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You gotta hand it to the people who programmed ALICE (both in universe and outside it), they have some KICKIN' composure skills!

  • In Astro quests, Ophiuchus' Struggle is a rocking tune that accompanies you while fighting your way through the wastelands of Black Ground.
  • Black Ground's boss theme, Astral Call features some ominous chanting and a fast-paced beat.
  • When you have some bosses to their final bar, "Unforgiven" begins to play, which makes you feel like you're about to turn the tables on them, especially if they were near the tail end of That One Level.
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  • In the Tower of Saviours crossover, the remix of "Elemental Shackles" turns the original’s slow-paced, foreboding style into Crash Fever's fast-paced style.
  • "Peacock" (found from the beginning of the video to 1:53) is a fast paced, bumping tune that would fit quite well at a party or a concert. It's meant to because you're HAVING a party when you hear it!
  • "Downfall", the boss theme for most Ultimate Wizard quests, is VERY fitting for trading blows with an enemy you've fought so hard to get to, and it just screams, "This foe is powerful, but they're no match for you!"
  • "Ghosts", the battle theme for said Ultimate quests. Perfect for fighting through a powerful gauntlet of enemies.
  • Check out "Alice in the ALICE (Battle Ver.)", a Triumphant Reprise of none other than the main menu theme, with a bit of "Unforgiven" thrown in for good measure, which plays when you have Bonanza, Sophia, Elly or Rose on the ropes. Really reflects how far you (and your box, and maybe your wallet) have come, doesn't it?
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  • Take a listen to "Follow the White Rabbit(Rock Ver.)", a Dark Reprise of "Follow the White Rabbit" that functions as the pinch mode theme of the four QUEENS that meshes together the game's signature techno style and some divine electric guitar riffs INCREDIBLY well. There are various glitches throughout the song, representing how far gone the QUEEN of Hearts and her underlings are, as well as painting the mood even better, seeing as how these avatars are partially the embodiment of ALICE itself, as dictated by their Accelerators and how they connect to the Riddle Papers.
  • "Fairy Tale", the battle theme for certain holiday quests, such as ALICE in Wonder-Maid and the Children's Day quests, has a very dream-like, surreal quality to its name. It fits.
  • "Reactor", also known as Sejo of Joseon's boss theme, is a fast, tense theme with occasional fired-up cries tossed in, perfect for who you'll be fighting.
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  • "Halcyon", the battle theme for the ALICE Incorporated levels, is an upbeat, mildly funky little ditty that would be right at home in most ice levels.
  • "Treasure Hunt" is a whimsical tune that oozes a carefree, happy and energetic aura, perfect for grabbing as many Ducksworths as you can carry.
  • "Zoku" is unique in that it's the theme for the only regional Wizard quest to get a Spectre version, and it's also a slow, rockin', pounding beat that signifies how tough the enemies you're about to face are.
  • "I will Never Let You Go" is definitely one of the most intense boss tracks of the game, with a chorus that's guaranteed to get stuck in your head. "I will never let you gooooooo, I will never let you goooh...." Dammit! The New Years version is an awesome one too. And regarding the Song Style Shift from "I will Never Let You Go", there's also a X-Mas Version next to a New Years Version of "Alice in the ALICE" and many more.
  • A huge highlight, music wise, are the Hatsune Miku collab with tracks like "ハデキメ☆4U!in the ALICE" by tilt-six,these two Miku Unit Skill Songs, the V3 Unit Boss theme and more!
  • Cosmology Decay is the theme of Almagest, and it's indeed worthy for such a massive threat. It contains Dark Reprise bits of "Astral Call" and "Ophiuchus' Struggle", the One-Woman Wail standard for those tracks, and a goddamn ORCHESTRA! It beautifully highlights how drunken with power Almagest had been from the start, and how much damage a threat this big and insane would do to ALICE if it got out. It also complements the boss itself wonderfully. First, you free your ally Astros from Almagest's puppet strings, then you fight Almagest, and once he starts getting scared and realizing the gravity of the situation, he transforms into a giant robot so big it takes up an entire background like Gonggong, and you're tasked with beating THIS. When attacked, he sacrifices parts of his body to fix the broken part. This causes him to slowly erode himself and eventually destroy his body. And you did this. You, a simple Adapter, manage to destroy a godlike AI simply by wailing on his Cognizant Limbs. Not by attacking HIM, but just his LIMBS.

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