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  • NXT season 3 had two sets of male pros with female rookies. The first set Goldust and Aksana were given a storyline involving a Citizenship Marriage while the second set AJ Lee and Primo got a more subtle tease. One episode had them trying to find a private place for an unrevealed reason, AJ loved to celebrate winning matches by jumping on Primo's shoulders, when she was eliminated from NXT she broke down crying in his arms and they finally kissed on the last episode.
    • Similarly from the second season there was Layla and Kaval who also had an onscreen kiss.
  • Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo teased a gay relationship with each other, going so far as to declare each other "life partners" and showering each other with affection.
  • Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle were involved as Just Friends in a love triangle with Stephanie's husband Triple H. Steph was originally planned to leave Triple H for Angle, but Trips used his creative control to stop it.
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  • Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff initially were dueling General Managers of Raw and SmackDown in 2002 and got an onscreen kiss during a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment of a Halloween party. There had always been a bit of friendly Foe Yay between them.
  • Trish Stratus got this a lot. She had it with Jeff Hardy twice, another time with her bodyguard Tyson Tomko, during a Stalker with a Crush storyline with Mickie James (that one she did kiss) and then there's Viscera.
  • Trish, Lita were involved in some Ship Tease with Christian & Chris Jericho that was ultimately revealed to be an example of The Bet. This lead to an 'intergender' feud between the two pairs, followed by a Heel–Face Turn for Jericho when Trish made her own Face–Heel Turn as Christian betrayed Jericho with her help.
  • Melina and John Morrison got a little tease during a backstage segment in 2010 obviously meant as a Mythology Gag to echo their off screen relationship. They had been an actual on screen couple years before but had been separated onto different brands and this quietly disappeared. So the segment was this trope at the time.
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  • Alberto Del Rio and Rosa Mendes got one during a segment at the TLC PPV.
  • Melina and Alicia Fox actually kissed on TV (in front of a PG audience as well). Ditto for William Regal and Zack Ryder, although that was meant as comedy.
  • Kaitlyn and Derrick Bateman's "friendship" on NXT was this at first but they quickly became an Official Couple.
    • Kaitlyn's done this quite a bit now. She's had Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Hornswoggle. Funnily enough, her BFF AJ locked lips with the last two as well.
      • And as of December 2012, AJ is with Dolph Ziggler as well.
  • LayCool were a lesbian couple for as much as PG television would allow. Getting each other matching necklaces, always hugging each other and attending Couples' Therapy. Then Michelle had to blow it all by saying they weren't a couple.
  • Billy Gunn and Chyna had this going on when the former returned in 2000 to console her after her break-up with Eddie Guerrero. In Kayfabe interviews he would describe Chyna as "absolutely gorgeous" and they were shown to be very close. However whenever asked they would insist they were Just Friends. It never amounted to anything other than a friendship, though the 2001 Royal Rumble did have a very couple-y moment between them when Chyna was getting wheeled out on a stretcher.
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  • Maryse and The Miz frequently throughout 2009. Maryse however was clearly just being a tease, hoping to manipulate him into helping her. Miz sunk the ship at Night of Champions and pretty much told her to go to hell. However in real life the ship is sailing just fine for both of them.
  • Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian tried to slander the name of AJ Styles by claiming he was having an affair with TNA President Dixie Carter. Thankfully, he wasn't.