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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Many bosses, so long as you have their counter. Let's take Time Travel in ALICE: The Final for an example. "All right, time to beat Replicant Trebla! She looks tough, but I'm sure my Blue box can handle....and she just died from an overload of 'Universal Brain.' Yay?"
  • Author's Saving Throw: The rehauling of the Wizard Key system. Previously, Wizard Keys were Too Awesome to Use, their only worth being for 10x Bug Quests, special quests unlocked when clearing the Ultimate difficulty of the target quest, such as Never Summer Trails or any of the Astro stages, and had watered down versions of the original quest where one could get boss drops at 10 times the Bug rate ad continue upon dying (like a Wizard quest, hence the name.) These required either 500 Polygons or Master Keys or 10 Power Keys, and that was all they did for a long time. Now, however, they're used to unlock Wizard Database quests, which means you can access a Wizard quest of your choice anytime! No more waiting for days just to grab an evo material for a powerful unit! You can also have a bout with any Ultimate boss you do so desire at any time in the Ultimate Quest Database. This same update also brought the true forms of the QUEENS to Global, unlocked by getting Liddell Papers from, you guessed it, the Wizard Database, and look broken as all hell, akin to the likes of four Arceus or Xenons.
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  • Awesome Music: Without a Ghost of a doubt, yes!
  • Best Boss Ever: Final Protection Almagest is perhaps the best boss in the history of the game. And this game's had a LOT of bosses. Almagest's sheer power leads everyone to think that the task is an impossible one. Only Evil Gemini knows remotely how to defeat the thing, and that's a bit of a stretch, leading to a hasty Enemy Mine situation. When chasing after Almagest at the beginning of the fight, you find the "new toys" he was bragging about: all the Astros you met over the arc. You free your ally Astros from Almagest's puppet strings, then you fight Almagest himself, and once he starts getting scared and realizing the gravity of the situation, he transforms into a giant robot so big it takes up an entire background like Gonggong, and you're now tasked with beating THIS. When attacked, he sacrifices parts of his body to fix the broken part. This causes him to slowly erode himself and eventually destroy his body. And you did this. You, a simple Adapter, manage to destroy a godlike AI simply by wailing on his Cognizant Limbs. Not by attacking HIM, but just his LIMBS.
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Occupying Babylonia Tower. All of it. Yes, that means the hatchers, too.
  • Breather Level: Compared to the slog/nightmare that are Chaotic Supremacy, Dark Supernova, The Walpurgis Sacrifice, and Starfire Upon The Ice and ESPECIALLY The Chaos Begins, The Awakening Trial is downright tame. And it's made into a complete joke if you or a friend has access to Silver Key Silvia. Fitting, as it's supposed to be Tsaggothua training Silver Key to use her powers.
    • New Year's Weapon Battle Jam doesn't even come CLOSE to posing a threat to experienced players. Even Ultimate has no real gimmicks, aside from a light drizzle of Damage Panels. This probably means that the New Year's Mecha Beast failed as a cyborg or robot weapon. It doesn't help that the counter unit for that particular event is Bi Gan.
  • Character Tiers: As seen here.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: It's not too hard to see a bugmaxed Dirac Kokoroyami in multiplayer, simply because it's so versatile. It has solid attack power, abilities that boost its bomb blasts, a quick skill charge at 6 that's boosted even further by one of its abilities, a CP drop ability, and a bomb drop Skill. Rather ironically, she could be considered a better version of the Academic she's cosplaying as, for Dirac is rather lackluster compared to a great many Academics. However, she herself is overshadowed by more competent Blue units, such as Merlin.
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  • Crack Pairing: Mi-Go x Zehirete is a thing that occasionally pops up. Also overlaps with Foe Yay in this instance.
  • Demonic Spiders: Anything ranging from 1-3 stars in general, when encountered in a quest, usually aids a boss as a flunky, inflicts a bunch of status effects, screws with your skyfall or your units, hits crazy hard, or any of the above. Even you, Jerry.
    • Fenrir is almost always a pain in the ass to defeat, packing lots of Critical moves, high health, status effects, and stat debuffs. ESPECIALLY in Rank quests, where you'll likely lose lots of health and turns, and therefore, precious points, when trying to slay the beast.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Hoo boy. The highest most units got was 5 stars, the game was riddled with Engrish and bugs, text was written in a weird font, only a few tribes existed, all hatchers costed 500 polygons, and most importantly, Academics, the game's claim to fame, didn't exist.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The "Muppet egg" (that egg being that appears at the beginning of the Hatcher's animation) has gained a bit of popularity over the years. Mainly for his dapper little hat.
    • Necronomicon and Nyarlathotep share spots as one, one having a cool design and being quite the powerhouse, and the other for being a likable character, and both for being powerful units.
    • The disaster units notably lack any story connections which is unusual for quests at this point, yet due to their cool designs and generally being powerful cost 68 (farmable) units they have received plenty of fanart especially when a new one appears. As of the 6th anniversary (in JP) they even have EX versions of their base forms, which was formerly reserved for c65 units making them even more powerful.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Sophia's Ultra Awakening. Oh yes. Very much.
  • Foe Yay: Nyarlathotep and Cthugha are occasionally shipped due to the latter's relationship as a Yandere to the former (she gets much tamer after Pnakotus was dissolved) and some other undertones in both of the characters' dialogue. Even acknowledged by Wonder Planet themselves with the duo's Resort/Onsen form, which has both of them in one unit and looking rather smitten with each other.
  • Funny Moments: In Summer Memories, there are pirates and nasty venomous jellyfish out in the water...which Lee Bangwon scares off by covering himself IN said jellyfish. No, seriously! Granted,it does cause him to forget he even did so in the first place, because of the jellyfish.
    • In ALICE Dreamin' School (which was a joke to begin with, as stated by the in-game date of April 1st) you go to school, beat the crap out of people (as opposed to it being symbolic) and run around grabbing people's naughty bits because some invisible force makes you. Oh, and Turing's not a robot now.
  • Game-Breaker: Too many to count here.
  • Genius Bonus: Some units have a reference to the thing that they’re based of, whether it’s the name of their skills or their designs.
    • Cybernetic Fortune Happy, Happy 100’s 6-star form, has fireworks coming out of her envelopes. The Happy99 virus is a computer worm spread through email and when activated, plays an animation that’s nothing but exploding fireworks.
    • Plateau’s Crash Skill names are Glass Soap Afterimage and, in 6-star, Marvellous Soap Light. Joseph Plateau conducted studies about soap films and created Plateau’s Laws, which describe the structures created by soap films. Her Skill name is Phenakist Ecologist/Phenakist Romanticist. Phenakist refers to the object that Plateau invented called the Phenakitoscope.
    • Schrödinger is a cat boy and has a giant cat with him in his 6-star form. Both are references to Schrödinger‘s Cat.
    • Turing was a beta tester, and as such, one of the first true AI in ALICE. Turing test? Furthermore, all of her Crash Skill names are Enigma Decipher/Enigma Eradicate/Enigma Extinction. Alan Turing helped crack the “Enigma” code thanks to his Cryptanalysis of the Enigma ciphering system.
    • Maxwell is part of the demon tribe. This is a reference to Maxwell’s Demon. This is further referenced by her Crash Skill names Irreversible Negation Entropy/Irreversible Supremacy Entropy. Maxwell’s Demon is a thought experiment to show how the Second Law of Thremodynamics could be violated, which is related to Entropy.
    • Aside from her Sdrawkcab Name, there is one other thing that shows who Trebla is inspired by. Trebla time travels using a “rosenbridge”. Wormholes are theoretically said to allow time travel. They’re also known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge.
    • Helicoprion is Pisces' vehicle, a mixture between a chainsaw and a motorcycle. The real Helicoprion is an extinct shark-like creature that had a mouth rather like a chainsaw.
    • Pascal has a data gathering AI called Pensées, which is named after the real Pascal's incomplete collection of thoughts about his defense and examination of the Christian religion.
    • Crookes's skill is called "Deadly Scythe: Death 81". The real Crookes discovered the element Thallium, which is periodic number 81.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The game is much more popular in its home country of Japan, with most of the playerbase of 10 million being from there and is relatively obscure in other places like the West as of late. This may be because other versions of the game (Global and Taiwan in particular) have incredibly hard quests to the point of being unbeatable without their counters, while the Japan quests come scarcely.
    • Adding to that, the units themselves have become so broken that whenever they appear in Japan they're watered down. And considering that Astro units are obtained in raid quests in that version, the regional quests won't be coming anytime soon.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Protect is a gimmick in which protected panels have to be "broken" twice to actually count, slowing you down and allotting more time for the enemy to inevitably slap you back to the menu, unless you brought a team of Protect Break units. The catch? For some reason, Bomb Panels are incapable of falling protected. If you bring units that utilize bomb spam in their skills, or even use immense Bomb blast enhance, or both, you can tap most panels with relative ease, and even breaking the protected ones in the process by way of all the exploding Bomb panels, allowing you to bypass the gimmick entirely. And strangely, this is the only case where such a thing occurs with gimmicks.
  • Growing the Beard: The first ever raid, Azathoth Rebirth, was regarded by many as the moment the game really began to take off, in gameplay quality, storyline, and grammar (the game was NOTORIOUS for its Engrish when it irst came out.) The introduction of the Tower of Avaricia in the West was also highly regarded, as it was a tense, challenging and rewarding fight and episode, and was soon followed by the Towers of Chandille, Lucia, and Elfram.
  • Heartwarming Moments: At the end of Black Flame of Jealousy, Pluto realizes that Charon wasn't going out with anyone, just to get presents for her big brother, and that he screwed up. So he goes out and removes the virus that caused everyone to stay inside so his little sister can enjoy Christmas. D'aww.
  • Ho Yay: Ubbo-Sathla and Hastur are shipped a lot whenever they're mentioned outside of Chaotic Supremacy. Acknowledged by Wonder Planet, who said in one of their posts for the Onsen arc that the two shared a room in the hotel.
  • Last Lousy Point: Want an Azathoth? Have fun going through a Damage-Sponge Boss Spectre quest (Chaotic Supremacy) and four more Ultimate ones, three of which are different depending on the form you want.
    • Want to awaken one of the Weapon units? Better hope your score is good enough in the rankings, because a greater weapon requires multiple bug 99 lesser weapons (i.e Aegis is the greater weapon to Svalinn, Ochain, and Ancile) which can only be bought with Rank Points.
    • Nakoto has a ridiculously high EXP curve to get to level 80. She also needs 3 bugmaxed units, all of which are not easy to get one's mitts on (Ig is a present from rolling the 10x Chaotic hatcher, Nightgaunt is an Ultimate reward, and Shoggoth can only be obtained as a Chaotic Supremacy login present.) And to make things worse? You NEED her, as she's tailor made to deal with Blue Chaotic units, one of which is the notorious Cthulhu.
    • Shu E is a powerful unit in both of her forms. The problem? She needs Bug 20 versions of all four Poetry Society units to Awaken, including the game-breaking Li He. And that's excluding the Tomes of Calamity obtained from a regional Spectre quest, which is the "catalyst" unit for the Awakening and is used to switch forms. Missed the Unknown Cataclysm raid? Good luck getting either form.
    • Both of the c55 Spectre units introduced in the Black Ground line are this. Sagittarius requires a copy of all the previous Astro units, which, while not as bad as Shu E, is still a feat in itself, and unlike Shu E, his quest is rather hard. Evil Gemini kicks it up a notch by requiring all four of Ophiuchus' forms, so one has to scrounge up Stardust to get them one by one. Thankfully, they're both pretty good.
    • Almagest perhaps takes the cake in this regard. First you need to buy him with a hefty 1300 Stardust, and you need the four c53 Astro units and a Bug material. Stage 2 is where it gets nasty. You now need Bug 10 versions of 2 Spectre c58 units as well as Capricorn and Aquarius. Stage 3 requires the first 3 c53 units at Bug 40 as well as a Bug 40 Gemini. And for the final stage? You need BUGMAXED versions of, depending on your choice, Taurus/Aries/Capricorn/Evil Gemini or Pisces/Aquarius/Sagittarius/Gemini, and both require a bugmaxed Almagest bug material as well. Oh, and he's a "duckvoid" unit (a unit that requires millions upon millions of EXP to max out). You're gonna cry.
  • Memetic Badass: Bi Gan has been getting this treatment a lot lately. And for good reason, as she rips Blue quests into ribbons and is one of the few units that can transcend color boundaries.
    • Jerry and Joe have been getting this treatment a lot, too. ESPECIALLY Black Jerry.
  • Memetic Mutation: Cancer Explanation 
    • WP: Hope you didn't have anything important planned this weekend! Explanation 
    • Bi Gan breaks [X action] Explanation 
    • HM4 when Explanation 
    • Oh look, another toxic refuse pool. Explanation 
    • Walmart ver. Aquarius when/Aqua goes to work at Walmart Explanation 
    • This coconut Gun can fire in spurts! If she shoots ya, you'll probably die.Explanation 
    • Guns Explanation 
  • Never Live It Down: Cthugha became quite harmless after Pnakotus realized Hastur was an idiot because he reactivated Azathoth, nearly killing everyone in the process. However, she's MUCH more likely to be remembered as an Ax-Crazy Yandere who was willing to try and burn down a whole world because her crush sided with the player.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Crazed Cat Schrodinger. Like the Crazed Cats from their home game, he's turned deathly pale and is plagued by darkness on his skin. Even his cat affected. His skill and Crash Skill lines suggest him going off the deep end as well. And this suggests, since Schrodinger is a PERSON, that the Crazed Cats' madness can INFECT people. What if nobody realized it was contagious until it was too late?
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Belial, even in his Ultra Awakening, used to SUCK. And that's not good, being one of the two de facto mascots of the game. However, he got buffed so that he actually isn't completely worthless to get from the Hatcher. (Pre buff: 15X own attack to one enemy, ATK boost, increase effect by absorbing Green 3 turns. Post buff: 15x own attack to one enemy, Yellow to CP, 1000 ATK boost, +25 per Green absorbed. As an added bonus, he has more abilities.)
  • The Scrappy: Unusually, it's a GACHA POOL. Ranking hatchers garner the ire of many a Polygon-hoarding player, as they're usually blatant cashgrabs and new "Academics" they feature aren't even close to the level of most other Academics, most having Crippling Overspecialization abilities just for the ranking and have skills similar to some Com Mons (Dedekind converts a couple of panels to SCP. That's it.) The featured unit rates are usually terrible, hovering around 3.5-4% (a "good" hatcher has 4.6%+ rates.) and try to lure players in with promises of a free unit on the 10x roll, which usually is BETTER than the featured units. That, and they sometimes cost full price (500) for all rolls, instead of costing 250 for the first roll.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Quest/unit exclusive Bug enhance materials. Yes, you have a much easier way to get the unit to bugmax, but the actual unit tends to drop rather rarely, and if you try to increase the odds with multiplayer, you'll soon find your box overtaken by a bug-unit shaped tumor.
  • Squick: Mi-Go really likes drinking bath water, as according to the Facebook feed.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Hastur said he would fight the player in the aftermath of Azathoth Rebirth. He never did. Some players think that he would make a really good Omega stage boss for Chaotic Supremacy.
  • That One Level: Oh, sweet ARCEUS yes.
  • That One Boss: The Alice Dreamin' School quest line is a joke in its entirety, but its last boss, Jupiter (Rom-com ver.) is most definitely NOT. She's notable in that the other two floors hit really weakly, around 4-8K. Jupiter herself, on the other hand, hits for 30K+ for her preemptive, which means unless you have a very resilient Stamina and Recovery mix team, as well as being able to whup Lucifer and Beelzebub without sustaining too much damage, it's back to square one for you! On her second bar, she one-ups that by shredding your bar down to 1%, a common and cheap tactic among the more difficult enemy gauntlets found here. And she still hits very hard after this. And to top it all off, she's a Cost 55 akin to a FES, which means you're gonna need all four abilities.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Euclid is sometimes called "Yucklid" by detractors, which are many. She's a Blue unit with an all-attribute Crash Skill that recovers HP, also known as what Mobius does MUCH better. And UNLIKE Mobius, she doesn;t have the stats to back it up and doesnt have easy access to her Crash Skill, because her skill converts panels to Bombs instead.
    • Babbage isn't bad, he's just not good. While he does have a permanent ATK boost Crash Skill, the dude has two ability slots consumed by 2 Easy CP Spawns, effectively making a High Easy CP Spawn. This means he only has his immunity and his signature ability. His skill is also kind of mediocre, so when he's the top prize in an assotred FES hatcher or Fever Festival, players tend to pass the hatcher by entirely.
  • Trolling Creator: As of late, Wonder Planet has a bit of a reputation as this. Including such antics as:
    • Announcing Tao Wu's quest, but not bestowing Hun Dun (Tao Wu's counter) upon Global. Meaning that when the quest emerges from the ashes of the pre-Golden Week event quest festival that comes before it, it's an impossible Spectre quest.
    • Making Mecha Nian Beast's awakening require Lan Caihe, who herself is nowhere to be found, being a Special invades quest and what have you, meaning that players' Mecha Nian Beasts will be stuck in their 5-star forms for god knows how long.
    • Releasing a slew of units in the Lunar New Year II hatcher that require Nue....coincidentally, when his quest comes out again NEXT WEEK.
    • Taking out Azathoth Rebirth, the cornerstone of the Chaotic quests, and replacing it with something. And no Chaotic Hatchers, so that means no COUNTERS. The recent Chaotic rerun can be summed up as, "Here's your goddamn Cthulhu rerun. Oh, you wanted to FARM them? Too bad! Oh, you wanted an Azathoth egg, too? Too bad, again! Maybe next time you'll quit complaining!"
    • And after THAT disaster, they made 2 hatchers with a new featured Chaotic unit...that requires a 20 STEP PULL, similar to the shenanigans of some other game. For comparison, the most steps most hatchers use is ten, and if one brags about that, they're called a pingu. Though, to b fair, they DID release an Instagram ticket campaign again.
    • And then, to add an enraging cherry to the top of the troll sundae, they made the much awaited Onsen version of Necronomicon...for 33 Rank Points. For comparison, the absolute maximum you can get from a ranking is 20 Rank Points (ten from SSS personal rank and ten more if, and that's a very BIG if, you can manage to hold 1st place in the group ranking.)
  • Uncanny Valley: Capricorn is a HORRIBLE offender of this trope. She has a huge Belly Mouth and bone white skin, a borderline psychotic Slasher Smile, metal HAIR, and cybernetic attachments. And she has goat eyes. Reminder that Capricorn is the symbol of the Goat. So this means Wonderplanet turned a goat into a King D-Mind/Porky/Pisces/cyborg hybrid. Oh, and did we mention she's completely BATSHIT INSANE?
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Unless you saw his summer variant, it’s easy to mistake Schrödinger for a girl, mainly due to his rather androgynous hairdo and face, in addition to the fact that he's a cat boy, no thanks to the fact that, usually, Academics (the tribe that he's in) are female. Made worse due to his Lunar New Year form, whose outfit sags a bit around the chest, making it look like he has feminine organs up there.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Jekyll and Hyde are a rather tricky boss to defeat for new players, usually due to the fact that there's a distinct lack of good Blue units in the early game, and sometimes even after that, as one may have a rather pitiful Protect Break box. Fortunately, he gets better.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The game has a solid E by the ESRB, but has the occasional swear word (Black Ground ep. I,) alcohol usage (New Year's Celebration,) death (many quests, such as Bewitching Erosion,) and much boobies (almost every unit in general, some, like Perchta or Summer Caishen, almost showing off even naughtier bits.)

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