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The following is an episode list for The Mask, the mid-1990s animated adaptation of the fantasy comedy film of the same name, about a put-upon banker who finds a mask that which he must use to fight various supervillains and criminal nutjobs that live in Edge City, all the while dodging police lieutenant Mitch Kellaway and his idiot partner, Doyle, who see the Mask as a threat. The Mask meanwhile is Stanley's cartoonishly wild side and likes having fun but will do his job as a superhero at the same time and will protect those he cares.

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  1. "The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side" two-part episode: After causing him nothing but trouble, Stanley Ipkiss (who, unlike the movie adaptation of him, keeps the mask, doesn't end up with Cameron Diaz's character Tina, and is voiced by Rob Paulsen instead of Jim Carrey) gets rid of his mask by burying it in quick-drying cement, but must retrieve it to save his friend and tabloid hound Peggy Brandt and his pet Jack Russell terrier, Milo from Pretorius, who tricked Charlie (Stanley's womanizing friend and bank coworker) into funding a "House of Tomorrow" and using the place as a trap for Stanley Ipkiss and The Mask.

    Season One 
  1. "The Terrible Twos": Convinced that Stanley Ipkiss and The Mask are the same person, Lieutenant Kellaway handcuffs himself to Stanley so that way he can catch Stanley if and when he transforms. Stanley must go to elaborate lengths to keep Kellaway from finding out his secret — and stop two teenage slackers named Dak and Eddie who irradiated themselves to become mutant villains, Putty Thing and Fish Guy.
  2. "Baby's Wild Ride": A baby-sitting job turns difficult for Stanley when the infant finds the Mask and joins a biker gang with their chief Lonnie The Shark (who is posing as children's show host Barnaby the Dinosaur).
  3. "Sister Mask": Pretorius creates a sister Mask that turns the real Mask into a living puppet in order to use him to steal meteorite fragments with unusual properties.
  4. "Shadow of a Skillit": A youth-stealing demon named Skillit invades Edge City to steal the shadows of Charlie, Peggy, and Milo (which ages them considerably), and only the Mask can stop him.
  5. "Bride of Pretorius": Stanley dates a shy, quiet girl who works at her bank and becomes a loud, man-hungry woman when she stumbles upon The Mask. Meanwhile, Pretorious looks for a female companion.
  6. "Double Reverse": After hearing about Stanley's morning where he (as The Mask) thwarted Walter's bank robbery, Dr. Neumann diagnoses The Mask as Stanley's "inner wackiness" that needs to come out if he ever wants to get anywhere in life, so Stanley begins acting as wacky as The Mask (which lands him a promotion and a date with a cute girl at the bank). However, the wackier Stanley acts, the weaker The Mask becomes, which is horrible timing as a new supervillain named Kablamus is rampaging through the city.
  7. "Shrink Rap": Stanley gives his mask to Dr. Neumann, who tries it on for himself and becomes a deranged, green-headed therapist, who teams up with Pretorious, who's planning to nuke the city so he can use the flash of the explosion to photograph an alien race's planet.
  8. "Mayor Mask": Frustrated by Edge City's mismanagement, Stanley puts on the Mask hoping he will teach Mayor Tilton a lesson. Instead, The Mask announces his candidacy against Mayor Tilton (actually Pretorious posing as Mayor Tilton) as the new mayor of Edge City.
  9. "Martian Mask": FBI agents mistakenly believe The Mask is actually an alien bent on world domination and do everything to capture him, while Putty Thing and Fish Guy go on a road trip.
  10. "How Much is That Dog in the Tin Can?": Milo puts on The Mask to battle an insane dogcatcher named Willamina Bubask who is capturing dogs for a sinister purpose. Meanwhile, Walter stalks Stanley at the Cheap Chucky's Chili Cook-Off.
  11. "All Hallow's Eve": In this Halloween Episode, Skillit escapes from reform school determined to get revenge on the Mask for making him do homework and reanimates the corpses of three of the world's most evil figures who were in possession of The Mask before Stanley found it (Atilla the Hun, Billie the Kid and Merlin the magician) and having them wreak havoc on Edge City during its annual costume party.
  12. "Santa Mask": In this Christmas Episode, Santa is framed for committing crimes after Kablamus, Walter, and the Terrible Twos begin disguising themselves as Santa Claus and rampaging through Edge City. Can Stanley (and The Mask) save Christmas by clearing the jolly red guy's name?
  13. "Split Personality": An encounter with Walter splits Stanley's mask into two, leaving the other half in the hands of Stanley's high school bully, Chet Bozzack (guest voiced by Dan Castellaneta).

    Season Two 
  1. "A Comedy of Eras": The Mask (and Stanley and Milo) do battle with a Mad Scientist named Amelia Chronos, whose new stopwatch sends Stanley forward to a Bad Future and backwards to the Salem Witch Trials.
  2. "Goin for The Green": After being humiliated by the Mask during an unveiling of his latest statue, Mayor Tilton recruits Colonel Beauregard Klaxon, a Southern businessman to create The Edge City Games as a distraction from The Mask's antics. What Mayor Tilton doesn't know is that Colonel Klaxon is using this opportunity to store nuclear waste underneath the stadium where the Edge Games are played which results in the creation of a swamp monster.
  3. "Flight as a Feather":The Mask loses his lucky fedora feather while preparing for a Swedish karaoke contest at the Coco Bongo, and races through Edge City to get it — all the while dodging Kellaway and Doyle and a string of bizarre characters, including Mayor Tilton's vengeful ex-girlfriend, a Camp Gay performance artist doing an installment at a feather factory, a mother eagle, and Walter (who somehow ended up inside a whale)note 
  4. "The Good, The Bad, and the Fish Guy": Putty Thing and Fish Guy return, but when Fish Guy gets the Mask, Stanley (despite being dizzy) must convince Putty Thing to work with him before the whole city is destroyed.
  5. "Malled": When Lonnie the Shark and his men rob a bank at the new mega-mall with Stanley caught in the crossfire, Milo must bring the Mask to Stanley.
  6. "Channel Surfin'": A Trapped in TV Land episode where a television-based supervillain (Channel Surfer) traps The Mask (and, by proxy, Stanley) inside the idiot box and plots to brainwash the entire town into watching the final episode of Pointy Peaks (a Twin Peaks expy that was pulled from the air due to protests over content).
  7. "Mask au Gratin": Mrs. Peenman's niece, Jennifer, comes to town and it's Stanley's job to make sure that Jennifer sees all the sights of Edge City. But things get complicated when Jennifer shows Stanley an amulet she took from the tomb of Gorgonzola, a priestess who had the power to turn anything (and anyone) into cheese and the curse turns Jennifer into Gorgonzola.
  8. "Jurassic Mask": While contending with an obnoxious garbage truck driver, Stanley is mistaken for a scientist at a museum symposium and ends up reanimating dinosaurs with a laser-powered regenerator.
  9. "You Oughta Be in Pictures": Sly Eastenegger, a famous action movie star, and his Steven Spielberg-esque director choose Edge City to film his latest movie, and challenges The Mask and Lieutenant Kellaway into a competition over who will be the next action movie star. Meanwhile, Peggy discovers a nuclear bomb stolen from the U.S. government that Eastenegger is plotting to use in his latest movie.
  10. "For All Mask-Kind": Similar to the season five Simpsons episode, "Deep-Space Homer," Edge City gets space fever when paranoid and superstitious astronaut Gil Headstrong chooses Stanley Ipkiss as the first average man to go into space — and The Mask comes along for the ride.
  11. "Up the Creek": After The Mask steals The Eiffel Tower following his encounter with the Phoney Frenchman and Mrs. Peenman uses the apartment as a tourist attraction, Stanley and Charlie go on a river-rafting trip where the two become the unwilling grooms to two hillbilly brides.
  12. "Boogie With the Man": A Deal with the Devil episode where Stanley inadvertently signs a deal with a handsome devil named Bob who promises him good fortune — in exchange for his soul.
  13. "What Goes Around Comes Around": Dr. Amelia Chronos returns in this whole-episode reference to Groundhog Day, where Stanley and the Mask are doomed to relive the same half-hour repeatedly if they don't stop her.
  14. "All Hail the Mask": During a trip to a Pacific island, the Mask encounters a tribe who worship him as a god and plot to sacrifice him to their volcano after losing the mask during a spell the Witch Doctor put on him.
  15. "Power of Suggestion": Stanley gets hypnotized by a magician during Edge City's Fluff Ball, but Kablamus crashes the party just before the hypnotist can reverse the spell, giving Kablamus the perfect opportunity to use Stanley (and the Mask) as his personal slave during the Fluff Parade to get back at Mayor Tilton for not choosing him as the grand marshal.
  16. "Mr. Mask Goes to Washington": After saving the President of the United States from getting crushed by a falling chunk of building, The President takes an instant liking to The Mask, and makes him his personal bodyguard, upsetting his former bodyguard, Greenfield, who does everything he can to prove that The Mask is a blotch on the President's image.
  17. "Rain of Terror": A disrespected weatherman named Fritz Drizzle becomes a supervillain named The Tempest, who attacks the city with the elements and interrupts the Mask's night out.
  18. "The Mother of All Hoods": After being humiliated by The Mask on a police reality show, Lieutenant Kellaway tries to prove to the Edge City police force (and his visiting mother [guest voiced by Estelle Harris]) that he is a competent police detective by going on a stakeout to uncover plans of a criminal known as The Hood to have Mayor Tilton kidnapped.
  19. "To Bee or Not Too Bee": A disgraced apiculturistnote  named Buzz Stingman becomes a half-man, half-bee mutant known as The Stinger, who has godlike power over bees, but constantly hungers for honey, prompting him to brainwash Edge City's citizens into building and manufacturing honey for him. Can The Mask stop him or will he feel the "sting" of defeat?
  20. "Love Potion No. 8 ½": After stopping the disgruntled Chef Luigi at a restaurant as the Mask, Stanley (who just got dumped by his date) buys a love potion from the gypsy Madam Suspiria (who wants the Mask after learning that it was a part of her family's magic) that promises anyone of the opposite sex to fall for whoever wears the love potion — which, theoretically, is a sweet deal, but turns rotten when the potion ends up spilled on Mrs. Peenman and Stanley (and The Mask — along with Lieutenant Kellaway) finds himself infatuated with his curmudgeonly landlady.
  21. "Cool Hand Mask": The Mask is finally put behind bars — but this time, he's innocent. It seems that Pretorius framed The Mask for robbing a Little League team, and, with The Mask incarcerated, Pretorius finally puts his evil plans to rule Edge City to use by tampering with Edge City's electrical devices.
  22. "Broadway Malady": In this episode-long Take That! against Broadway musicals (and a light parody of the Troubled Production stories associated with Apocalypse Now), Sir Andrew Bedwetter creates a musical based on the "Mad Monkey" line of action movies, enraging The Mask (who was told that the movies would no longer be made because of the change in medium) — and things get worse when Stanley cuts Bedwetter's budget, The Mask makes a surprise appearance during opening night, and Bedwetter goes insane and creates a new musical, featuring The Mask's past enemies (Channel Surfer, the Terrible Two, Walter, Kablamus, and Phoney Frenchman) as the all-star cast.
  23. "Enquiring Masks Want to Know": Stanley works as a photographer for Peggy Brandt after her own photographer leaves following The Mask's fight with the Terrible Two. Meanwhile, Skillit unleashes his "toys" (a gang of mythical creatures) on Edge City, and Peggy sees this as a chance to further her journalism career.
  24. "Future Mask": The Mask travels in time to Edge City in the 23rd century to find the robot who ripped his yellow pants, but soon becomes involved in a war between a megalomaniacal future mayor known as Government Guy (who sounds and looks like Ross Perotnote ) and a team of rebels over the Mask.
  25. "Sealed Fate": Stanley is forced to sell Putterware to pay off a bill that The Mask ran up, and Peggy goes undercover to unearth a disgusting secret about the product and the CEO, one Miss Celia N. Airtight.
  26. "The Angels Wanna Wear My Green Mask": The Mask and Lieutenant Kellaway die in an explosion caused by The Phony Frenchman's bomb and now face a council of angels who go over past events to see which one of them will get into Heaven. But when Kellaway unmasked The Mask and reveals once and for all that The Mask is Stanley Ipkiss, the angel council reveals a horrible secret about themselves as well.
  27. "Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters ": Stanley is once again called upon to babysit his neighbor's baby boy, who runs away in pursuit of the neighbor's pet bird. Meanwhile, Pretorious hires two bounty hunters named Tex Clobber and Baxter Simon to help him capture The Mask.
  28. "Convention of Evil": A Clip Show-cum-Bottle Episode in which Pretorius, Gorgonzola, Lonnie the Shark and Pete, Bob (The Devil from "Boogie with the Man"), The Tempest, and The Stinger discuss the many times The Mask has thwarted their heinous plans while in a group therapy session held by Dr. Neumann.
  29. "The Green Marine": The Mask is put on trial in a military court for his unorthodox actions while serving as a Marine (which he accidentally signed up for, thinking it was a raffle for a new TV).
  30. "Counterfeit Mask": Stanley is accused of counterfeiting money after picking up the luggage of a mysterious woman named Selina Swint at the airport. Meanwhile, Peggy gets her hands on The Mask and fulfills her dream of being glamorous — which also includes roping Lieutenant Kellaway into marriage.

    Season Three 
  1. "Magic": Stanley reunites with his high school crush, Vicky Pratt, who is now working as a magician with the stage name of Davida Steelmine, who uses her powers for criminal activity.
  2. "Little Big Mask": The Mask creates an anti-aging cream, which winds up working a little too well as it makes him (and Stanley) younger by the minute.
  3. "Fantaschtick Voyage": A computer virus named Cybermite (voiced by Jim Cummings, using his Psycrow voice) infects Milo and Stanley thinks The Mask is responsible, so he forces The Mask (via video) to go inside Milo and cure his dog.
  4. "They Came from Within": The show goes meta (sort of) when The Mask gets sucked into a comic book world, where the evil Dark Star Trio mistakes Lieutenant Kellaway for their archenemy Galactic Avenger.
  5. "To Have and Have Snot": In this strange variation on the Sick Episode, Pretorius uses Peggy's phlegm from her cold to create a giant mucus monster that infects the people of Edge City. Unfortunately, Stanley learns that having a cold while wearing the Mask has unpredictable and ultimately fatal consequences.
  6. "Mystery Cruise": Stanley, Milo, Peggy, Charlie, Mrs. Peenman, Lieutenant Kellaway, and Doyle are tricked into boarding a cruise by The Mask in order to celebrate The Mask's birthday. Unfortunately, Pretorius plans to use the ship to test his latest weapon that will create a tsunami that will destroy Edge City.
  7. "The Goofalotatots": The Mask meets his favorite cartoon characters The Goofalotatots, Stinko, Pinko, and Snot. What he doesn't know is that they're evil robot duplicates built by Pretorius in a plot to destroy Edge City's officials.
  8. "When Pigs Rule the Earth": The Mask and Peggy get sent to a future where pigs rule over man.
  9. "The Aceman Cometh": In this Crossover episode with the animated adaptation of another PG-13-rated Jim Carrey movie from the 1990s (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective), Stanley's dog Milo is kidnapped by Pretorious and Stanley summons the help of Ace Ventura to find him.
  10. "Have Mask, Will Travel": In this Fully Absorbed Finale (and the second half of this The Mask/Ace Ventura crossover), Ace is called upon by NASA to travel to a space station where a guinea pig named Gordon — who knows the entire Elvis Presley song catalogue — is missing. When Stanley Ipkiss arrives to retrieve his mask (taken by Spike at the end of "The Aceman Cometh"), he becomes the Mask and joins Ace on his mission.