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Video Game / Meikyuujou Hydra

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A free indie platformer by the Japanese developer Buster (E. Hashimoto), inspired by games like La-Mulana and Maze Of Galious. You are a knight tasked to retrieve the royal crown, which was stolen by the dreaded Hydra. Thus, you explore the spacious castle of the hydra, fighting its goons, obtaining items that bestow you with new powers and clearing various sub-dungeons to clear the way to the Hydra itself.

While still fairly challenging unless you're really, really careful, Meikyuujou Hydra is a nice introduction to this style of exploration-heavy Metroidvanias and a lot easier than Maze of Galious or La-Mulana, since it neither has the Nintendo Hard and brutally unfair struggle for survival of the former nor the brain-sundering puzzles and unintuitive interface of the latter.

An English patch can be found here.

Among some English-speaking fans, the game is known as “Hydra Castle Labyrinth”.

This game provides examples of the following tropes:

Alternative Title(s): Hydra Castle Labyrinth