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The new quest recently announced replacing the Azathoth raid
  • ...will either be:
    • A. An Omega version of Chaotic Supremacy, featuring Hastur's unhooded form as the sole boss, much like Below Morning Glories Omega featuring Jeong Dojeon as the sole foe. This would fit as Hastur himself said that he would fight the player when Azathoth was placated, but he never did.
    • B. A Ranking Quest featuring Necronomicon, possibly with the other Chaotics congratulating the Adapter for their work. This would also fit as Necro is one of the few older Academics not to get a rank challenge.
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    • It's a Ranking Quest featuring Necronomicon.

  • Because why not?

Almagest's plan to escape Black Ground will end up in him becoming an Almighty Idiot.
  • I mean, look at Capricorn. She absorbed just a few low level AI and went completely insane. So logically, absorbing an entire server of AI would probably turn Almagest into a chaotic mishmash of an AI with the power of a god, ala Gigyas or Calamity Ganon.

The Disasters may have a connection to the Adapter in someway.
  • At the end of 2020 at least 16 Disasters have been released and yet nothing much is revealed other than the fact that they cause intense amounts of damage. It's possible that they represent the Adapter's much more darker emotions and thoughts (like Despair and Grudge), which isn't too far off since the Adapter has faced a lot of traumatic moments. To wit:
    • Time Travel in ALICE: Forced to kill Kagutsuchi when he's infected with a dangerous virus, which Trebla notes hurts them badly. Then they're forced to watch Trebla disappearing while being unable to do anything, then Merlin appears and makes a fortune that declares they'll lose another friend soon.
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    • ALICE/WAR: Found themselves being dragged into the war against their will by two superpowers, both with friends on either side, with no allies of their own, and almost killed by both sides until Zeus and other A.I.s arrive and even then that happy ending is override by Carroll.
    • ALICE/GAME: Discover that their whole purpose was based on a lie, and failing to stop ALICE from restarting resulting in large amounts of deaths.
    • ALICE/LAST TRAVEL: While it ends on a happier notes with you saving ALICE, the Queen of Hearts is now definitely out for your blood because you killed her father, Carroll, to save ALICE.
  • The (updating) list of Disasters:
    • Red: Distortion (3), Folter (6), Insanity (9), Innocent (13)
    • Green: Erosion (2), Fraud (4), Crave (11), Vacuity (15)
    • Blue: Despair (5), Anaat (7), Purge (12), Grudge (16)
    • Yellow: Abomination (1), Tehom (8), Pillage (10), Visitation (14)

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