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Series / Blind Justice

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An ABC Short-Runner Police Procedural American series starring Ron Eldard as a blind New York City detective who is blinded while trying to apprehend a suspect. He tries to prove himself despite everyone doubting him and that he can still do his job.

The series also starred Marisol Nichols, Rena Sofer, and Reno Wilson.

The show was canceled on June 21, 2005 after thirteen episodes.

Tropes for the show include:

  • Career-Ending Injury: Jim Dunbar is a police detective who is blinded due to an injury he sustains in the line of duty. This would normally end his career but he manages to subvert the trope by suing the police department to get his job back.
  • Defective Detective: Dunbar, due to his blindness but is allowed to carry a gun.
  • The Exotic Detective: Jim, because of him being blind but still doing his job as a detective.
  • You Know I'm Black, Right?: A literal and funny version occurs when Jim (white and blind) jokingly claims that he was unaware of his (black) co-worker Tom's race.
    Tom: I'm just a well-rounded brother from East Flatbush.
    Jim: You're black?
    Tom:[in disbelief] Get the...
    Jim: No, are you serious? You're a black man?
    Tom: Jim! You didn't know?
    Jim: No. How would I... [gestures to his eyes]
    Tom: You just thought you was working with Eminem for the last four months? How could you...
    Jim: No, I just...
    Tom: How could you not feel my blackness?
    Jim: I thought you were just kinda... groovy.
    Tom: [Beat] Groovy?