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  • Jotaro is about to add an attractive lady to his 'To Do' list... and suddenly, a gangbang of zombies show up, all attacking him. It's... actually little trouble.
    Jotaro: Hmm, surrounded by a buncha people while I'm tryin' to get my freak on. Only one word I can think of...MOSH PIIIT!
    *mass ownage ensues*
  • When Jotaro bluffs D'arby the gambler by using his stand to steal smokes and drinks from the bar, making D'arby think that he could switch his cards at anytime, with ominous latin chanting playing in the backround.
    D'arby: Hey, where'd you get that cigarette from?!
    Jotaro: What? This? You want one? Well, I can't really blame you. After all, I make smoking cool as f***.
    • The important thing to note about this scene is that this isn't abridged. This is how this scene is in the series straight up. And it gets more epic near the end.
    Jotaro: Call or fold, D'arby? What's it gonna be, D'arby? WHAT'S IT GONNA *BEEP*ING BE?
  • Avdol saving Polnareff from Justice, while making his Catchphrase sound epic.
    Polnareff: NO. FUCKING. WAY.
  • Polnareff killing Vanilla Ice to avenge Iggy. Yeah, that's been done in the actual OVA, but what separates the scene is that he did it without exploiting Ice's weakness to the sun.
    Polnareff: VANILLA ICE! You're about to be... under pressure.
    Vanilla Ice: ''Man, that don't even make a lick of- OHMYGOD!
    • Another Polnareff awesome moment was when he rescued Jotaro in the nick of time. With his theme song from the Capcom fighting game playing in the background.
    Polnareff: Polnareff assist motherfucker!!!
  • Jotaro No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Dio. You know, except for how it knocked Dio back to where Joseph was...
    Star Platinum: SHUT THE *BEEP* UP!
  • Jotaro stopping time, it's every bit as awesome as it was in the original.
  • Earlier, Jotaro makes a reference to having boned one of Dio's "fuck-puppets", which is especially satisfying as long ago, Dio stole the first kiss from Jonathan Joestar's girlfriend Erina Pendleton, humiliating her. Having it thrown back at him is pretty awesome.
  • Antfish gets one for making Dio, despite all the laughs that he gets out of viewers, extremely threatening, especially with the excellent and ominous soundtrack choices making his first appearance like something out of a slasher film.
    • Particularly in comparison to many other abridged series, such as Naruto Abridged or One Piece Abridged, which take efforts to make their villains less threatening. Seeing a villain who is just as legitimately terrifying as the source material is a refreshing change of pace.
    Joseph: It's just you and me, Dio!
    Dio: No, Joestar, it's just ME.
    • Dio's reveal, with the original cover of Holy Diver playing. Joseph's tone was played straight.
    Kakyoin: Mr. Joestar, was that-?
    Joseph: Yes Kakyoin. That... was Dio.
    *Cue Reveal Shot of Dio smirking in a Badass Arm-Fold looking over the city.*
  • Episode 1 of Phantom Blood Abridged. For the most episode, Jonathan is basically made out to be a bitch, especially when Dio comes along... Then Dio kisses Erina just to be Troll. Cue Unstoppable Rage in three, two..
    Jonathan: DIOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • In episode 2 of Phantom Blood Abridged, Antfish makes Dio's "I REJECT MY HUMANITY" speech every bit as epic as in the original manga and TV anime... by playing it completely straight with NO CHANGES.
  • When Jonathan correctly deduces that Dio was poisoning his father, Dio punches him in the face. Jonathan was not amused.
    Dio: Oooooooooh f*ck (Gets thrown off a balcony)
  • This moment in Phantom Blood Abridged was also played (mostly) straight and mixes awesomeness with a Heartwarming Moment:
    Speedwagon: Stop! Don't lay a hand on that man! That kick...surely a man of your size could have kicked me with greater force. Why did you hold back?
    Jonathan: It's true. If I wanted to, I could have kicked you so hard your mullet would have inverted back into your skull. But I'm not here to fight. I'm here for my father.
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  • The first time we see Jonathan using the Ripple:
    Jonathan: I...I feel the Ripple coursing through my veins! The heart of a gentleman...the burning of a sir...the heat of a knight! Yellow Wall Ripple Overdrive!
  • Zeppeli giving Jonathan the last of his Ripple power to defeat Tarkus. With an epic Theme Music Power-Up playing.

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