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Shout Out / Jewel of Darkness

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  • In one chapter, while drowning his sorrows (during his 10-Minute Retirement) at a rib joint, Cyborg asks — in a very Jack Sparrow manner — "why are the ribs always gone?"
  • At one point, the Titans attend a costume party (for League members and affiliates) dressed as the gang from Scooby-Doo.
  • During a flashback to one of Raven and Slade's training scenes, he teaches her to read body language so as to never be deceived by your opponent. The whole thing is very similar to a scene between Arya and Syrio in Game of Thronesnote .
  • See My Name Is Inigo Montoya on the main page. All Cyborg was missing from that was "Hello" and "Prepare to Die" (and Midnight lampshaded it asking if that's what he was going to say next).
    • During the following fight, when Starfire becomes The Berserker, Midnight compares her to the Hulk.
  • When the T-Car is stolen in its premiere chapter, Beast Boy asks Cyborg "Dude, where's your car?"
  • During one of the World Building chapters, we see the President talking with his advisors. One of the things they discuss is the case of a Metahuman girl with spider-like abilities, who is the daughter of a Congressman. The Congressman's name? Parker.
  • There are several references to Grant Morrison's run on Batman.
  • The title of the chapter where Mad Mod first appears contains a reference to A Clockwork Orange, which was the Star-Making Role for Mod's voice actor Malcolm McDowell.
  • The opening quotes in many of the chapters.
  • The Endless Council is full of shout outs. The Doctor is a member, the Sorcerer Supreme is mentioned as being an agent/associate of theirs, and the assassin they send after Midnight is strongly implied to be an alternate version of Rorschach.
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  • As noted above, the Missing Episode apparently involves Susano being kidnapped by a Marine and taken to the One Piece world. Strangely, his recounting of what happened to him afterwards also contains a couple of references to A Shadow of the Titans, implying that the Susano there is the same guy.
  • During Midnight's fight with Canon!Raven, she gives a speech on darkness similar to Bane's.
  • When Midnight disappears into Warp's portal, Jinx expresses a hope that she ended up in a "dimension of exploding heads".

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