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Analysis / The Mask

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The Mask of Loki brings the repressed sides of the person out which it turns them into their own person.

  • The Mask is everything Stanley wants to be such as confident, brave, charismatic and wild who is also a heroic person as well since even though he decided to become a gangster at first, he decides to become a superhero instead.
  • Eve like The Mask is everything Evelyn wants to be such as be loud, confident, flirtatious and wild who also like The Mask is a brave and heroic person.
  • Masked Dr Neuman is everything his unmasked self wants to be such as be childish, honest, aggressive, and having a sense of humor but doesn't want to admit it so he goes all psychotic because he is in denial that he exists and his unmasked self is not.
  • Masked Peggy Brandt is everything her unmasked self wants to be such as be egotistical, staid and being a diva.