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  • As Episode 1 shows, Jotaro has the Curse Seal of Heaven on the other side of the back of his neck.
  • According to a Freeze-Frame Bonus in Episode 2, Jotaro attends Cromartie High School.
  • Episode 3 has Polnareff declare that he learned his swordplay from the Raphael Sorel School of Art & Design...AND DEATH! Which involves holding forward and tapping Triangle to make Silver Chariot rapidly stab. Abdul counters with R1, R2, L1, L2, Select and Start, the button combo used a soft reset in most Square Enix games.
  • From Episode 5, some Rapid Fire Shout Outs:
    Kakyoin (to Enya): Don't worry! You won't be left for dead!
    • From Episode 8:
    • And about 30 seconds later:
      Polnareff: Vanilla Ice! You're about to be... Under Pressure!"
    • Meanwhile, Polnareff is basically a walking talking Shout-Out to the Spy from Team Fortress 2.
      Polnareff: "Well, off to visit your mother!"
      Polnareff: "I appear to have burst into flames."
      Polnareff: "I require assistance!"
      Polnareff: *While Hol Horse's bullet is coming right at him* I've been shown who is the boss...
      • Meanwhile, Hol Horse has a few lines from the Engineer from the same game...
      Hol Horse: "Polnareff sappin' my stand!"
      Hol Horse: Well don't that just beat all...
      Hol Horse: Teleporters, F**k yeah.
    • Throughout the series, Joseph is a living tribute to Optimus Prime. After Hol Horse escapes near the end of episode 4, Joseph remarks that "they lost a comrade (Avdol) but gained new ones. (They didn't.)" At the very end of the original series, Joseph's ending speech is directly lifted from Optimus' ending speech in the first Michael Bay Transformers movie.
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    • Episode 9 has so many it's hard to keep track, so here's the best way to sum it up: Kakyoin = The Matrix and X-Men, Joseph = Transformers (And it continues in the Series Finale) and about 20 others, and Jotaro has the floating Steve Buscemi head.
      Dio: And so, you are left alone... like a rainbow in the dark.
      • To wit, Kakyoin remarks about how at hospital, he was looked after by a nice lady named Jean...Monochrome or something who hailed from Phoenix, Arizona. When asked if he showed her his one eyed monster, Kakyoin replies that he didn't but she gave him a pair of Summers Edition ruby-quartz sunglasses.
      • And Joseph's dialogue in the same ep includes Optimus' "One shall stand, one shall fall" proclamation which Dio answers to with Megatron's "I'll crush you with my bare hands!" line (He didn't know the rest but Kakyoin's final Emerald Splash managed to save him from potentially embarrassing himself.) Right after that, as Joseph snares Dio in his Hermit Purple, he quotes Optimus' infamous "Booby trap" line from the G1 cartoon.
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    • Also from episode 9:
      Jotaro: You think punching me a wall's gonna stop me? Pft. Who the hell do you think I am?!?
    • The chauffeur's speech pattern and threats from episode 9 are based on the MADtv character Coach Hines.
    • From the Comment Special:
      Dio: Are you daft, punk!?
      • From later on in the comment special:
      Jotaro: Yeah, you better. Don't want you to sparkle to death.
    • Stand Idol uses almost all of Dwayne Johnson's.
    • "The wheel of fate is turning, Heaven or Hell, let's rock!". Which is followed by "Final Challenge!! Are you ready? ACTION!!!" Which is in turn preceded by a shout out to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 complete with close-up, Ken's Theme playing in the background and an announcer stating the combo name as "Galifianakis".
    • Magic everywhere in this bitch!
    • Dio Brando's a sexy man.
    • Episode 8: Let's see, a guy (Kakyoin) saving his friend (Joseph) from a bad guy (Dio) as a certain song plays and a certain sound effect from his weapon (Hierophant Green) charges up...nope, I got nothing. Zip, nada, zilch, Zero.
    • D'Arby in episode 7 quotes the first few lyrics from Motörhead's Ace of Spades. Joseph even responds to that by humming the first few notes of said song.
      D'Arby: If you like to gamble, I tell you, I'm your man. You win some, you lose some, it's all the same to me.
    • Dio quotes Ozymandias's "I'm not some Republic serial villain" line during his and Jotaro's battle.
    • "Now that we're in Dio's lair, we should think of a plan to—" "KOMBAT TIME!!!" *smash*
  • Double Subverted for episode 6 where Joseph excitedly tells everyone that theirs is the first Abridged series to go 6 episodes without a single Metal Gear reference. Everyone goes "Huzzah!", a giant red ! appears and the famous alert noise plays.
  • N'Doul in episode 6 is equal parts shoutout to Toots (Being blind and his catchphrase referring to his blindness) and to Ray in his tragic backstory, which Jotaro is quick to point out.
    Jotaro: Dude, Ray.
    N'Doul: What?
    Jotaro: That was a flashback in Ray.
  • Iggy is also a reference to Handbanana.
  • Episode 6 features a number of musical references to Dissidia Final Fantasy, using "Battle 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IV" for Geb's attack on the truck, "Battle 1 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IX" for when Jotaro goes to retrieve Iggy, and "The Order That Must Be Protected" for N'Doul's death scene.
  • While Jotaro is trying to look for Iggy to help him find N'Doul...
  • Joseph's flashback to how he got his artificial hand starts with the same sound effect used for Imagine Spots in Arthur.
  • In Episode 3, when Joseph is investigating the ship, he finds the infamous rapping dog from Titanic: The Legend Goes On.
  • Just before he and Jotaro trade their final blows near the end of Episode 10, Dio quotes a passage from Shakespeare's King Lear.
  • Jotaro remarks in episode two that the girl brainwashed by Hierophant Green has the strength of a tiger...or Beth Phoenix.
  • In "Doppio was phone?", one of the callers who accidentally dials his number is Roman Bellic. ("HEY COUSIN, YOU WANT TO GO BOWLING?" "Umm...I think you have the wrong number-" "Oh, I got the wrong number, okay okay, das vidanya.") Oh and for kicks, Roman ends up accidentally calling Doppio thrice. On the third time, Doppio EXPLODES at him.
  • Phantom Blood continues the fun with anachronism-tastic references to things like...
    • Hashtags
    • Hot Topic
    • YOLO
    • Gangnam Style
    • One bully says he and his friend are going to "force his mum to buy him Black Ops 2."
    • The kid who asks Jonathan about his boxing match with Dio speaks in a manner very similar to Ali G and even says "Booyakasha!!"
    • It also has a Shout-Out to Dragon Ball Z Abridged and its "I don't know what X is but it sounds Y" Running Gag. When one kid says "#Attack attack!", Jonathan replies...
    Jonathan: Wait! I don't know what an "Attack Attack" is! But it sounds like the WORST! THING!! EVER!!!
  • Speedwagon is Pops from Regular Show
  • William Antonio Zeppeli is one big love letter to Sean Connery right down to the accent, the Bond, James Bond introduction, the James Bond theme playing during his first scene and his brief reference to Highlander.
    • As well as this exchange between him and Jonathan.
    Jonathan: I'm not afraid!
    Zeppeli: Oh, you will will be... Highlander.
    Jonathan: What?
    Zeppeli: Nothing.
  • The frog who Zeppeli punches in his introductory scene was apparently Slippy's ancestor.
  • Jonathan is worried about encountering Zubats and Beaver Warriors in the tunnel where he fights Jack the Ripper.
  • Jack the Ripper is a brony.
  • The Indian Ripple healer says "Thank you, come again!" when Zeppeli heads off to meet Tonpeti.
  • While Zeppeli's own name was already a shout out to Led Zeppelin, the abridged series takes it further by giving him his own clothing line called "Thread Zeppelin", which specializes in cashmere.
  • Bruford and Tarkus are expys of Chris Jericho and The Big Show, respectively.

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