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Wise Man 23753

Rules to avoid clashes in ascending a diety:
Step 1: Know the trope you're about to work on.
Step 2: Go to the trope page.
Step 3: Click 'Related'
Step 4: Search for keywords 'Pantheon' or 'Sandbox'.
Step 5: See if it's taken.\\


1) Don't create deities whose titles play with tropes!
2) Warn tropers beforehand before you modify titles to your style in their sandboxes. If you're not sure of the gender or how to word the trope, LEAVE IT BE, no matter how awkward the page would now look!
3) Do not make templates before the troper wants it to, not even hidden ones.
4) Reservations for candidates for tropes are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Any hopes to claim another's is all up to the troper. And there are some, like r-lock256, who are territorial about it in regards to specific tropers such as Nightelf 37.
5. There's no need to repost a profile just before ascending them.
6. Make sure you do the research if you wish to work on a deity.
7. Don't notify others of what you've posted last page. Nobody gives a damn.
8. As long as you have enough [tup]s, you may take your time in ascending your profiles.9) Profile reworks that add characters or merge profiles can be posted in the main thread.10) Stop doing long drawn out suggestions about something and later post two long ass profiles and constantly repeat it over and over again until someone listens. It's annoying, a waste of space and makes it less likely for someone to notice you. It can even make others think you are a bot instead of a regular person.11) Long posts makes it more likely for others to outright ignore you. So if you have a long profile to post, your post should not have a second profile.12) Make sure your profile is updated before you post a profile again.13) The mods have marked you for your misconduct. Keep on the straight and narrow from now on or risk expulsion.14) Two profiles with a maximum of ten flavour texts is advised for a single post with minimal other questions/comments. Any longer, and only one is allowed. Other questions/comments risk getting lost if shafted with two profiles.


I have ascended the following gods to the Pantheon:

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Thumbs-up regulations for profiles

  • For ascending a new deity:
    • 1 thumbs-up = Same as 0 thumbs-ups; not ready yet, but you know now that someone thinks it's ready.
    • 2 thumbs-ups = Ascend within a week. Repost tomorrow. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend in 2 days (or immediately if you get two). Else, repost in 4 days. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend immediately.
    • 3 thumbs-ups = Ascend in 3 days.
    • 4 thumbs-ups = Ascend immediately.
  • For ascending a dominion/treasure:
    • 1 thumbs-up = Ascend within a week. Repost in 4 days.
    • 2 thumbs-ups = Ascend in 3 days.
    • 3 thumbs-ups = Ascend immediately.
  • For reworking a deity:
    • 1 thumbs-up = Rework done in 4 days.
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    • 2 thumbs-ups = Rework done in 2 days.
    • 3 thumbs-ups = Rework immediately.

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Total number of ascended deities: 1
Total number of ascended non-deities: ? + ?

I have reworked the following Gods in the Pantheon:

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