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Shout Out / The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

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  • Bricksburg's post-apocalyptic look is modeled after Mad Max: Fury Road:
    • Additionally, Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy even appears to be directly modeled after Immortan Joe's second car, the Gigahorse, minus the second Cadillac cabin.
    • Lucy giving an ominous monologue reminiscing on how the world was destroyed is a direct reference to Max doing the same in the opening titles of Fury Road, right down to the phrase "in pursuit of a righteous cause."
    • Batman plays a flame-spewing guitar at one point, not unlike the Doof Warrior.
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  • One of the sets depicts Bricksburg (now Apocalypseburg) with a crashed, half-submerged Statue of Liberty, which is an obvious reference to the infamous ending of Planet of the Apes (1968).
  • When Emmet is on his morning walk through Apocalypseburg, he greets Sherry's cats, the first of whom is named Scarfield.
  • General Mayhem does "the robot dance" when delivering a musical wedding invitation to the Apocalypseburgers.
  • “And that’s how you break on through to the other side!...of the Stairgate.”
  • Rex made a time machine using parts from the DeLorean, Bill and Ted’s phone booth, the TARDIS, Skynet's Time Displacement Equipment, an H.G Wells contraption, and a hot tub.
  • The song "Gotham City Guys" name-drops all the movie Batman actors (Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Adam West), and also Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Vicky Vale, and Beetlejuice. And it features Danny Elfman's Batman (1989) theme during Batman's rap.
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  • Rex has raptors named Ripley, Connor, Rocky, Cobra, and Quaid. And the raptors mention a "Sharon" (this one?) One of the raptors is even referred to as The Other One, which is an allusion to The Big One.
  • Lucy, during a rant over her cutesy real hair color, takes her hairpiece off and compares herself to Bruce Willis. Who just happens to be in a nearby hot tub, and then later turns out to live in the many air vents found in the Systar System.
  • At the end, Rex says that he is "Back-to-the-Futuring" as the timeline corrects itself and he fades out of existence.
  • The phrase "War hardens the heart" is repeated several times in a way that sounds a lot like "War. War never changes."
  • During the "Everything's Not Awesome" musical number, Benny laments "I think I finally get Radiohead," at which point Batman suggests "Bro, you should check out Elliott Smith."
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  • The appearance of three Wonder Women (targeting three different age groups) might be a reference to the Wonder Girl Impossible Tales comics where three differently aged Wonder Women appeared side by side (Wonder Woman, the original Wonder Girl, and Wonder Tot).
  • The intermission scene where Unikitty eats the live chocolate bar is similar to what Homer did in an old short to promote The Simpsons Movie.
  • Harmony Town's overall design (being a Stepford Suburbia populated by brainwashed citizens obsessed with making others conform to their ideas) is evocative of Camazotz from A Wrinkle in Time.
  • Emmet has a recurring fear that Rex is a projection of what he subconsciously needs.
  • Unikitty is able to turn into a bigger feral form (Ultrakatty) who can also be used as a mount, much like Battlecat.
  • The Raptor-piloted Space Fighters that Rex launches from his spaceship are referred to as Rex-Wing Fighters.
  • Emmet traveling through space towards "Stairgate" (the basement's door) reminds of The Twilight Zone (1959)'s iconic intro sequence with the door floating in space. Additionally, his travel through the door is shot exactly like Dave Bowman flying through the starfield. And the name of the "Stairgate" is also a pretty obvious reference.
  • Some aerial views of the ruins of Bricksburg, and then of Mayhem's ship scanning it, are like scenes from WALL•E.
  • Ultrakatty trying to charge at Mayhem, only to get blasted (with a sticker) and turned back into Unikitty, is just like the moment Jafar turned Rajah the tiger into a kitten.
  • After Mayhem's ship makes a "majestic landing", she boasts, "Nailed it," sounding just like Quorra boasting, "Made it."
  • Rex using a bus to hold back the dancing hordes in Harmony Town looks like a spoof of World War Z.
  • The Justice League's intro scene here mirrors the opening of their DC Animated Universe series, and they're using the same "Javelin" ship.
  • The hearts that say “Hello!” in a cutesy voice and then explode are reminiscent of Mine Turtle.
  • The grunts, growls, and barks of all the raptors are straight from Jurassic Park.
  • This line from Rex after the wedding ceremony has been crashed and he reveals to Emmet that he's his future self: "You don't have friends! They're just pieces of plastic! You still wanna go back to the Matrix when you know the truth?" He even mentions the film itself when Emmet asks what he's talking about.
  • Rex time traveled to prehistoric times, the specific year? 65,000,000 BC.
  • Emmet passes by a bunch of Apocalypseburgers fighting over which actor is the best James Bondnote .
  • Queen Watevra's spa staff includes Balthazar and Celeste, two glamorous vampires with glittery crystalline hair. They're a different take on "sparkly vampires", and Balthazar even describes himself as "an attractive, non-threatening teen vampire" to further reference the cultural phenomenon of the series.