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Once Phantom Blood Abridged will be over, Jonathan will become the Joestars' guiding spirit

  • Partly for softening the blow of his ultimate demise, and partly for bringing funny interactions with his quirky descendents (especially if Antfish ends up doing Stardust Crusaders again).

    Jonathan's Spirit: (after an inspiring speech) Nothing can stop you, Jotaro!
    Jotaro: Thanks, old man! Now, time to finish off Dio!
    Jonathan's Spirit: Whoa, wait a second... Dio? You're fighting Dio?
    Jotaro: Yup. He's back.
    Jonathan's Spirit: (Beat) You mean I lost my life and had to leave my wife and unborn child behind for nothing!?
    Jotaro: Well, at least you slowed him down for a century. That's still something.
    Jonathan's Spirit: (sigh) I guess you're right. At least you'll have an easier time than me, what with him being only a head...
    Jotaro: Actually, he beheaded your corpse and is riding it like a pony.
    Jonathan's Spirit: OH COME ON!


The random Japanese man Joseph bumped into and beat up at the end of the Battle Tendency anime will be Jotaro's father, Sadao Kujo.
  • Because why not?

    Joseph: Oh, by the way Jotaro! I ran into your father at the airport.
    Jotaro: (uncharacteristically emotional) Seriously!?
    ''(Flashback to the Stardust Crusaders teaser.)
    Joseph: Ahh! Dagnabbit, my leg!
    Sadao: Oh geez! A-Are you okay, old man?
    Joseph: Yeah, I'll live. I just... (Beat) Wait a minute... Sadao!?
    Sadao: M-Mr. Joestar!?
    Jotaro: Did you give him my present? Please, tell me you gave him my present!
    Joseph: *smiles knowingly*
    (Joseph kicks Sadao in the leg.)
    Sadao: Ahhhh! My kneeeeeeee!
    Joseph: Hmph!
    (Jotaro gets all teary eyed.)
    Jotaro: *sniff* I love you Granddad.

Alessi will be completely played straight.

  • He's a creepy child predator slash killer but he can also be pretty comical. Hard to change much about that really.
  • Alternatively, almost all of his comical elements will be removed and he'll be given a case of Adaptational Badass, if only in that he'll be more horrifying.

The memory reversion aspect of Alessi's stand will be removed.
  • The characters won't undergo mental regression when de-aged by Set to add some new jokes.

    Kid!Polnareff: (What ze hell am I doing!? I have to warn Jotaro about zat Larry Fine-looking f$^%er! I don't have time for...!)
    Lady: Jean-Pierre! The bath is ready!
    Kid!Polnareff: (Maybe I could stay a little while. It's just a bath, right? What could possibly go wrong?)
    Cuts to the exterior of the house.
    Kid!Polnareff: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
    (cuts to Kid!Polnareff looking at his...little man)
    Kid!Polnareff: Guuh...uuh... ''(Of course! Ze one time I find a lady who doesn't want to kill me and I'm too little to actually enjoy it! Daaaaaamiiiiit!)

By the end of Part 1, Dio will finally realize Jonathan is dead...

  • When he realizes that Jonathan let him finish one of his sentences.

Wamuu will be a parody of pro wrestlers in the vein of monster faces or heels like Goldberg or Ryback

  • Probably to counter Recoome being a parody of loud and bombastic wrestlers like John Cena, Hulk Hogan and The Rock, Wamuu will be a darker and sinister take on Goldberg and Ryback and other taciturn but very much dangerous monsters.

Old Speedwagon is the one who taught Joeseph about Muslims going to McDonald's

  • It makes sense right? In Battle Tendency Abridged, Joseph could be like "What was that thing Uncle Speedwagon told me?" then he has a flashback of Speedwagon saying "...And remember Young Joseph, when Muslims die, they get to go to McDonalds!"

Cars will be voiced by Takahata 101 or Weeaboss.

Santana will get the same treatment as Raditz.
Stronger than anyone faced by the heroes before ? Check. Condescending towards "lower" species ? Check. Defeated thanks to a sacrifice ? Check. Actually the weakest of his kind ? Check. Derided by the others because of said weakness compared to them ? Check.

Alessi will have the voice of Krusty The Clown
  • Alongside both being people who have problems with children, Alessi´s hair looks similarly to Krusty´s

Before Dio is defeated by Jonathan, he'll ask "How do you like your steak?"
  • Jonathan will reply "Well done" before landing the final blow.

Caesar will insist on pronouncing his name "Kai-sar".

Wamuu will sound like Solid Snake as a nod to his voice actor.

Joseph and Caesar will sound like Mordecai and Rigby.
  • Lisa Lisa, in turn, will sound like Benson.
    • "That means that if you can't climb this pillar, YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

all the pillar men will be parodies of Dragon ball villains
  • combined with Cars being a Cell expy and Santana as a Radits expy, Wamuu and Ecidisi will be based on probably Nappa and vegeta

Joseph will incorrectly guess Esidisi's Mode, using similar Insane Troll Logic methods like he used for guessing Dio's stand ability.

The Impostor Captain Teneille will act like Captain Tenneal from MXC.
Because of his attitude and name.

The following character will be an Expy of...
  • Pork Pie Hat Kid: Johnny 2x4; both are strange, bald-headed kids with slightly darker skin than other characters.
    PPHK: Gee, I dunno Mr. President, lemme consult my partner. (turns to someone) What do you think, buddy?
    Plank: :)
    Valentine: Ummmm...
    PPHK: (cheerfully) Plank says, what's in it for us?

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