaramouche off the boat are the descendants of the Archaeologist Dogs.
And the reason they're tough thugs is because stories of Samurai Jack inspired them to be assertive and be more than dogs.
  • Also, the dogs may have known that Scaramouche was Aku's #3 assassin. And given how their ancestors were persecuted by Aku, they have reasons for throwing him overboard (besides his rudeness to them).

The Creature's transformation is not a natural ability...
Instead it's powered by the Crystal of Cagliostro it swallowed. Since its innermost desire at that point was to be strong enough to save Jack, the Crystal granted that wish.

    Jack's Enemies and Villains 
Theories on the origins of the Demonic Spirit (from "Jack and the Haunted House")
  • Terrifyingly, this creature was probably spawned from the same cosmic darkness that Aku came from. Only, unlike Aku, it hadn't been dealt with by humans. Or if it was, the method was different. Maybe an exorcism instead of a poisoned arrow. As a result, instead of a malicious and sapient tyrant with a human-like personality, it's a horrifying spirit with a completely alien mind.
  • It is a negative spirit spawned from all the evil and suffering Aku created in the future.
  • It is an Eldritch Abomination who roamed the space in search of souls. Perhaps, the Black Mass was not the only Eldritch Abomination from the space.
  • It is a creature who emerged from the Pit of Hate (just like Demongo).
  • It is a random, monstruous creature created by Aku himself.
  • It is a creature composed of Aku's evil.
  • Or perhaps a fragment of Aku himself.

The Minions of Set are hungry predators.
Why else would they have all those sharp teeth? They were probably planning to eat Jack if they had killed him.

Why the Minions of Set are immune to Jack's sword.
Jack's sword was forged out of the power of his father's righteousness and spiritual purity. It was created specifically to destroy Aku, the Shape-Shifting Master of Darkness, a being whose physical body is literally a semi-solid mass of unspeakable evil. It is the only thing in the universe that can truly harm and eventually destroy him. Otherwise, he is completely invulnerable. Strong enough attacks can drive him back, but they will never hurt him like the sword can. The Minions of Set, despite not being as powerful over all as Aku, are completely immune to the sword's effects, only being stunned for a few moments before fully regenerating. They must have some truly immense magical protection backing them up to pull off a feat like that when the universe's ultimate evil can't even be touched by it without being burnt away.

The answer lies in their differing origins. Aku is the fragment of an eldritch abomination that arose in the ancient universe. A truly colossal mass of pure, formless evil, an unnatural intrusion into this universe, anathema to creation itself. Nobody knows why it appeared; perhaps it created itself. That may sound impossible, but as Jack's father said, "evil finds a way". The Minions of Set on the other hand, despite their completely unrestrained evil and brutality, are legitimately divine beings, created by an actual god of the Samurai Jack universe. They are on a completely different level than any other enemy Jack will ever face, and being divine, would naturally be unaffected by the sword regardless of their intentions or behavior.

A Complete Monster will be featured in the new season.
This series has gotten away with graphic violence on a TV-Y7 rated show, so a monstrously evil villain shouldn't be any different.
  • The High Priestess of Aku, maybe.
  • The Dominator fits this idea well.
  • Perhaps Aku himself, despite his comedic facade.
  • Confirmed with the Dominator and the High Priestess. As for Aku, he has always been an irredeemable monster, though not a Complete one, so that remains unchanged.

The scene with Scaramouche's head floating in the water will be the last time we see him.
That way the portion of his fanbase that wouldn't mind him living can use the ambiguity to draw out their own conclusions.
  • Jossed. Scaramouche appears again in "Episode C", only to get killed off by Aku.

Scaramouche will be Aku's Unwitting Instigator of Doom.
In his bid to serve Aku as best he is able, Scaramouche eventually will reach him and inform him Jack lost his sword. Aku will then frantically go out to face Jack in the hopes of finishing him off... after Jack has retrieved it, leading Aku into a final battle he isn't prepared for.
  • Confirmed, but Aku has coped rather quickly.

Aku's top two assassins "Deathblow" and "Da-Bomb!" will appear later on.
And they will likely be the most dangerous assassins Jack has ever faced.
  • Or, they will be killed very quickly, to demonstrate how comically worthless Aku's bounty hunters are to Jack.
  • Jossed.

Aku recreated Demongo in response to the Scotsman's "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
Aku realized he can't deal with going out to fight warriors only for Samurai Jack to be used as a rallying cry by them and depress him more, so he created Demongo to deal with them for him. Hence why Demongo was looking for a new collection: he was only just recreated by his master.
  • Also, Demongo was created by Aku in the first place (he does vaguely look like his master after all).

Demongo will play a bigger role in Season 5 later on.
You can't just bring Aku's most powerful henchman in just as a gag character and leave it at that, can you?
  • Jossed

Demongo will enslave The Scotsman.
And then Jack will be forced to fight him in order to save the day.
  • Jossed

Demongo was exiled by Aku
Aku, being depressed about not killing Jack, decided to ressurect Demongo to give him one more chance. However, Aku decided that until Demongo makes himself powerful by taking more warrior souls and taking Jack's, he is no longer welcome in his place.

X9 still exists in the new timeline
  • The scientists that created him, having never been employed by Aku, instead used their scientific prowess for good, resulting in many of the robots that would have worked for Aku being made for noble purposes. Who knows, maybe he's finally been reunited with Lulu, sweet thing...
    • Continuing on this WMG, Scaramouche also exists in this newline as well. Without Aku, he was built by the scientists as a traveling minstrel who brings merriment to the villages he visits.


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