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"Well, Johnny, I'd already done The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart, so we had a choice of either calling the new show Bob or The Show. I think we made the right call."

Bob Newhart's fourth series and third sitcom, Bob was a 1992–93 CBS series which starred Newhart as Bob McKay, a graphic artist who started out as a comic book artist and currently works at a greeting card company. When Ace Comics contacts him with an offer to revive his 1950s superhero comic Mad Dog, he quits his greeting card job and accepts the job to help relaunch his comic. Unknown to him, however, is that his partner, Harlan Stone, envisions a darker, edgier Mad Dog for the 1990s.

Not to be confused with the 2012 sitcom ¡Rob!


Bob! Tropes!:

  • As Himself: "Hey! It's the guy from Cheers!" (A running joke that none of Bob's co-workers knows "Norm's" real name.)
  • Excited Show Title!: For the first season. Once the setting changes to the greeting card company, Bob! becomes just Bob.
  • Only Sane Man: As with his previous two shows, Newhart surrounded himself with oddballs.
  • Retool: The most disastrous second-season retool since AfterMASH. Despite high praise from critics for the show's first season, Executive Meddling reared its ugly head; the comic book premise was eliminated, 90% of the cast was replaced, the title lost its exclamation mark, and Bob was sent back to his old job at the greeting card company. Not even new co-star Betty White could save this one.
  • Short-Runners
  • Work Com


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