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For a game about a digital land, there sure are a lot of units devoted to breaking it.

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  • Azathoth. She not only is obtainable in all four colors, each specializing in a different stat, but she is immune to almost ALL hazards! And if that wasn't enough, she drops a large Super Crash Panel whenever she's in front! Her skills differ from form to form (Red permanently gives bomb blast boost, Blue has permanent Blue panel drop boost, Green recovers a bit of HP each turn from now on, and Yellow permanently chops damage received in half) but they all share a basic effect: 1 panel to (board covering, changes sides to Panels, above to Hearts, below to CP) Paint, no enemy virus resist, change enemies to [whichever color the Azathoth is strong against], [color panel of Azathoth] panel enhance until cancelled. This means you can transcend color boundaries like nothing, spew a very powerful poison everywhere, despite the fact most bosses No-Sell it, change the entire board to a color, Hearts, Super Crash Panels and CP, and have an extra effect depending on the form for as long as you damn well please.
  • The Bug system. When a unit is enhanced with duplicates, it gains Bugs, which unlock abilities, and increase the chance of getting drops after a quest. When it has 99, it's "bugmaxed", and it gives you a whopping TWO guaranteed extra drops at the end of the quest, which are usually Fruits, Ducksworths, Frogs (which, when evolved into Froggies, give off even MORE EXP than Ducksworths) and the unit gained from defeating the quest, which can be fused into the original for MORE Bugs.
  • Multiplayer. If everyone has bug MAX, everyone gets the drops everyone ELSE got, as well as their own. This makes Bug farming a snap, as you can get up to four times as many unit drops, as well as giving out a LOT of Ducksworths on Wizard quests (if you're too much of a wuss or don't have a good enough box to do Ultimate).
  • The four QUEENS' true forms each specialize in a different stat, and they have rightfully claimed their titles as the most OP units in the game. Rose is a plain and simple powerful nuker, boasting the same screen breaking Laser that Cancer, Virgo, etc. do, and has a CP drop effect to her skill so that she can reliably generate them. And she always gets at least one shot off, as one SCP drops each turn. And they HURT, since Rose's specialty is ATK, and because she has a Green killer on top of her elemental advantage. Bonanza is the more balanced of the four, having an okay 4200+ in ATK and REC, but gives EVERYONE a 10k ATK boost, rather than just hogging all the stats to herself, and powers up everyone with her Crash Skill as well, which falls like Rose's does due to her active. Elly forgoes being able to nuke with her REC reliably for making only Hearts fall, allowing you to Healing Factor away anything you receive, as well as getting an impressive 5000 HP passive when a non Recovery type is in front. And Sophia is like most Stamina types cranked up to maximum. She has the highest health in the game, at 22k+, as well as an ultimate damage CP running off of that, and an "absorb panels to boost DEF on top of a base buff" standard for many similar units, as well as Provoke, but all of her secondary abilities are dedicated to making as much DEF as possible. She has a permanent 2000 DEF from slot 1, kicking that up to 5000 when a skill is used for slot 2, and coming to a grand total of a truly insane 10,000 DEF when fighting a Blue unit!
    Red Units 
  • Fleming, at 20 Bugs. She's a WONDERFUL support unit, adding both Ultra easy CP spawn and an extra tap to the units beside her on the final floor. She's a Recovery type boasting an impressive 5K REC, so when she uses her Crash Skill, she is very liable to save you from a jam. Her skill enables everyone to combine their Crash Skills into a GLORIOUS Spam Attack, as Hearts fall as CP. Which, since Hearts are normally rather rare compared to the other 4 panels, may seem just okay, but when you're below 60% HP(read: most of the time in Ultimate quests), the heart rate is BOOSTED.
  • Silver Key Silvia, also when at 20 bugs. Her skill gives, when she's in front, not one, but TWO chains. (Heart/Junk.) However, this isn't where the game breaking comes in; no, that comes from the fact that, when she chains 12+ panels in one turn, she can boost her skill turns by 2 up to three times per turn. Her skill has six turns minimum. This means that she can use her skill every three turns and, due to her gargantuan REC, which is boosted each turn by the many CP she will likely generate, fully recover your HP in the process. As an added bonus, due to providing Virus and Hacking immunity to the units beside her when the Fever Gauge is at over half, she acts as an insurance policy in multiplayer and can allow you to bypass TWO gimmicks!
  • D'Alembert. Sky-high attack at 8K+, a skill that drops bombs that may as well be nukes due to the immense bomb blast boost that comes with it for 2 TURNS, and an immense damage Crash skill. Her abilities are merely the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, even by Academic standards, she's rather rare, and doesn't appear in all too many hatchers. On top of that, like the original three Dragon Callers, due to the problem of low HP and REC, if she can't KO the enemy before they attack, she's toast.
  • Shadow Songstress Miku. Her skill makes a V-shape of CP, boosts her own ATK by 3939, and gives her two taps for seven turns. If you play your cards right, this means she can attack with VERY high power TWICE. And if you manage to perform a Red Attack Join, well...
  • Aegis. She's an incredibly high stamina Stone Wall who buffs your DEF to levels (5000) that are almost guaranteed to reduce anything that touches you for three turns to mere Scratch Damage while diverting attacks to herself so she can sponge up combo moves and status effects. And this is just her unawakened form. When awakened, she tacks a counter equal to 15 times her own ATK onto the aforementioned skill. So while enemies are lightly poking you, you can slap them silly with a very hard hitting Counter. And like her weaker, Yellow cousin Ancile, her Crash skill adds a hefty helping of DEF onto her until deactivated. However, she does have next to no REC, so Hearts might as well be Locked every couple of turns.
  • Wang Gun/Wang Geon. His skill starts by converting all panels to Hearts and four of those to SCP(L). If you string together another skill that changes Hearts to CP, you now have an entire board of CP. And that's not all, as after you break all of that, ONLY enhanced Red and Blue panels drop! As an added bonus, he sets all Green units DEF to zero, so if you can manage to bypass the gimmick (that is, if it isn't already Damage Panels,) you can make a complete joke out of DEF heavy Green bosses like Han Fei.
  • New Year's Ver. Galois. She has 10K+ HP and permanently has 1000 DEF due to her skill, which can't be deactivated by a "Removes all positive effects" preemptive because it's a Bug ability. However, the fact she's able to stall out that HP even more by being able to throw up 10K HP barriers like nothing is what pushes her over the edge.
  • Leo is sure to cause an uproar on the enemy side. She has oodles of health and puts up a weak barrier whenever she uses her skill to stall it out even further. On top of that, she has the highest gravity move in the game, at fifty percent! And when she's in front, the units on either side of her attack too. Yes, you read that right. She gets THREE attacks just for attacking!
  • Beatrice from the Re:Zero collab is a good one. Despite being a plain old Cost 55, she has HP rivaling even Leo's or Aegis's! Her skill cures both Virus and Darkness, so you don't even NEED Vaccine units (that is, unless the Virus is deadly enough that it kills you before she can work her magic.) She also provokes and puts up a high HP barrier, so unless enemies use a Herd-Hitting Attack, you're pretty much invincible for a turn or two.
  • The well known combination of Woochigang (c58 Jeon Woochi + c58 Gangrim) can output some devastating power when used correctly. Start with Gangrim's skill, which converts the board to Timers, but don't tap it! Next, use Woochi's skill, which ABSORBS the timers for a truly insane ATK boost. Oh, but the carnage doesn't end here! Woochi gives certain tribes an immense bomb boost for 3 turns, all 3 of which are ones he and Gangrim happen to be in. And guess what Gangrim's skill provides? Bombs. Bombs that are fueled by the bomb boost and don't even need to be tapped directly, as Gangrim is generous enough to provide you with Red chain.
  • Benedict is to Red units what Einstein is to Blue units and Bi Gan is to Yellow units: insanely broken. Her skill converts all non-special, non-Red panels to CP and makes it so that Yellow panels spawn as the party's CP as well as adding one tap for three turns. Oh, and she also makes all Green panels drop as Red Bombs permanently, giving the party an immense help in screen clears. This screen clearing ability is further enhanced by her ability that grants all Red units an ultra boost in Bomb blast radius when the Fever Gague is at 100%, a criterion made easy with her Crash Skill that does ultimate damage to 1 enemy and boosts the Fever Gague. Her strongest feature is her ability that makes it so that she joins attacks at 150% ATK when the front unit is either a Stamina, Recovery, or Balanced type. This allows her great versatility in team comps and allows her to utilize the massive screen clears that her tools grant at any time. Her three-turn skill haste to Red units at the start of any quest is just the cherry on top.

    Blue Units 
  • Einstein is perhaps the mother of all Game-Breakers. She's a textbook Mighty Glacier, requiring a whopping ten turns to use her skill at Skill Level MAX. However, one of her abilities boosts her turns by ten when the quest starts. Meaning she can use her skill as soon as the quest starts. What is this skill? All units Skill turn boosted by 2, Red Panels to Blue Bombs (L), Yellow drops as own CP until deactivated. Her Crash Skill? Ultimate fixed damage to all enemies, Party 20 ATK boost until deactivated. This means: you have an infinite supply of CP that hit so hard, at a guaranteed 10,000 a pop, that they had to make an entirely new category, boost your attack permanently, and taking abilities into account, you have immense CP spawn almost every turn (she gives the team immense easy CP spawn if 10 CP are broken in one turn) and immunity to one of the nastiest hazards, of which units are hard to come by, Protect Break.
  • Lee Sunggye sure earned the title of "Victorious Archer." He's a Stamina type with over 10K HP, so he adds a lot to your HP bar. Then there's his skill, which converts non special panels to his own CP. That means everything on the board. And since his Crash Skill deals ultra damage and boosts everyone's ATK by 10 until deactivated, it gets more powerful every time you use it and lets the team snowball into an unstoppable force. He also gives himself a 10,000 HP Barrier, which will almost always last him until his skill recharges.
  • Rem at first seems like your standard recovery unit, with a very good 6K REC, but a very poor 2K ATK...That is, until you see her abilities, one of which raises her ATK by 8000 when up against a Red enemy. So you're not looking at a White Mage anymore, you're looking at a Master of All with a passive 2000 HP heal, a quick 6 turn skill charge, Protect Break, and over 10K ATK.
  • Pascal is just as good as, if not better than her Travel counterpart. The only difference is that she doesn't enhance Hearts, but other than that, she's the same...if it weren't for the little perk of her Bug ability giving her 2 extra taps when 150 panels are destroyed, which is made a cinch due to the Made of Explodium state of the board, essentially boiling down to tapping the "weak point" (the L Bomb) and attacking.
  • Cancer is ridiculously good. He has an XL X-Laser (which basically translates to "nuke that blows up the screen") and a CP drop skill. But the crown jewel of his repertoire of metal death? He infects enemies with a Virus equal to THIRTY TIMES HIS ATTACK! This can allow you to bypass bosses' defensive maneuvers and deal LOADS of damage to them! Oh, and he has a Virus Killer skill and two ATK boost Abilities.
  • If you can get past the Brutal Bonus Level she's tucked away in, Kojiro Sasaki is 101% worth it! He's an INCREDIBLY high HP Stamina unit toting over 13K HP! His skill not only boosts his own DEF up to insane levels (4000) it PROVOKES and last for even longer than Aegis! Save for a Herd-Hitting Attack, you're pretty much invincible for half of his skill charge, effectively giving him a 4 turn skill charge. He also has two Lasers and causes Red to possibly drop as his CP, which, while rather weak, boosts his DEF permanently. If you can get him to 20 Bugs, he gains an incredibly beefy 15K barrier at the beginning of the quest! And if you somehow get him to 60 Bugs? He gains 2000 DEF in the presence of a Human unit, which means you can kiss the difficulty of most Red quests goodbye.

    Green Units 
  • Hidden Myth variant Kong-Jui. Her skill is pretty good (Green multichain, Yellow drops as Green bombs 3 turns) but this isn't what makes her broken. That honor goes to her second ability, which makes Hearts fall as her own CP. All of them. And if you manage to get one to 20 bugs, you fully recover your HP every twelve turns, meaning the difficulty of most Yellow quests with Damage Panels flies straight out the window. Oh, and her C Skill? Immense damage, REC boost, recover HP (a fair amount, given her 6K REC.)
  • Abe no Seimei. One of the few Junk Break Green units, she has a skill that creates an XL Green Bomb and a CBP for each color. When the Bomb explodes, it triggers the other CBP, which trigger the crapton of green SCP that fall, remove all the other colors of panel, and trigger the Heart Bombs (L) that fall, and since she's a Recovery type, it deals oodles of damage and recovers a shitload of HP. And the Heart Bombs still fall three turns afterwards.
  • Crookes. She has a plain vanilla immense damage C skill and creates a cross of her crash panels with her skill. That in itself is just pretty damn good. However, she DOUBLES her ATK as a side effect. And since she can have over 7K ATK, she can reach 14,000 ATK with her Skill. For comparison, the absolute maximum a stat can hit is 15,000. Oh, but that's not all. Whenever someone uses a Skill, she joins the attack at full power. Including her own. So she can hit from wherever she damn well feels like at truly maddening power. Oh, and she has Protect Break as one last little "fuck you" to Yellow units.
  • Turing: one of the first Academics, still very useful. This robot is an absurdly fast tank who soaks up hits like a Green sponge, due to her meaty (metal-y?) HP stat. Her Crash Skill recovers high HP, which is usually a good chunk of your HP bar. She converts a bunch of panels to Heart Bombs to get the chain going, and once she chains 12 panels, she boosts her own REC, which is trivialized due to the fact her skill turns the skyfall into only 3 colors.
  • Aquarius, despite being a normal Astro with only 50 cost. Why? The whole gimmick of Astros is that they inflict Skill Bind on themselves after using their Skill (to balance out the really quick skill turns, hovering around 3-4) which could only be cured by Ophiuchus...Until now. She does away with this after Bug 60 and, so long as she's not the one attacking, has only a 3 turn charge! Her skill? Attack (strengthens based on non-Green panels absorbed), join attacks at 1.5 ATK, ultra easy CP spawn 2 turns. Even without 60 Bugs, that's effectively a 6-turn charge, as the skill is active for 2 turns. With 60 bugs? One turn Skill charge. Another part of her skill absorbs non-Green panels and attacks based on how many panels were absorbed, multiplying her ATK by the number of panels. And since a full board can fit about 40-46 panels, if there are no green panels, it results in a 46x nuke skill! That's the second highest in the game, right behind Longinus' 50x! Her Crash Skill not only permanently boosts her ATK by 11, but also enables her to rain down all four elements on the enemies like buckshot! And since she has very high ATK, it HURTS, unlike others with the same Crash Skill. Due to being able to attack with almost 10K ATK like lightning, she's almost a "Crookes Lite", discounting the fact that her level is really fucking hard.
  • Napier is a relatively old Academic, ("old" Academics can be found in the FES Ticket Piece hatcher, available after getting 5 FES Ticket Pieces, one of which is given out at the end of a 15 day period) but he is still VERY good. He has a skill which makes everyone's CP fall, and kicks it off with one X-laser and one cross-laser, which destroys the board TWICE. His Crash Skill is only ultra damage, but it permanently boosts both his ATK AND REC, something only his Summer and School variants can also boast of. He does have the most common Green ability (Vaccine) but that's balanced out by the fact that he joins attacks when a Recovery or Technical type is in front. So if one has an entire TEAM of those types, you get two attacks on every turn except the one Napier attacks!
  • Thyrsos, especially in her awakened form. She's one of the most powerful White Mages in the game. Her active skill recovers 10,000 HP, which should be enough to bring you back from the brink any time, as well as adding 2 taps and Heart multi-chain. Then you get access to her awakened form and crank all of that Up to Eleven. That active skill? It's buffed up to 3 turns! Meaning that any hits you take will be voided by the incredible health recovery as well a the Heart Bombs and heart chain. And then there are her abilities. One recovers a whopping 30,000 health on any new floor, meaning that any injuries you sustained fighting off the last foe and the enemies' first move this turn will be patched right up, also effectively giving you a FREE TURN, and the other heals you for 10,000 when under 20%. Enemy uses an 80% or more gravity move? No problem! HP To One Percent? Doesn't even pose a threat! Right on the brink of death and have a distinct lack of Hearts or healing CP? Again, no problem! Oh, and the cherry on top? Junk Breaker. Unfortunately, she's one of the primary Weapons, meaning you have to buy her 12 times over to get access to the abilities, but she's still good even without them.
  • Walpurgisnacht/The Walpurgisnacht/Stage Witch is surprisingly good for a collab unit. Like the Reinhardt entry below, they convert the board to CP and nuke it with a giant Laser. However, whereas Reinhardt only attacks with ultra damage once, Walpurgisnacht attacks four times with ultra damage, one for each element, and her attacks ignore enemy DEF! They also have more ATK at 60 bugs, at a staggering 10,000 compared to Reinhardt's 8000 with his boost from skill. As a result, those Crash Skills WILL hit like the flaming buildings they're so famous for. The only real caveat is all that raw power comes from its abilities, meaning that if they're hit by Ability Lock, they're toast.

    Yellow Units 
  • Swan is one of the most coveted Academics in the game, with players scrambling to the Hatchers whenever she appears. Why? First of all, her skill converts the board to half Hearts, half Yellow, allowing for free recovery. That's good enough as is, but one Blue and Yellow Color Breaker Panels each fall. Along with ONLY Blue and Yellow panels falling this turn. And her 10,000 HP barrier is just to add that cherry on top.
  • Travel ver. Pascal is almost always the top prize whenever the Travel hatchers roll around. Her skill turns the entire board into Bombs and Yellow, which gives you one SCP. However, this isn't where she becomes broken, that comes from the fact she enhances all panels and large Yellow Bombs drop for a whopping 3 turns! This means you can hit very hard and recover more HP than usual for an abnormally long amount of time.
  • Tezcatlipoca is well worth her Goddamned Boss status. She has a special skill that, at the cost of lowering ally ATK by 2000, raises hers by SIX thousand. She also has an immense damage C Skill in her final form. In addition to this, she raises her own attack by 3000 while lowering her allies by 1000 when in front, meaning she can lay a smackdown on enemies with WELL over 10K attack while in front. Unfortunately, if one can't get a heal off or buff defense before an enemy hits, the problem of poor REC and stamina kicks in and you'll likely see a lot of your health bar missing.
    • On that note, a combination of her and Daylight Blade Hayato can put out even CRAZIER power. Tezcatlipoca starts by powering herself up at the cost of everyone else's ATK...then Hayato uses his skill to give everyone 2000 ATK and the party's attack power boomerangs right back. Tezcatlipoca benefits from this, too, and her ATK then goes skyrocketing!
  • Reinhardt from Re: Zero is surprisingly good. He converts the entire board to CP, just like Lee Sunggye, however, he has the generosity to destroy them all with a laser so big it needs another class, MASSIVE! He also makes the board explosive with a Bomb drop skill for a few turns, and has abilities to boost his attack.
  • Summer Fleming is arguably better than her Red counterpart. She has an INCREDIBLY fast skill charge of FIVE, especially for a Cost 58! Her skill and Crash Skill are the same as the normal one, but instead of just DP Break, she has Vaccine + protect break. And the icing on the cake? A Bug 20 Fleming needs to hit the final floor to get to full capacity (adds 1 tap and Ultra Easy CP Spawn to units beside her) but Summer Fleming can do so right off the bat!
  • Helmholtz is just plain ridiculous. Her skill is nothing special (2 panels each to SCP-L, L Bombs, Yellow units join attack this turn) but unlike most examples on this page, her CRASH Skill is what gives her value (Immense Yellow damage, Ultra Blue damage combo.) She drops five of these whenever she's in front, and, toting a pretty good 6K ATK, they can put out some SERIOUS pain. She's a bit of a Glass Cannon, however, saddled with a very poor 400 REC, so you'll need a dedicated healer.
  • Bi Gan, upon her release in Global, was hailed as one of the most powerful Academics in the game to date (albeit barred behind a very shitty Hatcher.) Her skill cuts incoming damage recieved by yellow units by half, converts all non-special panels into Yellow panels (this includes gimmick panels) and red panels are guaranteed to fall as her CP for 3 turns, meaning that in a pinch, you can just hide behind a wall of damage mitigation and recover as quick as a flash. Her Crash Skill? ULTIMATE damage based on REC (she's even better than Kong-Jui in that regard, bragging of a staggering 9k REC), a REC boost to all yellow units, likely boosting that up to 10k or more, and a recovery in HP, and due to the horribly powerful REC, even one of these CP is potent enough to perk your units right back up! And she gives one additional tap to all units in her party (including herself) as the cherry on top!
  • Summer Kong-Jui is weird in that she was one of the few units to get her summer version released FIRST (regular Kong-Jui was released during the Hidden Myth arc.) However, she's also just as powerful. She trades in the original's Heart/CP drop for an immense Bomb boost when she's in front. No guesses as to what her skill does. And she also carries just as much REC as the original, which is helpful when one's blowing up panels of all sorts, including Hearts.
  • On paper, Li He seemed perfectly balanced; applying a similar effect to the above Summer Fleming, but adding Yellow and Damage multi-chain, and lasting for 2 turns, in return for dealing half your health in Buster damage. The idea was likely that Li He would make it harder to recover, due to being burdened with the absolute lowest stat any unit can have, 1 REC. However, in PRACTICE, it...didn't work, to say the least. So long as you have a unit with an HP recover C-skill, you can jump right back from the HP cut. Though this won't benefit Li He, as she gets stronger the more health she's lost, it DOES mean that all that damage dealt to you did absolutely nothing. And, taking into account the turns the skill is active, Li He has an effective 4 turn charge, cementing her role as a cheaper, slightly weaker Summer Fleming.

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