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  • You'll probably dread whenever you have to get a Sugaru for awakening material. Why? It appears in Bow To Your Superiors. First off, it's Dragon tribe units only (enforced by performing a One-Hit Kill move on non-Dragons near the end) and (good) Dragon units are rather hard to come by, and usually have low HP (and one of the two viable, cheap ones that DOES gets smacked by its Deity killer.) The first floor consists of you slogging through a battle with a weakened Sugaru, until you finally kill it. Floors two-four aren't so bad, just a few weak Dragon Mooks. Then comes the boss, Sugaru's true form. Bar 1 is mostly the same as the first floor. It's Bar 2, however, where shit hits the fan. He starts chucking hard hitting attacks at you, and taking the general Squishy Wizard properties of Dragons into account, that's not good, unless you have Bahamut to offset the damage, and even then, it's not a given if there aren't enough Blue and Yellow panels on the board. He boosts his attack and attack rate on Bar 3, Then there's the chance that it might not even DROP. There are no continues, despite being just a Legend stage, Sugaru's Bug count can't be enhanced with cost specific Nurupons, and you need three of the little fuckers to get Qilin's UA (Ultra Awakening.) Have fun!
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  • Some of the easy-legend quests can be this if they have unit restrictions, because said restrictions often involve cost limits and having just one unit that is over the cost threshold results in a game over. This means that 6 star units are worthless and the fact that some quests also come with additional restrictions can put you in a really bad spot since many of them are required to awaken other units.
  • Granted many stages become a cakewalk when you have overpowered units from global/taiwan. Not having those units however is a completely different story.

Wizard-Ultimate stages:

  • Sandalphon Invades! is one tough nut to crack. The first floor is a cutscene with Metatron and the other ones are where the real trouble begins. Floor two is Raphaela and Mikaela. Raphaela heals up her cohort, while Mikaela will hit hard against the Blue units you likely brought to combat the Red boss. But you can't Shoot the Medic First because if you do, Mikaela will knock you back to square one. If you kill Mikaela, Raphaela slaps you with Viruses, which you'll probably be helpless against due to bringing Protect Break units. So you have to kill BOTH of them in one blow (not an easy task, considering Mikaela only takes half damage from your attacks.) Floor three is Uriel and Gabrielle, which, seeing as how you have the upper hand, aren't too hard to handle; then comes the boss, Sandalphon. She pulls a high damage 3 hit combo to all units after a few turns dealing 30K without DEF buffs. Meaning? You HAVE to set up at least 100 DEF, otherwise your digital goose is cooked, and you have to go back through the Morton's Fork of the four angels again. After this, Sandalphon shows her true colors as Unskilled, but Strong, pummeling you with long combos, hard hits, or OCCASIONALLY Virus. And these WILL hurt. However, it's all worth it to see her defeat line.. and also get the special item you need for her evolution, Sandalphon's Beyzlah, much like the Ieyasu's Will or the Mini Medjed.
  • Occupying Babylonia Tower is one fucked up idea of an April Fools joke. The first three levels are simply a Sdrawkcab Name of their gimmick, i.e slenapegamaD is Damage Panels. However, there's no such luck with the Ultimate version, which is just a load of gibberish. The gimmick here? Bomb Blast Down, something that will get smacked right back onto you next floor, so even AZATHOTH is worthless! This also means you can't blow up Super Crash Panels from afar and have to waste a tap to break them. It also makes the giant Bombs that fall from the last 3 stages about as useful as Junk. Everything save for the boss hits you with what is said to be their Crash Skill, such as Stokes? hitting you with "Ultra damage to one enemy." However, the actual effects differ greatly, and some of them are Killers, so you can never tell what the fuck it is that's flying at you. Floor 2 is a humongous Agent Joe who, while he doesn't mess with you, hits quite hard for two bars. The bossis very, very unpredictable, either throwing out ACTUAL Killers in the mishmash of garbage text, so you can't tell what's what, and ambushes you with a heavy preemptive each bar. Oh, and to get all four of the Nurupon Rangers? You need 4 Bug 50 Nurupon Cubes, or a total Bug 200 Nurupon Cube. And that's not getting into the low chances of the Nurupon White dropping and enhancing the Bugs of the four of them with Nurupon Hearts.
  • Toast For a Summer Night has one of the best free units in the game, Summer Caishen. And fittingly, it's HARD. First floor is a Tamamo and two Hiros on either side. The Hiros use critical hits whenever they have full HP, while Tamamo provides buffs and heals her cohorts, so you have to use a Herd-Hitting Attack like Broken Vision Leak, Dalton's Crash Skill. However, if both of the Hiros die, Tamamo goes apeshit and you'll soon find yourself on the receiving end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. If you Shoot the Medic First, the HIROS go apeshit and you'll STILL find yourself on the receiving end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. If you manage to survive this and go onto the next floor, you then find a Tristan and its cohort, leading to a sort of Morton's Fork situation where if you hit one, the other hides behind DEF buffs. Floor 3 is rather tame, just Fude Zhengshen doing some stuff to your board. It's the boss where things go straight to hell. Caishen starts handing out painful hits like candy...and that's all she does. Until the final bar. She paralyzes you by locking all your panels, color by color, until she "takes in a deep breath." And since you can't attack, you're helpless when she hits you with a Brown Note One-Hit Kill. Oh, and you need 60 Bugs to unlock all of her abilities.
    • Likewise, New Year's Money Thief is hard for similar reasons. The first floors are rather tame, with only Fude Zhengshen being able to make any real trouble, due to having an instant death move if you don't get her health below a certain level, but the boss is where it goes to shit. New Year Jeon Woochi is a Stone Wall, so whenever he switches to his next bar depends on if the RNG is feeling merciful or not. He then locks your panels, one by one, until he kills you. Fortunately, he's good without that many Bugs.
  • For a collab stage, Crafty Indolence is, well, crafty in the ways it tries to kill you. (For comparison, most Spectre collab quests are a piece of cake if you bring units for the gimmick, such as Fight On the Stage and The Quantum Sea.) Petelgeuse has high amounts of HP, so even the best of Red Damage Panel units will only be able to gradually chip away at him. On his second bar, guess how many turns you have to kill him. THREE. With that gargantuan HP. Then he shaves off 12,000 HP, jams you into Controllable Helplessness by rendering your abilities moot (I.E YOU CAN'T MOVE BECAUSE OF ALL THE DAMAGE PANELS) and slaps a Virus (which you're vulnerable to because remember, Ability Lock) that takes off ANOTHER 12,00 HP. And if you manage to live through all of that, via copious amounts of HP (though probably just a sliver) he pummels the remaining HP off with combos. And just to add insult to injury, Petelgeuse is an eyesore and borderline worthless, even with all of his Abilities. When the Spectre only version even says "High difficulty! Prepare to Die!" you know you're in for a rough time.
  • The Normal, Expert and Wizard variants of One Night Mirage were quite manageable. The Ultimate variant, however, seems to be shaping up to avert this. It's LOADED with Killers. And not just normal Killers, either, these are instant death Tribe based Killers. note  This means you're limited to Human, Summer, Chaotic, Samurai, Demon and Astro units. The boss, Yuan Shao, is a Stamina type, which means she has a ton of HP. Oh, but that's not all: she equips herself with a counter that hits EVERYONE for as many times as she was hit, up to eight times total! Mercifully, it only lasts 2 turns, However, this leads to a situation where you either skip turns to mitigate the counter, but get pummeled by hard hits, or go all out and try to burst, but get pummeled by the counter AND the hits. And just to top it all off, Yuan Shao is actually really, really good. (at bug 60, she triples counter strength to herself!)
  • All of the Astro stages. Except Taurus, for some reason.
    • Terranova has Virus, Protect and Timers. Floors 1 and 2, though they don't look it, have REALLY beefy health bars. They hit quite hard, too. There is a way to get around this: get one of the enemies to 15% or less and they're freed, giving you a buff. However, said buff is quite pitiful: one cures your Virus, which will get slapped right back on next floor, one gives you a flat stat buff, one deals some damage to the other foe, and one gives you Protect Break...which only works with BOMBS. Oh, and the enemies have the nasty tendency to revive themselves (albeit only the one time.) Pisces herself is just annoying. She occasionally puts a Locked Panel on your board (which is basically a big, fat Junk panel you have to hit with a shit-ton of bombs before the boss absorbs it for a ton of damage.) Her chainsaw, Helicoprion, hits you with really long combos, which, while not very powerful, will be quite taxing on any Barriers you brought along. And on her final bar, she resorts to pulling the old "super-high DEF buff" trick, forcing you to beat up Helicoprion futilely, as she revives it. After this, though, it goes south for Pisces, as she really doesn't have any tricks to pull, save for high damage.
    • The Triangle has Virus, Timer, and Junk, which is a step up from Pisces. The first floor consists of a Siren and 2 flunkies. However, Aries comes right the fuck out of nowhere to give the three a big damage reduction. A bunch of other units also spring up and cut your HP in half, inflict a Spam Attack on you, or more. It's COLCHIS, however, who poses the most of a threat here. She puts up a 99% damage reduction, again with the help of random units, but she heals her HP. Yes, while you're doing pitiful damage, she heals herself, which is only removed after a certain point. The idea here is that one uses Cancer's super powerful Virus to bust through, but even that's not a guarantee on this floor, due to the healing. Aries himself is mostly one and the same, minus the healing...but on the final bar, he absorbs everything but the timers to boost his attack. And seeing how much other bosses like that hurt (Tezcatlipoca, for example, gives you two turns to prepare a DEF buff as her ATK is so high) this can only go two ways. And you'll likely encounter the worse one more. Long story short: if you don't have Cancer, you're getting it. Have fun!
    • Wanted: Dead or Online doesn't really have gimmicks, save for the ever-present Astro stage Virus...except that Aquarius takes potshots at you at the beginning of each floor and deals heavy damage to a certain type. The virus? Thirty thousand HP's worth of damage per unit, an amount even the most tenacious Stamina teams won't be able to survive two turns of, which means Vaccine units are a MUST. You then have to endure two waves of a Mai, an Ace Agent Joe, a Stall, and an F2. Each of them provides a different buff when killed to a different type for 2 turns if at least one of them is still surviving (HP recovery, damage reduce, and stat buff.) This stage has no Hearts or Blue Panels, so you HAVE to get through this before it runs out. Oh, and they all do something different to your panels (Protect, Junk and Damage, which will likely disrupt you due to bringing Vaccine units. The Damage Panels can be eaten up without any problem, however.) Aquarius herself isn't too special, just some 10k combos, but upon Bar 3, she gives you a high boost to your Crash Skills...which should be enough to tip you off that something will go VERY wrong. That is, if her quote of "Let's end this, shall we?" wasn't enough. She then slaps one of your units silly with an 11 hit Killer combo, which will do some serious shit to your HP bar, if not outright kill you. And remember, no healing! Mercifully, there's really nothing more after that. However, you have to do that nightmare countless times over to get her to Bug 60. Just be grateful she's good without all four abilities.

Ultimate or higher stages:

  • Moriarty Invades! is just awful. The Damage Panels aren't too hard to handle, as there are a fair number of Greens with Damage Breaker, but the enemies...Oh boy. Hayato messes with your panels and skyfall, and just hits plain hard. Moriarty himself eventually locks all your panels save for Green and Hearts forcing you into only matching Green and Healing, and mind you, the Greens and Hearts are still weakened from Hayato. Nine million HP (three million on each of his three bars,) and he hits cancerously hard, liable to bring you down to critical health if you don't have unnecessary amounts of HP or DEF, and if you DO, you'll soon find a good chunk of your health now gone. Fortunately, he has an attack rate of two, so you DO have some time to prepare and heal. But on the final bar, he stops attacking like this every other turn and attacks EVERY TURN. Oh, and to top it all off, Moriarty himself is a piece of crap, being a plain old Cost 50, with his skills, Crash Skill, stats and abilities all being complete shit. Not even Kong-Jui can save your hide now.
  • Hades Invades! main gimmick is instant death damage panels, but the real challenge is the boss, Hades himself. He has a ton of HP that is preemptively cut in half, however he also comes with green color gain XL and will launch an instant death attack if his HP is raised above 50%. Odds are you can't out-damage the heal so you need to have a unit that can disable green panels from dropping and can convert the whole board as Hades can change panels to green for a powerful heal.
  • Kojiro Sasaki Invades! is sure to test the patience of even the most battle-hardened Adapter. Floor one is a cutscene, ending in the boss giving you Heart Chain. You'll need it. Next up is Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who greets you right off the bat by protecting the entire board. Fortunately, he's slow, (hopefully) giving you ample time to heal, set up DEF buffs, or the like. Survive that, and you meet another old foe: Nobunaga Oda, who one-ups the previous floor by changing the board to Damage Panels AND slashing your HP to one percent! Oh, and we forgot to mention something: HE'S TIMED. Manage to drag him down to low health? Nope, still not in the clear yet, as he punches you back to Hideyoshi if he's below a certain percentage! The boss himself doesn't hit as hard, as you have the type advantage this time, but she preemptives you for 14K, which is nothing to sneeze at. Upon Bar 2, he hits you with Darkness and renders your Heart chain obsolete for a turn. And if you decide it was a good idea to burst the bar, tough tits; now you have TWO turns of Heartlessness! So, in short: Take Moriarty, multiply him by 3, make the reward unit a damn Cost 58, and you have this stage in a nutshell.
  • Anubis Invades! slaps you with a permanent hack from the start, so anti-hacking units are a must. Junk panels also appear, which can be a burden to get rid of since you're units may not be equipped to deal with... all while the enemies pound you with hard hitting attacks. Thankfully there aren't any nasty surprises besides the usual enemy tactics.
  • Final Calamity (End) is notorious within the fanbase. It's imperative you have access to the best Yellow units in the game to even have a shot at defeating this Boss Rush from hell. Floor 1, Eudong's clone, hits for up to 16k damage every turn, not dipping below 10K. She slaps Virus on you sometimes, hitting for 2.5% of your HP per unit, which will likely screw you over because the gimmick is DAMAGE PANELS. The Timer panels instant kill you, so if one decides to squeeze into a corner and hide out from its color, you're fucked. When she Turns Red, she slaps you with a whopping 32,000 damage after her preemptive, which REQUIRES you to have barriers and now deals up to 17K damage a turn. And you have 7 turns to kill her. The second floor sets you up for the third by reducing your taps to one. Yeongsangun's clone is a mix between Puzzle Boss and Final-Exam Boss, as he makes your board four segments, one for each color, and then calls out the color he absorbs next turn (i.e CODE: RED! means he absorbs Red.) much like his original stage. Remove the color and he lightly touches you with 1K damage. Your finger slips and you die. After the third turn, he gets the hint, stops with the Boss Arena Idiocy, dons a 19K counter, and hits you for a painful but still manageable 11K. He generally now acts the same as Eudong, except now you have FIVE turns to kill him. On bar 2, not only does he have TWO instakill moves (one on turn 3 if his HP is above 70%, one at the end of 7 turns.) but he adds a no-ATK Killer. However, you CAN just hope that the Random Number God has mercy and lets you drag him down to 15%, upon which he dies. But not below 45%, because then he self destructs and kills everyone with 38K damage (something you can only mitigate by the mountains of HP some Stamina types have, and you can't do that because you need REC and a counter for the gimmicks) much like those fucking trees. Another glorified cutscene, and it ends in Jang-Hui Bin's clone. She sprays you with a bunch of crap, including: Junk, Damage Panels, Timers, Protected Panels, and Virus. AKA EVERY HAZARD IN THE DAMN GAME. All while your ATK is set to 0. And this is a DOUBLE Timed Mission, as you HAVE to get to Suyang with the Timed Tap debuff, otherwise all the madness you went through was all for nothing, and Jang-Hui Bin will happily slaughter you even faster than the other two, at six turns. The turn before she kills you, she always skill binds one of your units for 2 turns, which isn't good when you have to burst through the last bar as fast as possible. You managed to survive all this without dying or tearing your hair out? Congratulations! ....NOW WELCOME TO HELL. The boss, Suyang or Sejo of Joseon, is three meaty bars of SNK Boss. He greets you with a warm welcome of skill binding and ability locking EVERYONE, a Status-Buff Dispel, and keeps you from using Crash Skills or healing for 4 turns while dumping out your Fever gauge and enhancing panels. And remember, you have to have the timed tap debuff, lest he punches you back to square one. You have to get him to 70% HP or below in four turns, then he REALLY lets loose on you. He then puts up a 100% damage reduce and converts the board to Blue instant death 1-tick timers. With no Fever. You HAVE to use a skill on this, then he keeps you from doing THAT with a 3 turn Skill Bind. He then absorbs a bunch of Red, Yellow, Green, Hearts and Bombs, and every one out of the seven he doesn't get, it makes the attack jump up 20K more. He then siphons up some of your CP, then mercifully switches to Bar 2...or so you thought. He's now a Barrier Change Boss that takes Eudong's viruses, Yeongsangun's Damage Panels, and his own timer madness, and rolls them up into one big ball of pain. He then performs a random no-buff Killer, so it's up to the RNG whether you live or die. And, yet again, you have seven turns to knock him out. Upon Bar 3, he goes COMPLETELY apeshit, tossing out of a list of 30 random attacks, most of which WILL shave off a ton of HP. And one of them reduces your HP to one percent. You did it? Now you have to do all of that 98 more times to get him to bugmax. And there's an Omega form. HAVE. FUN.
  • Chaotic Supremacy...No. Cthulhu gets the jump on you at the beginning of the stage, hitting you with both Virus and Hacking permanently. Keep in mind that one of the few units you'll have access to with immunity to both is Nakoto, who herself requires a lot of effort. So you either have to skip turns because of the Hacking, or make the fight against the Chaotic Samples ahead an EXTREMELY tight race against the clock due to the Virus. The Chaotic Samples individually aren't too bad, but since you end up fighting them as a team (albeit aided by Silvia's animal buddy and Zvilpogga) they're going to be slamming you left and right until you kill one of them, at which point the difficulty gets much easier. Then you meet Cthulhu herself. She starts off with a similar "game" as Yeongsangun and Sejo above, except this time, you only have one second to tap the right panels before she attacks. When that's over, she rewards you by curing your Virus...which PROBABLY means you should put your guard up. She has hard hitting attacks and this one attack that coats the board in Junk, Timers and DP, none of which you can break due to bringing Anti-Hack or Vaccine units, so you have to waste a Fever to do so. And, as expected, in Ultimate or above, the DP and timers are deadly. And all the while, Cthulhu taunts you and treats you like this...thing.
  • The majority of Unknown Skies Apocalypse quests are a massive slog. The main reason is that all enemies have insane defense meaning regular attacks will deal scratch damage at best. You need counter units to even have a chance at beating the quests on higher difficulties.

: Disaster Stages

  • Introduced in the Japan versions, the main challenge is the boss themselves. Without game breaker units, expect a fearsome challenge.

Use ten Polygons to revive all units with full Fever Gauge. Continue?

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