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Hello TVTropes!

I'm a 24 year old Knight In Sour Armor from Croatia, New Meat to the site and hopeless World Of Warcraft addict. I've been 40 before I learned 'oral sex' does not mean 'talking about it'. I stopped chewing furniture, but it seems nobody wants to adopt this troper. (Lonely member of the tender gender, aged 16-32, into World of Warcraft, killing people, animals, eating their babies and and skinning them for profit? I'm your guy!)


Anyway, my interests/favorites include:

Tropes about myself:

In-character Tropes (mostly World Of Warcraft characters):

Troper Namer is a portmanteau of damnation and domination. This is also the name of my priest, although my rogue is my main, and death knight my PvP god of death.


This space is for you fellow tropers. Anything goes, but please be nice :). /dami out


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