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"Welcome. Shall we have tea before we race?" - Nomad Nathalmu

Battle Cars is a Vehicular Combat racing game developed by Namco and released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It uses the same graphical setup of Mode-7 rendered levels and sprite-based cars as F-Zero, released two years earlier. It's almost as fast-paced as F-Zero, with the added bonus/challenge of Weaponized Cars.

It's 20 Minutes into the Future. Overpopulation and environmental decay, followed by political finger-pointing and nuclear war have left humanity crippled and living in city-states. The jaded remnants of humanity have created a new sport, a sport of Vehicular Combat: Battle Cars. The player takes the role of an up-and-coming racer on a quest to take home the gold. In your way are a variety of twisting tracks and nasty bosses.

That's the career mode. The game also featured a two-player Versus mode.


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