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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Hold Up Your Score moment made sense as to why Germany gave such a low score. Joseph was part-American & part-British, Jotaro was Japanese (since Kakyoin was incapacitated), Polnareff was French, Avdol was Egyptian. Germany did not have a representative. Joseph's annoyed reaction becomes even funnier when you realize that, in Part 2 (set barely a year before World War II), Joseph was friends with quite a few Germans.
    • It also makes sense Germany specifically would deduct points, after all Joseph did ally himself with friggen Nazis of all people, something they definitely aren't proud of. Sure, it was against the Pillar Men, but still.
  • Vanilla Ice's brief cameo in the last episode might just be for a one-off joke (Polnareff putting him "on ice")...until you remember that in episode 8, in this version (Using the OVA footage) Polnareff just stabs Ice and slashes his head in half, unlike in the manga where Polnareff exposed Ice to sunlight, which destroyed Ice's body utterly leaving nothing behind since Ice was a vampire. Since in the OVA and abridged series, Ice still had a good bit of his body, he probably survived and regenerated offscreen! Considering Dio was able to regenerate after being vertically cut in half in Part 1, it makes sense.
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  • The fact that D'Arby never gave up the secret of Dio's stand is probably because he went insane...but it could also be because he never called Jotaro's raise and basically folded. He never had to give up that information since he never put it up for wager in that game. As for why he freaked out more when it was brought up... he was probably scared to death about Jotaro's ability since it was possibly the power to stop time as well as the fact that Dio would probably have him killed for betrayal.
  • Joseph's remark about Jotaro being like the son he will probably never have is pretty funny, moreso when he mistakenly calls him Josuke (As in Josuke Higashikata.) It becomes even more funny when you remember that Josuke really IS Joseph's son.
    • To that note, Why did Joseph think that The World could use fire? Because due to Part 2, Joseph has nearly been killed by fire in multiple ways. Saying that, It seems logical that Joseph suffers from pyrophobia.
  • Why does David Carradine's ghost haunt Dio and mock him about payback when Dio is very nearly killed by a vampire? Because earlier, Dio cruelly joked about Carradine "dying during his research" much like Jonathan would have, but is now being menaced by a vampire that he, Dio, created with Stone Mask just to see if it works. In other words, Dio very nearly died during his research!
    • As noted on the main page, Carradine's real life death is popularly believed (but officially dis-confirmed) to have been related to autoerotic asphyxiation, and Dio is dying via a blood-drain that looks like choking and may or may not have been aroused by it judging by his comment after the vampire attacking him dies ("Way to blue ball a guy!")
  • George Joestar's ironic reincarnation becomes even more fitting when you know that karma can be traced back to the texts of Hinduism, a religion that forbids eating beef (and most cruelty to animals). Probably not the smartest choice for a guy who tortured cows.
    • It's even funnier if you known that cows are a HIGHER level of incarnation than humans in Hinduism, basically an upgrade for good Samaritanism or importance in the land of the living, so it also means he was good guy enough.
  • N'Doul's increasingly homoerotic description of Dio is even funnier when you realize that N'Doul is blind. When he describes Dio's hair and trapezius muscles, Dio must have let him check out the goods himself...
    • Jotaro only gets uncomfortable after N'Doul describes Dio's back muscles. That's when he switches from waxing lyrical about something that belongs exclusively to Dio (his hair) to something that belongs to Jonathan, his great great grandfather.

Fridge Horror

  • Since in this abridged series, we know that Vanilla Ice (probably) regenerated offscreen, had Antfish used the anime's footage instead of the OVA, it would've explained how Pucci found out about Dio's ultimate fate.

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