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  • Voice Actors: UGX7 and RelentlessCrusader have selected quite a number of assorted voice actors and actresses for the various original characters featured in the fic.

  • What Could Have Been: Quite a number of concepts and scenes from the fic has met this treatment.

    • Arc One - The Haven Arc
      • Early titles for the fic included Heroes of Remnant and Guardians of Remnant.
      • An early storyline the author considered included Glynda and Qrow discovering where Ozpin was being held by Salem’s faction and mounted a rescue operation with Taiyang, Oobleck and Port joining in. This concept was abandoned fairly quickly.
      • After getting her robotic arm, Yang was going to take her anger out on her mother Raven to begin with, but the author felt that he didn’t have room for such a battle so it was ultimately scrapped.
      • During the first arc, there was originally going to be a two-parter chapter where Blake, Yang and Team SSSN went off together to fight Adam and take his faction of the White Fang down. The author eventually decided that the matter would likely take more than two chapters to deal with and that they (especially Blake and Yang) wouldn’t leave Ruby and Jaune in danger after their capture, so he continued the overall story with further arcs.
      • Originally, Weiss would openly call General Ironwood on the mistreatment of Penny and his suicide bomber plan to kill Cinder Fall, only for Ironwood to slap her. This would have been a big hint that he had been mind-controlled.
      • Damien Ante’s early name was Damien Dante.
      • Chapter 4 originally had a scene of Adam training while presumably reminiscing about the past times Blake was with him in the White Fang.
      • An early abandoned concept for Emerald Sustrai was that she had a little brother who died on the streets, which drove her to join Cinder Fall when the latter found her. The author felt it was too similar to other backstories and in due course dropped the concept since Emerald being alone and orphaned was enough. Another early idea was that Emerald was also going to betray Cinder, and be injured while fighting to buy time for Ruby to escape, and finally be killed by Cinder herself.
      • When the story was first drafted, it was going to be just one arc. The author later decided to save the White Fang resolution for later, and eventually wrote a second arc for it. In the original idea, Salem’s faction successfully invade Haven City and took it over, revealing themselves to the rest of Remnant. Ruby and her friends lost the battle at the Craft-Tech factory, and retreated to lick their wounds. In the end, Cinder would kill herself by jumping off a tall tower and getting impaled by a statue, which is a reference to Jaune’s dreams in the RWBY Destiny of Remnant prequel I Never Even Told You.
      • The first four parts of The Battle of Haven was originally nearly one entire Chapter. The author was advised by fellow writer smstanton not to make it so.
      • Ciel Soleil was originally going to be among the characters joining forces in Haven City to attack the Craft-Tech factory, but the author noticed that there were far too many characters already and that her presence felt unnecessary as well.
      • Saul Jude was going to hold an entire train station hostage instead of a school at first.
      • Saul Jude also initially had a far more violent death that the author actually felt was needed to be reserved for someone else.

    • Arc Two - The White Fang Arc
      • Claudandus’s original name was Francis, which was a reference to the movie Felidae that the name Claudandus comes from.
      • Claudandus was originally going to be killed by Adam, but the author realized that Adam had been evil enough in both canon and in the fic, and hence decided that Blake’s grandfather deserved some mercy.
      • In Chapter 32 Train Ride, there was originally an action scene at the end with Team Beacon clearing Grimm Creeps out of a train tunnel. However, the author's computer crashed on him so he had to redo the whole chapter from scratch, and he felt the whole scene was unnecessary.
      • Riley and Styles, who appeared in Chapter 37 Fear of the Beast, were originally going to be lovers but were eventually changed to being platonic friends since the author felt that it was too cliché.
      • The War for the White Fang was initially supposed to be around three chapters or whereabouts, but was eventually shortened to only two chapters.
      • N1CK3L was supposed to have an awesome Establishing Character Moment during the joint Vacuoan-Atlesian strike force assault on the White Fang Headquarters, but it was later cut out in the final writing.
      • The author initially wanted Neo to be recaptured by Salem's agents during the chaos happening in the battle with the White Fang, but was advised by fellow writer RelentlessCrusader to drop that idea.
      • Adam’s original death scene involved him dying via Yang slamming her robotic fist through his chest and Blake cutting off his head with Gambol Shroud’s blade.

    • Arc Three - The Maidens and Relics Arc
      • Prior to finding out about the Beringel Grimm, the author actually had an idea for a Gorilla Grimm called Skullcrushers.
      • During the meeting between Pyrrha and the three remaining Seasonal Maidens, she was supposed to initially undergo a series of difficult trials set by the Maidens before they welcome her into their sisterhood despite not being the Fall Maiden. There was also a planned scene of a friendly battle between Heliosia the Summer Maiden and Pyrrha as well, but both moments were cut for pacing reasons.
      • There was a discarded scene concept of Amethyst Rilo ( aka the current Spring Maiden) initially successfully escaping from the Remnant Knights assigned to watch over her and made her way alone to the capital of the Kingdom of Vacuo. Along the way, she would meet up with the Allcroft siblings by hitching a ride on their train across the desert.

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