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Scott & Bailey is a British detective series set in the fictional police division of the Major Incident Team (MIT) in Manchester. Our two lead characters are the eponymous DC Janet Scott and DC Rachel Bailey. They are (inevitably) a chalk & cheese pairing, Rachel being a free spirit and intermittently single, while Janet begins the series with a husband and with two children. Their boss is also a woman, DCI Jill Murray.


Although undoubtedly glamourized from real life, the show takes pains to get many aspects of police procedure correct - it's usually a case of breaking apart a suspect's alibi through a tedious accumulation of evidence rather than any "Eureka" moment providing the critical breakthrough.

While the detective work is idealized (inevitably, they almost always get their man), the Married to the Job aspect is not. The series has shown the gradual breakdown of Janet's marriage, and Rachel clearly loves her job rather than any of the men she has relationships with.

The series premiered in 2011 and ran for five series before ending in 2016.


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